The 5 Best Jigging Rods For Heavy-Duty Fishing

Jigging is one of the fishing techniques that are popularly used today. It is typically employed in saltwater applications where fishing for large game fish is the objective. It utilizes the fluttering motion of the heavy jigs to get the attention of various underwater trophies.


Since jigging requires patience and persistence, having a good rig is necessary. At this point, you have to invest first in the best jigging rod. These rods are typically short but have impressive ruggedness. The short design helps lessen the parabolic motion that can happen during a fight between you and the fish. The latter can cause breakage, especially if the rod you use is flimsy and bends too much.

You can use the jigging technique for species like halibut, snapper, and other large fish. These are the ones that typically hide at the bottom. Therefore, the durability of the jigging rod is highly needed.

For jigging at difficult seas and applications, the construction and quality of the rod play an important role. You can check out the top options for this particular gear on the next section.​

Best Jigging Rod On The 2018 Market​

Product Name



Our Rating

1. Tsunami Trophy Jigging Rod TSSPJC-701XH - Editor's Pick

Tsunami Trophy Slow Pitch Jigging Conventional 7' Rod 20-50lb TSSPJC-701XH


2. Shimano Trevala Jigging Rod - Runner-Up

SHIMANO TREVALA Casting, Graphite Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod


3. Rosewood Japan Light Jigging Rod - Budget-Friendly Pick

Rosewood Japan Full Fuji Parts Light Jigging Rod 1.95m 6'3'' Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods Jig Rod Ocean Fishing Rod


4. Jigging World Nexus Rods - Premium Option

Jigging world Nexus Rods


5. Maxel Platinum Conventional Jigging Rod - Best Jigging Rod for Heavy Action

Maxel Platinum 5' 6


Tsunami Trophy Slow Pitch Jigging Conventional 7' Rod 20-50lb TSSPJC-701XH

The Tsunami Trophy Jigging Rod TSSPJC-701XH is one of the best heavy-duty options that you can try. It has a max drag power of 40 pound, which is already enough to tackle fish that are hiding in the bottom. Despite the industrial-grade rigidness, the rod remains lightweight. You can maneuver it freely. Using it on the extended hours would never be a problem either.

The power of this rod is paired by an acid wrap guide layout. Such design is not usually seen on mid-level reels. However, the Tsunami Trophy has them. The acid wrap component works actively by reducing the strain in the rod during a fight. As a result, the rod will never be susceptible to breakages.


  • The rod is engineered from the combination of a composite blend and graphite mesh for improved strength
  • Features a customized EVA grips for enhanced user comfort
  • The rear grip has a split design to drastically reduce the rod's weight
  • It is impervious to breakages
  • Comes with a powerful drag system.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.
SHIMANO TREVALA Casting, Graphite Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod

It is not a surprise anymore that Shimano has been listed on this wrap-up. After all, the brand is one of the top producers of fishing gears. They even have manufactured some of the best spinning reels today. When it comes to jigging rod, they offer the Trevala series. Notably, the Trevala series is shared by spinning rods and jigging rods. Of course, the latter has an impeccable performance when it comes to heavy-duty applications.

Specifically, the Shimano Trevala is engineered to work with the highly revered Shimano Butterfly rigs. If you use any of their suitable reels, your jigging performance would be further optimized. It also features a butt that has been crafted from high carbon, which complements its high-rated TC4 tip. Such construction significantly reduced the weight of the rod without compromising its sensitivity.


  • It has an impressive recovery
  • It is not susceptible to snapping and breakage
  • Impressive capability to optimize dragging power
  • Comes with rubber grips on the handle
  • Features aluminum oxide guides for a rust-resistant performance.


  • It is difficult to disassemble.
Rosewood Japan Full Fuji Parts Light Jigging Rod 1.95m 6'3'' Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods Jig Rod Ocean Fishing Rod

When it comes to entry-level jigging rods, the Rosewood Japan is a great option. Well, it is notable that many anglers (including me) are quite reluctant when it comes to using affordable rods for jigging. After all, we can't assure of their quality. But as far as my colleagues are concerned, the performance of Rosewood Japan Jigging Rod is quite acceptable already.

All of the parts of the Rosewood Japan are crafted and patented by Fuji. Therefore, you can expect that its quality can withstand heavy-duty applications. It doesn't snap either, as long as you won't fight those extremely burly fish. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is made for long fishing trips and patient fishers. You can rely on its responsiveness, even during challenging conditions.


  • Highly strong jigging rod
  • Provides decent responsiveness
  • Doesn't wear out the user even on extended usage
  • The handle has a slip-free feature
  • All parts have authentic Fuji construction.


  • Cannot handle large species for saltwater fish.
Jigging world Nexus Rods

The Jigging World is a premium manufacturer of high-quality jigging rods. Most of their jigging rods have been tailored to withstand tough challenges in the water. They have high-tensile strength, ensuring that you won't get disappointed after you dock on the shoreline. A good example of this is their Nexus Rods. Each of the rods under these series is lightweight and can cater to a multitude of fish species.

The lifting power of the Nexus Rods is truly exceptional. Many have been awed by its capability to pull out heavy fish on the deep cover despite its lightweight frame. But don't get me wrong. These rods also come with rugged EVA grips so that they won't escape from your hands if the situation gets wet. Trigger reel seats are also present on each rod. These components ensure that the reel won't move even an inch.


  • Has an outstanding lifting power
  • Capable of dealing with most inshore game fish such as striped bass
  • Comes with dual locking mechanism on the reel seat
  • Lightweight and rugged at the same time
  • Not an expensive premium jigging rod.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.

