Best Backup Camera With Night Vision For Hassle-Free Reversing

Many people are akin to driving these days, especially with RVs. After all, maneuvering vehicles are quite easy, thanks to the advent of modern technology. It is true that it requires skill and experience to become a great driver. However, with the aid of different innovations, some of the age-old burdens of driving are all gone.

One of the amenities that you can install in your car is the best backup camera with night vision. This particular device simplifies the task of reversing your vehicle during the night. Most of you know that doing such is an ordeal, especially if you are using an RV and there is no available lighting or illumination.

Backup cameras with night vision provide an extra layer of safety by allowing you to see the things that are happening behind your plate. It makes you aware of any obstacles or hindrances that can harm your vehicle. Of course, if there are lurking burglars and robbers, the device can warn you ahead.

There are various backup cameras with night vision that you can get today. In this article, I have listed some of the top-rated options that you have for this particular device. I encourage you to check them out so that you can identify which one of them is perfectly suited for your vehicle. Let's start now!

Best Backup Camera With Night Vision On The 2019 Market







Pyle Backup Car Camera & Rear View Mirror Monitor Screen System-Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof & Night Vision Cam with IR LED Lights, 7


Pyle Rear View Backup Car Camera 


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NATIKA Backup/Front/Side View Camera, IP69K Waterproof Starlight Night Vision 720P 1280×720 Pixels High Definition and Super Wide Angle Reverse Rear View Backup Camera for Cars Jeep Trucks SUV RV Van

NATIKA Backup/Front/Side View Camera


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Esky EC170-08 Waterproof Night Vision HD CMOS 170°Viewing Field Car Rear View Backup Camera


Esky EC170-08 Backup Camera


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AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit Car Backup Camera with Rear View Mirror Monitor and IP 68 Waterproof Reversing Camera LED Super Night Vision Back Up Car Camera Kit Easy Installation


AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera


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Backup Camera and Monitor Kit for Car, RAAYOO Universal Wired 7 Infrared LED Lights Night Vision Car Parking Assistance License Plate Rear View Backup Camera and 4.3 inch Color TFT LCD Monitor

RAAYOO Backup Camera and Monitor Kit for Car


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Let's now review each backup camera individually:

#1. Pyle Rear View Backup Car Camera


  • The entire system can be mounted
  • Waterproof and rugged construction
  • Authentic night-vision capacity
  • Features a wireless remote for easier control
  • Provides scale lines for accurate estimation of distances


  • Difficult installation process

It is not regrettable if a driver chooses to install the Pyle Rear View Backup Car Camera on his/her vehicle.

After, this unit is one of the finest backup car cameras today. It has a rugged construction which makes it impervious to damages and breakages. It provides ample protection to its circuitries, too.

The color reproduction of this backup camera is very impressive. At the resolution of 656px x 492px, all the objects in your rear can be clearly seen and noticed. 

This camera also features a low lux performance for enhanced visual clarity. Meanwhile, the viewing angle of this camera is 170 degrees. There are no blind spots that can catch you off guard here.

The Pyle Rear View Backup Car Camera also has an adjustable swivel angle, improving its versatility and functionality. It comes with a wide monitor that ensures the driver that they can see what they want to see.

Specifically, this device has a 16:9 screen ratio. Take note that the video system of the camera is compatible with PAL or NTSC. You can also connect it to double RCA jacks.

#2. NATIKA Backup/Front/Side View Camera


  • The camera is compatible with different vehicles such as trucks and vans
  • Metal bracket and screws ensure easy installation
  • Durable and rugged metal housing
  • High-definition night vision capacity
  • Impressive waterproof rating


  • The ultra-wide view makes objects appear too small

Another impressive backup car camera that you can choose is this unit from NATIKA.

It is among the few breeds of backup cameras that provide an IP69K waterproof rating. 

It is a level of protection that ensures all the sensitive parts of the device safe, even if it is drenched in water.

Of course, such rating is way better than IP68 and IP67. This is also immune to mist and fog, too.

