The Best 6 Person Tent For Your Camping Trips

Camping with the gang is definitely an exhilarating experience. To accommodate everyone, you’d need the best 6 person tent with ample space and great features.

Since a good tent is an essential part of any camping trip, there is a wide array of tents available in the market. To avoid confusion, it’s best to know more about what tents have to offer nowadays.


Types Of Camping Tents​

There are three types of tents that you can choose from when shopping for the best 6 person tent. Here is the break down.​

Premium Camping Tents

This kind of tent may be a little bit on the pricey side but it’s definitely worth it if you go camping all the time. This type of tent is made with high-quality materials and has a decent living space which includes dividers, a spacious entrance and vertical walls. You might find that mesh is mostly used for the body of the tent for better ventilation for hot seasons.

Aside from that, it can also withstand wind with its advanced pole design and is water-resistant for bad weathers.

Budget Tents

This is the basic version of tents but that is not to say that they are not functional. There are many 6 person budget tents under $200 for those who want to try group camping for the first time. Most budget tents are made of fabric which makes them heavier and bulkier. This kind of tent is good to use during the summer when there is little to no chance of a rain or storm. Most budget tents are not water-resistant and can hardly withstand wind or severe rain.​

Backpacking Tents

As the name suggests, this kind of tent is good for people on-the-go. Backpackers are expected to choose this tent because it’s convenient to take during their travels. The downside is that most backpacking tents can only fit four people maximum. This is the best option if you are only planning to go camping once a year with your family or friends.​

How Do I Know If I Fit Inside?

Most of the best 6 person tents give you information about their floor area and peak height. This information is essential to help you understand if the people in your group fit inside the tent. The peak height tells you if you can stand upright inside the tent. Most 6 person tents would have a floor area of up to 80-90 square feet and a peak height of about 72-73 inches.

What you really need to focus on is the tent’s livable space which depends on the design of its pole and the slopes of its walls. Dome type tents with simple pole design will allow you to enjoy its peak height in the middle part. However, a tent with a better pole design will allow you to walk around the tent without any problems.

How Many People Can Really Fit Inside?​

Tents are given a maximum capacity that ranges from 4 to 8 people. The best 6 person tent will obviously hold 6 people but you need to understand how it works. This sizing is based on the number of sleeping pads that can fit inside the tent when laid side by side. However, if you are planning to use wider pads or mattresses, it means you need to buy a tent that is one size up.

Keep in mind that no one wants to sleep in a crowded tent when camping. For example, 4 adults should fit comfortably in a 6 person tent leaving enough space to move around and be comfortable. On the other hand, most couples prefer a dome type 4 person tent to have plenty of space to stretch and relax.

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Things To Consider​

Things To Consider​ when choosing the best 6 person tent

When shopping for a tent for your next camping trip, there are some things that you have to consider. Here are the most important ones to get you started.

Windows - If you like camping during warm weather, windows are essential. However, make sure that they have mesh materials over them to keep insects out. Consider having at least 2 windows that are across from each other for the best airflow.​

Ease of Assembly - There is nothing more important than a tent that is easy to assemble. You may buy a premium tent with all the extra features but if it’s not easy to assemble, it might ruin your camping experience. Nowadays, a tent that takes 10 to 15 minutes to assemble is ideal.​

Doors - Most of the best 6 person tents have two doors and it’s a good thing to consider. A tent with two doors will make it easier for you to go in and out of the tent with climbing over someone who’s sleeping.​

Rain Fly - This is a must have for all tents. Although most tents are waterproof, most of them are prone to leaks if you accidentally touch the sides or top. Make sure to get a tent with a rain fly especially if you like camping during the rainy season.​

Material and Construction - What you have to look for when it comes to material is its durability and its water-resistance capability. A bathtub or waterproof floor is essential if you don’t want to wake up with wet sleeping bags in the middle of a storm. You also need to consider getting fiberglass, steel or aluminum poles to hold up the tent to make your tent sturdier.​

Best 6 Person Tent On The 2018 Market

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Enjoy your camping trip with a well-ventilated tent that keeps the bugs out at all times. The Coleman Evanston Screened is made to be simple and easy to carry for those who like going on long camping trips with the family. It has a porch that is screened where you can spend warm afternoons while taking a nap.

During rainy weather, this tent is also built to last. The Insta Clip Pole Attachments allow it to withstand heavy winds and the WeatherTec System is known to help keep you stay dry even during heavy rains.

It is armed with continuous pole sleeves that do not snag and makes assembly as short as 15 minutes! The tent is also very spacious which can hold two queen sized mattresses for your comfort. Make sure to use your rain fly to protect you from the rain or the mesh roof during dry nights.


  • Provides good ventilation throughout the day
  • Screened to keep insects out for more comfort
  • Easy and Hassle-free assembly
  • Made with Insta Clip Pole Attachments to withstand heavy winds
  • Armed with the WeatherTec System to keep the inside dry.


