Best Long Range Walkie Talkie – 2019 Reviews

There are different variants of walkie-talkies. Some can go as basic while others are made for harsh and challenging applications. If you want something that you can use on your work area or outdoor excursion, you should choose the best long range walkie talkie.

Just like its name suggests, a long-range walkie-talkie is a radio that is capable of communicating from extensive distances. I can estimate that the most decent walkie-talkie out there can have a 5-mile reception. But then again, there are some units that can go farther than this.

Of course, long range walkie talkies are capable of both transmitting and receiving signal. That's the very reason why they are also called "two-way radios". That capability cements their rapport as one of the best means of communication.

For now, let me introduce you to some of the highly recommended long range walkie talkies. Here are they.

Best Long Range Walkie Talkie On The 2019 Market







Ansoko Long Range Walkie Talkie Rechargable FRS/GMRS 16-Channel Handheld Two Way Radio with Earpiece (6 Pack)


Ansoko Long Range Walkie Talkie 


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Midland - LXT630VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 30 Mile Range Walkie Talkie, 121 Privacy Codes, NOAA Weather Scan + Alert (Pair Pack) (Yellow/Black)

Midland - LXT630VP3 Walkie Talkies


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ESYNiC Walkie Talkies 2 pcs Long Range Two-Way Radio USB Cable Charging UHF 400-470MHz Walky Talky With Earpieces Flashlight 16CH Single Band FM Handheld Transceiver


ESYNiC Walkie Talkies


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2 Ways Radio Long Range Samcom FPCN10A Walkie Talkie 20 Channel Wireless Intercom with Group Button, 2.5 Miles Range with Earpiece Belt Clip(Pack of 3)


Samcom FPCN10A Walkie Talkie


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Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies FRS Radio 22CH Scrambler VOX FCC Certification License-free 2 Way Radio (Black,5 pack)

Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies


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Let's now review each walkie talkie individually:

#1. Ansoko Long Range Walkie Talkie


  • Rugged and lightweight construction
  • Battery lifespan can last up to 12 hours (continuous use)
  • Privacy codes are present for private and clutter-free communication
  • Reception can reach up to 3 miles
  • Great audio clarity


  • No noticeable drawbacks

If you are looking for an effective walkie-talkie, then these units from Ansoko are something that you can rely on.

I have used these walkie talkies on different occasions, and they work great.

They feature both GMRS and FRS channels, which are a testament to the substantial breadth of its operation and reach.

Ansoko Long Range Walkie Talkies have an extensive reception range of up to 3 miles.

If there are obstructions, this capacity will go slightly lower. But still, its performance won't get deterred significantly by any means. It also features up to 16 channels for a more organized communication with your group. I am quite a fan of its CTCSS and DCS feature, which enables me to talk private or communicate with little interferences.

#2. Midland - LXT630VP3 Walkie Talkies


  • Features an LCD screen for status display
  • Comes with an extensive reception reach
  • Can access thousands of channels
  • Includes voice activation feature
  • Push-to-talk button for easier operation


  • The weather alert scan goes automatically; it doesn't' have a stop feature

Another best-seller in the field, the Midland - LXT630VP3 is an excellent grade of long range walkie talkies.

It is usable in various applications because of its capacity to reach reception distances of up to 5 miles.

Originally, the device advertises that it can go for up to 30 miles. But several testing and reports have suggested that this range is quite difficult to attain.

The device also includes 121 CTCSS privacy codes which allow you to communicate in different frequencies in private.

Furthermore, it offers a huge number of channels to choose from. This feature enables a more diverse and organized means of group communication. The Midland - LXT630VP3 also offers an NOAA Weather Scan system.

This particular feature ensures that you are updated to abrupt changes in the atmospheric condition. This alone can save you from encountering storms and heavy rains.

