The 5 Most Popular 4 Person Tent For Camping

Tents are usually made for outdoor activities that have people who can stay while they enjoy the serene beauty of nature. While trekking, hiking or camping, a tent is very important to use.

Even if the weather is bad, it is still very important to have a dry roof on top and might help in eating meals and cooking.

For a large tent with a few people or friends, people can proceed with four man tents that can be found on the market.

The difference between using a bigger tent versus a smaller one is simply because a bigger tent can have many people and additionally there are just enough places for keeping toys and playing games.

5 Best 4 Person Tent In The 2019 Market







ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent Review


​ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Tent


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Eureka! Copper Canyon Three-Season Camping Tent Review

​EUREKA! Copper Canyon Tent


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Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup Review


​Coleman 4-Man Instant Tent


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NTK INDY GT 4 to 5 Person 12.2 Review


​NTK Indy GT


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Coleman Dome Tent for Camping Review

​Coleman Sundome Tent


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​Let's now review each ​tent individually:

1. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Tent


  • ​It has 2 vestibules suited for keeping space, 2 doors and a special type of flooring that helps itstand up in uneven terrain
  • ​It also comes with the new Weather Tec system that is waterproof and keeps the water fromleaking into the tent
  • ​The product is very sturdy and can be easily carried for camping


  • ​Just like most tents, the stakes that come with this one have poor quality. But this is just a minorproblem

​The product is durable and contains an enormous spacious area with four people to get accommodated in it.

It measures about 8.5 x 7.5 square feet, and the elongation at the center is 4 feet and 5 inches, just right in the middle of the tent. It also comes with a vestibule for additional storage options.

​With a Weather Tec system, it has a lot of welded flooring as well as ergonomic inverted seam beams that help keeps the water out of the equipment. It is very simple to prepare and has the provision of different kinds of colored poles and strong pole sleeves.

2. EUREKA! Copper Canyon Tent


  • ​It is quite easy to prepare and very durable as well
  • ​The product gives a great option for resisting water in the tent
  • ​The ventilation system is great with the option of a roof mesh along with 4 windows used forthe same function
  • ​Having a bigger dimension of 8x8 square feet, the tent still leaves out enough room afterplacing a queen mattress inside it
  • ​It goes along with a light reflection system that goes with the tent


  • ​One customer said the floor isn’t heavy weight and that it becomes a bit slipper once it wrinkles up

​The product is quite spacious that can accommodate 4 people and is very durable as well.

It measuresabout 8.5 x 7.5 square feet, and the elongation at the center is 4 feet and 5 inches, just right in themiddle of the tent. It also comes with a vestibule for additional storage options.

​With a Weather Tec system, it has a lot of welded flooring as well as ergonomic inverted seam beamsthat help keeps the water out of the equipment

​With a Weather Tec system, it has a lot of welded flooring as well as ergonomic inverted seam beamsthat help keeps the water out of the equipment. It is very simple to prepare and has the provision ofdifferent kinds of colored poles and strong pole sleeves.

3. Coleman 4-Man Instant Tent


  • ​The tent is very large and spacious
  • ​It has one door and helps in the ventilation of the system that keeps the extra air away from thetent
  • ​The quality is quite good, and the tent has a taped seamed fly which helps in keeping waterfrom leaking into the interior


  • ​Again, the customers complained about the stakes being not too good.

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4. NTK Indy GT


  • ​The tent is very big compared to other tents within the price range
  • ​In effect, the product is very spacious for people to move around inside them
  • ​The two doors give a good design to the tent and have an easy access inside and out
  • ​It provides a basic option of a room divider which keeps the room warm


  • ​Weak poles

​The tent can allow 4-5 people inside it and is very spacious based on regular tent standards.

Speaking,there is good enough space to stand around inside the tent and work.

It also comes with a screenedporch which transforms the tent into 2 large rooms.

​The tent has durable and strong seams with a hardy frame and is also water resistant.

Prepping the tentonly takes 10 minutes.

The two doors allow easy entry and exit for any person of average height. Thewindows are quite easy to zip and goes with a mesh type of zipper design.

5. Coleman Sundome Tent


  • ​It helps in giving good ventilation with window and roof vents
  • ​Setting up the system can be almost effortless especially with the Insta-Clip system that goesalong with the product
  • ​It also has a WeatherTec system that helps in keeping the insides dry even during wet weather


  • ​While the tent can contain 4-5 people, some customers don’t think there’s enough space for 4people to stay in comfortably

​The tent is very large and measures up to 10x10 square feet.

The elongation is just around 6 feet tall inthe middle. 

The equipment is made for 5-6 people and has a dome shape at the top. 

The use offiberglass framing makes the product lightweight and very easy to set up.