  • Door zipper can be stuck easily if not used properly
  • The poles can easily be broken.
CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11' x9'

Camping with the gang will surely be a breeze with the CORE 6 Person Dome Tent. It is made of the Core H20 Block Technology water-resistant fabrics that allow water to slide off of it. The tent also features doors and windows that are rain-resistant for added comfort. You don’t need to worry about getting wet during heavy rains with its removable rainfly for extra protection.

During dry nights, you will enjoy the panoramic mesh ceiling which will reveal the beauty of the stars. The modern ventilation system will make sure to draw in only cool air from the soil while the hot air escapes through the mesh ceiling. This tent’s design is truly perfect for all types of weather conditions.

You can enjoy your privacy with its zippered doors and windows. Keep your things organized with gear loft provided in the tent. Calm down and read a book through the night using its lantern hook and pockets for even more organization.


  • Provides a bigger size than most 6 person tents
  • Its well-designed ventilation system will keep you cool even during the warmest nights
  • The detachable rain fly will give you extra protection during heavy rains
  • The Core H20 Block Technology provides a water-resistant fabric to keep you dry


  • The materials were not made to withstand heavy winds causing the poles to come apart
  • The door zipper can get stuck easily.
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

No one can deny the fact that the outdoor gears produced by ALPS Mountaineering are certainly great. One good example of this is their Camp Creek 6-Person Tent. It has a sturdy and ergonomic build. It can be used on different terrains and weather conditions because of its durability and ruggedness.

The Camp Creek provides smooth and hassle-free installation. The combination of the innovative hub design together with pole clips ensure that the tent can snap over to the fibreglass poles. It is also notable that the center of this item is tall. Because of this, your mobility will never be thwarted. You will also love the side walls are erected straight. Such design simply improved the space utilization of the tent!


  • Comes with a waterproof and rip-proof fly
  • Mesh storage, guy ropes, and stakes are fully equipped on the tent
  • Setup is simple and less quirky
  • Four large windows enable unlimited outdoor view
  • Flooring is seamless.


  • Stakes are seemingly average in quality.
CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person, 11' x 9'

The CORE Instant Cabin Tent allows for an easy set-up of about 60 seconds. The poles are made to be pre-attached to the body of the tent so all you have to do is to unfold it and voila-instant tent! It features the signature Core H20 Block technology and active bead technology that creates an advanced water-resistant fabric for your convenience.

It also comes with a detachable rain fly that reveals a mesh ceiling perfect for stargazing during dry nights. You can enjoy cool air even during humid nights with its advanced ventilation system designed to draw cool air from the bottom while hot air is pushed out of the mesh ceiling. This tent truly is an easy to set-up, comfortable and convenient option for groups.

Take advantage of the privacy panels with its own zippers on the doors and windows. You can also keep your things organized with the gear loft provided with the tent. Keep your living space bright with the lantern hook and put important things in its inside organizer pockets.


  • Built with the signature CORE H20 Block Technology for water-repellant material
  • Instant 60-second set-up for a hassle-free camping experience
  • Comes with gear lofts and inside pockets for better organization
  • Equipped with zippered privacy panels.


  • The door zippers can easily break
  • Might not withstand heavy winds causing the poles to break.
Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Tent with Fly

The Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Tent with Mini Fly makes your camping trip a breeze to make sure that you enjoy every moment of it. It takes only a minute to set-up and take down the tent, which is convenient for all types of campers. It features a spacious living space that can fit two queen-sized mattresses.

For better storage, there are two inner pockets that you can use to put your personal belongings in. The signature WeatherTec system and window flies are sure to have your back when the rain starts pouring. It is also equipped with window awning to give you better ventilation during warm nights.

You will surely love the Illumiline guy lines that are exclusive to Coleman tents as well as the poles that are pre-attached to the cabin. This tent is also very easy to transport as it comes with its own carry bag.


  • Equipped with the WeatherTec System to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Comes with its own expandable carrying bag for easier transport
  • Provides two inner pockets for better organization
  • Very easy to set-up and take down.


  • The pre-attached poles can break and tear the material.


Your tent is your home away from home when it comes to camping trips. Overall, the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent wins this round as the best 6 person tent. It has great ventilation with its mesh ceiling to keep you cool during warm nights.

Unlike the other 6 person tents in this list, it is equipped with Insta Clip Pole Attachments to withstand heavy winds and severe weather conditions, preventing the poles from breaking. The Weathertec system also makes it waterproof to keep you dry at all times even during heavy downpour.

Getting a high-quality tent is essential especially if you plan to do it with family and friends. The best 6 person tent might be a bit pricey but it will surely be worth it in the end.​

The Best 6 Person Tent For Your Camping Trips
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