5 Best Destinations To Visit In New York City

New York is undeniably one of the most popular places in the world today. It is not just an ordinary place; it is a metropolis studded with various destinations and wonderfully made structures that are worth visiting.

For any tourist, New York is one irreplaceable golden nugget. I had only visited New York once. But I made sure that I can take a glimpse of all of the must-go destinations there.

For instance, I did not miss the opportunity to see the breathtaking sight of Niagara Falls. It is simply captivating and made my feet shake in awe! 

The main city is truly a wonder, too. The urban jungle has a lot to offer, which ranges from entertainment down to food.

Here are some of the recommended spots in New York that you should visit once you set your feet there. Trust me. You will never regret the experience at all!

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

The city of New York is the home of the towering Empire State Building. After the tragic 9-11 attack, the Empire State Building became the symbol of the heights that the United States has reached when it comes to technology and advancement.

Since then, it is impossible for anyone to enjoy the skyline of NYC without the imposing sight of this structure.

It is considered one of the tallest buildings in the world, making it one of the most sought destinations in New York. Even if it was constructed in 1939, the Empire State still remain rigid and shock-proof.

While here, you can enjoy various landmarks and structures. The current design of the lobby is the exact reflection of its original Art Deco interiors.

Of course, what you can enjoy here the most is the observation decks. They will allow you to see the expanse of New York and relish its modern wonders.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge​

Your trip to New York will never be complete if you will not bring yourself to Brooklyn Bridge. Movies like Sex and the City, Limitless, and If Lucy Fell have featured this bridge.

Of course, that's a good proof that this particular structure is indeed one of the treasures of NYC and the entire US in general.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the icon that represents the architectural progress of the NYC. It is not an ordinary bridge because it offers an engineering feat that it is not easy to replicate even up to now.

There was a point in the past in where it was considered as the longest suspension bridge throughout the entire world.

Today, Brooklyn Bridge bridges tourists of different nationalities. There are hundreds to thousands of visitors that come here every single day.

While you are here, you can enjoy sightseeing various landmarks in NYC such as the Governors Island and the ever-iconic Statue of Liberty. You also have the option to traverse the entire bridge while being mesmerized by the beauty of East River.

Central Park

Central Park, New York

One of the destinations that you should not forget to visit while in NYC is the Central Park. After all, staying in the place is relatively free. You can spend your entire day here taking pictures or reading your favorite book or magazine.

The popularity of Central Park is not just a mere show. It has been included in various documentaries, films, and a plethora of literary works.

However, it should not surprise you anymore. After all, the park is still considered as an architectural wonder, as it was designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Olmsted.

There is a balance between formal, pastoral, and scenic displays in the Central Park. It can be visited throughout the entire season because it can offer you a lot of things.

From doing a picnic down to ice-skating, the 843-acre park can serve you. If you are lucky, you can witness the Philharmonic and Shakespeare in the Park performances here.

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Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty​

New York will never be New York without the Statue of Liberty. It is the most iconic structure set in the metropolis and has been a subject of different fields of interests such as science and literature.

Every day, Lady Liberty is always populated. Of course, this is not done by the locals at all, but by the multitude of tourists who want to have a picture-worthy memory with the statue.

If you have a particular aversion to large crowds, you might want to avoid this place temporarily. However, I am pretty sure that you will never heed my caveat.

The best thing that you can do is to escape the long lines is to book a cruise. Since the statue is near the sea, seeing it up close while on the cruise would not be a difficult task.

It is an additional expenditure on your part but who cares? You can also visit the Liberty Museum to see the history of the construction of the statue.

If you are lucky and persistent enough, you can reach the crown. There, you will be able to witness the mesmerizing and panoramic scenery of New York Harbor.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art​

There is no way you can describe how large the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is among the few places in the world where you can spend an entire day but will never be able to witness its entirety.

It is a sprawling structure that can certainly capture your attention. The design of this mega building is a swing off from the modern schemes. It has a neoclassical facade that would give you a historical ambiance. 

There are around seventeen curatorial displays here the involve a myriad of historical and cultural pieces of the entire world. Regardless of the era, this Metropolitan Museum of Art houses them all.


Going to New York is a big decision, especially if you are from the outside continents. But it is an impressive leap, especially if you are a tourist and want to explore the place.

If you have qualms about visiting the place because of visa problems, you should try the visa waiver program. Through this, you can go to the United States without having a visa yet. Try searching for ESTA forms to avail this kind of service.

What are your thoughts about these places? Do you know other places in the NYC that are worth visiting? Share it with us in the comment section below!​

5 Best Destinations To Visit In New York City
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