4 Tips When Choosing A Portable Camping Grill

Camping is not just about the amazing scenery you get to enjoy, the time you get to spend with your loved ones and how you can connect with nature. No, camping is also about the amazing camping food you can eat! There is just nothing better than enjoying a few grilled ribs while watching the sun go down on a lake or grilling your freshly caught fish with some asparagus.

The great thing is that cooking while camping isn’t difficult or expensive. You can find plenty of cooking equipment that’s fit for camping from camping retailers and pick vouchers from OZCodes to keep the cost down.​

One of the key equipment you need is a good grill. Picking the right portable grill isn’t as easy as walking into a store or clicking on an online link. You do need to carefully consider a few things to ensure you find the right one for your needs.

Here are four tips for choosing a portable camping grill for your hiking trips.​

#1. Consider Your Need For Portability​

Consider Your Need For Portability​

Portability can mean different things. Your camping trips might be ones where you park a campervan near a site and do hiking trips during the day. On the other hand, you might be one of those who love to go on hikes in the mountains and you need something that can be carried in your rucksack.

Therefore, the first thing to consider is the aspect of portability. Are you looking for something that fits snuggly at the back of a car and can be lifted from place A to B or do you need it to be lightweight enough for you to carry around?

You shouldn’t consider size just in terms of portability but also your cooking needs. If you are camping with the family, you don’t want to pick something too small – otherwise, you can’t cook all the food at once.

On the other hand, if you mainly travel with just one other person, you might want to opt for a smaller grill. Not only can it be easier to carry with you, but also the food might even cook faster.

#2. Think About Your Heating Options​


You also need to make a choice between a gas and a charcoal grill. You can find portable grills in both heating sources and the decision is down to you, as both have their pros and cons.​

Gas-fuelled girls benefit from the instant, clean heat they provide. The cooking time is often faster and cleaning the grill tends to be easier. However, gas grills require you to carry around the easily combustible gas tank.

The tank isn’t just a risk in terms of safety, but it can also add quite a bit of weight to your camping gear. You also can’t use any other source and so if you run out of gas, you can’t cook.

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The other option is to go with a charcoal grill. This portable heat material means you can either use wood or charcoal when cooking. The benefit is that you can use almost any sort of combustible materials you can find from nature. Many people also prefer the smoky texture the grill provides for your food.

#3. Pick A High-quality Cooking Surface​

Pick A High-quality Cooking Surface​

You don’t want to be too cheap when choosing the cooking surfaces you use. You often have limited cleaning resources when camping and you don’t want the outdoor environment ruining your equipment.

The best portable surfaces are durable materials such as stainless steel and cast iron.

These are especially good for charcoal grills but they also work in gas grills.

Stainless steel and cast iron transfer heat evenly and they can stand a lot of heat and the elements in general. Just learn to keep good care of these items and you should be fine.

You don’t want to go for light materials such as aluminium, even though they might seem lighter to carry around. The material can’t stand heat well and you would have to keep a close eye on your cooking to ensure food or the pans don’t burn.

#4. Focus On Sturdy Design​


Being portable shouldn’t mean the grill lacks sturdiness. Indeed, if you are placing the grill on uneven surfaces, you don’t want it to fall down easily or you might risk losing your food and causing a wildfire.

Therefore, you want to check what the grill says about being placed on the ground and whether it requires any special considerations in terms of the ground surface.

Again, it can help to opt for heavier materials such as cast iron. This might add slightly to the weight but depending on your portability needs, it might be a safer cooking option for camping trips.

In terms of design, make sure to also pick a portable camping grill with a removable firebox. This makes cleaning a lot easier and adds to the safety of the grill.

When you are looking for a portable camping grill, keep the above tips in mind. With these tips, you can enjoy quality food on your trips – adding more fun to the camping experience!​

4 Tips When Choosing A Portable Camping Grill
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