An In-Depth Review Of The Best Jungle Boots

If you are going into some serious camping trip which includes trekking, hiking, and going to the jungle, and your adventure requires more than just rubber boots, then the best jungle boots would be a great investment.

In this section, we help you find the best jungle boots in your camping trip by discussing what makes a jungle boot the best and reviewing 5 of the best jungle boots on the market today. So read on!

5 Best Jungle Boots Review







Krazy Shoe Combat Boots




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UA Jungle Boots

Under Armour Jungle boots


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Belleville Jungle Boots

Belleville Jungle boots


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Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots

Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots


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Tactical Jungle Boots


AU Tactical Jungle Boots


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Let's now review each  of jungle boots individually:

1. COMBAT Jungle Boot Leather


  • Rubber sole
  • Vented holes in the instep keep feet dry and help in moisture drainage and ventilation
  • Rubber outsoles provide great cleat traction and more stability over irregular surfaces
  • Unlined uppers provide breathability in each step.


  • Men’s size and full size only. If you want half-size, you have to order the next full size up.

The COMBAT Jungle Boot Leather-Canvas is a vintage military style jungle boot the combines breathable Cordura quality nylon uppers and excellent leather uppers.

The vintage design predates the Second World War and has durable rubber outsoles.

As a jungle boot, it is built with vent holes inside the instep to assist in moisture drainage and ventilation; designed for easy breathability. 

Steels shanks provide stability. Completely gusseted tongue keeps debris out.

2. Under Armour Men's UA Jungle Rat Boots


  • The USA Storm gear has a DWR finish that repels water while maintaining breathability; perfect for walking on wet surfaces
  • The 900D nylon textile and leather combines to produce a light and soft upper, making it comfortable to the feet
  • The quick dry design and medial side drainage vents keep your feet dry and almost moist-free
  • The Anti-microbial Ortholite sock liner prevents microbial infections and the formation of bad odor on the feet
  • The Full-length Micro G® midsole with TPU shank increases stability making the footwear great for irregular surfaces


  • Some customers have problems tying the laces of the shoes although this isn’t a big deal as long as the laces are durable enough for your needs

The UA Storm gear repels water while still maintaining breathability with a DWR finish.

 It also has a Leather and 900 nylon textile that combines light and soft supper. 

Designed for quick drying, it has medial side drainage vents to keep your feet dry. It also has a full-length Micro G® midsole, reinforced with a TPU shank for more stability.

3. Belleville TR900 Jungle Runner


  • The boot was designed for hot weather which makes it perfect for trekking under the sun
  • The nylon fabric upper and full-grain cowhide leather makes the shoes highly breathable and keeps your feet dry
  • Triple and double stitched seams enhance durability making the footwear usable for a longer period


  • Some customers find the footwear a bit snug inside the heel and somewhat difficult to put on, but that should not be much of a problem since it is a military boot with quality material

Belleville's Tactical Research brings a classic design into the modern era with the TR900 Jungle Runner boot.

A lightweight and rugged boot built for the harsh weather, the TR900 embodies the classic era of Vietnam jungle boots while modifying with features for modern performance.

Such features include a very breathable upper with enhanced drainage, triple and double seams for improved durability and rappelling bars to reinforce the Panama style outsole.

The TR900 is an advanced military boot that combines the old and the new for a classic and modern design.

4. Rothco 8'' GI Type Jungle Boot


  • Built for light-duty; making it very light on the feet and perfect for hiking and trekking
  • The nylon and canvas upper makes the shoes comfortable to the feet
  • The synthetic and leather material gives it great waterproofing capabilities and a classy look
  • Black leather toe and heel provides more stability and traction while walking on irregular or wet surfaces


  • Some people complain about the boot’s lack of breathability although they are among the most commonly used because of their light weight

Rothco's GI Style Jungle Boots has a Nylon and Canvas Upper, Black Leather Heel and Toe with Velvet Rubber “Panama” Sole.

These 8” boots are combat ready for airsoft fields, outdoor hiking, camping adventures and even with just classic paratrooper pants.

Rothco’s Jungle Boots come in Sizes, 5 - 13 Wide Width, 1 - 15 Regular Width, Full Size Only. These Jungle Boots can be purchased In Black.

5. Black Panama Sole Military Leather Jungle Boots 5081


  • It is Imported and manufactured with high-quality materials
  • The Canvas and Nylon Upper makes it comfortable to the feet
  • The Black Leather Toe and Heel gives is a classy look
  • The Black Rubber "Panama" Sole provides great stability and traction


  • There are no half sizes available, and you have to purchase the next size lower. For instance, if you are wearing 11.5, you need to order size 11
  • This is made for heavy duty so you may find it unsuitable of light duty activities

The Leather Panama Sole Military Jungle Boots has a Canvas and Nylon Upper, Black Rubber Panama Sole, and Black Leather Toe and Heel.

