Benefits Of Hiking For Women

Hiking, especially for women, is a great way to spend time alone or with your loved ones. It leaves you with a great sense of satisfaction and hence, you are able to work effectively both at home and at your place of work.

Truthfully speaking, hiking is different from the gym. You get to do your exercises as your explore the world. So, get your hiking bag pack ready, your water shoes (for comfortability purposes), some water, and some snacks for an adventure that will turn your life around.

The best part of hiking is that it is an exercise that every woman, young, old, pregnant can take. In this article, we will try to exhaust benefit of hiking especially for women.

1. Hiking Is A Healthy Social Activity​

Hiking Is A Healthy Social Activity​

Hiking experts suggest that no one should hike alone. If you are going to walk in a forest or a lonely place, then going with a friend is paramount.

There are cases where women who were sexually abused or killed when they went alone or with someone they did not know well.

Also, friends come in handy in case of any injury. For instance, if you fall and break your ankle, they will be around you to administer some first aid before they call for help.

Choose friends that have the same goals or mindset as yours. This is because you can enjoy the hike together. Hiking is a good exercise to meet new people.

2. Hiking Is Good For Women Who Seek Adventure​

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Most outgoing people do not understand why most people love the gym. Some people think that going to the gym is pure boredom.

Hiking gives you an opportunity to explore nature, do something that you love like taking photos, and experience fresh air as you walk along the trails. This is contrary to what the gym can offer.

3. Hiking Gives Freedom To Choose How You Exercise​

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Every time you are in the gym, all you hear is the sound of machines and the harsh voice of your gym instructor shouting how hard you need to work to get the body that you love. If this pisses you, somehow, then a hike becomes the next option.

Nobody chooses how long you want your hike to be. If taking a walk around your neighborhood is enough, simply do so. The other bright side of hiking is that you can choose how far you want to walk.

Hiking experts insist that if you want to start hiking, start with a short distance and then increase the distance progressively as you get used to it.

For those who do not love the harsh environment at the gym, nature gives you that free of charge. You actually pay no one to take a hike.

4. Hiking Helps To Keep Fit​

Hiking Keeps You Mentally Fit​

The process of losing weight is an enormous task. It is tiring and leaves you drained. However, the results can be rewarding. Women who want to lose weight should try hiking, as it is a good way to get you in shape.

According to experts, hiking helps to burn extra fat in your body. This happens whether you are going up or down a hill. As you walk, your body burns 250 calories in an hour.

A big difference arises between those who use diet to those who hike to maintain their weight. If you regularly take hikes, chances are that you lose weight continuously.

Your weight can go back to where it was at the beginning if you do not strictly follow dieting rules. Hiking tones your butt to gain a good shape. Also, your bones and muscles become stronger.

Note that trails have a better effect on bones compared to when you exercise on concrete or asphalt.

5. Hiking Keeps You Mentally Fit​

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Oxygen is an important part of the body and the brain in particular. When you breathe in, the heart pumps some of the air into the brain for normal functions.

People who spend time outdoors have a longer concentration span and improved creativity. You also get to learn survival tactics and many other skills while walking.

6. Hiking Has Health Benefits​

hiking healthy benefits

Hiking comes with numerous health benefits. Individuals with diabetes can control the disease while walking. As you walk, excess sugar is broken down to release the extra energy needed for the exercise.

People who hike are less prone to heart diseases. This is because the cholesterol around the heart is broken down to release the energy needed.

Research carried out by Australian researchers found that while either walking up or down a hill, the body breaks down excess fats, Triglyceride, and blood sugar.

Hiking also reduces anxiety, development of colon cancer, premature deaths (increases the life expectancy of a person) and protect you from heart diseases.

7. Hiking Reduces Stress and Depression​

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According to findings, staying indoors can increase the amount of stress you have. Therefore, going for a hike, and interacting with other people helps to reduce stress and depression levels.

As you hike, you get in contact with the sun to give you a good mood and provide vitamin D, which is crucial for bone development.

8. Pregnant Women Should Take Hikes​

Pregnant Women Should Take Hikes​

According to research, talking walks during pregnancy helps to reduce child labor. It also strengthens your heart, muscles, tones your body and burns excess calories to keep you fit. After childbirth, you can get back to your exercise routines with ease because your body is already used to it.

However, pregnant women should ensure that they get permission from their doctor.


Hiking is fun, and it is something that you are free to do even with your family. You should ensure that you hike regularly. For instance, 3 times a week is a good schedule with free days in between hikes to help you recover.

Pregnant women should not take walks when the sun is hot. In fact, they should keep off any kind of exercises if they find that they are straining their body.

Consult your doctor so that he/she can recommend if hiking is safe for your body or not.​

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