The Best Camping Lantern 2018

Many backpackers may consider the headlamp as their best friend, but when it comes to the campsite and the family, there’s nothing like a camping lantern. Camping lanterns are essential items for camping because they serve as power sources for light in the outdoors.

Camping is a time for fun and games. When you’re camping out in the dark, you need light to read books, play games, use the toilet, and create a fantastic atmosphere for you and your family out there in the wild. You need the light to last, and that’s why you need these camping lanterns.

But choosing just about any lantern may not yield satisfactory results. If you want the light and fun to last, you need only the best camping lantern. In this post, we’ve reviewed five of the best camping lanterns for 2018.

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Types Of Camping Lanterns​

Types Of Camping Lanterns​

Camping lanterns have three major uses: backcountry, camping, and emergencies. Camping and emergency are the same in that the lumen output is more important and the weight isn’t that important.

Regarding case of emergency, ease of use and battery life is also important. Backpacking models are supposed to be durable, compact and light enough to resist the elements.

You will see a lot of camping lanterns in the market, and each of them have their characteristics some are ultra-light, some are bright and hefty, and some fit well on your hands while others may be larger than your head. There are also versions that are solar-powered and don’t require batteries.

With all these variations, it is easy to confuse the high-end models with the mediocre ones. So how do we spot the best models?​

Characteristics Of The Best Camping Lanterns​

1. Brightness


Brightness should obviously be among the most crucial factors – since we’re talking about camping lanterns here. Different camping lanterns are used in a variety of settings are evaluated on their quality of light and how they illuminate the place.

A big factor to consider is whether or not the light in comfortable. Some lights may be bright but in a very uncomfortable and blinding way and are therefore not ideal for the dinner table. There must be an option for you to control the brightness especially when it comes to the dimming feature.

The best models should allow you to fine-tune the light, according to its setting and number of individuals involved.

Another factor that affects the quality of light is the manner in which the light is projected. Nobody wants to look directly into the light bulb. That’s why the “lampshade” or globe of lanterns was built in.These plastic globes surround models like the Ultimate Survival Technologies 30-Day Duro Glow that creates a pleasant light quality.

There are also Orbit and Apollo’s non-invasive light which is a reflected, bright light. Many experts consider the Coleman Northstar as the brightest among they’ve tested, although its globe is made up of pure glass and staring straight into it may not be a comfortable experience.

2. Easy To Use

Easy To Use

When you’re out camping in the wilderness or some remote area, you will realize that being able to hang the lantern easily is very crucial. The heavier models are hard to hand and require more durable branches, increasing the need to have a stable base.

Campsites with no trees are even more complicated situations since you have to settle them on the ground, car, picnic table or the rock. Small bases may make it difficult to position the lanterns over uneven surfaces although models like the Black Diamond Apollo utilizes non-slip ends and tripod style legs to make it an ideal position.

Models with multiple light modes like The Streamlight The Siege, will allow you to control the brightness according to its intended use. For instance, for some uses, it’s cool to have the super bright light of Coleman Northstar, although using it for reading may be quite a headache.

If you’re looking models that are suitable for reading, then you can take advantage of features like UST’s30-Day Duro Glow and the dimming features of the Black Diamond.

Battery Compartment Accessibility is another thing that most consumers like you will look for. Replacing the batteries of models such as the Ultimate Survival Technologies may take a lot of effort while theSiege and Black Diamond are easier and simpler. Luci light doesn’t need any batteries at all although they may take a while to become fully charged.​

3. Size


Size is also is also a contributing factor, especially when it comes to ease of use. For instance, large models such as the Coleman Northstar may be hard to transport in small tents, especially on the table at the bedside due to its considerable weight and footprint.

Smaller models are easier to utilize and are more efficient inside tents than outside it like when you’re trying to get some light for your cooking area. We’re rating them according to their utility.​

4. Durability

A camping lantern would be useless if it does not last. The best models should be proven and tested in various environments. While models with plastic aren’t necessarily bad, they become sturdier when trapped with rubber and metal in the design. The Ultimate Survival Technologies, The Siege, TheStreamlight, all have rubber, making them shockproof.

These items must be able to take impact and shock without a single scratch.

Waterproofing can also help enhance durability. There are models like the MPOWERD Luci which floats on water. Battery life is another factor to consider when it comes to durability. Batteries of the 30 DayDuro Glow D can last up to 33 days while on its lowest setting for 24 hours a day.

There are also solar-powered variations like the MPOWERED Luci Original, and they don’t require batteries although they need at least eight hours to be fully charged. Some models like the Goal ZeroLighthouse also don’t need batteries and USB cord charges although they don’t last very long.​

5. Features


Models with only on/off switches and a single handle get the job done easily although it also lacks versatility. There are other products in the market with minimal features although there are also those with a lot of distinctive components make them unique and easier to use.

