The Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna Of 2019

We simply live in an era where conventional antennas don't mean a thing anymore. If you want to capture extra channels with high definition display, you should invest in something that is powerful and ergonomic. At this point, there's a need for you to invest in the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna. This particular amenity can deliberately change the performance of your favorite entertainment system.

An omnidirectional antenna is probably the most advanced form of television antennas. The former is a type of receiving antenna that intercepts varying frequencies in any given direction. You don't have to turn the antenna so that you can get the desired strength of any given frequencies. It gives you the convenience that whenever you flip your TV, it will clear and crisp images of your favorite shows.

Since it is also an outdoor antenna, you can also expect that this antenna is rugged and can resist the malignant attacks of the outside elements. It is something that is worth investing, especially for those that are living on conditions where the weather is unfavorable.

I have been a fan of these antennas for quite a time already. And to be honest, there are exceptional units that are worth investing. You might need to look at these units first before you start the search by yourself. In this way, you will get an omnidirectional antenna that should work just fine. Here are they:

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna On The 2019 Market







ClearStream 2V Indoor-Outdoor HDTV Review


​ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna


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LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional 360 Review

​Lava HD8008 Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna


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Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Digital 360 Review


​Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna


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ANTOP UFO 720°Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor Review


​ANTOP UFO Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna


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KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Review


​KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-The-Air Antenna


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​Let's now review each ​antenna individually:

1. ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • ​Has better performance when it comes deflecting interferences
  • ​Mounts and other installation parts are present in the package
  • ​Can deliver high-definition displays within the 60-mile operating distance
  • ​Compact and lightweight design
  • ​Omnidirectional elements work smoothly as expected


  • ​No noticeable drawbacks

​The ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna is one of the finest options for this particular amenity.

Right from the start, this antenna is capable of receiving frequencies as far as 60 miles away from the broadcasting towers.

It is best used for rural and suburban areas, where there are a lot of physical interferences that can hamper the reception of an incoming signal.

The antenna features well-engineered VHF and UHF multi-directional elements so that you can capture frequencies in any locations. For me, the proficiency of these elements made this antenna stand-out in the competition.

It may not have the farthest coverage, but when it operates, your television will definitely display aesthetically appealing shows with reduced noise and clutter.

Furthermore, this specific antenna has a compact design. It is not similar to its counterparts where their bulkiness can overwhelm you. All the parts have portable design and only require minimal assembly.

But take note. This antenna is as tough as it gets. It cannot be easily tormented by the harsh heat of the sun or strong gusts of the wind. It can even resist lightning strikes.

2. Lava HD8008 Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna


  • ​Multiple installation features
  • ​Capable of supporting up to two televisions
  • ​Ideal operating distance is at 80 miles
  • ​Built to resist harsh elements and weather conditions
  • ​Can reduce the reception noise of the channels it captures.


  • ​You need to mount this antenna at fairly high position for it to work decently.

​Another great omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna that you should check out is the Lava HD8008. It is one of the newest omnidirectional antennas that have been released in the market.

Both the manufacturer and product are new players, but this doesn't mean that you can ignore this option at all. The efficiency of an omnidirectional antenna is present on this item.

​It can receive receptions on any directions even without prior configurations.

This antenna has been integrated with a dipole, which allows better VHF and UHF signal reception. You can get the best out of this antenna if you are 40 miles to 80 miles from a tower. However, many have told me that the antenna is capable of receiving frequencies for up to 130 miles. But, in that distance, the quality of the reception is reduced already.

The Lava HD8008 is a good solution for those who are looking for omnidirectional antennas for portable applications. This one can be mounted to your RV, which should be good news for those who are living off the grid. This antenna is complete with all the accessories for pole or wall mounting. Don't worry. Your RV installation kit is also included in the package of this awesome antenna.

3. Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • ​Low-profile design ensures that it can be installed on condominiums and apartments
  • ​Rugged and waterproof construction
  • ​Features a built-in amplifier
  • With RV connection
  • ​Supports multiple televisions at once


  • ​The cables are not perfectly coated for corrosion and rust resistance
  • ​It has a limited operating range

​Deliberately, Winegard is an exceptional manufacturer of television antennas. I don't have qualms about that.

In fact, they even produce other types of antennas--such as those that are used for RVs.

In the same manner, you can guarantee that their MetroStar Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna can satisfy your needs when it comes to high-definition channels.

The structure of this antenna is slim and compact. It doesn't have a problematic installation either. All the mounting tools are present so that you can place right from the box. I can say that it is one of the easiest to install TV antennas today.

There is a built-in signal amplifier on this antenna. Whatever it receives, it can double it. This mechanism results in better channel integrity and display. It is for that reason why it is called a "certified HDTV" omnidirectional antenna.

4. ANTOP UFO Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • ​Smartpass Technology enables the antenna to balance long and short-distance signals
  • ​Stable reception due to its innovative interference defense
  • ​Clean and simple design for easier installation
  • ​All parts have durable and weather-resistant construction
  • ​Can capture more frequencies than other conventional omnidirectional antennas


  • ​No noticeable drawbacks

​The ANTO UFO is something that has blown my expectations.