#3. ESYNiC Walkie Talkies


  • Features weather-scanning function
  • Comes with a built-in LED light
  • Chargeable with any USB interfaces
  • Reception reach is at 5 miles at optimal conditions
  • Capable of veering away from crowded frequencies and channels


  • Charging port is quite bulky

With its 5 mile range, it is not a wonder anymore why a lot of people are inclined to get the ESYNiC Walkie Talkie.

For its price, it is quite surprising already that this particular walkie talkie can offer a lot of things.

It is usable in harsh environments as it features a tough shell. It is also water-resistant and features a shock-proof construction.

One of the ergonomics of the ESYNiC Walkie Talkies is its ability to be charged by USB-supported devices.

You can charge this walkie-talkie in your power bank and laptops. When fully charged, this walkie talkie can operate for up to 9 hours (continuous use). It also features CTCSS and DCS privacy codes. It can help you avoid crowded channels and ensure that your communication line is free from interference.s

#4. Samcom FPCN10A Walkie Talkie


  • Extremely rugged and durable construction
  • Can be used in different applications
  • Audio quality is insanely clear
  • Reception range can go as far as 5 miles
  • Features ergonomic LCD screen


  • No noticeable drawbacks

The Samcom FPCN10A Walkie Talkie is a powerful piece of equipment. It has a reception that reaches for up to 5 miles.

Under unfavorable conditions, the range can go slightly lower. Each time, this device can deliver clear and highly-audible audio.

You don't need any earpieces before you can hear the other end talking. It also features a hands-free talking mechanism.

I truly love the Samcom FPCN10A Walkie Talkie because of its group transmission feature.

There's a group button installed in the system of the radio. When you press the button, you can access all the channels in the frequency simultaneously. It is an excellent feature for a direct group messaging without the need to hover all the channels one by one.

#5. Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies


  • Features up to 22 channels
  • Can operate for up to 12 hours
  • VOX function lessens the background noise
  • The speakers have excellent audio clarity
  • Firmware is extremely durable


  • The earpieces that come with these walkie talkies are not comfortable to wear

When it comes to audio clarity, the Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies are among your best options.

There's no need for you to place the walkie-talkie directly to your ears before you can hear the opposite line.

These walkie talkies can produce audible and crystal clear sounds, which is necessary for noisy environments.

Of course, you can expect that the Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies have a wide operating distance. 

Within proper conditions, the walkie-talkies can operate for up to 4 miles, which is more than decent already. I have to adore its strong construction as well. I have once dropped a Retevis RT27 during a hiking excursion, and it did survive with only a few scratches.

Advantages Of Long Range Walkie Talkies

Advantages of Long Range Walkie Talkies

There are several benefits that you can get from a walkie-talkie. Often known as a two-way radio or handheld transceiver, walkie-talkies are used for communicating. It has a similar function to your regular cell phones and landlines. However, unlike them, these walkie talkies are not dependent on satellite signals for their operation.

Walkie-talkies, instead, are using radio signals for transmitting and receiving information. This particular operation is quite undisrupted, especially if you have a dedicated or private frequency channels where you can connect.

If favorable conditions are applied, it is quite obvious that long-range walkie talkies can provide a clutter-free and crystal-clear means of communication. Of course, that is just one of the many benefits of walkie-talkies. If you think that smartphones are advantageous all the time, you should think again. 

In cases of emergencies and disasters, these devices can be rendered disabled. Even in simple applications, like in an outdoor trip or to your job site, the use of these cell phones is very discouraged.

