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The Best RV Roof Coating

Traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV) is a great experience. This is probably why ownership of RVs has been steadily rising. Unfortunately, most owners tend to take their RV's roof for granted. Luckily, the best RV roof coating can help keep your vehicle working longer and prevent expensive repairs.

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Top 5 Champion Generator Reviews

As you wait for the lights to return, a power generator enables you to continue what you are doing. It is what you need to be able to experience and utilize temporary electricity during a power outage. If you want to buy one, you can begin your search with the Champion generator reviews to help you become familiar with the equipment.

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The Best 6 Person Tent For Your Camping Trips

Camping with the gang is definitely an exhilarating experience. To accommodate everyone, you’d need the best 6 person tent with ample space and great features.

Since a good tent is an essential part of any camping trip, there is a wide array of tents available in the market. To avoid confusion, it’s best to know more about what tents have to offer nowadays.

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Best Rv Battery – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

You’re probably wondering, are car batteries the same as RV batteries? All RV’s need a set of “house” batteries that power the 12 volt needs, as well as a starting battery meant to power the engine. House batteries may be comprised of several batteries wired together whereas the engine battery is just the same as car batteries, except larger. Before rounding up the best RV batteries in the market, let’s first learn the differences between house and starting batteries.

First and foremost, house batteries are designed to provide energy over long stretches of time while engine or starting batteries offer quick bursts of energy aimed at getting the engine going. Here’s a good comparison: if the house battery is a marathon, the engine battery is a 100-meter dash.

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Predator Generator Reviews: What’s The Best RV Generator In The Market?

Manufactured by Harbour Freight, the Predator line of generators seem to be the best deal out there when it comes to power vs. price. These generators are durable, easy to operate and provide tons of power ideal for charging RV batteries. If you’re a first-time generator user or buyer, don’t fret because we’re kind enough to offer you our well-researched Predator generator reviews to help you out.

Predator generators are used primarily by people looking for portable options for tasks such as running high-powered tools, building a backup system for emergency purposes, and charging up RV batteries.

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An In-Depth Review Of The Best RV Mattresses In The Market

RV-ing around the county during the lazy summer season is definitely fun. The only thing most people aren't fond of was when it’s time to hit the sack. RV mattresses tend to be hard and uncomfortable - a recipe for sleepless nights and stiff necks.

Hence, we took the job of finding the best RV mattresses that will ensure sleeping comfort, pleasure, and can give you the ultimate rest you deserve.

Before we go any further into this discussion, you first need to know that RV mattresses differ from home beds concerning size and frame since RVs have limited space and accessibility.

So, if you’re here reading this because you’re planning on buying a new mattress, you have to make sure that the mattress of your choice will fit correctly and is compatible with your camper.​

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Braving The Great Outdoors: 5 Of The Best Tactical Knives Of 2017

The best tactical knife can get you through the toughest of situations, whether it be at home or the great outdoors. Tactical knives play a multitude of roles for self-defense, various cutting tasks (from fending off a bear to cutting ropes), and other utility purposes.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you simply enjoy hunting or fishing, then chances are you already have a tactical knife.​

Tactical knives were long used by the military or law enforcement to aid in carrying out life-or-death operations and such. Combat fighters also utilize these solid knives, but we don’t recommend using it for that particular circumstance; rather, use it purely for self-defense.​

The term "tactical" is very fluid. Some knives claim to be tactical when in fact, they’re anything but tactical. Tactical knives bear a standard feature – a sturdy built meant to withstand action and abuse. They should have the ability to weather into the teeth of the storm and come out unscathed.​

So, what makes a tactical knife?​

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The Key to a Bite-Free Outdoors: 5 of the Best Insect Repellents in the Market

Camping is all about experiencing everything nature has to offer, and that includes pesky and dangerous insects. If you hate bugs, mosquitos, or any insect that sits and picks on the skin, camping will be hard for you, dear friend. But that doesn’t have to be that way every time you venture out because the best insect repellents are here to rescue us.

Whether you’re hiking on a steep trail, sitting around the camp, or lazily lying inside your tent, applying insect repellents beforehand will provide protection from biting insects. This way, you can go on with your activity comfortably without the fear of catching Dengue, Zika, or any insect-borne diseases after a few days.

On that note, we’ll be sharing with you some information regarding the mechanism by which insect repellents work, top tips to keep insect away while camping, and lastly, a carefully selected list of the best insect repellents in the market.

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