The Best Air Mattress For Camping This 2019 That You Should Never Miss!

If it was five to ten years ago, nobody would ever consider bringing an air mattress on a camping trip. The idea may sound too absurd and daft for some. Fortunately, our technologies evolve, and people learn to embrace new things to improve their overall outdoor experience.

The best air mattress for camping is a special amenity that will allow you to sleep like you never left your bedroom at all. Compared to budget-friendly sleeping bags and quilts, it is undeniable that air mattresses exude better comfort and support. In fact, it wouldn't be too bad if you bring an air mattress each of your camping adventures. Just make sure that you have an RV or large truck that you can use for transporting it.

This time, let me introduce some of the finest air mattresses that you can use for camping. These following mattresses have been designed to perform on outdoor applications. They are rugged and can withstand unfavorable terrains and conditions.

If I were you, I would check out these air mattresses first before I hop to other options. Let's get started!

Best Air Mattress For Camping On The 2019 Market







SoundAsleep Dream Series Review


​SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress


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Coleman SupportRest Review

​Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed


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Etekcity Upgraded Queen Size Review


​Etekcity Upgraded Twin Queen Size Camping Air Mattress


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ALPS Mountaineering Review


​ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed


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Active Era Premium Twin Review


​Active Era Premium Twin Size Air Mattress


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​​Let's now review each ​mattress individually:

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress


  • ​Features a smooth lying surface
  • ​Bottom comes with a no-slip feature so that it won't slide off from its position
  • ​Made from durable materials that cannot be pierced or scratched
  • ​Can deflate and inflate quickly
  • ​Comes with a waterproof flocked surface.


  • ​No noticeable drawbacks.

​Right from the start, it is my intention already to feature only the air mattresses that can satisfy the needs of every camper.

What I want them to have is something that they can use for relaxation while they are inside or outside their tent.

And for that cause, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is definitely the right choice.

I am pretty aware that this mattress has superb features that are not present on most of its counterpart.

For instance, the ComfortCoil Technology of this unit ensures that it can give better comfort and support compared to other conventional air mattresses. It also features a multi-layered flocked surface for better smoothness.

The setup of this mattress is pretty easy as well. By just a single toggle, you will be able to inflate or deflate this unit. It also has a proprietary pump design that operates quieter compared to other motor pumps.

Furthermore, it is capable of inflating the bed for as quick as four minutes. It will never cause delays while you are camping.

2. Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed


  • ​Guaranteed airtight system
  • ​Elevated design for a more comfortable rest
  • ​Coils help the mattress contour to the body for better support
  • ​Double lock valve ensures that air won't escape
  • ​Comfortable sleeping surface


  • ​Doesn't have a storage for the electric cord
  • ​Pumps don't operate with batteries, so you need to have a power source for it

​Coleman is a premier outdoor gear manufacturer.

If it is a product is made by this brand, you can guarantee that it can endure the wilderness like a breeze.

Apparently, Coleman has engineered an air mattress as well.

Their Coleman Airbed is remarkable, thanks to its durability and comfort level that it provides.

Inflating and deflating this mattress can be done swiftly. It has a quick setup that prevents downtime in camping. Meanwhile, the surface of this item features a soft suede construction.

The said material will let you experience comfort throughout the time you are going to lie here. As you can notice, the Coleman airbed has an elevated design. The latter ensures that you are away from the nuisances in the ground.

One of the things that I can appreciate about this airbed is its airtight locking feature.

A double valve system was integrated into this mattress so that air will never escape no matter what. It can hold its shape until such time you are going to deflate it.

3. Etekcity Upgraded Twin Queen Size Camping Air Mattress


  • ​Solid welding for a leak-free design
  • ​Highly elevated to the ground for user comfort
  • ​Not too heavy or bulky; can be packed using its carry bag
  • ​Comes with a rechargeable electric pump
  • ​Sleeping surface conforms to the body of the sleeper


  • ​The pump operates noisily
  • ​The pump doesn't work with AC power source

​As an entry-level camping mattress, it is quite surprising what the Etekcity can deliver.

This one promises comfort and protection for every camper who use it. And by the time that I have tried it, I found out that this mattress holds to what it said.

This mattress is engineered for outdoor applications.

The construction of its inner part is rugged so that it can support multiple users at once.

The mattress is tailored with a thick and durable PVC material. The latter ensures that the mattress can resist the potential damages that can be caused by hard and jagged ground.

From the bottom, the mattress can elevate for up to 9 inches. With this, you can guarantee that you can sleep without being bothered by the dirt and bugs on the soil.

The setup of this air mattress is pretty convenient as well. It comes with a battery-operated electric pump so that you can use it even without a power source. Just make sure that you have charged it before your trip.

You can inflate and deflate this mattress for as quick as two minutes or less. That's something that you should look forward to.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed


  • ​Made from extra durable and lightweight construction
  • ​Keeps the user away from the ground
  • ​Airtight construction
  • ​Can distribute the weight evenly
  • ​Features electric pumps that are compatible with AC and DC sources


  • ​No noticeable drawbacks

​The ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is one of the most coveted air mattresses for outdoor use.

This one has a solid design, which is a testament to the efficiency of ALPS Mountaineering when it comes to crafting gears for camping and hiking. 

This air mattress is made from 150D TPU-coated polyester fabric. The latter is impervious to stretching, which enables it to retain its firmness.

The mattress can hold its shape throughout the night. Even if you are slightly heavy, the mattress will never allow you to sink in the ground.

Furthermore, the fabric used on the Velocity Air Bed is 45% lighter compared than conventional PVC on the market today. Take into account that the mattress comes with a coil system. It effectively distributes the weight of the users while they are on the bed.

