Best Multitool On The Market For 2019

Next, to ice-cold beer and a dog, a multi-tool is a man’s best friend. Small, dynamic, and quite handy, multi-tools are there to help you do little fixes and tweaks at times when you least expect it. It isfantastic what a single tool can do if clad with the proper whistles and bells.

While it is true that no man can survive by himself, the best multi-tool will make sure you get close tothe mark. Check out our 5 best multi-tools for camping in the best waterproof tents 2019 later in this post.

5 Best Multitool On The 2019 Market







SOG Multitool PliersTOP PICK

SOG Multitool Pliers


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Leatherman MultitoolLeatherman Multitool


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Victorinox MultitoolVictorinox Multitool


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Gerber Multitool PlierBUDGET OPTION

Gerber Multitool Plier


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LEATHERMAN Multitool ScissorsLEATHERMAN Multitool Scissors


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Let’s now review each multitool individually:

#1. SOG Multitool Pliers


  • A simple press of the thumb will open the blades
  • A patented compound control device keeps themintact
  • Blades lock in through safetyswitches that allow you to perform several tasks without worrying about getting sliced


  • Some customers find the “press of the thumb” feature a bit dangerous

The SOG is a pretty tool. It lives up to the company’s standards. This tool provides a wide range offeatures ready for use at the campsite.

The awesome multi-feature tool has a couple of huge largeblades (straight-edged and serrated) that is utilized with SOG Assisted Tech.

The list of features and tools in PowerAssist include the patented V-Cut blade and needle-nose pliers.And if ever you’re wondering, the tool has quite a grip.

SOG Multitool Pliers

#2. Leatherman Multitool


  • Every tool in the Wave locks securely into place for a more comfortable use
  • Easy to utilize with just a single hand and portable, the tool is you best camping buddy


  • Some customers complain about the screwdriver which is smaller than the regular screwdriver, buteven that has its uses

The Leatherman Wave is the brand’s most distinguished tool.

It is packed with no less than 17 toolswithin a single body.

With a stainless steel body and the set of distinctive screw bits, it is a “must-have”tool.

The wave incorporates a wire stripper, bottle opener, scissors, saw, pliers, and serrate knife – just someof the awesome features.

Leatherman Multitool

#3. Victorinox Multitool


  • Every folding tool holds securely into place through a lock and spring once they are completely deployed
  • Compact and convenient, the handy tool has a lifetime warranty, although it may not be necessarilydue to its durability


  • Some users mentioned that the tool lacks a belt cutter although it also has other useful features forother things

This tool has been in the market for more than a decade now. The proven and test Victorinox Swiss Toolcan do anything.

The SwisTool is among the all-time favorites due to its 24 varieties of folding tools,hands that also serve as nine-inch rulers and sporting blunt-pliers.

Like all Swiss Army Knives, this multitool has a lifetime warranty, stainless steel implements and Swiss-made quality and durability.

Victorinox Multitool

#4. Gerber Multitool Plier


  • Manufactured from steel diesel, the EDC sliding tool lock is constructed sturdy and holds firmly
  • The tool’s wrist-flick pliers provide smooth motion, and its needle-nose pliers are trim and slim


  • Some customers find it a huge hassle that they have to open the pliers to use anything

Fashionable with its bead-blasted finish, this multi-tool works well while maintaining a stylish look at thesame time.

This very useful tool features at least twelve tools with a saw blade and a couple of scissorsthat were meant for tough jobs.

Unlike the bulky squared-off pliers on many multitools, the needle-nose at the center of this tool are designed to fit in tight spots.

Gerber Multitool Plier

#5. LEATHERMAN Multitool Scissors


  • This is the perfect tool for anglers who must cut braids – they’d loved this mall but sturdy multi-tool
  • It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to carry
  • Has personal care features such as the steel nail file, all designed for tweezers


  • Because the tool is small, people find it quite challenging just to use the scissors

A Leatherman product is included in our list when it comes to pint-sized alternatives to heavy multi-tools.

Very small (just 2.5 inches) but with a very smart design, the handy tool contains 10 distinctivetools: three screwdrivers, spring-action scissors, ruler nail clippers, knives and tweezers to mentionsome.

It has 25-year limited warranty which ensures that your Leatherman will give you many years of reliable service. All Leatherman multitools are made and repaired right in the USA.

LEATHERMAN Multitool Scissors

What You Need To Know Before Making The Purchase?

Why Utilize A Multi-Tool?

Why Utilize a Multi-Tool?

Merging several tools together in one package isn’t a new thing. Odd-Jobbers and craftsmen in history have been streamlining their activities by consolidating common tools are several ways.

But it was during 1984 when Tim Leatherman came up with “Pocket Survival Tool” – a general-purpose,commercially-made, pocket tools.

The first product was a couple of pliers reminds me of a balisong knife when it closes up. Such closure makes the pliers very compact and protects the user’s pocket from getting lacerated from the teeth and plier points. Leatherman added screwdrivers, knife blades and other efficient tools to the foldable plier’s handles.

There have been modifications in the design throughout the years, and the multi-tool has become more streamline although their lineage can be traced to the first Pocket Survival Tool.

