The Best Electric Heater for RV – A Complete Buying Guide

Have you ever driven your RV to a snowy terrain? How does it feel? Does the cold bother you? If the answer is yes, then you should get the best electric heater for RV.

Particularly, an electric heater is an amenity that you need to improve the homeliness of your motorhome during winter and cold seasons. With this tool, you will be able to feel comfort and coziness even the external temperature is trying to freeze you up!

An electric heater is one of the first items that I have invested in my RV. I find it extremely useful because I typically drive on destinations that have low temperatures. I don't let them run all the time though, as it is not necessary anyway.

If you are looking for a good electric heater for your RV, you can check out the list below.

Best Electric Heater For RV On The 2019 Market







Vornado Heater


Vornado QUIET Vortex Heater  


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Mr. Heater F274830

Mr. Heater F274830


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Broan S97017063 Heater


Broan S97017063 Heater


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Caframo Limited 9206CABBX

Caframo Limited 9206CABBX


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Let's now review each heater individually:

1. Vornado QUIET Vortex Heater


  • Comes with a variety of safety features for overheating
  • Can heat rooms of up to 300 square feet
  • The ceramic heating element doesn't consume too much power
  • Improves heat circulation on the air
  • Noiseless operation


  • No noticeable drawbacks

There's no doubt that the Vornado QUIET Vortex Heater is one of the finest electric heaters on the market today.

This one has been engineered with efficiency and durability, making it ideal for various types of RVs. It is capable of heating up to 300 square feet rooms quickly and evenly.

But despite its deliberately powerful performance, this electric heater doesn't consume too much power.

Unlike conventional ceramic electric heaters, the Vornado Vortex Heater has a quiet operation. It doesn't pump up loud noises and vibrations that can disturb your rest. You can also ensure that it can circulate the heat properly to the air.

You will never feel any cold spots while this heater is running. There are two heat settings that you can from this device. The highest setting is at 1,500 watts, which is more than enough to keep your RV warm during the stormy and frigid night.

2. Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy


  • Clean and energy-efficient output
  • Capable of heating large spaces
  • Automatic shutdown feature for overheating and accidental tipping
  • Comes with three heat settings
  • Features swivel regulators for optimal performance


  • Doesn't work on high-altitude areas

The Big Buddy of Mr. Heater is the companion that you need for your RV. This propane-based radiant heater is notoriously capable of heating your RV, regardless of the coldness of the outside world.

I haven't really tried the full capacity of this heater. But according to some of my colleagues, it is still capable of warming up to 300 square feet of rooms. It also has a clean and environment-friendly output. It doesn't burn the propane and cause unwanted emissions.

This radiant heater has an 18,000-BTU rating. Therefore, you can ensure that it can provide a powerful performance for extended periods. When tipped over, the device will automatically switch off its system.

The automatic shutdown feature also takes place when the oxygen level is low or if the pilot light malfunctions. You can configure the heat that is being produced by this electric heater through its control knob.

3. PELONIS HC-0179 Ceramic Heater


  • The thermostat ensures optimal temperature on your vehicle
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Quick and efficient heat generation
  • Offers tip-over protection


  • Produce noticeable noise when it is running

You don't really need to spend big before you can get a performing electric heater for your RV.

There are entry-level models out there that are really worth the shot.

One of them is the PELONIS HC-0179 Ceramic Heater.

Just like its name suggests, this one is still using a high-quality ceramic heating element to generate heat in your room.

Although it is true that it cannot accommodate large spaces, it is still a good investment. After all, you can get two or more units of this item to keep your RV warmed.

There is a switch knob on this tool that allows you to navigate through its various performance settings. It comes with a fan-mode only, 1000-watt, and 1,500-watt settings.

There is also a thermostat integrated on this ceramic heater that you can adjust. You can achieve perfect comfort and relief while this device is running.

Because it has a compact and lightweight design, you wouldn't worry about its setup and transport. Even your kid can carry this thermostat.

4. Broan-NuTone S97017063 Heater


  • One of the most rugged RV electric heaters today
  • Comes with multiple safety features
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Can quickly heat large rooms
  • Compact and portable construction


  • Its fan mode is typically loud

If you are looking for a heater that can provide a heavy-duty and long-lasting performance, the Broan-NuTone Heater should be your top choice.

You see, this particular unit provides a rugged and durable steel construction. A carrying handle is also in place so that you can easily move it anywhere.

Bumpers are also installed in the corners to protect the internal system from damages.

It has an automatic overheating protection that activates when the heater runs abnormally. Any signs of excessive heat will cause this device to shut down automatically to prevent unwanted hazards.

Just like most of the items here, this one is using a ceramic heating element. It can accommodate large spaces with ease. You will never have to wait for too long before this electric heater can get your RV warm and cozy.

5. Caframo Limited 9206CABBX True North Heater


  • Lightweight and low-profile design for installation stability
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • Reliable and energy-efficient performance
  • Features an anti-freeze setting
  • Engineered with durability and ruggedness


  • Doesn't work well with large spaces

Ergonomically speaking, the Caframo Limited 9206CABBX True North Heater is truly an exceptional unit.

It has a flat and low-profile design that ensures a stable installation.