​The tent has a good ventilation system that helps in the better flow of air and keeps the mosquitoes out.It could accommodate 6 people easily and could be easily set up with the use of Instant Clip Poles.

Why Use A 4 Person Tent Instead Of A Smaller One?

Obviously, a 4 person tent is necessary for people within a group of 4 or 5, smaller families who are waiting for an outing in the wild. Eventually, if a person is trying to take 4 of his friends or family on a camping trip, then it is important to have a 4 person tent for this reason.

The best camping tents are a lot more roomy and best for a small family to stay inside along with their pets.

On a different note, a ten person tent or an 8 person tent could be used by bigger groups or families who have fewer members. If a person is thinking about getting his wife and child for a tour, then they could easily go for 4 man tents.

These tents would eventually cost cheaper compared to larger ones that are available. The smaller tent sare also quite easy to set up and somewhat easy to maintain.

Characteristics Of The Best 4 Person Tent For Camping

Characteristics of the Best 4 Person Tent for Camping

1. Rainfly

A rainfly is a segregated waterproof cover made to fit above the roof of your tent. You need to use it when there is dew or rain, or any time that you wish to have a little more warmth. Two types of rainfly are commonly used.

Full-coverage rainfly provide maximum protection from rain and the wind.

Roof-only rainfly let more views and light while providing a decent protection from rain.

2. Tent Poles

The poles of a tent determine how hard or easy it is to pitch a tent. All kinds of family tents nowadays are virtually freestanding. This means that they do not need stakes to set up. The huge advantage of doing this is that you could pick up the tent and move it to a different area before staking.

You could easily shake out the dirt from it before you take it down.

Fewer poles let setups become easier and faster. It is much easier to connect poles into clips than it is when threading them into lengthy pole sleeves. A lot of tents use clips as well as shorter pole sleeves to make setup easier, allow more ventilation and balance strength.

Pole clips and color-coded corners make setup much faster.

Aluminum poles are more durable and stronger compared to fiberglass.

3. Tent Materials

Materials for Tent

If you are shopping, know that rain flies and higher fabric canopies are more rough compared to the lower-denier variations. You should also high denier fabric and seam tape on the tent floors to reduce the odds of leaking.

4. Tent Doors

While choosing your tent, you should think about the number of doors you need to have along with the orientation and the shape. If you camp with your family, several doors will help you prevent climbing over for bathroom breaks during midnight.

Tents styled like cabins also tend to shine in the area. You should also pay attention to how easy or noisy the doors are to open and shut off. YKK zippers along the doors also resist breaking and snagging a lot better than others.

5. Garage/Vestibules


Awnings or shelters can be attached to your tent so that you can shelter or keep your dusty and muddy boots along with your packs out of the rain. They could be a significant part of the add-on items or the rainfly which are separately sold.

6. Tent Floor Length

If you are tall, above 6 feet, or if you prefer additional space, you should consider a tent with a floor length of 90 inches instead of the usual 84-88 inches.

7. Ventilation

Mesh panels are usually used in windows, doors, and ceilings of tents. This helps you with views and cross-ventilation so you can deal with condensation. For humid, hot climates, try to find bigger mesh panels.

8. Peak Height

Peak Height of Tents

If you prefer to be able to stand up when you change your clothes or enjoy the air of a high ceiling, then try to search for a tent with a high peak height (listed on the spec charts).

Tents with cabin styles showcase near-vertical walls so you can make use of the overall peak height as well as the manageable space.

Tents with dome styles have superior strength as well as wind-shedding capabilities, both being very practical on a stormy evening. They stand up high in the center, yet their walls have more like a slope that reduces the amount of space.

9. Inner Pockets and Loops

A lantern loop is usually placed at the upper center of the ceiling of a tent for lantern hanging. Loops on inner tent walls can be utilized to connect a meshing shelf (a gear loft, separately sold) to keep little items off the floor of the tent. In a similar manner, interior pockets help keep your tent organized.

10. Guyout Loops

Tents with a higher quality will go come with loops on the outer part of the tent body so you can attach guy lines. Guy lines will let you batten the hatches down-without flapping fabric-during strong winds.


In the event of natural calamities such as heavy rainfall, snowfall or a brooding storm, one could be protected much more easily with the use of a 4 person tent. These tents have quite a good capacity to support people with separate rooms included.

Get a closer look at the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent in this video:

Based on feedback and reviews from customers, it can be said that the product is pretty great at a reasonable price range. Also, the tent gives the option of 4 people staying inside saving space and more room to work around. The tent is very easy to set up with the advantage of a great ventilation system.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re going out with three other friends in your next camping trip, feel free to share this post to them. Have fun!

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