The Best Class C Motorhomes That Exist Today

Are you looking for the best Class C motorhome? If this is the particular type of RV that you want, you should check out this link. I have gathered the finest names for Class C motorhomes today. Of course, the ones that I included here have the reputation and quality that you can check yourself.


Identifying a Class C motorhome is quite simple. As long as the motorhome has a cab-over chassis construction, it is already classified as Class C. Specifically, this particular motorhome is designed and integrated to a cab frame of a truck, which is typically known as the "box van".

For now, I can assume that nobody will argue over the statement that Class C motorhomes are extremely popular. In fact, their production is way higher compared to other types of motorhomes. After all, Class C motorhomes are very easy to drive and maneuver. Furthermore, they are not that costly.

There are a lot of perks in getting a Class C motorhome, unless you have certain preferences over other types of motorhomes and RVs. But if you really want a Class C, then this list will give you a good insight into what brands and units you should pick.​

5 Best Class C Motorhomes On The 2018 Market​

1. 2018 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31D

Winnebago is not a new name when it comes to Class C motorhomes. They have been a consistent producer of top-tier Class C motorhomes for many years already. As a matter of fact, they are already a standard when it comes to this particular vehicle. They have raised the bar of how an RV should be constructed and designed.

One of their most popular models is the Minnie Winnie. All the motorhomes that are included in this line possess great engineering and construction so that they can provide comfort, space, and utter safety to the users. There are also noticeable features on their RVs, such as the sofa sleepers and bunks.

If you take a look at the 2018 model of the Minnie Winnie, you will notice that it comes with two slide-outs. This design has further expanded the space of the RV. Another slide out can also be seen on the rear of the motorhome, which has drastically enlarged the master suite. With all of these features, it is undeniable that the Minnie Winnie 31D can provide you with the space that you are looking for.

2. 2017 Thor Motor Coach Quantum RS26

The innovation that has been poured to the 2017 Thor Motor Coach Quantum RS26 proves that Class C motorhomes should never be ignored at all. It is a highly rugged and spacious motorhome that comes with a lot of features to make each of your adventures convenient and safe all the time.

There is also a lot of luxury that is contained in this motorhome. The interiors have been designed well so that they can provide the idyllic feeling of your home. There is a myriad of hardwood cabinets inside and dedicated spaces for RV air conditioners. It is also spacious as it can cater to a large group or family. But despite all these benefits, I can say that this motorhome is downright affordable. Investing in this gear would always be a great deal on any user.

This vehicle is built with a standard Ford chassis, which has been combined with the high-end Triton V10 engine. When these two work together, the motorhome gets a sudden burst of power and speed. You can also upgrade the default chassis with a Chevy chassis if you want to.

3. 2019 Jayco Greyhawk Prestige

The value of the 2019 Jayco Greyhawk Prestige will make you feel that it is an investment that is as good as the best travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers. You see, this particular Class C motorhome has an insanely affordable price. Well, I am not saying that it is cheap. However, if you take a look at its features and performance, you can say that it has been priced lower than it should be.

One of the best things about this motorhome is its interiors. Specifically, your jaws will drop with the quality of living space that it has. It can certainly provide the appropriate convenience that you should feel inside a motorhome. It comes with a luxurious dining set, three sets of standouts, and a queen-sized bed for your delight.

Another aspect of the 2019 2018 Jayco Greyhawk Prestige that I love is its excellent driving mechanism. The manufacturer of this motorhome knows very well that the design and functionality of an RV don't really matter if it doesn't have an ergonomic drive. You can actually get this vehicle with the package called J-Ride Handling. The latter provides improved suspension parts, stabilizers, and mounts for isolation.

4. 2017 Coachmen Freelander 27QB

None of us can prevent RV manufacturers from boasting their own opuses. After all, that's their own right, and they always have the capacity to prove it. When the Coachmen told that their Freelander 27QB offers a lot of features and functions, I have to succumb right away. What I did is to inspect the motorhome to see if I did the right thing. And fortunately, I did.

This motorhome provides excellent engine and driving setup. It comes with a Ford chassis to ensure that its performance won't be whittled down. The rest of the engines are extremely stable, too. They don't require too much maintenance, even if you use the truck extensively.

Moreover, I have to respect the fact that this Class C motorhome can withstand various weather and atmospheric conditions. The structure of the motorhome is so rugged that it can withstand shocks and impacts with ease. Inside, you will adore all the finely made amenities. But of course, it can still support other add-ons such a solar panel and generator.

5. 2017 Forest River Forester

Forest River is another option that you should consider for a Class C motorhome. It is quite innovative because it doesn't use the standard engine and chassis combination. Particularly, this vehicle uses a Ford Chassis and a V-6 Engine from Ecoboost. Don't worry. The power and driving thrust of this motorhome should still be trusted even with such setup.

Since this vehicle is manufactured by Forest River, you can already expect the quality and finesses of its construction. It offers decent spacing in the interiors, which could fit your items. Meanwhile, the default living quarters and kitchen have been masterfully made. I can say that this one is still a luxurious motorhome, despite its entry-level price.

There are still other supplies that you can get by investing in the 2017 Forest River Forester. For instance, a memory-foam queen-sized mattress is already a good proof that the manufacturers want to secure your convenience. I have also heard that this vehicle is fuel-efficient.


These are some of the best Class C motorhomes that exist on the market today. Each of them has a reputation to hold and preserve, which make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. From the design down to the setup of their engines, I can attest that these motorhomes are built with quality. Therefore, investing in any of them will never cause any regrets.

Do you know other Class C motorhomes that we should put on the limelight? Tell us then in the comment section below!​

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The Best Class C Motorhomes That Exist Today
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