4 Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners Nobody Will Ever Tell You

You have seen many people already gearing their two-wheeled monsters to thread treacherous off-road tracks. Even some of your friends are also pedaling their way to the challenging but fun sport of mountain biking.

You are not getting jealous of these things. However, there is an inkling desire growing in you that whispers in your ear that bicycling and mountain bikes are for you.

Of course, we do recommend that you try mountain biking once in your life. Who knows? You might enjoy the thrill and adventure that it can offer. For starters, the difficulty is quite absurd. But once you get the hang of it, things would turn exciting and livelier. That's what we can guarantee to you.​

But before you proceed, you should learn some basic mountain biker stuff. These are some golden nuggets that you will never hear on a daily basis. If you want to gain expertise in riding a trail, you’d better understand these fundamental concepts first.

1. Keep Loose All The Time​

The job of your mountain bike is to thread tough and unruly terrain. On the other side, your job as a biker is to let your bike do the rolling. What does this mean?

Well, you need to relieve the strain and stiffness of your body before you can fully maximize the full potential of your bike. If your body is loose, your legs will be able to move freely. As a result, pedaling and maneuvering would become a lot easier.

Let your butt hover on the bike's saddle if you are coursing through common obstacles like large rocks and tree roots. If the terrain is too technical, there is a need for you to make your body free and agile. In this way, you can exert enhanced mobility and speed.

If you are going to a stiff descent, you can do the cowboy leg and push-up arm positions while flaring out your knees and elbows. This type of position will let the bike flow freely instead of being too stiff. Don't fight the movement of the bike when you are descending on the slope. Things could get dangerous if you do so.​

2. Improve Your Momentum​

Improve Your Momentum​

Eventually, you will realize that mountain biking is an art of controlling. There are a lot of moments when you can feel that you are doing a lot of counterintuitive movements. But this doesn't mean that you will hold the bike from achieving the right speed and momentum that it deserves.

In fact, preventing the bike from speeding will make things difficult. It makes steering and driving over obstacles an ordeal to take. If there is no need to slow down, just keep your pace.

You don't need to crank the brakes because that will just hinder your movement. Always remember the one thing that keeps your bike on moving. That's momentum, right?

We are not saying that speeding up is always the key for a successful terrain riding. But that could help you traverse minor obstacles without compromising your time and energy. If the path is really tough and dangerous, that's the time you can vanquish the throttle of your bike.

Mountain biking will always subject you to the dilemma of controlling and speeding up. You just have to discern which course of action is appropriate for a particular section or path.

3. Weight Management​

MTB Training

Aside from maintaining a healthy weight and figure, it is also important that you know how to tweak your weight while you are riding your bike.

This is a necessary skill that will help you traverse inclined planes and descending roads. Both of these are considered as challenging terrains. Therefore, you need to ensure that your body is properly positioned to tackle them.

If you are ascending a steep pitch, you need to move the weight of your body forward. Your body should be inclined forward too. In this way, you can guarantee that the center of your gravity is at the rear wheel. Traction is properly maintained if this is how you position your body while riding an ascent.

Obviously, it the path takes you to a wild downhill, you should do otherwise. Specifically, have your weight shifted at the back of the saddle and top of the rear wheel. Once executed properly, you can lessen your susceptibility to launching yourself away from your bike. Of course, if your bike has a solid drop post, dealing with a descending track will be a lot easier.

4. Keep The Brakes Cool​

Keep The Brakes Cool​

Because the terrain is challenging and scary, many first-time mountain bikers are always clutching their brakes. They quite fear what might happen next if they can't stop the bike from rolling through an extreme terrain. In fact, some bikers tend to pull the bars of the bike to gain extra braking power.

But you should never do that. Otherwise, you might damage the braking system of your bike. Always remember that the brakes installed in mountain bikes are extremely powerful. Pressing them slightly can already control and lower your speed.

Check out the bikes. Furthermore, there is no need for instantaneous braking. If you see that the trail ahead you is tough and full of obstacles, you have to moderate your speed preemptively. But don't come to a complete halt unless necessary.

If the turn section is too hot, don't rely on the front brake. Stopping the front wheel will cause the latter to slide. This can result in accidents such as getting toppled on the ground.

The best thing that you can do here is to work with the rear brake instead. Skidding still happens here. However, your position will remain steadfast and upright.

See also: How To Brake Your Mountain Bike.​


Mountain biking is a great and exciting sport. It will allow you to exercise your body without getting trapped in an enclosed room. It will let you see beautiful places and scenery while you are going through a difficult course and track.

The tips that I have given you are essential fundamentals that can help you learn the sport safely and efficiently. We are hoping that they can help you along the day. And if you are looking for high-quality but affordable bikes, Dave's Cheap Bikes is a good place to go.

Did you learn from this article? If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below!​

4 Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners Nobody Will Ever Tell You
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