Best Headlamps For Camping And Outdoor Activities

The best headlamp for camping can certainly change the dynamics of your outdoor adventure. If you are planning to stay in the wilderness overnight or for several days, you will certainly need this particular amenity.


The darkness will inevitably take over the day. That's how things have been since time immemorial. But that doesn't have to impale your endeavor to witness the majestic natural wonders around you. And what will happen if there are emergencies? Unfortunate events like losing things or getting lost can happen once in a while, right? In any of this situation, there is one thing that you can rely on and that is illumination.

There are several devices that you can use as a light source for your adventures. You can have flashlights, LED lamps, camping lanterns, and so on. But if you want something that is ergonomic but effective at the same time, you’d better get a headlamp. This particular gadget will allow you to see what's ahead of you without bothering your hands.

Fortunately, headlamps are not foreign to us anymore. In fact, I have listed some of the best options that you can have for this tool. Here are they:​

Best Headlamps (For Camping And Outdoor Activities)​

Product Name



Our Rating

1. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp - Editor's Pick

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp


2. Coast FL85 540 LED Headlamp - Runner-Up

Coast FL85 540 lm Dual Color Focusing LED Headlamp


3. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp - Budget Pick

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp


4. Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp - High-End Option

Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp, 750 Lumens, Bluetooth Enabled


5. Fenix HP25R Headlamp - Best Headlamp for Brightness

Fenix HP25R Rechargeable LED Flashlight 1000 Lumen Headlamp, Spotlight Flood-Beam Red-Light with 18650 Rechargeable Battery and LegionArms USB charging cord


Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

The acuity of Black Diamond Spot Headlamp in lighting dark places and conditions is pretty impressive. It has always been one of the top choices of outdoor enthusiasts and rescue workers because of its capability to work in different terrains and situations. The headlamp can generate up to 300 lumens of light, which is enough to provide you visibility anywhere you are.

You can adjust the light's intensity to cater for the battery life and the situation that you are in. The setting entitles you to access to the strength of the light and some distance modes that you can tweak. Strobe, dimming, and lock modes are also included in the configuration of this headlamp. Therefore, you can say that this unit is extremely versatile.

The Black Diamond Spot Headlamp also has the PowerTap Technology. With this particular innovation, you can instantly transition from full power mode down to dim mode and vice versa. It ensures that you can have a quick work with the headlamp to prevent getting slowed down. Meanwhile, the Brightness Memory feature of the Black Diamond guarantees that the current setting of the lamp will be preserved even if you turn it off.


  • Durable and rugged headlamp
  • Can fit any head sizes
  • Waterproof construction
  • Full power mode is extremely bright
  • Can be used in different applications and scenarios.


  • There is no padding in the back of the headlamp.
Coast FL85 540 lm Dual Color Focusing LED Headlamp

Another fantastic outdoor headlamp to consider nowadays is the Coast FL85. It is a powerful headlamp that features a variety of ergonomics for full functionality. It is very easy to use and wear, which can further improve the convenience of its user. Take note that this one is very comfortable to wear.

With 540 lumens of pure brightness, you can assure that the Coast FL85 can illuminate any dark place. It has a wide range and extended reach, which is enough to provide visibility anywhere you are. The twist focus technology of this headlamp enables you to quickly switch the focus of the beam to the appropriate setting.

The highest setting for this headlamp is 540 lumens while the lowest is 75 lumens. When set at the highest setting, the runtime of this device is 2 hours. It can last for as long as 17 hours when it is on the lowest setting. The actual beam distance of the Coast FL85 ranges from 172 meters to 206 meters. These figures tell that the headlamp is ideal for a variety of outdoor scenarios.


  • Built for durability and ruggedness
  • Can produce light with a high level of brightness
  • Decent runtime for its highest brightness setting
  • Adjustable beam focus
  • IPX4 waterproof rating.


  • The band or the strap of this headlamp is too wide.
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp is a good choice for frugal outdoor enthusiasts. The price of this device is not too high but the service that it can offer is more than what you have paid for. From the get-go, the headlamp can already emit up to 350 lumens of brightness. It fits for search-and-rescue operations and cave explorations.

The LED light has strobe and dim settings. The LEDs can also be switched to red, green, and blue colors. You can activate these modes and settings without switching back to the white mode. Such feature ensures the quick use of the headlamp. You don't have to consume your time in configuring the headlamp. Just set it to your desired setting and you are ready to go.

Just like the Black Diamond Spot, the Black Diamond Storm has the Power Tap Technology. The latter enables the headlamp to transition from full mode to dim mode in just a click. You can also enjoy the full weatherproofing of the headlamp. It is fully sealed so that water and dust can't pass through.


  • Fully programmable configurations
  • Provides automatic and hassle-free transition between the highest and lowest brightness setting
  • Features red, blue, green LED night vision technology
  • Seamless housing to prevent the entry of unwanted elements
  • Rugged and durable construction.


  • It is slightly heavier than Black Diamond Spot
  • Battery span of the headlamp is somehow limited.

#4. Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp - High-End Option

Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp, 750 Lumens, Bluetooth Enabled

People that can splurge their resources should opt for this Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp. This particular headlamp has impressive features that are suitable for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. The entire headlamp is made to be rugged and durable. It can provide better visual quality compared to most of its counterparts.

Light interception and interventions are least likely to happen with this device. After all, it features a top-of-the-line Reactive Lighting technology. You can actually adjust the shape and luminosity of the beam to cater the demands of your environment. There is also a sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the light. This feature further optimizes the battery life of the headlamp.

The Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp has an impressive Constant Lighting technology. This one enables you to use the headlamp continuously without a decrease in its luminosity. Moreover, the device has been integrated with different light cones. Each of the cones configures the focus of the beam for long distance and close-up applications.


  • Features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Beam focus can be adjusted quickly
  • Stable and consistent luminosity
  • Can be controlled via a mobile application
  • Automatic brightness adjustment technology.


  • Slightly pricey compared to other camping headlamps.

#5. Fenix HP25R Headlamp - Best Headlamp for Brightness

Fenix HP25R Rechargeable LED Flashlight 1000 Lumen Headlamp, Spotlight Flood-Beam Red-Light with 18650 Rechargeable Battery and LegionArms USB charging cord

If brightness is the cut, the Fenix HP25R Headlamp can school other headlamps. You see, this headlamp can generate up to 1000 lumens of brightness. It can be used in different scenarios such as extensive explorations or emergency purposes. The brightness level can also be adjusted to four different settings.

You can modify the beam that the Fenix HP25R Headlamp produces. Specifically, you can set it to cool white or neutral white. Choose the cool white if you want an extremely bright illumination for detailed visibility and visual contrasting. Switch the beam to neutral white if you want the beam to gain a huge angle so that it can penetrate through the fog.

The runtime of the Fenix HP25R Headlamp is ideal for extensive lighting applications. The highest setting can be operated for straight 1.5 hours while the eco-mode can work for up to 96 hours. And once the battery is already drained, you can recharge it wherever it is necessary, thanks to the presence of a USB-port.


  • Offers up to 1000 lumens of brightness
  • The battery can be recharged through the USB port of the headlamp
  • Adjustable beam setting
  • Brightness setting can be modified into four levels
  • Rugged construction.


  • Short battery life
  • Feels heavy to the head.

Choosing The Best Headlamp For Camping And Outdoor Applications

Choosing The Best Headlamp For Camping And Outdoor Applications

Illumination is one of the most important aspects that you should secure whenever you are going in the wild. After all, the number of hours in where there is sun is pretty limited. Half of the days are always spent in the cradle of the darkness.

Humanity has flourished enough that providing visibility even in the night and dark conditions is no longer impossible. But given the physical restrictions, some parts of the world are still left untouched by these technological advancements. Among these places are your favorite hiking and camping sites. And for me, I like that these rendezvous will be left unadulterated.

Despite this, light sources like headlamps are still invaluable. They can assist you in doing stuff in the dark, whether you are setting up your tent or finding lost items. They are extremely useful in survival and emergency situations.

Headlamps, on its own, is a great light-emitting device because of its given ergonomics. Unlike flashlights, headlamps enable hands-free operation. I can attest that there are no other light sources that can beat the convenience that a headlamp can offer.

So how do you choose a headlamp? What are the ideal features that a headlamp should possess? Check the guidelines below so that you can start:​

Type Of Beam

A headlamp can produce one or two types of beams. Each of these beams has intended applications. Here are they:

  • Floodlight: A flood or floodlight is the perfect beam type if you want something that you can use in setting up your camp. It is typically wide and doesn't throw the light at far distances. It is also the ideal choice for dealing with close-up repairs.
  • Spotlight: When the headlamp features a spotlight, it signifies that the device can throw highly narrowed or tight beams. Narrow beams are for focus lighting and long-distance illumination. If you are planning to navigate a trail, a spotlight is the best choice.
  • Floodlight / Spotlight: You can consider that headlamps that have these capabilities are the most versatile. They can emit beams that are for short and long-distance applications.


The brightness of a light is measured in lumens. Technically, lumens is the unit that measures the overall light output that has been emitted in all directions. You can also say that lumens signify the brightness of the light. After all, the higher the rating of the lumens, the brighter the light is. But it is not the case all the time.

On the other hand, the battery consumption of the headlamp drastically increases as you maximize the lumens output. The juice will quickly drain because of the necessary energy required to produce such level of brightness.​

Reach Of The Beam

If you think of it, the real purpose of having a headlamp or a flashlight is to illuminate a certain place within a given distance. It would be useless if the headlamp that you have cannot channel light to the desired area that you want.

Most of these lighting devices that are on the market today are gauged on the distance they can extend their light. The higher the beam distance, the farther the light that can reach. But then again, you will not need such capability all the time.​

Runtime Of The Battery

For me, the runtime of the battery of the headlamp is quite crucial. I have to guarantee that the headlamp that I am bringing to my excursions can last for extended periods. I just have to anticipate the worst things every time I step my feet in the wild.

None of you want a headlamp that dries up too quickly. Instead, you want a unit that can last long. During emergency scenarios, visibility is one of the most important keys to survival. Once the night kicks in, you can no longer rely on natural light sources. The only thing that you can rely on is your headlamp or flashlight. Make sure that they won't go out quickly.​

Final Verdict

The best headlamp for camping can provide astute visibility to your eyes even if things get dark. They are essential tools that you should include in your camping checklist if you want to ensure the convenience of your trip. The brightness that they can provide may not be as great as tactical flashlights but they are already enough to prevent you from being blindsided.

There are varieties of headlamps that are available to them. The ones that I featured here can be considered as the cream of the crop because of their given features and performance. For instance, the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp and the Petzl - NAO+ Headlamp provide exceptional performance and versatility in the field. They are ergonomic, convenient, and downright durable.

What are your thoughts about these headlamps? Do you know other brands of headlamps that are worth mentioning? Tell me in the comment section below!​

Best Headlamps For Camping And Outdoor Activities
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