The Best Electric Oven Of 2019


Cooking has been a well-beloved chore since time immemorial. We made the process of nourishing ourselves more delectable and safer because we can prepare food intricately.

Specifically, the best electric oven is something that you need if you are typically on the rush. You can always prepare all those tasty delicacies without having to wait at all.

Furthermore, these electric ovens can be operated easily and have low maintenance. Their flexibility is something that can impress even the most experienced chefs out there.

You have a myriad of options when it comes to these electric ovens. In fact, I have listed some of them here.

If you are interested in purchasing one, you should better check them out.

Best Electric Oven On The 2019 Market







Breville BOV800XL


Breville BOV800XL


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KitchenAid KCO275SS

KitchenAid KCO275SS


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AICOOK Toaster Oven


AICOOK Toaster Oven


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Empava EMPV-24WOB21


Empava EMPV-24WOB21


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Hamilton Beach 31123D

Hamilton Beach 31123D


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Let's now review each oven individually:

#1. Breville BOV800XL


  • Comes with nine automatic cooking presets
  • Element IQ technology ensures that the device can deliver the right power all the time
  • Features 1000 watts with five quartz heating elements
  • Doesn't consume to much space in the kitchen
  • Stainless steel housing is easy to clean


  • No known issues

You are a smart consumer if you are going to get the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven. That's a guarantee!

This one is a cost-efficient option for an electric oven because of the features that it has. It has a mid-level price, but its quality is definitely riveting and outstanding.

Your cooking adventures can take benefit from its Element IQ technology. The latter ensures that the device will provide the right power for any recipes that you set. In this way, you will be able to prevent waste.

There are nine presets that are integrated on this oven. Specifically, they are the bagel, toast, bake, broil, roast, warm, reheat, pizza, and cookies.

Once you configure the oven to any of these presets, it will deliver the optimal cooking setting to achieve your desired taste. In short, it makes the process of making food a lot easier.

You won't have any difficulties in operating this oven because it comes with a user-friendly interface. The LCD is well-lighted and displays all the essential information that you need to prepare any tasty delicacies!

#2. KitchenAid KCO275SS


  • Boasts a full-size cooking platform
  • Features nine cooking presets
  • Interior features a non-stick and scratch-resistant ceramic coating
  • Energy efficient electric oven
  • Ensures a consistent heating technology


  • It takes time before it can reach the ideal temperature that you have set

It would also be great if you consider this electric oven from KitchenAid. Some of you are already familiar with the brand KitchenAid and the high-quality cooking amenities that they have produced.

The KitchenAid KCO275SS Convection Digital Countertop Oven is definitely one of their opuses, as it exhibits the intuitiveness of the company in making an ergonomic and functional electric oven.

This one features an astounding 1000-watt heating element, which ensures that it has enough power to sustain all your cooking needs.

It is also touted as one of the best electric ovens because of its notorious consistency in heating. Once you set a particular temperature, the device will never sway on it at all.

It is one of the heftiest features of this product that made it a great choice for high-demand kitchens. It is also a versatile choice as it can be used in baking pizza, broiling a side dish, or toasting bread.

There are also cooking presets integrated on the system of the oven so that you can make food in just a single press of a button.

#3. AICOOK Toaster Oven


  • Offers a compact construction to fit tight kitchens
  • Four heating elements guarantee equal cooking
  • Comes with an automatic shutdown feature
  • Cleaning this electric oven is definitely easy
  • Fast and adjustable heat configuration


  • Cannot exert high temperatures

Staying on the budget is one of your frequent goals whenever we are trying to improve our kitchen facility. Of course, there's nothing wrong to be frugal, especially if it cannot compromise our ability to cook and relish delectable delicacies.

The AICOOK Toaster Oven can make fresh and tasty oven recipes without spending too much. It doesn't eat up too much power so it won't cause a sudden increase in your electricity bill. This functional electric oven is also compact so that households or apartments with limited counter space will be able to utilize it.

There are four heating elements that were placed on this tool. They are placed at the top and the bottom of the oven to ensure equal cooking. Multiple presets are also present on this oven.

It has a smart utilization of its power as it guarantees that it will only produce the appropriate level of heat for a given preset. Despite its compact size, the oven can fit 10-inch pizzas without any problems.

It can also cook different types of meat as well, which is a good deal already. The AICOOK Toaster Oven also flaunts its ability to cook fast. Regardless of the temperature that you have set, the device can reach it without wasting time.

#4. Empava EMPV-24WOB21


  • High-powered electric oven
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heat insulation ensures that the external case doesn't heat up
  • Surprisingly energy efficient
  • Extremely wide temperature range


  • No known issues

Of course, I am completely aware that some of you want something bigger and more powerful. Don't worry. Professional-tier electric ovens like this do exist.

One good example is the Empava Single Wall Oven. This unit is definitely designed for restaurants and for homes that have spacious kitchens. It can meet different demands easily.

It features 2,300 watts heating elements which enable it to do a lot of recipes easily. There are ten cooking settings that are included in the presets of this oven, too.

The oven features two layers of tempered glass to improve its heat conduction. There is also a cooling exhaust system to immediately wick off the heat after using the oven. The latter also prevents accidents from taking place.

