6 Best Fifth Wheel Trailers And Campers

There are various fifth wheel trailers that are in existence nowadays. Some are old models while others are noticeably new in the block. But of course, there are a few of them that are simply worth mentioning. The best fifth wheel trailers are the best options that you have if you are oblivious of what RV brand to get.


However, this is a matter that is always a subject of contention. Each of us has a different opinion when it comes to choosing the top fifth wheels. Some people may disagree with you while others will somehow put their consensus with you. For now, my selection is based on the popularity and user rating. The names that I have included in this article are simply those that have been racking up a good reputation in the market today.

So if you are searching for your first fifth wheel trailer or just looking for an upgrade, this guide will help you out. I have listed all the best possible options that you can have for such a motorhome. Let's get started!​

Best Fifth Wheel On The 2018 Market​

Keystone Montana

It is quite undeniable that the Keystone Montana is one of the prime choices of many RV lovers. This particular unit is tailored to provide both the functionality and comfort that users are looking for an RV. It has unique engineering that places luxury and ergonomics on the same equation. With the spacious interiors that you have, you'll never have to settle for anything less.

The Keystone Montana is usable in various applications. It can be taken to smooth roads and to roads that are less travelled. It is a good choice if you want to settle with RV living, as it has the right structure and construction that can house your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, the Keystone Montana can endure different seasons and weather patterns. It has been built with sufficient protection against the external elements. All the walls, water lines, and floor of this fifth wheel trailer have received insulation. Furthermore, the kitchen of this fifth wheel has been ready-made, too. Therefore, you got what you need in Keystone Montana.

2. Redwood Series

It would also be great if you can take a look at the fifth wheel trailers of the Redwood Series. They are perfectly suited for anyone who wants to delve into the world of outdoor adventures and RV living. Currently, this brand has three models of fifth wheel trailers. All of these units have qualities that can cater to the high demands of varying customers.

You can trust the Redwood Series Fifth Wheel Trailers if you are looking for a motorhome that has high-level of construction and premium-grade of engineering. No parts of the trailers are flimsy and fragile. Everything about the trailers can really put the doubts of those who are trying to question its quality.

The Redwood Series trailers can provide comfort and convenience to its passengers. They have spacious interiors and ensures that it can support a full-time RV living. It can accommodate various amenities like a generator and a solar panel. One good feature of the trailers is their enclosed underbelly. This design guarantees that the trailer can keep you warm during the cold seasons.

3. Forest River Wildcat

The Forest River Fifth Wheel Trailer is a good option for starters. It has decent pricing and quality that anyone would certainly cherish. It has all the capabilities that the first two fifth wheels that I have featured. That simply testifies to the finesse of engineering that the Forest River trailer has.

Specifically, their Wildcat series is something that you should look forward to. This particular fifth wheel trailer provides a healthy combination of functionality and practicality. It will give you the convenience and satisfaction that you are looking for. It can provide you with the essential amenities that can fit into various applications.

Also, the Wildcat Fifth Wheel has an extra large holding tank and an inlet for solar panels. There is also a bunch of 12V LED lights that are installed in the vehicle. Meanwhile, the kitchen of this trailer has a hardwood construction. There is also an 8-cubic foot refrigerator that can cater to all your food items and replenishment. Overall, the Wildcat is a good option for a fifth wheel trailer.

4. Heartland Bighorn

The Heartland Bighorn is a fifth wheel trailer that has been constructed with RV living in mind. It is a spacious and luxurious fifth wheel trailer that has been in existence in the market for quite some time already. You can feel like you are in your comfort haven while riding this motorhome. All the innovations installed in the truck is something that you can enjoy.

Of course, all the amenities included in this rig will benefit its users. For instance, the docking center has a universal design. The same is true with the landing gear that features a hydraulic setup. Meanwhile, the front cap of the fifth wheel can turn for maximum versatility.

I clearly observed that the interiors of the Heartland Bighorn have an idyllic design. The living quarters are studded with handcrafts and residential-quality cabinetry. I was also awed by the large-interfaced windows of this trailer. They can provide a panoramic perspective to the outside scenery, which is a great thing if you are traveling in some picturesque destinations.

5. Dutchmen Voltage Series

Some people would want to opt for a toy hauler or a pop-up camper for their first RV. It is a difficult decision indeed, especially if you mind your budget and the ergonomics of the motorhome. But if you are into these details, you might want to consider the Dutchmen Voltage Series. This particular fifth wheel can provide you with those perks above and more.

The exterior of this truck is made to withstand various harsh weather conditions. It is completely rugged and stable even in off-road. It is also undeniable that the aesthetics of the truck is luxurious, too. I also noticed that this trailer has high-quality axles that contain the nitrogen-filled tires.

It also comes with toy storage that offers a huge swing door. Regardless of what kind of "toy" that you want to bring with this truck, you can assure that it can cater it safely and securely. Moreover, you will never regret the full setup of its interior. From hardwood cabinets down to the oozing countertop design, this fifth wheel trailer does not lack anything. It has a four-door refrigerator that can accommodate all the stuff that you need for long travel.

6. Grand Design Reflection

For simple vacation purposes, the Grand Design Reflection is a fifth wheel trailer you can trust. Just like other fifth wheels here, this one offers a universal docking station. Furthermore, it has a nice set of interior amenities that can accept the demands of a large-group residential needs.

It is quite unbelievable how spacious the interiors of this trailers are. From the living quarters, kitchen, down to the sleeping room, you will never feel that you are being squeezed out. In fact, even the beds have a tri-fold setting so that you can store another bed for your guest. Meanwhile, the master bedroom offers a queen-sized bed and large storage room.

With this fifth wheel around, all of your vacations and outdoor adventures will be smooth, convenient, and downright luxurious.


These are some of the best fifth wheel trailers that can provide exceptional service to you. They have premium construction and premium design that speak volume of their quality and functionality. All of them have reasonable prices, too, which allows you to invest in them without feeling any doubts or guilt. Best of all, these trailers are versatile enough to tackle various destinations and atmospheric conditions.

Do you know other fifth wheel trailers that should be mentioned here? Share them with us in the comment section below!​

6 Best Fifth Wheel Trailers And Campers
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