A Few Camping Essentials You Should Never Forget To Bring

Camping is a great adventure. Whether you choose to camp out in the woods in a tent, an RV or a cabin, there are a few essentials you should always keep in mind to pack.

Individuals who grew up going on camping trips on a regular basis know all the indispensable items (such as a tent, sleeping bags, folding chairs, hammer, etc) one should take on such an endeavour.

If you are a newbie, make sure not to forget some of the most basic and useful tools that could add to the quality of your camping experience.

A Portable Camping Generator

A Portable Camping Generator​

A portable generator for camping is the first on the list for a few reasons. Given that the majority of campers cannot wait to be in the outdoors away from pollution and the distractions of the internet and electricity, there are a few important things electric power is still needed for in the woods. 

Repelling mosquitoes, cooking, and cooling out the tent are just a few of the benefits a portable generator allows you to enjoy; not to mention decorating the camp site with festive outdoor lights, making coffee, and more importantly, charging your phone in case of an emergency.

One of the hands down top notch portable generators that 2017 has to offer is the WEN Model 56200i 4-Stroke Gas Powered Inverter Generator.

Its price starts at $500 and provides electric power with less than 3% distortion, which means you can use it to recharge your laptop, tablet or cellphone.

Flashlight Or Lantern

Flashlight or Lantern

You would be surprised to learn how many campers forget to bring one of the most essential camping items--a flashlight, or if you prefer antiques, a lantern.

Flashlights come in handy in various situations, such as driving or hiking in the dark, reading and and even cooking after sunset.

An upgraded variant of a flashlight is the tactical flashlight, which emanates stronger light for a longer period. Some of the most important features of a tactical flashlight include high, medium, low or SOS function modes, and a jagged, beveled edge, which makes it a perfect tool for self defense in case of an emergency.



No camper should underestimate the power of a rope, which comes in various lengths and sizes. If you choose to camp out near water, the polypro twisted rope might be the best to go with. This (usually yellow) rope is impervious to water and is also inexpensive.

This is the kind of rope that comes in extremely handy during rescue missions, so you will always feel safer if you have one around. Besides rescuing a drowning person, rope can also be used as a clothesline, to hang a cooler or to make a shelter.

It does not cost a fortune, and it does not take up a lot of space, so make sure to always have one in your backpack.

Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife​

Whether you need to open a can, cut fruit and branches or remove a splinter, the pocket knife is one of the most essential camping items that can do all that, which is why it should be in every camper’s pocket.

The most commonly known pocket knife is the Swiss Army Knife with at least three different functions including a large and small blade, a corkscrew, and a toothpick.

Besides cutting food and wood, and opening cans, a pocket knife also makes one feel safer in case the worst case scenario does occur, and one gets attacked by a wild animal or an intruder.​

In other words, always check your pockets and make sure you do not leave without this one essential item.

Navigational Tools​

Nobody likes to get lost in an unknown environment, and today, with the 21st century technology, this should not be a problem even in the deepest darkest forest. Navigational tools should always be on top of the list of things to bring on a camping trip.

Some of the most useful navigational items that can prevent the dread of getting lost include a portable GPS, a compass, a map or a guide book, and two-way radios, which can be a lifesaver in case your phone does not get reception.

Miscellaneous Camping Items

Miscellaneous Camping Items​

Small and seemingly unimportant essentials such as batteries, sunscreen, binoculars and a toilet kit are more often than not overlooked and then greatly missed once campers arrive at their destination.

To avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, always double check your backpack for these items before getting in the car to leave.

A camping trip is always a great adventure that entails excitement, relaxation and nature.

However, do make sure to have a checklist of camping essentials and pack everything that will ensure a safe and pleasurable stay wherever you choose to camp out.

A Few Camping Essentials You Should Never Forget To Bring
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