In support to the original model’s reputation, three among the five multitools listed in this posted are created by companies that Leatherman started – they all carry his name.

Other companies have surfaced to catch and provided excellent tools with distinctive attributes.

The size of these tools has been reduced to fit inside a set of keys. They remain unnoticed until such time the user requires a feature in the tool. In times of need, the user should have a ready-made tool that is just as useful as his keys.

Full-Size, General-Purpose Tools

Full-size, General-purpose Tools

These types contain the majority of the category. The majority of the multi-tools sold on the markettoday are covered under this umbrella.

The tools may differ in carrying method, features, cost, andconstruction quality.

General Purpose Materials For Certain Groups

General Purpose Materials for Certain Groups

Some tools provide the general features (drivers, blades, pliers) and then certain features that address a certain group is added. Offerings under the category are designed for electricians, technicians, gun owners, and some others.

Some these tools are a little bit handier and burly than your general purpose tool. The SOG Power Assist S66 is an example of this category. It didn’t have special tools but was targeted for users working in the manual labor and construction field.

Methods For Selecting One

Methods for Selecting One

To narrow down your options during the selection, there are some essential considerations you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you’re somebody who is in tuned with trade-specified tools, then it is safe to assume that you’ve got a network to draw essential information on. The tips we’ve laid our here are most useful to those who aren’t utilizing multi-tools but want to apply it at a professional level.

How “handy” do you like to become? Are you always running into a repair shop for each light bulb that blows on your vehicle? Or are you facing a busted dishwasher and play around a bit to check out the damage?

If you happen to fall under the later, then you might find a full-sized multitool quite useful. All the tools under such category can be useful in home improvement and auto repairs. Dedicated tools are required for large tasks at any level of handiness.

For fast repairs though and experimental dismantling, multi-tools can do a great job.

If you’re glad and comfortable to look outside support for the inevitable mechanical problems in life, a multi-tool would still come in handy for you. A small tool like the Top Pick Leatherman PS4 inside your kitchen will be useful to even the laziest person.

Should you select a full-sized tool, then you need to take into account the frequency of which you will be bringing it. There’s no doubt in our minds that these full-sized multi-tools will have their daily use wherever we carry it.

If you’re carrying a full-sized tool on a daily basis, then it would be a good idea for you to know how to carry it. A lot of folks in the trade carry such tools on their belts. This is the most comfortable and efficient method of carrying one so far.

Social convention and contemporary fashion do not find this kind of carry appealing in specific circles. Under such circumstances, you’d be carrying the tool within your purse or pocket. While pursuing special carry features become the main point.Maybe it would be more worth your while to attach a lanyard ring so you can easily find and retrieve it. When it comes to your pants pocket though, a pocket-clipped carry would be a good consideration. A tool that floats around lower inside a pocket will flop while you are walking.It can also be plugged with spare changes and displace the other contents inside the pocket as you pull it out.Nothing can be more inconvenient than having a multi-tool only to drop a $100 bill while trying to get the tool from your pocket. Pocket clips keep the tools at the bottom of your jean’s pocket. They keep it in a handy and secure position where it bounces and swings much less.So the big questions here are:

  1. How often will you be using it?
  2. How often will you be carrying it?

Those are the major questions, and there rest are less significant and more personal.

Some features, under prolonged use, are more valuable. A big blade should be utilized in preparing food and are more useful than you think.

Even when you’re inside the kitchen with many testers, a multi-tool with a big blade inside your pocket can be more useful inside the kitchen then your ordinary kitchen knife when it comes to slicing chunks of cheese or cutting a bag of pasta open.

Scissors Under The Same Consideration

You can find more use of the tool than you can imagine. Screwdrivers can be found in each tool although it is alright if they are hidden away. Testing teams can use scissors, blades, and pliers even ten times more than a screwdriver.

People who have consumptive habits will utilize a bottle opener more often than other tools, and it is fortunate that majority of the tools have one.

If your trade or vocations require certain tools, then you can check out our top 5 tools and see which ones will best suit your needs. You need to buy these tools only once, and they can serve you every day for a lifetime.

Before we go into our top 5 multi-tool, Check out this review of the Leatherman multi-tool to get a perspective of what the best multitool is all about:

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We’ve just discussed five of the best multi-tools – that’s five ways to make your life much easier.Depending on your needs, you can choose one to several although if you have one multi-tool, you maynot need another one. So which among the five is my favorite?

While all five of these tools are awesome, my choice goes to the Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier. It’s versatile,capable, tough and big. I like the fact that in spite its size, the Diesel can make available to me with just a flip of the wrist. The tool is very efficient, and I can deploy it with one hand.

But what I love most about the Gerber Diesel is that it has strong components capable of doing the toughest jobs. Based on my requirements, I find this tool useful because I like working things out fast.

Comparing it to the other mid-sized tools like the Victorinox SwissTool, I’d say the features are not too far although for my personal preference I would buy the Gerber Diesel right off the bat.

Again, it is important to note that all the tools mentioned here have good quality and the difference would come only on the user’s personal preference. You may have your preference too depending on your needs.

Which among the five tools would you buy?

Feel free to share your choice and briefly explain why you’ve made such a choice. We would love to hear from you.

And share the post to your friends if you think it would be useful to them too.

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