About Us

Our contributors are made up of four highly committed campers and writers, including a team leader and three very active members. The team is composed of people with expertise in Camping, and people with practical experience and passion for the activity. Christina Quiroz leads this team.

The team shares a common passion and love for camping and the outdoors. They are all willing to share everything they know about camping and the outdoors.

Christina QuirozLeader

Whether working on her computer or camping outdoors, Christina is sure to bring out the best motivation for you and her team. Christina knows different topics and activities to make camping worth your while.

​Camping can make you feel wild, and you will need a leader to keep you calm and organized in different situations. With her experience, Christina can get a group organized and knows how to make sure that everyone is safe.

Camping and the outdoors is a huge part of her life. She responds to the call of nature and indulges in an early morning walk with the trees, birds, and go out on an adventure. After doing the research and applying what she learned in every camping activity, she was able to store a substantial amount of knowledge for the camping way of life.

Throughout the years Christina was able to adapt well to the camping way of life and has decided to pass on that knowledge to other people. Realizing her goal, she wanted to put the information out there for people to grab and that is why she created this blog.

Besides camping, Christina also loves traveling, photography, music and chilling out with her family and friends. She never fails to document her experiences by taking photos and blogging about them.

There is nothing she loves more than teaching and blogging to fill in the missing pieces. If you want to know more about camping, and what this team is all about, you can contact Christina at Christina@rainyadventures.com

Friendly and approachable, Alfred H. Evans loves camping with his family and kids and is a great person to consult with when it comes to the subject. He is the kind of teacher who can also be a friend in the outdoors.

Hardworking, tireless and diligent, Alfred can work for hours under the sun even after chilling out at a party that night. He believes in good work ethic and doesn’t sleep on the job. He is also fond of reading books, especially about camping and the outdoors.

Alfred thinks of himself as a quick-thinking person who loves to solve problems. As a child, he would go out on his own and try different kinds of things that would fancy him, like camping. Along the way, he has learned not only to react in all situations fast but also solve problems that he may encounter. If ever you encounter problems on your camping trip, Alfred is the right guy to talk to.

Both his personal experiences and studies have made him decide to keep camping as a passion and share his knowledge with others. He has a lot to share about the topic, especially on how to plan your camping trip and how to make the necessary precautions make your activity safe.

Alfred has been blogging for a while now and can teach you a great deal about camping and the outdoors. If you want to know more about him, you can contact him at Alfred@rainyadventures.com

Alfred H. EvansReviewer
Nora D. King Reviewer

Confident but warm, you can ask Nora anything about camping, even something as challenging as making a camp house on top of a tree or taking a boat ride on the Amazon River. She can do things without feeling scared about it.

Nora has always felt attuned with nature and the outdoors. She finds the need to go out of her office sometimes and experience the camping life with family and friends. She particularly likes camping with children as she finds it fun and entertaining. She knows a lot of camping activities and games for children although she also finds comfort in the company of adults.

Whatever it is that she’s teaching in camp with the kids, she always finds a way to inspire the younglings. She wants to be a role model in the outdoors and make sure the kids feel satisfied and happy in the end. She always acts like a mother to these children as though they were her own.

Nora also likes writing and wants to share her philosophy and perspective about camping in this blog. For more information about Nora, you can send her a message at Nora@rainyadventures.com

Daniel is passionate about the wild aspect of camping. He’s been camping in the wild for several years now. He is into fishing, canoeing, and windsurfing. He likes getting out in the wild and finding unique places to camp.

Daniel is also an active summer camper. Combining his experience with the instruction, He finds the best way for campers to learn is to engage in adventure activities and excursions. You will spend half your time learning, and half your time becoming engaged with the wild such as trekking and fishing.

Daniel spends much of his holidays camping with his family so they can also experience the wild. He loves music, movies, and art. He loves thrilling and exciting adventure activities like zip lining, climbing, caving and much more.

Because he has been to many camping sites, Daniel also knows the best places to camp. Whether it be on the coast, near the countryside and even near the big cities. He wants to share his unique experience in this blog. You can get in touch with Daniel at Daniel@rainyadventures.com

Daniel S. DavisInstructor/ Designer

This is a great team. As campers and contributors, the team draws out on their knowledge and experience and introduce to you a life of camping like you’ve never known before. Going out camping with your friends and family, you’d be able to gain more confidence if you learn from the experts.