It can operate swiftly and with control, as it comes with an adjustable thermostat. 

You will be able to get the desired temperature you want in your RV with this device. There is also an anti-freezing feature integrated on its system so that you can traverse extremely cold terrains

From what I have experienced, the heating coverage of this electric heater is pretty large. It works well with large motorhomes.

However, you can really feel its performance if you install it on enclosed spaces. A variety of safety features has been infused to this tool as well. It is also an energy-efficient unit.

Best Electric Heater For RV Buying Guide

Portable RV Heater

Your RV requires a variety of amenities for you to thrive there. RV living, after all, is quite sophisticated. You are no longer receiving the regular services that are found on the grid. Unless you prepare for it, your life inside the vehicle would be difficult.

Of course, there are basic amenities that you need to invest in your RV. For instance, generators and RV ref

rigerators are extremely crucial.

RV generators provide the power, and the refrigerators keep your foodstuff free from being perished.

But how about an electric heater? Well, I always consider it is a priority. Because I usually travel on highlands and snowy terrains, experiencing coldness is pretty normal to me. However, that doesn't mean that I am comfortable with it. Even the insulation of my RV is not enough to protect me from the subzero temperatures. These are the very reasons that compelled me to get an electric heater.

Not All Heaters Are The Same

One should know that the heaters you see today comes in different variants. Their performance varies as well.

For large spaces, it is necessary that you get a reverse-cycle split system or a gas heater. These two can solve your problem even if you have a large space to deal with.

But for enclosed or restricted spaces (like your RV), electric heaters are already enough. However, if your motorhome is quite big, it is quite necessary to place two or more electric heaters.

People with class A or class C motorhomes are required to have numerous units of this tool.

For class B motorhomes, one electric heater is already enough.

How To Have The Best Electric Heater For RVs

Cold Weather Rv

Right from the get-go, not all electric heaters do not have the same specifications. It would be wrong to assume that one unit is similar to another.

In the surface, one could say that an electric heater that comes with a thermostat and a fan is already a good choice. It is the one that you can use on extended periods because of its regulated performance and efficient operation.

However, these features don't really determine the overall quality of an electric heater. Technically, the finesse of an electric heater can be determined by its design, ergonomics, and construction.

It is a concept that applies to different RV appliances such as washer-dryers and air conditioners.

Types Of Electric Heaters

There are a variety of electric heaters that exist on the market today. You have to choose between them and see which one do you think suits the setup of your motorhome. Check them out below:

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are not great for RVs. They are small and could only literally heat one person at a time. It is using a radiating heating element to provide warmth. Because of such design, you can't expect that it will work in large spaces. Fortunately, some unique models have exceeded such limitations.

Some still find radiant heaters beneficial because they are easy to install. They are portable as well, making them easier to transport and move around. Of course, they are inexpensive as well.

Oil-Type Electric Heaters

Don't get the wrong idea. This type of electric heater doesn't burn the oil so that it can generate warmth. Instead, it just heats the oil through the use of electricity. The heat that has been generated will be dispersed to the fins of the device.

Because this device takes time to heat up, it is a great choice for rooms that require extended heating. Furthermore, this type of heater doesn't heat up just like other electric heaters. Therefore, they are safe to the touch. On the flip side, this one cannot produce sufficient air movement.

Ceramic Heaters

Mr Heater RV Space Heater

Ceramic heaters are the most popular type of electric heaters on the market today. The reason for this is their inherent safety feature an impressive performance. As a heating element, ceramics has faster cooling time than other materials. Therefore, you will not be exposed to fire hazards.

Ceramic electric heaters are capable of quickly heating rooms--even large ones. Their small design also makes them easier to install. However, it is noted that conventional ceramic heaters tend to create noise whenever they are running.

Fan Heaters

Just like what its name suggests, fan heaters are using fans to generate heat. Specifically, it blows air and circulates it properly so that your room can be warmed optimally. The operation of fan heaters is quite efficient for large rooms, as they come with excellent air dispersion rate. Most of the fan heaters today have a compact construction.

But just like ceramic heaters, fan heaters are often noisy. However, if you lower the speed of this heater, the noise will be reduced as well. There have been fire incidents in the past that have been caused by this device.

Cost Of Operation

Portable Heating Cost

Between these heaters, it is said that oil heaters have the most inexpensive operation. But of course, their low running price has certain compromises.

One of these is their slow-heating feature and gradual inefficiency. If you don't have a fan in your room, the heat of these oil heaters will never be dispersed at a decent rate.

On the other hand, fan heaters are the cheapest when it comes to market cost. But they consume too much power when they run. Most of the fan heaters today don't have sufficient safety features as well.

Ceramic heaters are in-between. Therefore, they can have the best of both worlds without taking any trade-offs. They are moderately priced, but their performance makes them a worthy investment.


These are some of the fundamental things that you have to know about electric heaters. It is pretty crucial that you understand these facts so that you can have the right kind of electric heater for your RV.

The best electric heater for RV is indeed a necessity. After all, nobody wants to live in an RV that doesn't have any mechanisms to warm itself during the cold seasons. Even a prepper will never want to experience such discomfort.

I am sure that you don't want it either. So right from the start, make sure that you select a fully functional electric heater.

That's it for now! If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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