The Best Diesel Fuel Additive For Your Car

When a fuel system has an additive, it significantly lessens the amount of gunk in the engine. Basically, an additive is created mainly to resolve the issues with diesel.

Best Diesel Fuel Additive On The 2019 Market







Lucas 128 Ounces LUC10013TOP PICK

Lucas 128 Ounces LUC10013 


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Stanadyne Performance FormulaStanadyne Performance Formula


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Power Service 03080-06Power Service 03080-06


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Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel AdditiveBUDGET OPTION

Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive


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Let’s now review each diesel additive individually:

1. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment


  • It is designed to treat more than 16 gallons of fuel. Although it depends on the fuel tank size, it is relatively large. A gallon of Lucas fuel treatment is enough to get the most of the brand
  • This fuel treatment can prevent sulfur from accumulating
  • It is effective in getting rid of carbon build-up and harmful moisture
  • It keeps the engine and fuel injectors to function properly


  • It may not work effectively in vehicles that have a huge amount of sulfur, carbon deposits, and moisture
  • The application of the product is not ideal for vehicles with bigger fuel tanks because the vehicles have multiple moving parts, which may need professionals to clean it or perhaps a replacement

This additive adheres to the federal guidelines, which is to lower the amount of sulfur content of the fuel treatments that are used on vehicles and machinery.

This treatment by Lucas uses a powerful combination of oils and additives, which improve mileage and power.

It also has no solvent and minimizes exhaust emissions.

The Lucas 10013 fuel treatment is designed for gasoline and diesel engines.

Lucas 128 Ounces LUC10013

The right blend of oils and additives create an effective detergent formula, causing the engine to perform well.

There would be less tear on the components of your engine system. Aside from improving mileage, keeping fuel even and smooth, and all the other benefits, it is also inexpensive. No wonder it is one of the most popular product in the market.

2. Stanadyne Performance Formula


  • Decreases exhaust fumes and harmful diesel fuel, thus increases air equality
  • It can be use for all seasons
  • It contains formula that improves lubricity
  • It is compatible with almost all types of cars both new and old
  • It is a safe formula according to the standards of Navistar, John Deere, Ford, General Motors, etc


  • It seems that the desired result is a gradual process
  • Some owners of new vehicles are not impressed with the result of this formula as it tends not to show great improvements

Users consider it as the best diesel fuel additive available in the market.

It provides superior cleaning with the use of its fuel injection cleaner.

With the use of this formula on a regular basis, it helps to prevent certain mechanical problems in the injection system of your vehicle.

By using the Stanadyne performance formula, you help reduce the toxic fumes that diesel releases into the ecosystem.

Stanadyne Performance Formula

It is specially formulated to be utilized in low sulfur fuel. This additive is effective and safe. One bottle of 8 ounce can treat up to 30 gallons of diesel fuel, which be used all year round.

3. Killem Biocide 16 Oz.


  • It helps minimize corrosion
  • It effectively controls fungi and bacteria build up
  • A single bottle of Killem can treat 1280 gallons of diesel fuel
  • It helps remove slime mats
  • Good value to your money.


  • It is considered to be more effective when used as a detergent
  • While fuel additive can clean the engine system, it does not help much with improving the engine performance

This solution is an EPA registered additive. It is efficient in controlling the growth of fungi and bacteria in oils and fuels.

At the same time, it cleans the fuel tank by preventing odor and corrosion to occur.

One of the main functions of Killem Biocide is that it helps prevent exhaust gas smoke, excess carbon deposits, and plugging of injector.

This diesel fuel additive signifies versatility as it is compatible with a variety of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.

Having said that, it is not ideal in tanks that use gasoline.


This water-soluble product is designed for users of home fuel, auxiliary diesel generators, diesel fuel storage depots, railroad diesel, and marinas.

4. Power Service Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive


  • It is ideal for biodiesel fuels and extremely low sulfur
  • The cetane number increases by 6 when this formula is added
  • It can be used for all seasons
  • Gas mileage improves by up to 8%
  • When you have dirty injectors, it is a good cleaning agent


  • It is not used as an additive in 30 degrees Fahrenheit and lower temperatures. This is not a fuel winterizer

Part of the responsibilities of being the owner of a diesel-powered vehicle is to lubricate the fuel injectors and keep then clean.

If you add the Diesel Kleen solution to your job, it provides optimum cleaning to the fuel injection system.

It can also improve the cetane rating of your fuel by 6 digits.

This additive has shown to be effective in the increase of gas mileage by up to 8%. In the long run, choosing this additive is a good investment.

This additive has shown to be effective in the increase of gas mileage by up to 8%.

Power Service 03080-06

In the long run, choosing this additive is a good investment.

It helps keep the injector system lubricated to enable it to produce efficient performance. Moreover, you can use the Diesel Kleen regardless of the weather temperature.

Power Service recommends using this cetane boost additive to later models of diesel engines, preferably 2007 models and newer ones.

5. Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive


  • It contains a lot of detergents that help maintain the engine and injectors clean
  • It increases the performance and power of the vehicle
  • There are fewer restarted cycles and more smoother startups
  • It works well with turbocharged systems, which is a plus point if you have a European vehicle. This is because these types of cars usually have a built in turbochargers
  • It is safe to be used in systems that have direct injections


  • If you are using the right premium fuel in your new car, you may not need to use this additive
  • Some users do not notice any difference in their driving experience while using the product

This diesel fuel additive is made from Germany, and has received a lot of high quality recommendations.

Many owners of BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi use Liqui Moly for their diesel-powered vehicles. It is also popular among owners of older cars.

The Super Liqui Moly is compatible with any type of motor and diesel. It works by preserving engine systems especially when not in use.

It is possible to do that, thanks to its lubricants that are found in the formula.

Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive

Also, it reduces the occurrence of seizing and knocks.

Because of the presence of lubricants, it increases the rating if cetane in the fuel. This is a good news to diesel injectors that are newer and more complex components. They tend to cause some problems if you use them on low-sulfur diesel.

Types Of Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives

There is a variety of available products when it comes to fuel additives. To address the confusion, here are some common types and their functions.

  • Fuel injector cleaner – It provides protection to the fuel injectors from the Ethanol, which has a gumming property.
  • Octane boosters – It protects the valve seats that are made from cast-iron with the use of their lubricants. These boosters help increase the octane rating of the fuel.
  • Anti-gel diesel additives – These helps eliminate hard starting especially on low temperature setting. It also works by unclogging diesel fuel filters.
  • Fuel stabilizers – It is useful in maintaining fuel efficiency especially when in the state of disuse.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fuel Additive

  • Increased power – The best diesel fuel additive ensures that the engine burns and makes the most of the efficacy of the fuel. With the help of the additive, your car will regain its vigor and cause all the piston strokes become powerful more than ever before.
  • Saves big on money – Probably, the top reason why consumers use the best diesel fuel additive is to improve the efficiency of the fuel in their engine. The fuel economy of the vehicle is achieved to its fullest potential.
  • Friendly to the environment – For many car owners, choosing diesel as fuel is a necessity for them. But, we cannot deny some concerns that they can produce disastrous effects on the environment. A good solution for this is to buy the best diesel fuel additive. The additives help decrease the amount of carbon emissions discharged by the vehicle that is run on diesel. In addition, the additive reduces the hydrocarbon matter that is unburned.
  • Cleans the injection system – One of the reasons of an engine problem is due to a dirty engine oil. When there are additives, both the fuel system and the fuel injection system become clean. The additives prevent rust and corrosion. If these systems are clean, the fuel economy of the engine gets better as well.
  • Useful during winter – Winter season does not stop people and business from driving their vehicles or deliver goods to customers or other businesses. When it is freezing, the vehicles that run on diesel can potentially break down as it become crystallized. In such case, it would be extremely difficult to make the vehicle run as the fuel in the engine system stops flowing.

Diesel Fuel Needs Additives

Diesel, when compared to gasoline, contains more properties, which need additives to protect them. Additives make sure that diesel can perform with these essential properties; stability, octane rating, cold weather, functionality, and lubricity.

There seems to be a need for diesel to be stored. It is more likely to cause dome problems if you keep diesel for a long time, affecting its quality in the long run. This can also affect the engine performance. Thanks to the additives, it protects the fuel and improves its stability.

What To Look For

Diesel Fuel Additives

While diesel fuel additives generally work great as they have the same components in the additives that people use in a refinery. But, when looking for the best diesel additive, there are some things to take into account. For example, you should avoid those products that do not have active ingredients like the engine oil.

While engine oil can make the engine system work smoother, it can damage the injector tips over a period of time.

Also, do not choose cheap brands with claims that are extremely exaggerated. These products are too good to be true, therefore they may just make the problem much worse.

What you need to look for is a brand with the formulation that can clean the fuel injectors of your vehicle. With the right formulation, you are likely to get the most apparent results. For example, polybutene amine because you can depend on it in cleaning fuel injectors, ports, intake valves, and carburetors.

The following are some guidelines to be followed in choosing the best diesel fuel additive for your needs:

  • Be mindful of selecting an additive that contains ancho and alcohol in, as these two elements have a negative effect in gaskets.
  • Opt for a product that offers a low level of treatment rate.
  • Avoid the product that is risky to the environment. Purchase the one that is eco-friendly. Look for a mother nature logo at the container you buy.
  • It is best to choose the diesel fuel additive that functions all in one.
  • Each one of us has different car needs. While looking the additive that is suitable for your type of vehicle, make sure it is also appropriate for your engine.

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The Verdict

If you are not familiar with diesel motors which should be stored only in the best waterproof tents while camping, it may be difficult for you to choose the best diesel fuel additive for your vehicle.

The five additives that we give you are highly recommended by their manufacturers and users alike. But, the clear winner in this roundup is the Stanadyne Performance Formula.

The Stanadyne diesel fuel additive is backed by the many years of providing an all-around service to numerous users.

Popular brands such as General Motors and Ford recommend it to their customers.

This product has all the right elements that buyers look for when choosing the best diesel additive. While many consider it as a bit expensive, it is a good investment if you want to keep your motor diesel in good working order.

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