It is also important to remember that it’s not just the number of features that counts but you also need to consider how these features can improve the quality of these products. The Goal Zero Lighthouse contains cool features like having the ability to charge smartphones.

Black Diamond models contain features that are simple and practical. Some these features include flexible legs for better balance over irregular surfaces, good hooks for hanging, great dimming features, and sliding globe with on/off button.

Models with unnecessary features were given low scores, while those with useful and practical features get higher scores. The Streamlight The Siege’s waterproofing feature allows it to float.

Another important thing to remember is that the products with a lot of useful features are easier to use.In my research and study, I’ve listed the following as the camping lanterns that contain all the characteristics and features that make up the best models:​

  • Etekcity Upgraded LED lantern
  • MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights
  • The Coleman Quad LED Lantern
  • Etekcity 2-Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping-Lantern Flashlights
  • Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote

Review Of The 5 Best Camping Lanterns

Rechargeable Camping Lantern , Etekcity Upgraded LED lantern with Magnetic Base, 4400mah USB Power Bank (Black)

This 180 lumen camping lantern is powered by 15 bright LED bulbs (white). This omnidirectional lightmakes the outdoor light great for lighting campgrounds, patios, and much more. This item features read,dim and bright flashing light. In times of emergency, the red lantern light provides the visual alert for fardistances.


  • Every feature has its corresponding power source, and there’s no need for you to worry aboutlighting time and charging time
  • Micro USB cables allow you to charge cameras, tablets, phones and other devices
  • Reserve power within the power bank batteries is always ready in case the AA batteries run low onpower
  • The lantern has an IPX5 water-resistant feature that can withstand harsh weathers and rugged trips


  • Some say the duration of light isn’t as good as the flashlight, but you can’t compare the two sinceeach has their uses.
MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights For Backpacking & Camping Equipment Lights - Best Gift Ideas (6 AA Batteries Included)

The MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights is a convenient item built from ROHS & CE ApprovedMilitary Grade Material. With 6 AA Batteries, it provides lighting for hikers, backpackers, campers –whether it be reading light, emergency light, or work light.


  • Stylish colors allow you to spot them in the wilderness for identification
  • 146 lumens provide ultra bright light
  • Water-resistant features make it resistant to weather conditions while maintaining its brightness.


  • Some are not impressed by the shiny finish although this is just a matter of personal taste anddoesn’t speak of the product itself.
Coleman Quad LED Lantern

It’s another unique lantern that features four light panels that snap towards a single lantern. The unitcan be powered by eight D-cell batteries (rechargeable) and shines at 190 ultra-bright lumens that go for75 hrs.


  • You can get rid of one of the four lights in an emergency to utilize it as the flashlight
  • Every unit automatically begins recharging after it has been returned towards the base
  • The 24 LEDs lasts long, and you don’t have to replace them
  • The lantern is usually cool and safe to touch at any time.


  • Some people said it was hard to move around with a big camping lantern like this inside a small tent.
Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern with 6 AA Batteries (Black, Collapsible)

This ultra-bright lantern was designed with 30 LED bulbs and built for a longer lifespan. It’s an energy-efficient item that projects 360° of bright light. The item was made from military-grade materials whichguarantee long-term use.


  • The collapsible and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store
  • It also has a foldable handle that makes it easy to suspend or carry.


  • Some say the product is not big enough. But this again is just a matter of personal preference.
Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote

The Streamlight is another fantastic camping lantern. It has a single C-4 LED for night vision and white C4LEDs for luminescence. The ergonomic handle was built to fasten within the stowed and uprightpositions.


  • The D-rings that are situated at the bottom and top of the product will allow you to suspend it inerect and reversed positions easily. 3 D-Cell alkaline batteries run the unit
  • While running on low-light modes, the lanterns can light up for 295 hours nonstop.


  • Some don’t find any good use for the red light and thought of it as just another marketing gimmick.


While there are a lot of camping lanterns on today’s market, it may be difficult for you to select the ideal item to buy. The lists above though, are among the best brands and you can be confident with them.Depending on your needs, you may choose to buy one too many.

The best lanterns should be energy efficient, portable, safe, and useful in different weather conditions.Rechargeable units can be utilized to charge several other devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and provide extra convenience in places with no electricity.

Among the five best models, I like the MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights best. The LED bulbsinside these lanterns provide convenience throughout the whole trip. They have stable plastic bases for stable sitting at the table while you go one play cards or make dinner.

Here’s a quick video of the MalloMe LED Camping Lantern:​

We hope you enjoyed this post. Which among the five best products is your favorite? We would love to read your thoughts in the comments. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you’re planning on going out on a camping trip with them.

The Best Camping Lantern 2018
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