The Best Headliner Adhesives Today – A Buyer’s Guide

Your vehicle has a component that is called a headliner. A headliner, or a "headlining" for some people, is a vehicular component that typically features a fabric construction. Specifically, a headliner is the one that covers the ceiling of your car's interior. It insulates and protects the insides of the vehicle.

Of course, a headliner is not always immune to impairments and flaws. Sometimes, they are susceptible to sagging, which can cause a hellish nightmare to car and RV owners. At this point, you will need the service of the best headliner adhesive. It is the exact component that can keep your headliner intact.

Take into account that there is a necessity for you to invest on a headliner adhesive. After all, the glue that keeps your headliner in place will dissolve gradually, especially if you expose your vehicle to extreme temperatures. You would really need to compensate for this flaw. Otherwise, your headliner would fall out of place.

I have listed some of the top-rated headliner adhesives that exist on the market today. It would be great if you choose them over ordinary glues and adhesives. After all, the latter will never perform well. They might hold the headliner, but it would be only short and temporary.

Best Headliner Adhesive On The 2019 Market







3M 38808 Review


​3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive


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Design Engineering 010490 Review

​Design Engineering DEI 010490 High-Temperature Spray Adhesive


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Permatex 27828 Body Shop Review


​Permatex 27828 Body Shop Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive


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3M 08090 Review


​3M 08090 Super Yellow Trim Adhesive


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Heads Up Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive Review

​Niche Pick

​Heads Up Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive


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​Let's now review each ​adhesive individually:

1. 3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive


  • ​Ergonomic aerosol sprayer for a more controlled use
  • ​Effective adhesive formulation for headliners
  • ​Works on other materials such as metals and adhesives
  • ​Drying time is not sudden
  • ​Doesn't discolor the fabric.


  • ​No noticeable drawbacks.

​When it comes to headliner adhesives, it is quite hard to beat the 3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive.

It has the finest quality and performance when it comes to bonding different automotive materials and upholstery.

The bond that it can create is so strong that you can expect that it can last for a very long time.

Furthermore, the 3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive has an effective formulation. It made the adhesive versatile, as it can accommodate foam, fabric, metal and plastic. It does not only work on your headliner.

You can also use it on other parts of your vehicle. That's one of the best-selling features that this adhesive has.

This particular headliner adhesive is using an aerosol sprayer. When being dispensed, the sprayer can produce a controlled and even spray.

It is a necessary capability to ensure that the adhesive won't spill over. Furthermore, the drying time of the adhesive is quite moderated. For as quick as one hour, the adhesive is fully dry already.

2. Design Engineering DEI 010490 High-Temperature Spray Adhesive


  • ​Protects against abrasion and grime
  • ​The formulation can work on various vehicular components
  • ​Can seal and bond headliners strongly
  • ​Features resistance against high temperatures
  • ​Don't melt quickly.


  • ​The curing time is quite fast that you need to work faster to patch up things.

​You should not also miss the DEI 010490 High-Temperature Spray Adhesive of Design Engineering.

This one can provide sufficient protection and hold to the headliner of your vehicle.

It can resist extreme temperatures that can reach up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, even if you expose the headliner to the heat of the sun, it won't deter at all.

This adhesive also acts as a protective component for the headliner. It can actually seal and extend the lifespan of the fabric so that its quality won't deter quickly.

It has a high-quality formulation that prevents the sagging of the fabrics. Of course, this adhesive is versatile, too. It can work on engine blocks, pipes, and other parts of your vehicle that need coating.

The formulation used on the DEI 010490 High-Temperature Spray Adhesive can also protect the interiors of your vehicle from abrasion.

For the metal parts, the adhesive can provide an active defense against high-temperature oil spills and grime from the road. Overall, this particular adhesive is functional and versatile. It will even satisfy you for its affordability.

3. Permatex 27828 Body Shop Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive


  • ​Affordable headliner adhesive
  • ​Decent resistance against high-temperatures
  • ​Weather-proof formulation
  • ​Protects the headliner from abrasion and unwanted damages
  • ​Sprays evenly and cleanly.


  • ​You need to use many coats to create a strong adhesion.

​The compelling performance of the Permatex 27828 Body Shop Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive is quite surprising due to its affordability.

It is one of the least expensive headliner adhesives today. However, its quality can rival those of high-end units.

I can say that this adhesive has high bonding strength. It can patch up sagging headliners with ease.

Furthermore, the adhesive can also resist high temperatures. It doesn't dissolve or deteriorate even if you place it under the heat of the sun.

This one is designed for headliner repairs and maintenance. It ensures that your headliner will receive sufficient protection so that it won't get damaged easily. This one has a clear-drying feature for a much cleaner result.

The Permatex 27828 Headliner Adhesive can also be used on other parts of your vehicle. You shouldn't worry if you let it get exposed to rain, snow, and other weather elements.

The adhesive has a strong formulation to fend off any deteriorating agents. You can use it to your trunk linings and some parts that are made of rubber, plastic, and fabric.

4. 3M 08090 Super Yellow Trim Adhesive


  • ​Ideal for heavy-duty restoration and bonding applications
  • ​Compatible with different types of vehicle materials
  • ​Doesn't dry too quickly
  • ​The high-strength formulation is resistant to temperatures and unwanted elements
  • ​Uniform and controlled spraying feature.


