The Best Motorhomes For Your Budget Requirement

Of course, getting the best motorhome is not a matter that you can simply brush off. If you want a good vehicle that you can use on your travel and outdoor adventures, selecting the appropriate RV or camper is highly necessary.

The very factor that can either drag or push you to invest in a motorhome is the price. Some of the motorhomes nowadays are too expensive for some people while others are within their reach. Perhaps that the reason why class A, class B, and class C motorhomes exist.​

In this guide, I will showcase the cream-of-the-crop for all these major motorhome categories.

Once you can discover all the possible options that you have, you can already choose the right one for you. If you are conscious of your budget and resources, the selection process might become easier for you. 

Best Motorhomes On The Market

But regardless of your spending power, these are the top motorhomes that you can get today.

1. Thor Chateau Super C 33SW


  • Features various amenities like a refrigerator and queen-size beds
  • Complete with entertainment system
  • Strong and powerful motorhome
  • Spacious interiors
  • Constructed with durability and strong defense against weather elements


  • No noticeable drawbacks

I have to start with a class C motorhome because it is one of the most functional options. It can provide the same luxury as class A motorhomes without compromising your savings.

One of the finest options that you have for a class C motorhome is the Thor Chateau Super C 33SW. It has an impressive construction that anyone would surely want to consider.

The living interiors of the Thor Chateau Super C 33SW is quite larger than most of its counterparts.

You can stay and live here comfortably, thanks to the presence of convenient amenities that it has. From a well-designed living quarter down to a fancy full-kitchen, this motorhome has them all. After all, this one is using the Ford F-550 as its base. That's something that you can't ignore.

This motorhome also features an ultra-rugged and powerful chassis.

Furthermore, it has been paired with a power stroke diesel so that it can run with relentless speed and stability without eating the mileage. Also, I have discovered that this motorhome can tow trailers that are up 10,000 lbs.

2. Winnebago Via


  • Affordable class A motorhome
  • Excellent fuel mileage
  • Easy to drive and maneuver
  • Bedroom can be configured to cater to user preferences
  • Powerful driving engine


  • Not as big as standard class A motorhomes

We all know that class A motorhomes are not cheap. They will never be. Some of them cost astounding amounts. In fact, a lot of RV owners consider these motorhomes as a form of luxury.

It seems that they are made for the affluent ones. Fortunately, that's not the case with the Winnebago Via. The latter is still a class A motorhome, but it is within a price category comparable to class C motorhomes.

Unlike other class A motorhomes, the Winnebago Via is compact. It is a perfect choice for small families who need a convenient mode of travel from state to state.

It comes with a fuel-efficient performance, thanks to its Mercedes Benz chassis and V-6 engine. You can take this one the road without the need to stop in every gas station you see. It has a great mileage which cuts down its maintenance cost.

Because of its notably powerful engine, the Winnebago Via can run smoothly and reliably.

For professional drivers, this rig is very easy to drive and maneuver. Meanwhile, the interior of the coach features a spacious and configurable bedroom, full-space living quarters, and a set of other extra amenities.

3. Roadtrek Simplicity SRT


  • Extremely affordable
  • Can tow up to 8000 lbs trailers
  • An ideal replacement to SUVs
  • Convertible model
  • Great gas mileage


  • Doesn't have the same luxurious amenities as other high-end motorhomes

Campers, or class B motorhomes, are among the most sought motorhomes today. The reason for this is their affordability.

There are no motorhomes that are cheaper than those that are in the class B category. There's no arguing about that. Those people who want a starter kit usually go for these motorhomes.


One of the top choices for a class B motorhome is the Roadtrek Simplicity SRT. The base of this rig is the classic Ram ProMaster 2500 van, which can offer both maneuverability and flexibility.

This particular motorhome can be converted into a passenger minivan or camper, depending on your preferences. It is a win-win investment if you will focus on the practical side of things.

Despite its compact size, the Roadtrek Simplicity SRT can accommodate up to five people. This capability is due to the pop-up roof tent that has been integrated into the van.

Aside from this amenity, the N6 also offers a refrigerator, microwave, and sink. It is a good option for tailgate parties and weekend camping with the family.

4. Newell Coach


  • An ideal choice for luxurious living
  • Highly stable and rugged motorhome
  • Spacious interiors with a lot of room to move around
  • Impressive driving stability
  • Floorplan can be customized


  • Extremely expensive

class A motorhome is definitely a form of luxury. It is something that not everyone can buy immediately. But for those who are able enough to purchase one, their options are pretty limitless.

One fine example of this is the Newell Coach. The latter is a premium motorhome that can offer both luxury and convenience into one. It acts as a 5-star hotel on the road, which might be the one you are looking for.

The design of a Newell Coach is insanely high. All of the parts are customized and configured with ergonomic and high-end features. As a matter of fact, all of the Newell Coach has been individually numbered. Not all people can get them, so their production is not that amassed compared to ordinary motorhomes.

Of course, it is not regrettable to get a Newell Coach if you have the chance. The interior of this motorhome is so impressive that it can be comparable to the most luxurious urban hotels in the world today.

For instance, it comes with a plethora of slide-out rooms and various sets of televisions. All of the essential appliances, like washer and dryers and security cameras, are present on this coach.

5. Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350


  • The perfect choice for offroad adventures
  • Excellent driving maneuverability
  • Rugged and waterproof construction
  • Complete with the essential camping amenities
  • Decent gas mileage


  • No noticeable drawbacks

There is something about the Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350 that makes it different from other motorhomes. This class B motorhome can run on different terrains.