These are Heavy Duty Boots that are great for most heavy duty activities such as camping, construction and much more!

This style is GI issued.

Everything About The Best Jungle Boots

1. Why Jungle Boots?

Jungle Boots In Action

Jungle boots are designed by the military to work in different kinds of humid terrains, especially the jungle. It is also a popular choice for civilized people who want to have an adventure in the jungle. Jungle boots are referred to as US military jungle boots that are in demand.

Jungle boots have specific design features which make it perfect for a jungle environment. These items come with vent holes along with a canvas upper to get rid of moisture through drainage. A Panama sole, for instance, prevents the clogging of mud through air vents.

These high-end jungle boots also keep your feet cool and dry with air vents. Their high laces keep jungle ants and leeches away. Their tough construction, canvas, and leather make them very tough and capable in withstanding the harshest environments.

Normal boots are not bad. But if you are going to wade your way through muddy terrains, deep puddles, and rivers, then you will damage your hiking boots.

It would be ideal and more convenient to have jungle boots instead.

Here’s an in-depth video about jungle boots:

2. Criteria For Choosing The Best Boots


Comfort is a major criterion when it comes to jungle boots, especially that you would be trekking inside the jungle. Since high-end boots are becoming lighter, then you can expect comfort right off the bat.

Compared to middleweight types, these classes feel light on the feet. Heavyweight types require a break-in period.

Comfort can also be determined by how the feet feel. Do pressure points exist in the lacing? Is there enough space in the toe box? Does it bother you a bit when your feet bump into a pointed rock? Does it still feel great even after hours of trekking?

Another aspect of comfort is how the boot keeps you dry and cool. Blisters can form because of heat, damp skin, and friction. A good model should accommodate your feel well and keep them dry and cool.


Great looking Jungle Boots

Ankle stability also defines one benefit of having jungle boots versus ordinary hiking shoes or boots for that matter. These boots mainly provide torsion stability and ankle support. Full cut or mid height hiking boots minimize the chances of twisting ankles and missteps.

You may be carrying packs for days, and your feet can get tired very easily. The best boot models should fit well on your foot and stabilize the ankle.


In putting your feet on a rock or trail, it would be best if it stays put. The high-end boots should also have good traction on dry gravel, loose gravel, wet granite, and other irregular surfaces. If you’re camping during the winter, then it should also have good traction even on wet mushy snow.


When it comes to weight, lighter boots are better, although other weights can work depending on the environment where it is used. You can save a considerable amount of energy for every extra half pound you are spared with on each step.

Hiking boots though are designed to be heavier than hiking shoes because they also give emphasis to durability, ankle protection, and more stability. In selecting the right boot, you should find one that is light and provides support and stability at the same time.

Water Resistance

It’s always much more comfortable to go camping with dry feet. A great boot could make all the difference in keeping your feet warm while walking in cold and wet areas and avoiding blisters. Most of the great models you will find will have breathable, waterproof membranes on its lining.

One common feature of water-resistant models is the gusseted tongue. These gussets will not only prevent debris and rocks from going inside the boot, but they also serve as extensions of the waterproof membrane.



Due to nature of their utility, it is inevitable that boots will eventually wear out. After prolonged use, soles will begin to wear down, waterproof membranes will have leaks, and seams will slowly tear apart. There would eventually be wear and tear.

The focus on lightweight shoes can reduce the construction and toughness of the materials. Better stability could also entail more friction and more friction can increase the chances of wear and tear. Convenience could come at a price.

Still, the best models will still last longer than the mediocre ones. We are talking about a few months longer. Even a few weeks longer can make a difference since it entails that you can enjoy more camping days. There are also habits and practices that you can adopt to lessen the wear and tear of your footwear.

The Black Panama Sole Military Leather Jungle Boot, for instance, was built for heavy duty activities and is known for its high-quality material and durability.

#3. Conclusion

After reviewing 5 of the best Jungle Boots for camping, I chose the Black Panama Sole Military Leather Jungle Boots 5081 as my #1 choice. 

I like its style and design and the fact that it predates World War II.

The manufacturers of the boot have come a long way in maintaining a class look while adding modern features such as vent holes, steel shanks and a gusseted tongue to it. It’s what makes the product unique from the rest.

I also like the durable rubber soles of the product since I am fond of trekking. I am confident this boot can withstand the elements because the soldiers have used it in jungle warfare.

We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from this post. Do you agree with our favorite choice among the five products we reviewed? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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