The Best Bear Sprays That Can Save Your Life

The best bear spray is something that you might want to acquire if you are going outdoors. If the terrain you are traversing is home of bears, then this particular self-defense amenity might be able to save your life.

Things are different when we are talking about real life bears. You know, those creatures that lurk within those towering trees and bushes in the wilderness. Those guys are more harmful than scary. They have incredible speed, leaping agility, and brute force that nobody can virtually match.

For now, it is pretty unpredictable when or where these bears can come out in your vicinity. Just always remember that once they see you, they can turn aggressive. To deflect this fatal possibility, I do recommend that you pack a bear spray on your bag.

It should be included in your camping checklist, one way or another.

Best Bear Spray: Five Highly Recommended Brands







Counter Assault Bear Spray


Counter Assault Bear Spray 


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Guard Alaska Bear Spray


Guard Alaska Bear Spray


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UDAP Bear Spray


UDAP Bear Spray


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Mace Bear Spray

Mace Bear Spray


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Let's now review each spray individually:

#1. Counter Assault Bear Spray


  • Strong bear repellent solution
  • Great spraying distance
  • Can continue firing for straight ten seconds
  • Safety cap for accidental discharges is included
  • Handy and easy to use


  • Using the holster of the bear spray is quite difficult

There are different brands of bear sprays out there. Picking one of them to choose is quite difficult. But if you want the most effective one right from the get-go, I can recommend the Counter Assault Bear Deterrent.

This one has been tested-and-proven to repel bear attacks on various occasions. It has an effective formulation that scares off bears and other wild creatures.

One of the key features of this bear spray is the length of its reach. Specifically, the spray can go as far as 32 feet, which is highly necessary to keep your furry attacker at bay.

It is an essential feature for a bear spray to provide the user a safe distance from where he/ she can burst the spray off. And luckily, Counter Assault has this capability.

This bear spray doesn't drain easily. You can continue spraying it for around 10 seconds, which is enough to discourage the bear from attacking. It also comes with a safety cap that prevents accidental discharges while you are walking or trekking.

However, it is still necessary to exercise caution while using the spray. It has the potency to disable you, mind that.



  • Can deflect attacks from different kinds of bears
  • Field-tested to ensure effectiveness
  • Sprays an impregnable fog of defense
  • Good spraying distance
  • Prevents accidental discharges


  • It has a large canister, which makes it hard to hand-carry

The Frontiersman Bear Spray is a formidable defender against bears. It can generate maximum stopping force that can stop bears in their tracks.

It contains a strong dosage of capsaicinoids that can impale and paralyze bears before they can reach you. The formulation has been approved by the Health Canada and EPA, so it is definitely not lethal for humans.

Despite this, you can guarantee that the Frontiersman Bear Spray is effective. 

Further quality control checking and controlled tests have validated that this spray doesn't leave room for errors. There are some sprays out there that don't work and will make you regret well. But this one has eliminated that possibility.

It can stop bears and make them afraid of you. The spraying distance of the Frontiersman Bear Spray can reach up to 30 feet.

You can shoot it even while the bear is still charging at you. The fog of spray that it can produce can deflect any wild attacker with ease. If this spray is a part of your regular outdoor rig, you will always be safe.

#3. Guard Alaska Bear Spray


  • Affordable bear spray
  • Strong hot pepper spray that can repel any bear species
  • Decent spray distance and reach
  • Comes with a belt loop for ergonomic carry
  • Provides non-lethal solution for both humans and bears


  • The strength of repellant is not as strong as other high-end bear sprays
  • Spray distance is not as far as other bear spray models

Nobody wants to go unprotected while they are venturing a bear-filled area. But sometimes, hikers and backpackers alike are reluctant bear sprays because of their price.

Fortunately, there will always be an option that would never shred your pocket into pieces. One good example for it is the Bear Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray.

This particular bear spray features an extra-hot pepper solution to repel bears. It can fend off aggressive bears before they start rampaging toward you.

The spray has received approval from the EPA. Therefore, even if you are exposed to this spray, it will never cause lethal damage. Furthermore, EPA has rated it as an all-rounder, which means that it can work on different bear species.

Take note that the Guard Alaska is an environment-friendly spray. It can harm bears but it will never harm mother nature.

It doesn't contain ozone-harming elements or flammable substance, too. Using the spray is very easy, but make sure that you will remain careful even the going gets tough.

#4. UDAP Bear Spray


  • High-density pepper spray volume
  • Can create the fog very quickly; bears won't be able to come near you
  • Large capacity canister
  • Can spray continuously for 7 seconds
  • Spraying distance of 35 feet


  • Too large for solo backpacking

A bear spray that has been registered under EPA is always effective. That's why I only chose EPA-approved bear sprays to include here. But among these options that I have listed, the UDAP Super Magnum Bear Spray is the largest.