The night vision of this rear camera is ultra sensitive. The Starlight Level Night Vision of NATIKA features a full 720P HD resolution and a high-definition processor so that the images that you can see in the dark are still bright and sharp.

Image noises on the night vision are drastically minimized, thanks to its 3D reduction level. Meanwhile, the camera has a horizontal resolution of 900TVL.

I have also noticed that this camera is using a high-quality all-glass F1.8 aperture lens. . It provides the camera which is a guaranteed 145 degrees viewing angle so that there are no blind spots and invisible areas for you. Combined with its innovative night vision and you get a backup camera worth your time and money!

#3. Esky EC170-08 Backup Camera


  • A quick and easy installation procedure
  • Works with DC 12V vehicles
  • Effective night vision
  • Decent waterproof housing
  • Image display is clear and sharp


  • Size is quite bulky as it will extend from the rear of your truck

The simple yet effective design of the Esky EC170-08 Backup Camera makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have a decent backup camera for an affordable price.

This one is considered to be one of the most inexpensive rear cameras on the market today. However, the quality and features of this unit still make it a decent choice.

The construction of this backup camera is solid and stylish. The sleek metallic design gives off a premium ambiance rather than a cheap one. 

The housing itself is stainless and can resist damages caused by rust and corrosion. It is absolutely waterproof and can be operational during rainy seasons and wet conditions.

You will never get disappointed by the image clarity and resolution of this device. It is using a high-definition Color CMOS so that all the images you see are distinctly vibrant. It offers a 420 TV lines resolution for the optimal viewing experience.

Notably, the lens angle of this device is a full 170 degrees. Therefore, you can always see the things right behind you.

#4. AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Doesn't cause interferences to other digital devices
  • High-resolution night vision display
  • LED brightness automatically adjusts
  • Display monitor does not suffer from glaring


  • No noticeable drawbacks

AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera provides an excellent medium for vehicle owners to see the things on the rear of their vehicles, even during the dark. It is capable of high-quality and optimal display, which is necessary for drivers not to get blindsided.

The wireless design of this camera enables quick installation. Just attach it to one of your existing mirrors, and it is already good to go.

There is no need for drilling or installation of complicated wires either.  You can already take advantage of its wireless setup for smooth operation, regardless of the type of vehicle that you are using.

An unparalleled display is one of the perks of the AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera. It comes with an LED that has six brightness setting. It can automatically operate and adjust itself depending on the intensity of the natural light. This device is also using a digital image processor so that it can provide excellent night vision.

AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera IP68 waterproof rating guarantees you that it is usable even in rainy conditions while the transmitter has a waterproof standard of IP67. These qualities ensure that the camera can withstand bad atmospheric conditions.

#5. RAAYOO Backup Camera And Monitor Kit For Car


  • The camera has the standard IP68 waterproofing
  • Offers a 150-degree viewing angle
  • Comes with a 45-degree lens for enhanced situational perspective
  • Superb night vision capability
  • Simple and reliable installation


  • The connecting wire is seemingly short

The RAAYOO Rearview Backup Camera is another great option for drivers who are having the trouble with parking at night.

It can help you see through the blind spots and peek the areas in which ordinary mirrors can't reach. With this assistive system, you can minimize the chances of getting into trouble.

This monitor kit enhances the efficiency of drivers to park even in the tightest position. It won't leave any gaps in your vision, which allows you to maneuver your vehicle safely. 

The installation of this camera does not involve tangling wires. It only requires one wire, and you can already operate this system. The monitor and camera are connected through a single video and power cable.

The RAAYOO Rearview Backup Camera also offers an exceptional night vision. It features seven infrared LED lights, which is way better than the LED cameras. In the night or poorly illuminated conditions, the night vision of this camera operates effectively. The imaging that it displays is clear and detailed.

How To Choose The Best Backup Camera With Night Vision

How To Choose The Best Backup Camera With Night Vision

Equipping your vehicle with a backup camera is not a luxurious idea. In fact, it is already considered as a necessity, as the number of road obstacles and vehicles is increasing every year. Today, it is quite tricky to drive smoothly and safely today because of these given hazards.