Meanwhile, you will enjoy the fact that this cooking amenity is very easy to clean. It features an aluminum casing and enamel inner shell that prevents the stain from sticking.

You can easily navigate the Empava Single Wall Oven because of its touch screen interface. All the controls are well-lighted and can be read easily.

#5. Hamilton Beach 31123D


  • Affordable electric oven
  • Features large knobs for its controls
  • Food stored here are easily accessible
  • Cleaning this toaster is quite easy
  • Durable and rugged construction


  • Cooking presets are limited

I know that some of you are just looking for electric ovens that don't consume too much space.

That's quite understandable as not all of us have large kitchens where we can store different cooking tools and utensils. If this is your case, then you should consider getting the Hamilton Beach 31123D Easy Reach Toaster Oven.

This one has a compact size, which is almost portable in nature. Its price is not that high either. With this one, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of an electric oven without paying too much.

There are notable features that this Hamilton Beach electric oven has to offer. It ensures easier access to your food, thanks to its roll-top door design.

The door strategically moves out of the way once you are placing or taking food in the oven. Using this oven is not cumbersome either, as it can be cleaned easily. The stains don't stick to the surface of its walls, which makes it easier to take out.

Interestingly, there's also an automatic shutdown feature on this oven. Aside from being compact, there's a guarantee that this oven is easy to use as well.

The Best Electric Oven Buying Guide

The Best Electric Oven Buying Guide

Since the advent of modern technology, most of our cooking utensils and tools have evolved drastically. Right now, all old kitchen amenities have their digital or electronic counterparts already.

Manual cooking is slowly being superseded. Even age-old items like ovens have now their modern counterparts. A person doesn't have to become an expert gourmet or chef before he/ she realizes that an electric oven is a necessity.

This particular amenity has already evolved from a pizza-making utility to a versatile all-rounder in the kitchen. It can serve you in a lot of applications. Whether you are in a rush or search of well-prepared roasted meat, an electric oven can help you out.

Aside from grills and stoves, it is also essential that you have a reliable oven in your kitchen. If you want to make a lot of recipes, you have to make sure that this particular amenity is around.

But how are you going to choose an electric oven? Are there any requirements that you should watch out for? Read on to find out.


making pizza in toaster oven

Convection is probably the line that separates traditional ovens from electric ovens. When it comes to conventional ovens, the heating element being used is radiant heat.

There's nothing wrong with the latter except for that it is time-consuming. Furthermore, this method does not guarantee equal cooking on all sides of the ingredient. It is not as efficient as compared to convection.

Electric ovens should have exceptional convection. In this mechanism, the hot air inside the oven is circulated probably via a fan or other similar means.

This design ensures fast and equal distribution of heat. It does not only give desirable results, but it also allows you to save money. Convection enables ovens to minimize the power they need to cook things.

You might also want to look for electric ovens that feature trivection. This term practically refers to the use of convection, thermal heating, and microwave at once.

This innovative engineering enables the oven to prepare food faster than what standard convection is capable of. Aside from that, it doesn't compromise its energy-efficiency.

However, this design is not yet widely available in the market. Still, it is something that is worth waiting for.


Electric ovens come in different sizes. Some are too bulky while others remain to be compact and portable. You are free to choose any of these two as long as you know the structure of your kitchen.

Of course, it is quite absurd if you pick an electric oven that is too big for your existing setup. Aside from being large, lifting and placing a huge oven is not an easy feat. Therefore, it is quite necessary that you have enough space for you to maneuver large kitchen utilities.

Most of the time, countertop ovens are the top choice of ordinary households. They don't consume too much space so they can be easily carried and arranged. Despite the size limitation, these countertop ovens are capable of baking pizzas or roasting whole chicken!


electric toaster oven

When it comes to electric ovens, we do expect something new or intuitive. After all, they are by-products of modern technology.

Modern electric ovens should have an ergonomic interface. They should never bother you with controls and other stuff. As much as possible, everything in the oven should be controlled for single press buttons or knobs.

They should be user-friendly enough that even first timers would be able to operate them smoothly.

If the electric oven has a LED screen, make sure that it is well lighted. You don't want to stare too closely at the oven just to see the details because that it is quite risky. The display should be big as well. All the labels should be clear and readable.

Cooking Presets

It is also a good thing if you get an electric oven that features presets already. They are the automatic controls for the electric oven to do all your biddings as quickly as possible. For a single press of the button, the oven will automatically adjust its heat settings to the configuration that you have selected.

Standard digital ovens can provide nine cooking presets while high-end models could go higher than this. Either way, you should never settle for something that doesn't have any cooking presets.


Indeed, having the best electric oven is a great advantage for any kitchen. They are easy to use and provide cooking flexibility to their users.

There's no need for you to master them because these devices have smart settings as well. For a press of a button, these ovens will do the rest of the job for you.

You should try all the electric ovens that I have featured because they are the best ones in the market. They are a good starting point for those who are still new to this particular utility. But even seasoned kitchen dwellers will find value on them.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

The Best Electric Oven Of 2019
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