The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars That You Should Try!

Car owners are usually conscious of the quality of their vehicle's exteriors. You will be amazed by the level of care that is being implemented by these people to ensure that the luster of their cars remains the same.

In these applications, the importance of the best ceramic coating for cars simply arises. If you are new to this technology, you might need a brief explanation of it.

Ceramic coating is a type of coating that uses liquid polymer. The polymer is capable of bonding to the default paint of your vehicle.

Once they are chemically bonded, a protective layer is eventually formed. The advantage of ceramic coating over other options is that it will never be removed unless there is abrasion applied.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the cost efficiency provided by ceramic coating. You will also enjoy that it requires less maintenance compared to the finest waxes out there.

If you are interested in this particular coating, you should check out the following ceramic coats that exist in the market today.

Best Ceramic Coating For Cars On The 2019 Market












Ceramic Wax Top Coat Paint Protectant and Sealer, Automotive Sealant Infused With Nano Coating Technology! As Easy to Apply as Carnauba Waxes! Mirror Like Wet Finish (16 Oz) Ethos Handcrafted Car Care

Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Ceramic Wax


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Micro Detailer MD Wheel Coat HD—Heavy-duty Ceramic Wheel Coating Kit


Micro Detailer MD Wheel Coat HD


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Micro Detailer Intensity-7—Ceramic Coating System (50ml, Standard Kit)


Micro Detailer Intensity-7—Ceramic Coating System


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NASIOL LOVE & PROTECT THE ORIGINAL ZR53 Car Ceramic Coating Nano 9h Paint Protection Sealant 50 ml. Kit

Nasiol Love & Protect The Original ZR53 Car Ceramic Coating


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Let's now review each ceramic coating individually:

#1. AvalonKing Armor Shield IX


  • Highest SiO2 level on market
  • Eyecatching results
  • Makes car very easy to clean
  • Very easy application
  • Great customer support & delivery


  • Not the cheapest on market
  • Best with good prep

Amazing results. The best so far and our top pick for a DIY ceramic coating.
Actually the first thing you notice with AvalonKing is not even the product but their customer service which is outstanding and quick.

Our test kit was sent the same day, and arrived next day complete with excellent illustrated instructions and a handy series of emails tips. 

Specifically designed for beginners & hobbyists this coating has a simple process and is quick to apply. Importantly it was also easy to buff off (unlike others tested). Through our researching and testing, we were also blown away by the results.

The coating has a guarantee of 2 years, but the company says it can last up to 5 if maintained correctly.

Highly recommended.

#2. Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Ceramic Wax


  • Guaranteed hydrophobic coating
  • Provides extra gloss and shine to the paint
  • Easy and tool-free application
  • Improves the defence of the car paint against UV rays
  • Can last for more than a year


  • Difficult to remove when you want to scrape it

When it comes to gloss and shine, you can definitely rely on the quality of the ceramic wax of the Ethos Handcrafted Car Care.

I have several friends who have recommended this particular ceramic wax because of its affordability and efficiency.

What my friends guaranteed is that this ceramic coat can last long and capable of protecting my vehicle from the insinuating harms of the outside world.

This ceramic coating has a simple application. There are no quirky preparations required before you can apply it to your vehicle. Professional experience is not necessary for its usage.

It also has to highlight that the formulation of this coating includes pure silica. It improves the shine and paints clarity of your vehicle. You don't have to worry about the longevity of the ceramic coat. It can remain for a year without deteriorating.

#3. Micro Detailer MD Wheel Coat HD


  • Pure ceramic silicate coat
  • Hydrophobic seal improves the clarity and gloss of paint
  • Can be used on the different parts of your vehicle
  • Extremely long-lasting coat
  • Works on different types of surfaces


  • No noticeable drawbacks

Despite its entry-level value, there's a lot of things that you can adore to the Micro Detailer MD Wheel Coat HD.

I have known several automotive shops who are using this particular ceramic coating.

I can say that this one has a professional performance, considering that it features a 12% SiO2 ceramic silicate. 

Such a feature is an indicator of the overall quality of the coat that it can produce. Admittedly, the longevity of this ceramic coating is as extensive as other ceramic coatings here. It is a determinant that this ceramic coating is a decent choice.

Because it has hydrophobic properties, the coat that it provides is extra clear. In fact, I have been overwhelmed by the pristine clarity of the paint after this coat has been applied. Notably, this coat can be used for various vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

#4. Micro Detailer Intensity-7—Ceramic Coating System


  • Comes with the longest lifespan among various ceramic coats
  • Provides durability and defence to the vehicle's paint
  • Ensures that your car's exterior remain glossy and shiny
  • Resistant to physical and chemical damages
  • Easy and quick application


  • Since it has a semi-permanent effect, removing it would be a lot difficult

Micro Detailer also provides a standard ceramic coating system that ensures the shine and gloss of your vehicle.

The Intensity-7 Ceramic Coating System is one of the most coveted ceramic coating products today.

It can provide multiple layers of the ceramic coat which further amplifies the luster of the exterior of your vehicle. If you want your car to be dashing, applying the Intensity-7 is a must.

Of course, this ceramic coating guarantees that the paint of your vehicle will be protected from scratches and other deformations. It would make the exterior resistant to damages caused by rain, air, dust, and debris.

Ultraviolet rays will not cause harm anymore once the ceramic coating is applied on. As told by one of my acquaintances, this particular ceramic coating can last for up to seven years if conditions are always favorable.

#5. Nasiol Love & Protect The Original ZR53 Car Ceramic Coating


  • Usable in different types of vehicles
  • User-friendly application
  • Elevates the shine and durability of your car's paint
  • Hydrophobic surface for easier maintenance and cleaning
  • Mud and grime slide off from the surface


  • One bottle might not be able to cover an entire car

If you want a ceramic coating that can be used on different types of vehicles, you should try this option right away.