You will love the fact that it has an electric pump that is compatible with AC and DC power sources. The pump also includes universal valves adapters so that you never run out of options.

Meanwhile, the inflation and deflation time of this mattress are fast. Therefore, you don't have to burn your time for the setup of this item.

5. Active Era Premium Twin Size Air Mattress


  • ​Ergonomic built-in pillow design for maximum comfort
  • ​Conforms to the shape of the body of its user
  • ​Flocked top is waterproof so that moisture won't penetrate the bed
  • ​Coils keep the firmness of the air mattress
  • ​The surface is smooth and comfortable


  • ​When you move on the mattress, it tends to create noise

​If you are looking for an ergonomic air mattress that you can take on your outdoor trip, the Active Era Air Mattress should be a good choice.

This one is a twin-size mattress that features a user-friendly electric pump that is capable of quick inflation.

For lesser than two minutes, the pump can fully inflate the mattress.

If you want to deflate it, just flick the switch of the pump.

Unlike other air mattresses, the Active Era has an integrated pillow design on its surface. The "pillow" is actually a raised portion on one of the edges of the mattress.

It is beneficial because it provides neck and head support to the sleeper. Furthermore, the "pillow" has the right firmness and comfort, ensuring that it will never cause body sores.

The bed also includes twenty-one air coils. These coils give the mattress the structural durability that it needs to support up to two sleepers at once.

When you are lying on this mattress, you can feel utter comfort and relaxation. Meanwhile, the flocked top is thick and rugged. It gives you the peace of mind that it won't get damaged while you are using on the wilderness.

How To Choose The Best Air Mattress For Camping

How to Choose the Best Air Mattress for Camping

There are various considerations whenever choosing a high-quality mattress that is worth taking on the outside world. Comfort, support, and ruggedness are among the features that people are looking for outdoor mattresses. When all of these factors are present, sleeping peacefully while camping is possible.

Fortunately, mattresses like these are not costly. You can get them at a reasonable price, which is great if you don't want your budget to get ripped. Since they are going to be used for camping purposes, it is quite important that these mattresses should have a portable feature as well.

As you can see, the models that I have featured above have the qualities that are necessary for air mattresses for camping. Any of them would be a worthy investment. But definitely, there are still some things that you have to learn about this particular amenity.

General Traits of An Outdoor-Worthy Air Mattress

There are a lot of air mattresses that exist on the market today. But definitely, not all of them can be used on camping terrains. Just because a mattress can be inflated and deflated doesn't mean that it is already suitable for camping uses.

The construction of an air mattress that is used for camping should have a durable build. There's no negotiating with this. You don't want a mattress that can be damaged easily by sharp rocks or branches.

But just like conventional mattresses, camping air mattresses must be comfortable. The mattress should enable the user to peacefully sleep and relax. A mattress that is too tough or too soft will never be a good place for repose. Always remember that.

Camping Style

Camping Style

It is also essential that you are aware of the outdoor application that you are going to do. We can classify camping into two categories. The first one is those adventures that require people to traverse long distances with nothing but their feet and backpacks. The second one is camping in a campsite, where vehicles are just nearby for accessibility.

For backpacking, it is necessary that the air mattress that you choose must have a low-profile design. It would be great if they can be stored in a carry bag. In this way, transporting them for extended periods will not be an ordeal on your part. Of course, the mattress--when it is deflated--should not be too heavy either.

For those who are going to camp with their RVs, the options may be limitless. After all, you have the means to transport any type of air mattress that you want. Just make sure that it has the durability and ruggedness that I specified.

Mattress Construction

The majority of the air mattresses that are sold commercially today are tailored from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. The latter is a type of synthetic plastic that is also utilized in the production of plastic bottles and other amenities for food packaging.

There are a lot of issues that were raised against the use of PVC. People said that it could cause health and environmental problems. Because of this, air mattress manufacturers started to use eco-friendly PVC. This is the type of PVC that doesn't have chlorine content.

Some air mattresses, just like the ones that I featured here, come with coils in their construction. These components help in the provision of comfort and support to the mattress. Meanwhile, other air mattresses feature polyfoam insulation.

Mode of Inflation

Types of Inflations

Don't forget that air mattresses should be capable of inflation and deflation. Otherwise, that particular mattress is never suitable for outdoor applications, as it can’t be transported at all!

However, one should know that the mode of inflation for mattresses do vary from one unit to another. Here are some of them:

Manual Pump - This particular pump requires manual effort from the user. You need to operate the pump by yourself so that it can deliver air to the mattress. Of course, this particular design belongs to external pumps.

Electric Pump - This one features an integrated system that can be configured through the use of buttons and switches. It is a good choice if the pump itself can be operated by batteries or AC/ DC power sources.

Self-Inflating Pump - A self-inflating pump operates through the use of a nozzle or a switch. It is a convenient means of inflating the air mattress because you don't need to monitor the process anymore. Furthermore, you are still allowed to control the amount of air being blown by the pump in the mattress.

Check out this video that shows you how to inflate a mattress manually:


As of now, considering the best air mattress for camping for your next outdoor adventure is a great idea. If you are not comfortable lying bare on your tent or sleeping bags, this particular amenity can save you entirely. With an air mattress, you can still feel the same level of relaxation and comfort as of your bed even if you are away from home.

You can freely choose from the air mattresses that I featured here if you deem that searching by yourself is too time-consuming. These air mattresses have the essential features that can keep you comfortable and protected while you are lying in them. And if you want to shop by yourself, just stick to the guidelines that I made. They can help you find the right camping mattress for you.

That's it for now. For questions and suggestions, just drop them below.

The Best Air Mattress For Camping This 2019 That You Should Never Miss!
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