5 Must-Have Items For Your RV Bathroom

Bathrooms will always be bathrooms, regardless of where you are. They will always be there to ensure that we can wash our bodies and do all the private things that every human should do.

The bathroom in your RV must provide the same comfort level as the bathroom in your house or office. It should be complete with the necessary amenities that can satisfy each and every stay there. Otherwise, you will encounter inconveniences that shouldn't be there in the first place.​

There are some key items that would elevate the conduciveness of the bathroom of your RV. If you are planning to elevate the performance of your rig, better check the following things.

1. Towels​

1. Towels

A bathroom without a towel is a complete waste. It doesn't serve any purpose at all, no matter how much you haggle it. However, I have noticed that these towels are seldom not included in the setup.

According to some of the RV owners that I have interviewed, placing a towel in a bathroom can be a source of discomfort because they are bulky and space-eaters.

Keep in your mind that an RV bathroom has a limited size compared to what you have in your house. That's the biggest reason why some people don't want to fill their bathrooms with the essential amenities that are usually present in standard bathrooms.

Of course, there is always a room to compensate for this problem. You always have the choice to buy compact micro-fiber towels that can fit the limited of your bathroom. You can also learn folding techniques that would minimize the footprint of your towels.

2. Holders For Your Toothbrush​

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One of the biggest challenges in bringing your hygiene items in your RV is their storage. It is already a given that most of us will opt them to store in the bathroom.

But just like what I mentioned earlier, doing such is a hassle. The space and availability of compartments in your RV bathroom can come too stiff.

Even a simple item like a toothbrush can't be left inside the bathroom without a proper storage. There's a good chance that microbes can infect the entire structure of the brush if you just put it anywhere in the bath. And even if you have a cup holder for your toothbrush, that will still not suffice. They will just stumble and topple every time you drive.

The best choice that you have now is to get a toothbrush holder. It is a hanging storage system for your toothbrush. It comes with two benefits. First, it doesn't fall off while you are driving your RV. Second, they don't consume too much space.

3. Toilet Paper​

3. Toilet Paper

Even if you are living in an RV, this doesn't mean that you can automatically leave off the basic items of your bathroom.

Always remember that you have a bathroom or toilet for the purpose of keeping your body clean and free from those unwanted residues. It is still your duty to do half of the job of cleaning yourself. Once the discharge happens, you need a toilet paper to keep things free from those unwanted stains.

A toilet paper will always be the solution for cleaning the leftovers of your bodily waste. They are always there to protect you from having a straight contact with the mess. They can prevent potential diseases from spreading. They can also ensure that your hands will be smell-free!

4. Shower Curtain​

A shower curtain is still a necessary amenity for an RV bathroom. There will be instances where you need extra privacy when you are bathing or cleaning yourself. That's where the curtain will come into play. They can keep you from being spotted or naked or doing something that should be off the records.

Of course, a shower curtain can also serve as a divider. If two people would want to use the bathroom simultaneously for different purposes, a shower curtain will help you do so. It maximizes the potential of your bathroom without the need for expansion or waiting game. However, keep in mind that the size of shower curtain that you should get must fit the size of your bathroom.

5. Shampoo Dispensers​

5. Shampoo Dispensers

I know that some of you would find this tool extravagant and lucrative. However, shampoo dispensers can become a necessity, especially if you are having problems with the space of your RV bathroom or toilet.

It is not a secret anymore that the bottles and sachets of your shampoo and conditioners can accumulate a lot of space.

Aside from that, they also cause extra clutter. They prohibit you from maximizing all the available areas of your bathroom. Furthermore, it cannot be denied that they are an eyesore. Their disposal can become a problem, too.

On the other hand, shampoo dispensers don't have such kinds of problems being encountered. They are great space-savers because you can install in the empty walls of your bathroom.

Depending on your preferences, you have the opportunity to get dispensers that have large capacities. They will allow you to store the contents of three bottles of shampoos or more.

The ergonomic design of shampoo dispensers is one of the reasons why you should get them. They remain static even if you are driving. They are not susceptible to throwing over because of their adequate locking mechanism. Moreover, they prevent unnecessary wastes, too. They won't drip over like your home faucets.


Your RV should remain convenient and functional at the same time. Every quarter and compartment of your RV should be complete with the necessary amenities to keep it as livable as possible.

Your RV bathroom should always be one of your priorities for improvement. You need to get all the items that I mentioned here to ensure that you can go there with comfort and style.

Did you learn from this guide? If you have some additional items that you think should be present in an RV bathroom, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below!​

5 Must-Have Items For Your RV Bathroom
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