The Nasiol Love & Protect The Original ZR53 Car Ceramic Coating is a finely made ceramic coating that can be used on your RV, boat, marine vessels, trucks, and any other transportation machinery today.

The coat that it creates last for up to three years, which is already a decent run-time for a ceramic coat.

This particular ceramic coating doesn't require finicky preparations. Therefore, you can apply it quickly.

It is a time-saving feature that elevates the ergonomics and value of this coat. Take into account that it only requires one application before your vehicle can achieve a thorough gloss and shine.

When it comes to protectiveness, I can confidently say that this ceramic coating is extremely reliable. It can protect the exterior of your vehicle from UV rays, water, dust, and other malignant elements.

Why Use Ceramic Coating

Why Use Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is not really a new thing in the automotive industry. This particular technique or application is used to ensure that the paint of your car will remain in its top shape.

Just like headliner adhesives and car buffers, a ceramic coating has a lot of importance to the welfare of your vehicle.

Here are some of them:

  • Ceramic coating amplifies the overall quality of your car's exterior. Specifically, it is there to protect the paint of your vehicle from the harmful ultraviolet rays. We all know that when exposed to heat, the vibrancy of the car paint gets faded easily. The paint will also flake off because heat makes things brittle. The oxidation process will never be favorable of the aesthetics of your vehicle.
  • Without a ceramic coating, your vehicle will become susceptible to damages caused by chemicals and acids. For instance, pouring a harmful acidic concoction to the surface of your car can certainly damage its paint. But with a ceramic coating, such uneventful occurrence will not take place. But of course, you still need to wipe off the acid away.
  • Ceramic coating also imbibes your car with hydrophobic properties. Perhaps, this is one of the most practical benefits that ceramic coating provides to your vehicle. When washing the surface, the hydrophobic layer will not let the water stay in place. It will just slide off, ensuring that your cleaning time would be cut in half. Rainwater will not also stay in place once the proper ceramic coating is in place.

    Ordinary waxing can also provide hydrophobic layers to your car. But unlike ceramic coating, waxing has to be done frequently. That causes extra hassle on your part. Furthermore, waxing from time to time will cause unprecedented expenses. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, has to be applied once. After that, you will have a grace period of a year or more before you replace it again.
  • Lastly, ceramic coating lavishes your vehicle with extra gloss and shine. No car owner would like to see their cars look dry and faded. As much as possible, we want them fascinating and ready to steal the show!

Ceramic Coating And Its Lifespan

Ceramic Coating

Some people are reluctant to use ceramic coating because of their given expensiveness in comparison to ordinary waxing. They are hesitant to use this particular application because they are not really sure to how long it would last.

Of course, anything that you augment in your vehicle is considered as an investment. Choosing the wrong one would just be a waste.

However, no car owner who has used ceramic coating has said that it is a waste. After all, the way ceramic coating sticks to your car is not just a manner of physical bonding.

Instead, the composition chemically bonds with the car's paint. The resulting product would be a protective layer that is impervious to various harmful elements.

After you coat your car with ceramic, you can expect that it will gain resistance against physical damages such as scratches. It can also fend off shocks and vibrations, which is already a hefty perk.

When properly applied, the ceramic coat can last for more than a year. Within this period, your vehicle will remain protected from a variety of elements.

Of course, proper handling of the ceramic coating is still necessary. If you do things that could cause harm to the coat, you can't expect that it will last for a long time.

When To Use The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars

Not all ceramic coating is suitable for every application. That's a given fact. There are various considerations that you have to take before you select a ceramic coat for yourself. Here are some of them:

Heat And Weather

Raining On Car Roof

It has been noted that ceramic coating is only best used for vehicles that are constantly being tanned by the sun.

Just like what I have said earlier, this particular coating protects your vehicle from UV rays and ensures that the paint will never be susceptible to oxidation.

For those vehicles that are not really exposed to the heat, the ceramic coating may not come necessarily anymore.

Vehicles who are threading warm regions are the ones that require the service of a ceramic coating. The paint of their vehicles can quickly fade because of the extensive levels of heat that they absorb.

Furthermore, areas that are typically ravaged by acid rains are no exemption for this. Cars that are running to these places have a great need for ceramic coating.

Maintenance Frequency

Man Applying Ceramic Coating

I do know some car owners who simply abhor the idea of cleaning their cars. They see the task more of a chore rather than a responsibility. But of course, it is up to them if they want to keep such an approach.

If you feel that cleaning is not your thing, you should apply a ceramic coat to your vehicle. The coat itself is not a massive magnet for dust and debris. It can preserve the cleanliness of your vehicle without the need for constant maintenance and clean-up.

If you are constantly taking your car to dirty and dusty areas, a ceramic coating is an appropriate option for you.

On the flipside, ceramic coatings are not suggested for vehicles which remain in the garage all the time. If your car doesn't require constant washing, you may have the option not to try coating your car with ceramics.

Final Verdict

Overall, there's nothing wrong if you are going to invest in the best ceramic coating for cars. For people who constantly use their vehicles, this particular application is extremely useful. It prevents the exterior surface of your car from quickly fading and flaking off.

It also ensures that it will remain glossy and shiny, even exposed to various elements. Surely, you already love the fact that ceramic coatings keep the cleaning process to a minimum.

All the ceramic coating that I featured here are worth trying. They are used by various car owners and automotive professionals.

However, the choice remains yours. I just hope that this guide was able to help you out in deciding if your vehicle requires a ceramic coating or not.

Did you learn from this article? For your questions and suggestions, feel free to drop them below. Also, don't forget to hit the subscribe button so that you won't miss anything!

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