  • ​No noticeable drawbacks.

​Another option that you have for an effective headliner adhesive is the 3M 08090 Super Yellow Trim Adhesive.

This one is the older brother of the 3M 38808.

It is designed specifically to tackle heavy duty applications such as bonding rugged hood silencer, vinyl tops, and burly liners.

It can provide strong and temperature-resistant bonds that you can rely on.

Of course, the 3M 08090 Super Yellow Trim Adhesive works well on headliners, too. If it can hold those heavy items in place, then a simple job of repairing a sagging headliner would be a lot easy.

Furthermore, the aerosol spray provides efficient adhesion to various restoration applications. It can work on different materials such as foam, padding, vinyl, and rubber. It can work on metals, too.

It has to be emphasized that this particular adhesive is resistant to various elements like high-temperature oils, moisture, and heat.

The adhesion that it can create doesn't get damaged easily. Because it is using an aerosol can, you can ensure that using the 3M 08090 Super Yellow Trim Adhesive is simple and fast. It can create controlled sprays, too.

5. Heads Up Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive


  • ​Features a multi-valve canister for a faster and more efficient spraying
  • ​The effective adhesive formulation that doesn't damage existing forms on headliners
  • ​The adhesive is impervious to heat and other harmful factors
  • ​An ideal choice for headliner repairs
  • ​Decent drying time.


  • ​Limited use only.

​The Heads Up Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive is an excellent choice for a headliner adhesive.

It can provide strong bonds to your interiors and headliners without the need to deal with any mess.

The formulation used on this adhesive is downright awesome.

It has high heat resistance and impervious to other elements on the field.

The container of the Heads Up Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive has a unique multi-valve design. It is an ideal choice for those who are always repairing headliners.

The said design enables a quick and uniform application of the adhesive. It will enable to work efficiently without any downtime. The adhesive only works on headliners, but it does its job very well.

Another thing that makes this headliner adhesive stand out is its innate protective capability. It can guarantee that it won't damage the existing headliner forms on your car's interior.

That is something that you need especially that ordinary adhesives are prone to commit such flaw. For headliner repairs and maintenance, you should trust this one.

A Guide On Choosing The Best Headliner Adhesives

A Guide On Choosing The Best Headliner Adhesives

As what I have said, a headliner adhesive is an essential amenity for any car owners. Aside from car buffers and tire pressure monitoring systems, it pays to have a reliable adhesive by your side. It is one of the important items that they should get to ensure that the interiors of their vehicles will be preserved and taken care of properly.

Headliners are among the most ubiquitous parts of your vehicle interiors. It is quite easy to see if there are deformities and irregularities in them because they are just there. Of course, I am saying this thing because headliners are also susceptible to flaws, especially sagging.

Once the default adhesive of the headliner deteriorates already, things would go ugly. It would expose some underlying parts of your vehicle, which is quite unsightly. Of course, a loose headliner means that the interior of your car is exposed to the elements. That would make things more difficult on your part.

Having a headliner adhesive is one of the most sustainable solutions for this problem. Instead of fully replacing the headliner of your vehicle, you just have to patch them up with the use of these specialized glues. You should use them instead of those ordinary glues if you want the job to be clean, satisfactory, and less frustrating.

Here are some of the guidelines that you should check whenever you are buying for a headliner adhesive.

Temperature Resistance

It is essential that the adhesive you choose has a high-temperature resistance. You see, ordinary glues can't deal with extreme temperatures. They eventually deteriorate whenever they are subjected to heat or cold. Since your vehicle is always exposed to these elements, it is necessary that they receive enough protection.

The adhesive should be impervious to drastic increases in temperatures. It should not melt even if you continually subject your vehicle hot temperatures. Otherwise, things would not still be good for you. A temperature-sensitive adhesive is not good for automotive applications. You will keep on applying the adhesive, which is not a practical thing to do.



There are two types of headliner adhesives that you can opt: liquid and aerosol. Both of these compositions are okay, as long as they have the right properties to make a strong bond over the material. The only thing that they differ is in their ergonomics.

Some automotive technicians and car owners prefer aerosol because they are easier to apply than their liquid counterpart. They also produce clean and clutter-free results because you can regulate the spray the way you want it. Liquid adhesives, on the other hand, have decent performance if you have a paint gun that you can utilize.


A lot of car owners want to use adhesives that don't only work on the fabric of headliners, but to their other parts of their vehicles. That desire is completely okay, considering that your vehicle will require a lot of maintenance work and repair. You might need to apply adhesives on your car's exterior and engine. It would be too costly if you use different adhesive for such applications.

Fortunately, there are a variety of headliner adhesives that work on different materials. You can see units that are effective in bonding metal, plastic, and rubber. Most of the headliner adhesives that I have featured here have the same capability. Therefore, they are great options for those who are searching for versatility.

Check out this video on how to use a headliner adhesive:


Having the best headliner adhesive is quite advantageous, especially for car owners who are very dedicated to their vehicles. With this amenity, they can fix the deteriorating adhesive of their headliner. You can apply a new layer of a uniform coat to fix a sagging headliner.

Check out those headliner adhesives that I have featured here. They have qualities that you will never really regret. All of them are strong, temperature-resistant, and can work on more than two materials.

That's it for now. If you have some questions, feel free to drop them on the comment section below.

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