The canister itself contains at least 13.4 ounces of bear repellant. With this spray, you will never run out of bear defense out there.

The maximum spraying time of the UDAP Super Magnum Bear Spray is 7 seconds. It is 3 seconds lesser than the Counter Assault, but that is just fine. 

After all, this spray can burst a large amount of bear repellant for every second you press its trigger. In fact, it has been considered that among its counterparts, the UDAP Super Magnum, can generate the highest spray volume.

This one can create a huge wall of highly potent of pepper spray. And even the fog is scattered, the density of the spray is still great.

The bear won't be able to come near to you because the cloud can form immediately right after you sprayed the concoction. These perks make the spray a lot reliable in SHTF situations.

#5. Mace Bear Spray


  • Compact and easy to carry even without a holster
  • Potent bear-repellent solution
  • Can work on different species of bear out there
  • Decent spraying distance and time
  • Immune from accidental disengagements


  • Doesn't come with a holster
  • Empties very fast

The usability and functionality of a bear spray must be considered as well. That's why there is a lot of people who prefer compact and small pepper sprays.

For them, a defensive spray can work best if they can hold it properly. That's the chief benefit that the Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray can give to its users.

This bear spray has a compact canister. It will not cause any bother even if you hand-carry. It is particularly handy and can fit into the outside compartments of your backpack.

How Can Bear Sprays Fend Off Bears

How Can Bear Sprays Fend Off Bears

Bear sprays and human sprays have similar mechanism but different formulation. You see, bears are more dangerous because of their unholy strength, agility, and aggressiveness. They can rip you apart in mere seconds without a little chance of surviving.

For instance, black bears have been accounted for 25 deaths for the past 20 years. Yes. It is true that the number may be not that significant. But in an outdoor setting, these figures should already alarm you. The statistics show that mauling can still happen, even with the warnings given by authorities.

Having a bear spray can improve your chances of surviving a bear attack. Specifically, this amenity shoots high volumes of capsaicin. There is a canister that contains the spray solution and it is up to you if you want to shoot it continuously or not.

The reach of the spray varies per brand. But it is notable that the farther the spray reaches, the lesser it becomes effective. Fortunately, the fog that it creates can virtually stun the bear. This is especially true if the bear spray that you have has high contents of capsaicin.

The capsaicin from the spray can cause temporary blindness. It can also cause difficulty in breathing because the capsaicin can swell the lungs and the nose. The omnivore won't die from these things, but they can make it retreat like crazy.

The mechanism of a bear repellant is quite similar to an insect repellant. You might even want to invest on an insect repellant if you don’t want tiny critters to bug you off.

Reasons Why Having The Best Bear Spray Is Needed

best bear spray

There are multiple reasons why a bear spray is a necessity for every outdoor enthusiast out there. Aside from the obvious reason of keeping the bears away from your vicinity, there are still other justifications why bear sprays are important.

Some of you may think that guns can provide better defense against bears. I mean, if you are to choose between a pepper spray and gun as your defensive weapon, there's a high chance that you will pick the gun, right?

However, let me break it to you: guns are not that effective against bears. Well, if you can hit the bear at its crucial vital points, then things are good. But if not, things will be bad for you.

It takes a lot of precision to hit a moving target. You need your hands to be steady and your composure unbroken. You should remain calm and responsive to anticipate the movement of the aggressive bear.

Unless you are a skilled hunter, beating a bear with a gun does not yield too much success. Always remember that the toughness and elusiveness of these creatures are quite problematic. Therefore, if you want to save your life from bears, many experts do recommend bear sprays rather than your trusty handgun or shotgun.

Also, tactical knives and guns can are lethal weapons. From an environmentalist's perspective, killing a bear just because it is charging at you is not justifiable. After all, we are the ones that invaded its territory, not the other way around.

The only acceptable move that you can do is to restrict or repel it with a bear spray. Always consider that many species of bear sprays are endangered already. Senseless killings won't do any good for the both of you

Final Verdict

Let me give you some quick words. When choosing a bear spray, make sure that the capsaicinoid rating that it has can range from 1% to 2%. This is the standards given by the EPA.

If the spray has been rated this way, you can ensure that it has yield paralyzing effect to any creature that comes across it. All of the products that I have featured here have this rating.

Also, always consider that there is a minimum range for a bear spray. It should not be less than 15 feet. Otherwise, the bear can leap its way toward you.

Just like the Counter Assault Bear Deterrent, the best bear spray should be able to incapacitate your wild attacker from a good distance. It should allow to react and move before the claws catch you.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Tell me your thoughts about bear sprays and other close encounters with bears in the comment section below. Keep safe!

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