5 Best Car Buffers of 2019 – A Review Of The Top Brands

If you want your car to be on its top shape, you need to conduct proper maintenance and repairs to it. Of course, this will require you to put some extra investments to keep your vehicle running.

For those that have RVs and motorhomes, they are often compelled to invest in the best car buffer. But what is a car buffer anyway?

Well, this particular amenity is the one that you are going to use to ensure the cleanliness and shine of your vehicle. A car that has been applied with a buffer can always catch the attention of anyone.

But alas! There are a lot of car buffers to choose from nowadays. With these flourishing options, choosing become a difficult process. And that's not something that you want, especially if you are still new to this product. However, you should not fret about this.

In this guide that I have made, I listed some of the top-rated car buffers that exist today. I suggest that you take a look at each of them and see which one can suit your needs. Let's start now!

The Best Car Buffer on the 2019 market







DEWALT DWP849 X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start


DEWALT DWP849 X Polisher with Soft Start 


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PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher


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WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher in Case with Extra Bonnets


WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher


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Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary-Orbital Polisher


Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary-Orbital Polisher


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Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander

Makita 9227C Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander


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Let's now review each car buffer individually:

#1. DEWALT DWP849 X Polisher With Soft Start


  • Adjustable variable speed
  • Stable and reliable car buffer
  • Extremely safe to use
  • Doesn't suffer from overloading
  • Rugged components; no parts are flimsy


  • No noticeable drawbacks

The DEWALT DWP849 Polisher is the gear that you should get if you want something that has a reliable performance.

It is a car buffer that has been used by many automotive shops because of its exceptional ability to make your vehicle shine.

This device comes with a 180mm Velcro pad, horizontal side handles, and bail side handles to complete its ergonomics.

You can always rely on the power of the DEWALT DWP849 Polisher.

You can always rely on the power of the DEWALT DWP849 Polisher. It has a 12-amp motor and provides an all ball bearing design to ensure its relentless performance and lifespan.

In fact, it is one of the most rugged car buffers that I have ever used. It can be used on different applications, regardless of your demands.

There is an electric module that has been integrated on this machine. With that module, the DEWALT DWP849 Polisher can maintain the configured speed that you have set.

It will not consume too much load, which makes it energy-efficient. Meanwhile, the speed of this car buffer can be configured from 0 to 3500 RPM.

#2. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher


  • Can work with marine vehicles and machinery
  • Comes with a variable speed
  • Compatible with 5/16 to 24-inch spindle accessories
  • Handle is removable
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The buffing sponge that comes with it needs an upgrade

I am pretty sure that the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher is one of the most opted car buffers today.

It has the same stability and consistency as the DEWALT DWP849, which makes it a good alternative for the latter.

For starters, this polisher can do random orbit polishing and sanding action. It also has a 4.5 amp motor that protects that entire machine from overloading.

The PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher can be used in various applications. It can be used on any land and marine vehicles.

Of course, the 6-inch polishing pad guarantees that there will be no spots that will be left out. The swirl-free performance of this car buffer ensures that the final results will be clean and flawless.

It is also noticeable that the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP has a compact and lightweight design. With just around 5 pounds, the device can already do the most demanding tasks in the field. You are not susceptible to muscle straining while using this car buffer for an extended period.

#3. WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher


  • One of the most affordable car buffers
  • Features an insulated housing protects you from accidents
  • High-performance car buffer
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Rugged design


  • The power of the motor is not as high as other car buffers

A car buffer doesn't need to be that expensive.

For those that are looking for a budget-friendly car buffer, the WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher is a good choice. 

This item is extremely compact and lightweight, which makes it usable in many situations.

Despite that, it can still provide a solid performance, thanks to its 0.75 amp motor.

This polisher is capable of making 3,200 orbits per minute. That's more than enough to make your vehicle shiny and clean.

It is the kind of capability that every car owner needs when it comes to making their rides flawless. Meanwhile, the housing of this device is rugged and provides sufficient shock absorption.

Aside from your vehicle, this polisher also works on various surfaces. You can apply it to your banisters, bathroom, and kitchen countertops.

The package comes with all the accessories that you need to work right away. The polishing bonnets and applicator bonnets are also included here too.

#4. Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary-Orbital Polisher


  • High-powered motor
  • Not susceptible to overloading
  • Automatic shutdown feature when the carbon brush wears out
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Orbital action for clean and flawless results


  • No noticeable drawbacks

If you want something that hasmonstrous power and performance, the Flex XC3401VRG Polisher is an outstanding choice.

This orbital-oriented polisher can make your vehicle surface as shiny as you need it.

It is using a permanent direct drive so that every surface that it can work on will be polished flawlessly.

There are some smart features that were integrated on the Flex XC3401VRG. For instance, the motor of the device will shut down completely once it detected that the carbon brushes are already worn out. That capability protects the device and your vehicle from potential damages.

Of course, the motor power of the Flex XC3401VRG is insanely strong. It can withstand extreme loads without sustaining damage.

Furthermore, all of its parts are ergonomic, too. It comes with an accelerator trigger switch for easier operation and a speed selector to accommodate various jobs on the field.