The United States Department of Transportation has already required all new vehicles to install backup cameras and rear-view camera systems. Of course, there is one big reason for this new mandate, and that is safety. You can check this guide to see some of the best standard RV backup cameras today.

Take note that these backup cameras will allow you to see things that are not usually displayed by rear-view mirrors. Usually, backup cameras offer illuminated and low and broad angle perspective of the behind of your car.

You already know that some small things can pose hazards to your driving. Animals and small children are also among the things that you don't want to hit while you are reversing your vehicle. Towing trucks benefit from these devices, too.

Regardless of the application, it is essential that you know how to select the appropriate backup camera to your rig. The following guide can help you out.

Checking The Dash Of Your Vehicle

Always remember that a backup camera would be useless if there is no screen where you can connect it. It is also a given that everything that is needed to complete the setup of the camera is already present in the dash.

If your vehicle comes with a touchscreen receiver for the video input, then getting a backup camera would never be a bother for you.

If your vehicle does not have a touchscreen receiver, you have to install one now. You can never have these rear-view cameras if no receiver accepts them. Fortunately, there are multiple receivers on the market today that you can choose from.

Just check their compatibility before installing them. Moreover, you can always look for receivers that support multiple functions of your camera.

But what if your vehicle does not have any room for the receiver? Well, there's a solution to this. You can always get replacement rear view mirrors for this case. You can integrate them with the interior of your vehicle.

However, they are pretty tricky to install. I suggest that you entrust the task of equipping this system to a professional. But once it is there, your car will have a formidable backup platform that you can flaunt.

Alternatively, you can opt to install dash-mounted monitors. They are often varied to being wired or portable. The most famous ones are those that are being offered by Garmin. It quite known as one of the top producers of high quality RV GPS. But they also offer monitors that are compatible with wireless backup cameras.

​​​​Essential Qualities Of A Backup Camera

Backup Camera With Night Vision

Different variables affect the quality and overall performance of backup cameras. You have to be keen to all of them. Here are they:


Many backup cameras today are using CMOS or CCD sensors. They perform the same role of converting light signals. The only difference they have is their scheme. CCD sensors are analog while CMOS are digital.

There is a widespread opinion that CMOS sensors have low power requirement and works well in low light conditions. However, it is also undeniable that CCD sensors are very efficient in dealing with situations where the light is fluctuating.

Line Guides For Parking

Some backup cameras are utilizing the assistive lines that help them back or reverse their way out of difficult parking. These guides can also help you to squeeze your vehicle on tight areas. Mostly, their role is to provide you with an estimated distance of the items that are along your path.

Of course, not all drivers are comfortable looking at these lines. They opt to trust their skills and instincts rather than being dependent on these assistive tools.

If you are among these drivers, make sure that you pick a backup camera that doesn't offer such kind of feature. You can also remove them in the configuration process while installing the camera.

Viewing Angle

It is also ideal to consider the angle of the backup camera. Specifically, it should provide you with a sufficient viewing perspective. Otherwise, it is useless to install it. The broader the camera perspective, the more things that you can see behind your car. Such capability minimizes blind spots.

Night Vision

Night vision is an essential component for backup cameras. They are the ones that help you maneuver your way during the night or situations with low light settings.

There is one term that you have to learn when dealing with night vision cameras, and that is lux. The latter is an indicator for the light amount that is necessary to create a detailed image. For instance, a clear night with a full moon has a lux of 0.1. Meanwhile, natural daylight is rated as 10,000 lux.

The key here is to choose a camera that can perform in settings that have a 0.1 lux rating. You must go for cameras that have excellent low light performance, which can either be dictated by infrared light or LED light.

Final Verdict

That's all folks! As you have seen, the best backup camera with night vision provides optimal visibility while you are driving during the night. It is also the system that you need if you are having difficulties with backing or reversing your car on tight spots and awkward position.

Did you learn from this guide? If you have some questions or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below!

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