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The Ultimate Women Camping Alone Guideline

Are you a woman who wants to go camping alone? Solitary camping can be intimidating to women like you. It is not something that isn’t recommended to women who don’t have experience in camping. Still, I know there’s no stopping you from going into that camping trip alone and that is why I made this post.

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How To Easily Identify A Copperhead Snake: What Makes It Different?

Copperhead snakes are among the group of snakes that are most commonly encountered by the general population in the United States. They are also among the most aggressive species of snakes when threatened although their bites are not so fatal since their venom is not very potent.

Still, a copperhead can bite you without warning and hurt you a lot. So before you embark into that camping trip it would be good to know how to identify a copperhead snake to avoid any undesirable encounters with the creature.

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How To Heat A Tent? Top 5 Ways To Stay Warm In Your Cold Tent

So a long day of hiking has finally come to an end, you snuggle up inside of your sleeping bag and you just cannot get comfortable… it is still too cold! The worst possible situation, at least for me, on a camping trip is being too cold as you are in your tent or tarp structure. There are several ways that you can keep this structure nice and cozy though, from space heaters to heated rocks, so no need to worry!

How To Keep Mice Out Of Camper?

The first summer I opened up my RV and found mice droppings all over, I wondered how to keep mice out of camper. It took a long time to clean up the camper after the damage from the rodents and I was certain that I didn’t want that to happen again.