#5. Makita 9227C Hook And Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander


  • Possesses a highly rated motor
  • Great versatility when it comes to its variable speed
  • Durable and sturdy housing
  • Durable and sturdy housing
  • Safe to use


  • It is a heavy device

Makita is always a favorite brand of power tools. That's why it is not surprising anymore that their polisher has been included on this list.

The Makita 9227C Electronic Polisher/Sander is an excellent piece of equipment for automotive enthusiasts.

With this device, they can ensure that the aesthetics of their vehicles are on their best shapes.

The motor of the Makita 9227C has been rated as 10 amp. 

It is more powerful than the first two car buffers that I have featured here. You can always guarantee that it can endure heavy loads without sustaining any damages.

It also features a variable speed control so that you can always get the right cleaning pace that you need.

Another great capability of this device is the consistency of its speed. It can maintain the current configuration even during long working hours.

The lock-on button ensures that the speed will always be constant. This device also has a soft start capability. Each time you crank the polisher, it will always come alive smoothly.

Why Do You Need The Best Car Buffer

Why Do You Need the Best Car Buffer

It has to be emphasized that a car buffer is a necessary device that every car owner should have. Many automotive shops won't operate until they have a set of this machine.

That's how important it is. If you don't have this item yet, you might consider getting one already. Otherwise, your vehicle maintenance regimen won't be complete at all.

Having a car buffer is equally important as owning a tire cover and tire pressure monitoring system. They are there to keep all the important parts of your vehicle safe and protected.

Specifically, a car buffer is an amenity that can help you clean your car and make it shiny. It can be used to restore the original texture and cleanliness of your vehicle without going through expensive applications.

While some of you would say that the tandem of wax and cloth can already do this job, a car buffer provides better speed and efficiency.

With a car buffer, there's no need for you to pay attention to whatever you are doing. You just let it run through the surface of your vehicle, and you are good to go. You don't have to spend time and effort anymore.

Of course, a car buffer, in the long run, can make you save a lot of cash. Some car owners out there have to visit various automotive shops from time to time just to get their vehicles waxed and buffered.

Although the service is considerably inexpensive, the continuous visitations would pile up your expenditures. If you invest in a car buffer, you can do this job on your own.

Furthermore, a shiny car is already enough reason why a car buffer is a necessary investment. After all, there a lot of external factors that can depreciate the color luster of your vehicle.

Being exposed to extreme heat alone can fade the shine of your vehicle. Moreover, buffers can cloak the scratches, dents, and other flaws that are present on the surface of your car.

Car Buffer Variants

Man Polishing A Car

There are several classifications that you can label a car buffer. The device can be categorized based on its function and design. Here are they:

  • Dual-action buffer - This type of car buffer is using a set of drive units and motor. Their interaction would allow the creation of circular motions. It is a piece of equipment that you should choose if you need some light waxing and polishing works to do. It won't leave holograms and swirls after it has finished its job
  • Rotary buffer - This is the most common type of car buffer that you can see on automotive shops. It is the number one choice of professionals because of the sheer power that it has. Rotary car buffers utilize a direct drive system, which further amplifies the power of the motor. It can yield a high-speed rotation so that it can cater extensive polishing demands
  • Orbital buffer - The power of an orbital buffer is not as strong as a rotary car buffer. However, it has simple and effective ergonomics that make it a good choice for non-professional use. It doesn't produce too much friction either, which makes it an excellent option for amateurs

Considerations In Choosing The Best Car Buffer

Rotary Buffer

Just like any other power tools and equipment, choosing a car buffer should not be done straightforward and aimlessly. There are some essential factors that you need to consider first before you can make a pick. Here are some of them.


It is necessary for a car buffer to be user-friendly. One way or another, it is a feature that should not be stripped out of the equation. You should be able to use the device without consuming too much time and effort.

Specifically, the car buffer must be lightweight and easy to maneuver. The operation should be simple, too, and the interface must never be complicated at all. Otherwise, first time users will have a hard time dealing with the machine.

Speed Adjustment

A car buffer must be versatile. It should not remain static at all times. You need the speed of the motor to be adjustable to cater to various needs and preferences. Some of the automotive jobs out there only require light polishing.

If you subject them to high-speed polishing, the surface of the vehicle might get damaged. On the other hand, high-demand jobs will need the full power of a car buffer. Regardless of the need, the buffer should be able to accommodate them all.


The car buffer should never be flimsy at all. It is a power tool in the first place. Therefore, you need it to last long in the field. It should be able to withstand constant and high-demand applications without losing its quality.

All of the components, including the housing, should be rugged as well. Any fragile part can cause issues and problems in the long run. That's why you need to be particular in the construction of the device.

Check out this video for a more detailed buying guide:


Having the best car buffer in your garage or toolbox is a great benefit on your part. It will allow you to clean and shine your vehicle anytime that you want.

Of course, you should not ignore this aspect so that your car will always be pleasing and appealing to the eyes. Even your RV can benefit from this tool!

Do you know other car buffers that should be mentioned here? Let me know in the comment section below!

5 Best Car Buffers of 2019 – A Review Of The Top Brands
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