The Best Class B Motorhome For Outdoor Adventures

Off-grid camping is fun to do once in a while. The busy and strangling life of the urban world makes it more satisfying to take your feet and enjoy the life that only the outdoors can offer.

Regardless if you want to go to the beach or seclude in the middle of luscious wildlife, taking the best class B motorhome with you will always be a great idea. They are the trailers and campers that you can invest upon because they are ergonomic and simply economical.​


Class B motorhomes are other variants of recreational vehicles. Aside from class A motorhomes and class C motorhomes, class B motorhomes are also great in their own right. In fact, there is an increasing trend toward this type of RV. It features a lot of amenities and functional features that can leave old motorhomes in the dust. They have exceptional gas mileage and maneuverability. Since they are notably small, parking them would be a lot easier.

Fortunately, there are various Class B motorhomes that are up-for-grabs these days. Your option is no longer limited to high-end options anymore. With your current budget, you might be able to find a decent Class B motorhome that can satisfy your needs. Here are some of the top units that you should consider.

Best Class B Motorhomes On The 2018 Market​

1. Winnebago Revel

We have been featuring the brand Winnebago for quite some time already. I don't want to be biased here at all. However, I have to confess that I have a deep inclination over this brand because of the impressiveness of their RVs. If you are looking for the best fifth wheel trailers, the brand has a lot to offer.

But this time, allow me to introduce you the Winnebago Revel. This particular class B motorhome has been properly priced so that anyone who is serious on getting a great and functional RV will have something to bet on. The Winnebago Revel is touted to be first 4x4 motorhome that has been mass-produced in the United States. This rig is using a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which makes it an ultra-powerful vehicle.

The motorhome is also featuring a turbo diesel engine for better mileage and performance. The tires are tailored to tackle various terrains and weather conditions. The four-wheel drive of this vehicle ensures that it can traverse extreme ascents and descents with ease. You'll certainly love this rig, one way or another.

2. Airstream Interstate Grand Tour

For simple outdoor applications, the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour can be the next best thing for you. It can provide you with the same level of convenience as a travel trailer, thanks to its ergonomic interiors. The functionality of this compact RV is almost similar to pop-up campers, which makes it a great choice for adventures.

For those who are delving into the RV industry, they already knew that the brand Airstream is known for their chic RVs. Well, it is not like that their trucks are made only for feminine users. However, it is completely noticeable that the design of their motorhomes is simple and less complex. It can be clearly seen on their Silver Bullet touring coach.

On the other hand, the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour provides premium convenience even the midst of limited interior space. All the amenities are luxurious. From the couches down to the splendid entertainment system, this class B motorhome can really make you comfortable. The LED lighting and shades can be adjusted, too.

3. Hymer Aktiv

There is no point in doubting the quality of the Hymer Aktiv. It is one of the finest class B motorhomes that I have ever seen. It was specifically tailored to tackle various terrains wherever you go. It is a weather-proof system that provides security and comfort to its inhabitants. With this rig, you are assured that you can venture any desired places that you want.

The Hymer is specifically a motorhome manufacturer that creates European-style RVs. However, you'll be glad that they are only based in North America. All of their creations and opuses are studded with premium features and ergonomic designs. Most of their units are structured under the guise of the Ram Promaster chassis. Their Hymer Aktiv truck has an excellent performance when it comes to mileage and sheer driving power.

The amenities of the Hymer Aktiv also welcomes a luxurious stay. There is a compact kitchen and beautifully-designed living quarters inside the RV. Furthermore, it can provide a surprisingly spacious sleeping room. Entertainment systems and various storages are also included in the vehicle. Just install a TV antenna for RVs, and your stay here would become worthwhile.

4. ModVan CV1

Another exceptional class B motorhome that you should get is the ModVan CV1. It is an affordable camper that should accommodate the needs of some frugal buyers. The ModVan CV1 is almost thrice as cheap as other class B motorhomes. But despite this fact, you can never just whittle down the capability of this rig. It is still a full-camper. It can always host your needs for security and convenience while traveling.

The base of this camper is a Ford Transit van. Of course, the latter is a powerful vehicle that offers great gas mileage and driving stability. You don't need to stop in every gas stops that you encounter on the road. Take into account that the ModVan CV1 can accommodate up to four full-grown adults and two children. It still provides enough space for such a headcount.

Aside from these perks, the ModVan CV1 comes with various amenities for your living convenience. It has stoves, sink, air conditioners, refrigerator, and toilet on its interiors. And unlike other campers, all these things can be removed so that you can use the van as a carrier rig. That's one of the ergonomic features that separate the ModVan CV1 from the rest.

5. Off Grid Adventure Van

The practicality of the Off Grid Adventure Van can match the one that is being offered by the ModVan CV1. It is an affordable camper that offers a peerless quality and performance for its price range. Technically speaking, the manufacturer of this class B motorhome is still new to the industry. That's why it is not a surprise if only a few have heard of this line. But definitely, they are worth checking out.

The construction of the Off Grid Adventure Vans ensures that it will be an environment-friendly vehicle. It can drive in well-defined and preserved mileage without releasing any harmful emissions. The driving stability and performance of this camper are worth trying, too. You can ride in the vehicle without any fears of your security.

The Murphy beds of the Off Grid Adventure Van guarantees that all of its residents can sleep comfortably. It also has a large dining table and a fully functional entertainment system and bathroom. You can even install an optional toilet here if you want too. I truly adore the wooden flooring of this truck. It is simply appealing and luxurious.


The best class B motorhomes can provide the exact level of convenience and luxury as class A and class C motorhomes. They are not as pricey as those two RVs, but they can still offer a high-quality outdoor lifestyle that every people need.

The ones that I have featured here are exceptional class B campers. They are among the first options that you should inspect before going to other choices. Don't worry. All of them have been properly priced. You'll find something that can match your needs and budget.

That's it for now. If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section!​

The Best Class B Motorhome For Outdoor Adventures
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