  • Long range walkie talkies have exceptional durability and ruggedness. Trust me on that. These devices are often made from rugged shell or case that protects them from impact and shock. They can protect their internal parts even in dire circumstances. Even smartphones that advertise that they are rugged can't withstand the harsh environment of the outdoor world
  • Long range walkie talkies are also waterproof. In some cases, they are not really waterproof. However, the resistance that they can put up against water and moisture is too great to be ignored. Your smartphones would immediately black out once they have been exposed to a wet environment. Even those expensive cell phones are not guaranteed to survive in a rainy atmosphere
  • Walkie talkies are exceptionally reliable. Just like what has been stated, these devices can operate even amidst disasters. Even if the internet and cell phone towers go down, the radios can still run. In some cases, these walkie talkies are still operational even if the power line is already off. Of course, I have to emphasize as well that walkie talkies have long battery lifespan. A single charge can last for a day
  • The hassle-free operation of walkie-talkies is one of the reasons why various companies and security agencies opt for it. You don't have to dial a number before you can make a call. You don't even need a load credit for it to function. All you need is to push a button, and you are already connected to a pre-programmed frequency. It has the simplicity that you can always take advantage of
  • Another thing that you will love from long range walkie talkies is their audio clarity. These devices have been integrated with high-quality speakers so that you can hear things clearly. Sometimes, manufacturers of walkie-talkies install noise isolation features to ensure audio fidelity. If not, then earpieces are readily available for your disposal

How To Choose The Best Long Range Walkie Talkies

Different Walkie Talkies On Ground

I have to admit as well that not all walkie talkies are great. Some of them have basic and flimsy designs that may not be suitable for rugged and extensive applications.

Since we are talking about long range walkie talkies, we are expecting units that are capable of receiving and transmitting signals from miles apart. Otherwise, they shouldn't be labeled as "long range."


The reach or extent of the reception of a walkie-talkie is a crucial factor. If the working space that you have is limited, you don't need high power walkie-talkies. But if you are on a cruise, you will certainly need the best walkie talkie for a cruise. In this way, you can escape dead spots and communicate freely.

When it comes to long-range two-way radios, you will realize that the distance that they can operate is variable. In short, they are still susceptible to interferences either by physical obstructions of overlapping frequencies. A long range walkie talkie is capable of reaching 3 to 5 miles.

On the other hand, don't instantly believe those units that claim that can reach up to 20 miles or more. Only a few of them is capable of doing that. Most of the time, their maximum operating distance still falls to 5 miles or less.


Walkie-talkies rely on frequencies and channels on their operation. The basic models only offer around two channels or four channels. Meanwhile, the high-end units can offer up to 22 channels. Of course, the price of a walkie-talkie can go higher as the number of its channels increase.

The presence of multiple channels enables many people to communicate at once. They can either use one channel or different channels altogether for privacy purposes. The main idea here is to ensure that there will no be inter-lapping of voices in a particular channel.

Typical walkie-talkies only use a single frequency to ensure the smoothness of their operation. But although they are ergonomic and simple, the distance of their reception is not great. Therefore, you should always prefer those units that feature a myriad of channels and frequencies.


Walkie Talkie On The Belt

It is very crucial to know that UHF radios are not capable of communication to VHF radios. If your VHF radio has a decent selection of VHF antennas, they can't still operate with UHF radios. In the context of walkie-talkies, you have to ensure that all of your units operate under a similar frequency.

You should prefer walkie-talkies that are using VHF technology. The operational distance that they have is greater than UHF radios. Furthermore, their signal is far greater than its UHF counterpart. VHF or Very High Frequency has a typical frequency of 136 and 174 MHz. They can travel great distances, whether it is on the sea or cloud.


Any walkie talkies can either have GMRS, FRS, or both. The Family Radio Service is usually used for leisure and recreational applications. It is a specific band that is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. However, the power and frequency that they have are limited. They are not suitable for extensive purposes.

On the other hand, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is utilizing up to 23 frequencies. Sometimes, FRS frequencies use them. They can work in rugged applications as well as recreational purposes. Walkie talkies that have GMRS are suited for military and emergency use.

Final Verdict

Having the best long range walkie is quite useful for those who are working on extensive job sites. They can operate to provide you and your group with a reliable means of communication.

They can work on any conditions and perform even in challenging environments. They are also not susceptible to cracks and other physical damages.

Try to get a long range walkie talkie that has been listed on this guide. They are highly rated on the market because of their exceptional quality and performance. Investing in them won't be regrettable at all.

Did you learn from this article? If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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