The Best Camping Pillows Revealed! Reviews In 2019

A camping pillow inside your tent can make a huge difference between a comfortable camping getaway and a sleepless night out in the wilderness. You can never replace such comfort and luxury with a pile of clothes that may be dirty or smelly.

Camping pillows come in several varieties and qualities – from luxury to micro fleece-lined insulated versions to affordable, inflatable plastic bubbles.

The best camping pillows though, stand out from the rest and they have a number of common traits that are the reason for their success and we will briefly discuss each one of them in the later sections of this post.

While one can do without a camping pillow, I highly recommend that you bring one in your next camping trip if you want to have nice and comfortable sleep. After a great adventure our in the wild, your body needs to rest, recover and stay healthy and sleep can enhance all of that.

Pillows are extremely personal; even the best ones. With numerous options available, we are aware how difficult selecting one can be. With our review of the five bet camping pillows, we verified the models that actually work best for certain needs.

So take the time to read this post to choose the best camping pillow for your next camping trip.


5 Best Camping Pillows on the 2019 market







Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow


Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow  


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Camping Pillow / Inflatable Air Pillow-- 20in x 12in, 10.5oz, Self Inflating, Compressible-- Best for Outdoor Trips, Backpacking, Hiking, Beach, Travel, Motorcycle, Car -- By ONWEGO

ONWEGO Camping Pillow


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Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow GREY / GREEN REG

Sea To Summit Camping Pillow


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TETON Sports Camp Pillow Perfect for Camping and Travel; Free Stuff Sack Included


Teton Sports Camp Pillow


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Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow


Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow


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Let's now review each camping pillow individually:

#1. Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow


  • Though the Therm-A-Rest camper pillow isn’t as space saving and portable as an inflatable camping pillow, it does pack to a tiny size when not used, and it spreads big, guaranteeing a restful sleep night at night
  • Because it has urethane filling, there’s a distinct chemical smell when first used, but the smell should go away


  • We only wish that the pillow is not as lumpy, the fillings have a tendency to cause the fabric go all bumpy, and this impacts the user experience
  • Be careful when you wash Therm-A-Rest camper pillow as it might become thinner if you failed to follow the instructions for washing

The Therm-A-Rest is a cheap and well-sized compressible camping pillow with travelers and campers in mind.

On the inside, it is made from ultra-soft urethane foam filling and on the outside, brushed polyester.

It comes in various sizes, so it matches every head size, but if you need a more comfortable, sound sleep, consider buying the XL size, measuring about 16.5x27 inches.

#2. ONWEGO Camping Pillow


  • We love how user-friendly and compact this pillow is for camping. To fill the pillow, just twist the safety lock air valve open, and it’ll inflate on its own. And to deflate, just open the valve and drive the air out, it is that simple
  • This camping pillow comes in various colors to pick from, including blue, red, and yellow. It gets points for its contoured surface as the pillow provides great neck support


  • The downside though, we feel that we are nit-picking as we never ran across evident matters worth noting
  • A few may find the pillow size too large; others may hate the pillow’s contoured shape. After utilizing the pillow, it has a tendency to soften a little in the morning

ONWEGO camping pillow is a dense, foamy pillow wrapped up with a smooth pillow top for all-out comfort anywhere.

This pillow is ergonomically made to support the head and offer just the proper level of neck support.

Made with comfort, relief, and ease in mind, the adaptable safety air lock valve allows you to deflate and inflate the pillow consistent with your desired firmness without the hollow sensation the majority of inflatable pillows have.

#3. Sea To Summit Camping Pillow


  • We love the ergonomic design of this camping pillow because it supports the head completely without causing your neck to stiff
  • The size is rather compact, so it is made specifically for campers and travellers
  • The pillow’s texture offers this camping pillow a more comfortable feel


  • As for the cons, this camping pillow is relatively expensive for a pillow that has to be inflated yourself. Filling it with air only takes a few breaths, but a few self-inflatable pillows provide the same pros without the high price tag
  • The product is liable to have air leaks as well. If it is firm in the evening, a pronounced softness will be felt by you wake up

Sea to Summit Camping Pillow is a portable and inflatable pillow tailored with a contoured shape and multifunctional valve for optimum comfort.

It includes a polyester knitted fabric that provides the product with a pillow-like appearance and feel. 

It drives away dampness while you sleep, thus keeping you comfortable and cool all night long!

#4. Teton Sports Camp Pillow


  • We loved the extremely soft washable pillowcase along with the pillow and the drawstring bag. As for pattern and color choices, this product is intended to complement the brand’s sleeping bags, so colors are expected to be matching to that of the colors of their sleeping bags
  • This nice, hard-wearing camping pillow provides sufficient neck and head support all night


  • The only con is its sizing, which only runs small. This pillow should come in a bigger size to suit more head sizes

The Teton Sports camp pillow is a light, compressible pillow with SuperLoft Elite 4-channel fiber fill, which is the same material utilized in the sports sleeping bags of the brand.

