5 Best Class A Motorhomes For Luxurious RV Living

I cannot help it if people choose the best Class A motorhomes as their next abode on the road. After all, this type of vehicle offers extreme convenience and comfort.


I can say that when it comes to ranking, Class A motorhomes top Class B and Class C vehicles. In a sense, you can say that a Class A motorhome is like a mobile mansion. It is downright luxurious inside this ride, and it feels more luxurious if you can own one. Just imagine the premium interiors and exteriors of these RVs. You will definitely realize that it is already a pretty big deal to own one.

If you are serious about getting a Class A motorhome, then there are a plethora of options that you can take. However, in this article, I will give you some of the top-rated models of Class A RVs. Therefore, if you want the best right from the start, you should check out these following options.​

Best Class A Motorhomes On The 2018 Market​

1. Thor Palazzo Class A Motorhome

Thor Palazzo Class A Motorhome is among the heavyweights of the class. It is the unit that has proved to many RV owners that light RVs don't really defeat heavy RVs when it comes to gas mileage. For its weight of around 26,000 lbs, you'll be surprised that the mileage of 7.5 miles and can even reach 12.9 if you further optimize it.

Furthermore, there are six-floor plans included in the Thor Palazzo. This is a generous offer as some Class A RVs only provide one to two floorplans. Living in this motorhome is like a dream come true. It has all the luxurious features that you need to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe.

There are amenities like full LED lighting and a LED TV on this truck. You just need to include an RV TV antenna on this rig so that you can have access to your favorite shows. Meanwhile, it also has roof conditioners and a furnace to keep you warm in the cold seasons. Aesthetics wise, this beautiful motorhome will leave you drooling.

2. Forest River Berkshire Class A Motorhome

This particular Class A motorhome is the ideal choice for extended travels and long trips. It is a powerful unit that has efficient mileage and performance so that it can serve you with stability. The Forest River Berkshire Class A Motorhome can give you the comfort and convenience while you are traveling in great distances. The mileage that it has can reach 8 miles per gallon. If the conditions are conducive, it can provide a mileage of 12.5 miles.

Of course, the Forest River Berkshire offers luxurious features that are great for RV living. The main living quarters have been designed with classiness and craftiness. None of the amenities were made with low-grade materials. In fact, you can lavish on the presence of various entertainment systems on this device. There is a 40-inch television integrated into the interiors and other more TVs in the bunkhouse and rooms.

The safety level of this class A motorhome is certainly exceptional. It comes with an LPG and carbon monoxide detector. You will always feel safe while you are here. There are various floor plans that are available on this motorhome, so you can expect that your rig will always be unique.

3. Winnebago Grand Tour Class A Motorhome

There are two Class A motorhomes that Winnebago offers. The Grand Tour 42RL and the Grand Tour 42QL. Each of these motorhomes is designed with class and quality. They can run with great fuel efficiency, driving stability, and reliable protection. It has been stated that each of the Grand Tour motorhomes has a basic mileage of 7 miles per gallon. Make things a little better, and the mileage can increase to 11 miles per gallon.

The Winnebago Grand Tour is a fantastic RV series. It has been engineered with top-tier quality so that it can provide you with functionality and convenience. You can select various floor plans for this rig. You can even further customize the setup so that you can have all the essential amenities included.

You can install energy-efficient LED lighting here and a 4K TV. You can also modify the aesthetics of the kitchen and main living quarters so that they would appear inviting and alluring. The floorplans allow you to install a security safe inside the motorhome so that your valuables can stay safe and secured.

4. Newmar Dutch Star Class A Motorhome

The Newmar Dutch Star Class A Motorhome is one of the finest options that a person can have for a Class A motorhome. It has a superb mileage, too, despite its given weight. In the most conducive conditions, the Newmar Dutch Star can deliver a mileage of 11 miles per gallon. That should lessen your need to stop every gas stations you pass on.

There is always an adventure whenever you are riding the Newmar Dutch Star. It is an exquisite RV that offers a lot of features and ergonomics. It can survive any seasons and terrains, thanks to its foolproof rugged construction. It comes with a default solar panel to sustain your power needs. But if you want to upgrade it to a newer set, then you are welcomed to do so. We have a fine selection of solar panels here.

The functionality of this rig is also present on its energy-saving mechanism. It can utilize the existing power so that no waste can be incurred. The transfer switch of the RV comes with a surge protector, too. Therefore, you are always protected while you are dwelling here. Take into account that the Dutch Star has 18-floor plans. You will never run out of options here.

5. Holiday Rambler Navigator Class A Motorhome

You should never miss checking out the Holiday Rambler Navigator Class A Motorhome. It is the ideal motorhome choice for all-terrain camping and outdoor adventures. This RV has been engineered with durability and protection. It can withstand various atmospheric weather conditions and harmful external elements. Moreover, its performance does not whittle down even the weather gets bad, as it has a stable mileage.

The luxury and affluent ambiance of this RV is simply impressive. Once you enter this RV, you will witness impressive wooden cabinets and kitchen structure. The extravagant living room will tell you that living on this rig is a privilege that you should take. Meanwhile, the flooring of the motorhome is all smooth and flawless. You will certainly experience splendor here.

Currently, this unit is available in two-floor plans. That's more than enough to find the right setup for you. You can find stackable washer and dryer in the interior of this RV. But if you want, you can also upgrade these amenities into an efficient washer-dryer combo. With all these things present, there's no wonder why the Holiday Rambler Navigator Class A Motorhome is a primary option for many people.


The best Class A motorhome should provide utmost convenience to its users. It should provide enough space and amenities so that your stay there will be comfortable and safe. The ones that I featured here are among the good examples of what a motorhome should possess and perform. They are the ones that you can trust your investments.

If you are opting for some models, why not try a class C motorhome or a fifth wheel trailer? They should be able to give you the perks that you are looking for. If you are looking for a compact model, travel trailers and pop-up campers can certainly benefit you.

Did you learn from this article? If you have some questions and suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!​

5 Best Class A Motorhomes For Luxurious RV Living
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