It is not only good for the paved and cemented roads, but it can also tackle paths that have not been ventured by the modern world.

This entire vehicle features a four-wheel drive, which makes it an ideal choice for traversing the harsh wilderness. It is a great unit to use if you and your family are up for a thrilling expedition. Of course, you should not worry about its safety or reliability because it has been engineered to possess those traits right off the bat.

Like other motorhomes, the Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350 is complete with all the essential amenities. It may be compact--since it is a class B motorhome--but you can already live comfortably here. It comes with a living room, bedroom, and a composition of various cooking devices. It is ergonomic and downright affordable, too.

Class A vs Class B vs Class C Motorhomes - Which One Is Best?

Class A vs Class B vs Class C Motorhomes - Which One Is Best

As you have noticed already, recreational vehicles today have different variations. The most common ones that you hear and encounter are the class A, class B, and class C motorhomes.

Each of these classes has unique features and nuances that separate them from one another. So how should you distinguish them?

1. Class A​

It is easy to spot a class A motorhome because of their large and bulky size. These motorhomes tend to be expensive and luxurious because they use large trucks and buses as their base. There are a lot of amenities that can be installed on a class A motorhome, which makes it an excellent choice for the affluent ones.

Full-time RV living might require you to invest in a class A motorhome, especially if you have high demands. However, be careful about this type of motorhome because they consume a lot of fuel.

2. Class B​

Despite being labelled as the second of the classes, class B motorhomes are considered as the smallest. They have excellent fuel-efficiency and functionality, which makes them a preferred choice for those who are frugal individuals.

There are basic amenities that can be present in a class B motorhome such as kitchens and bathrooms.

However, take note that class B motorhomes are not the best option for full-time RV living. They have limited space and can be uncomfortable if there a lot of people would stay inside.

3. Class C​

The middle guy of the classes is the class C motorhome. It is typically built on van and truck chassis, which makes them powerful. There is a balance between functionality and practicality when it comes to class C motorhomes.

They can run without sucking too much fuel, and their space is not as cramped as class B motorhomes. They contain the best features of class B and class A campers.

Tips For Choosing The Best Motorhome For You​

A motorhome is actually a convenient choice for a traveling medium. If all of your destinations can be traversed via land, then it is a good idea to get a motorhome.

But then again, with the plethora of choices that âre available today, people have a hard time to decide which to get. Should they get a travel trailer, a pop-up camper, or standard motorhomes?

Well, these questions are quite hard to answer, since we all have varying preferences. All of us have different needs that we want to get satisfied. However, there are certain guidelines that can help you in your hunt.

Here are the things that you need to consider before you invest on a hefty motorhome.

Your Intended Application

All of us want to get a motorhome to accommodate our personal needs. We have different reasons why we want a motorhome in our yard. For instance, some of us desire to get a motorhome for full-time RV-living.

On the other hand, others need these vehicles for camping purposes. Regardless of your desires, there are RVs and campers that can suit your need.

For instance, people who want to live on the road already should get a class A or a class C motorhome.

They are the ones that can house a large number of people without sacrificing your space and comfort. For simple camping and glamping applications, pop-up trailer and travel trailers can work. But if they don't satisfy you yet, a class A motorhome should be your next stop.

Number Of People


This is one of the considerations that you have to think about before you invest in a motorhome. Not all motorhomes can fit a large group or family. In the same manner, some RVs are too big for two or three people.

The ones that I have featured here are campers that have varying size. Some of them can accommodate two to four people while the bigger ones can cater up to ten people.

If you have a large camper like the Newell Coach, you should not worry about the space anymore. The very thing that you have to mind there is the maintenance of the amenities and the overall vehicle. Take note that larger and heavier vehicles require high fuel consumption. You should pay attention to this detail.

Types Of Amenities

A motorhome should come with the essential amenities so that you can live in there peacefully and conveniently. Of course, it is a given that large motorhomes can contain more items than smaller ones. Furthermore, large motorhomes can support more upgrades and additional installations.

All motorhomes should have bedrooms or space in which you can latch your bed. It will never be a camper if this particular feature is not present. If you have a class B motorhome, the area dedicated for the bed would be extremely limited. You probably won't experience the same thing if you are residing on a class A motorhome.

Kitchens and televisions should come basic, too. Campers and motorhomes should have them. Your stay on them won't be convenient if you can't cook or you can't watch your favorite shows. Well, to get the most out of your TV, you need an RV TV antenna.

Moreover, you also need washers and dryers for your clothes.

Fuel Mileage

Driving an RV

This one is extremely necessary and should never be ignored. The gas mileage of motorhomes is one of the indicators of their quality.

Since these vehicles are deliberately heavier and larger than ordinary trucks and cars, they tend to consume more fuel. Of course, that's not a good thing, especially if you are planning to travel to distant places.

The gas mileage of a vehicle is measured by the miles that it can travel per one full tank. The higher the mileage, the better the performance of the motorhome is. A lot of RVs and campers today are using upgraded engines to ensure that they won't tax the fuel that much.

Of course, the fuel mileage of a vehicle is still subjected to external factors such as the weather and temperature. You can get the most out of your motorhome is you drive in the right conditions. But getting the best motorhome should solve half of the problem.


The best motorhome for outdoor adventures is an investment that you should consider, especially if you are planning to do a full-time RV living.

You have been presented with the top options for these motorhomes so that you can freely decide what to choose. You can scale your budget and preferences in the selection process to make things easier for you.

That's it for now! If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.​

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