Perfect for backpacking, camping, trekking and hiking, this camping pillow only weighs 0.8 pounds, so it is easy to carry, and it’ll save you backpack space as it squeezes to a small square!

#5. Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow


  • Foam packs small and expands big
  • It has a soft urethane foam fill (inside) and comfortable brushed polyester (outside)
  • The new XL size comes with a generous 16.5x27 in
  • Made in the United States with US and global materials


  • The pillow may be too big to some people although this is a matter of personal preference

This popular Compressible Pillow is ideal for everybody from car campers to international travellers.

Its foam filling can be packed small but can expand big, with the XL size that measures a 16.5x27 in.

(42x67 cm) for home-like relief wherever you are.

All About Camping Pillows

Using Camping Pillow

Why You Need A Camping Pillow

Sleeping outdoors away from your ambiance and bed is a tough thing you may go through in camping. Perhaps, you won’t feel great to sleep or relax in the natural environment. The ideal camping pillow takes you away from this matter. It’ll make you feel at ease like you were sleeping or resting in your own bed.

At the end of every tiring day of camping, what do you actually need? Isn’t it a good sleep? And the perfect camping pillow will fulfil your needs. It won’t only make you sleep during night time but make your camping journey lighter too with its light weight feature.

Advantages Of A Camping Pillow

Whenever you’re planning to go on holidays or a trip for the weekend to celebrate or attend festivals outdoors, you may not see a convenient environment to stay in. You may require a tent for camping.

You’ll need a good sleep after a tiring day. However, sleeping with nature isn’t an easy task to get. If you’d like to have a good sleep in the night, you’ll need a thing that makes you at ease. Perhaps, a soft bed can have a vital part, but the pillow is the most vital thing you’ll feel.

A comfortable pillow in camping can make the holidays best. I suggest that you to purchase the ideal camping pillow and have fun on your weekends. Best camping pillow can decrease your exhaustion and make you feel as though you’re sleeping on your bed in your home. It will decrease your neck pain, and you’ll feel better.

Types Of Pillows For Camping

Two types of camping pillows are available to consider - compressible and inflatable camping pillows. Each one has its individual cons and pros:

Inflatable Pillows

Green Inflatable Camping Pillow

Inflatable pillows are meant to be inflated with air when needed. If filled, the pillow offers adjustable support at any time. When deflated, it can be folded, thus saving you backpack space. This design is ideal for camping as it is lightweight and portable.

Compressible Pillow

Red Compressible Pillow

Compressible pillows are pillows for camping that can be compressed with other stuff when needed. It isn’t as portable as the inflatable pillow as it doesn’t lay flat once stored, but it does offer more support, so it is much comfier than inflatable pillows.

FAQs About Camping Pillow

Is camping pillow useful?
What kind of pillow for camping do I prefer?
Do these pillows cause allergy problems?

Factors To Think About When Selecting A Camping Pillow

There are numerous camping pillows available on the market, but how do you know which ones are right for you? Take these factors into account:

Size and Shape

The pillow’s shape and size are important as the comfort level that the pillow provides will vary according to these factors. You need a camping pillow that provides you with ample head and neck support in a way that’s suitable for your head size.


The ideal camping pillows are those created with a supple and durable material. Choose breathable materials that increase airflow without risking performance or durability. It is better to just pay more for quality material than low-cost fabric that does not last any more than one camping trip.

The material is one of the most necessary factors you need to consider while purchasing best camping pillows. Best camping pillows must have quality materials so that it can guarantee your ease.


As you’re going on camping, you must concentrate on your packs’ weights. To keep your packs light, you should buy the lightest camping pillow as much as possible.


The right pillow for camping should offer enough neck and head support that you do not wake up with muscle pain when you wake up! Choose camping pillows with adaptable support to adjust the support just how you like it.

User Friendliness

At the end of every trip, you probably won’t want to find any problem with your camping pillows or else. So you must take user-friendly products into mind that’d give you no trouble.

Your Camping Packs’ Size

The attributes and size of the pillow you’re seeking depend on your camping packs’ desirable size as well.


You do not want to be troubled with a faulty product that you can’t use so ensure you get a pillow for camping with brilliant warranty offers.


Certainly, sleeping outside is different from sleeping in the privacy and comforts of your bedroom that is why special equipment is required to get a restful slumber. And this gear is a pillow for camping! A camping pillow contains durable materials, so it’s great for use in intense weather conditions.

Also, the material is intended to provide enough support on bumpy terrain. Additionally, camping pillow is portable; it will not take much space in your backpack!

Best camping pillows can make a difference in your camping trip. If you’re planning a camping journey, do not be late to purchase the best pillow camping. Aside from camping, these gears can be utilized while traveling as well!

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