#5. Maxel Platinum Conventional Jigging Rod - Best Jigging Rod for Heavy Action

Maxel Platinum 5' 6

The Maxel Platinum Jigging Rod is a certified heavy-action gear. It can withstand the 130-pound braided line test, which is a clear testament to its strength. It can handle jigs that as heavy as 300 grams without losing the natural mechanism. The lifting power of this jigging rod is exceptional, too. It can work on burly and aggressive fish species without suffering from any structural damages.

Of course, you can ensure that it doesn't lack fighting power despite having a slim profile. The blank of the rod has been wrapped with carbon tape that further optimized its strength, responsiveness, and action.


  • Full graphite reel seat
  • Impeccable lifting power
  • Lightweight and slim profile
  • Ideal for heavy-duty fishing applications
  • It is still a sensitive jigging rod.


  • Some find it difficult to use.

Best Jigging Rod Buying Guide

Best Jigging Rod Buying Guide

Jigging is not a new technique anymore. Back when I was still a kid, I already heard people talking about it. I once stayed in a community in Galveston, Texas, which is one of the known saltwater fishing communities in the United States. That's the very reason why I'm quite familiar with this topic.

Jigging has been a favorite technique by various anglers. Of course, it is quite an understandable thing. Aside from baitcasters and crankbaits, jigging is a notable trophy catcher. This means that it can yield as many games while you are on the water.

However, you should not rush yet. Choosing the right gear for jigging is as important as your skills as a fisher. You cannot win a tournament or have a fine time in your boat if your rig is as good as disposable.

If you heed the words of the wise, the best thing that you can do right now is to settle first and analyze what kind of gears that you are going to use for jigging. Impulsive buying will just result in a catastrophe.​

Understanding Some Basic Facts About Jigging

The prize that you can get from jigging is overwhelming. The large fish species that you can catch with fish technique can cement your legacy as a proud and honed angler. But just like I said, flimsy gears are never suitable for this application.

Take into account that selecting the appropriate rod, reels, lures, and lines can determine your success in the water. You will never have a good time if the fish just snap and break your rod.

For now, let me be frank to you: no cheap set can overcome the ordeals of jigging. Well, it might work in some applications. However, if you are planning to dominate kingfish and other fighting species, you should think twice first. After all, these creatures have the power to destroy your rig.

Of course, I can always assure you that there's no need for you to rip your pocket and break your savings before you can get a decent set. A jigging combo that can survive the trial can be seen under the thousand bucks category. It is already a good deal since these rigs have long-lasting performance.

Here’s an introductory video for jigging:

Jigging Rods

In any type of fishing technique, the rod always plays an important role. Many consider the reel as the engine that runs the rig. Well, the rod is the one that works like the chassis. It is the body that makes things work on your part.

Not all fishing rods are made for jigging rods. If that's the case, then there's no need for us to delve about this matter. We can just pick any rod that we see on the shop and just start jigging right away.

The rods used in jigging rods are engineered for this particular application. You cannot say that the best crankbait rod or the best drop shot rod can make up to the absence of a jigging rod.​

Two Variations Of Jigging Rods

There are two types of jigging rods that you can choose today. The first ones are the rods that possess parabolic action. The second option is the technical jigging rods.

Technical Jigging Rods​

These particular rods were developed by Japanese fishers. They have built it to accommodate their very own way of jigging. There are notable features that these rods exhibit.

The first one is the specialized design in their mid-section and tip-section. This kind of construction enables the rod to have better recovery and lift compared to the conventional parabolic rods.

Some of you might say that you haven't heard of this setup. But that's completely okay! After all, technical jigging rods are among the latest developments in the fishing world. We can expect by the coming years, we will see more of these innovations come into the limelight.

Parabolic Rods​

Parabolic rods have been considered as the staple rods, not only in jigging but in other fishing techniques. Any rod can feature a parabolic state once there's a catch that has been gazed by the lure.

The rod has been called parabolic because of the bend that it creates when you are fighting against a fish. It is an essential mechanism so that the rod won't break especially if you are dealing with aggressive fish species.

It is the very reason why jigging has been familiar with this type of rod. Rods that can do impressive bends without breaking are typically opted by those who engage in this fishing technique.

Special Note:​

Always remember that when the rod bends for more than 45 degrees, the strain is already there. It has reached the point where it becomes "high-sticked." Of course, the next thing that will happen after this is snapping or breakage of the rod.

Therefore, it would always be great if the rod doesn't compromise its structural rigidity while improving its flexibility. Jigging requires such reliability on the structure for you to have a successful catch.​

Other Considerations In Choosing The Best Jigging Rods

When choosing a jigging rod, you should never forget to inspect its tip end — the latter acts as the steering wheel of the tool. The control and precision of the angler are dependent on the quality of this part.

Furthermore, the tip end translates the action of the user to the rod and transmit it to the braid down to the jig. If this one has a poor construction, you will never get the right motion that you want.

The tip should not be too stiff. Otherwise, you will never be able to maneuver the jig. It will cause vibrations that would affect the control of the angler. Maintaining the proper motion for jigging is difficult with hard tips. They will make the jigs bounce instead of fluttering.

On the flipside, sections that are too flexible or soft don't have enough recovery. They can't keep up with the upward mechanism that is often produced when you are jigging. It nixes the effectivity of the technique. At the end of the day, the rod becomes unresponsive.​


When you are planning to use jigs on your next fishing trip, you should prepare your gears now. The right jigging tools will make your time on the waters bountiful and fun. They can help you catch those burly trophies and create those picture-perfect moments.

The best jigging rod is one of the first amenities that you have to secure. Just remember the guidelines that I have listed so that you can get the right one for you. Meanwhile, the options that I have shown in the earlier sections are good candidates for a jigging rod. Be sure to check them out.

That's it for now. For your questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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The 5 Best Jigging Rods For Heavy-Duty Fishing
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