This is the only dual omnidirectional outdoor television antenna that exists on the market today. 

If it has a 720-degree capability, then you are certain that you are not missing a spot.

Every channel and frequency that are passing through its coverage area will be captured and viewed in your television. That's a guarantee.

The installation process of this antenna is just like a breeze. It only requires minimal assembly and all the tools that you need are present in the package. Multiple mounting options are also available for this antenna, which is great. Meanwhile, I can assure that the construction of its parts are sturdy and can resist bad weather conditions.

Aside from these specifications, the ANTOP UFO Antenna has a built-in defense against interferences. Specifically, it features a 4G LTE filter that prevents these cellular and data signals from messing up your reception.

5. KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-The-Air Antenna


  • ​The frequencies that it receives are always amplified
  • ​Doesn't require tuning or excessive configuration
  • ​Compact built so that you can transport it anywhere
  • ​Can receive signals from long distance towers
  • ​Features weather-resistant designs


  • ​It is not as durable as other omnidirectional antennas.

​If portability is the main selling point for you, then you should go with the KING OA1501 antenna.

This one has a compact built, ensuring that you can transport it wherever you desire. 

It doesn't have a complicated installation either,

which is great for those that have no technical expertise in mounting and assembling antennas.

​And because it has an over-the-air capability, the KING 0A1501 will give you high-definition receptions all the time.

​The antenna doesn't require quirky configuration before you can harness its capability. After you have installed it to your home or vehicle, the antenna will do its job already.

It doesn't discriminate either. Regardless of the frequency band, this unit will capture it. All your favorite channels are some other more can be seen if the KING 0A1501 is working with your television!

The Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna: How To Find One

The Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna: How To Find One

The importance of having an omnidirectional outdoor antenna should always be emphasized at all cost. Well, if you are usually using your television for update and entertainment purposes, you need to have a reliable antenna that can work in whatever situation you are in.

Previously, we have talked about long-range outdoor antennas that are ideal for rural applications. These particular antennas are powerful enough to power your television with crystal clear channels without connecting cable wires or entering subscriptions. The tool became a useful amenity for those individuals who just want to live away from civilization. Survivalists and off-the-grid folks became their number one customers. But of course, even ordinary people who have a turf that is far from a broadcasting tower can benefit from these antennas.

An omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna can work the same as these long-range outdoor antennas--given that the range of the former is capable of receiving signals from distant towers. However, not all antennas that are rural and suburban areas are omnidirectional. Some of them have wireless remotes so that you can rotate the antenna to the position that has a better signal clarity.

On the other hand, omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna doesn't require configurations like this. After you have installed it, the antenna will already capture all the signals that are coming from different directions. You will certainly get the right frequency that gives crystal-clear channel displays. That's already a minus effort to your part, right?

At this point, I have to highlight that not all omnidirectional TV antennas have the same capability or specifications. Sometimes, there's a need for you to be picky so that you can get a unit that is worth investing. In fact, that's the very reason why I showcased some of the top-performing omnidirectional television antennas that I know. In this way, the antenna you will get will never disappoint you.

Here are some of my qualifications when it comes to the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

There are a lot of people who are always suggesting that indoor antennas should be better because it is the cheaper choice. When it comes to the price, such a claim is right. But for the rest of the aspects, an indoor antenna will definitely lose to outdoor antennas.

You see, an omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna has exceptional signal reception. There's no need for you to toggle and tweak their setting because right from the start, they are designed to get as many television channels as necessary. These antennas can define the line between convenience and nuisance in watching TV. Always remember that.



One of the essential capabilities of an omnidirectional antenna is its compatibility with UHF and VHF signals. Let's be a little technical here. All the TV channels today are categorized into three varying bands. The first channels, 2 to 6, are included to the VHF-Low band. The succeeding channels, 7 to 13, are on VHF-Hi. Meanwhile, channel 14 to channel 69 are integrated into the UHF band.

In here, you have to be understood that most of the indoor television antennas are engineered to capture the UHF channels. You are already lucky if you can find an indoor antenna that is capable of receiving VHF frequencies. On the normal circumstances, indoor TV antennas will have difficulties in capturing VHF because there's a need for you to install them at high places.

If you want a complete viewing experience, it is suggested that you select outdoor TV antennas. They have been designed to pick up VHF and UHF channels at the same time. Since we are talking about omnidirectional antennas, the challenge of getting good reception is already vanquished.


Of course, outdoor antennas have to be rugged. Their construction should be impervious enough against physical and chemical damages. After all, you are going to install them in places where they are exposed to different types of elements. You will never want an antenna that breaks easily after being blown by the wind.

The performance of the antenna is extremely independent on its components. Therefore, all the parts should be tough and protected. All the parts should have been affixed snugly to prevent breakages. As much as possible, you should go with pre-assembled antennas because they reduce the chances of faulty arrangements.

Furthermore, the antenna should be able to resist the weather. From the heat to the cold, the antenna should be able to neglect them all. It would be a plus if the unit you got can resist lightning strikes, too.


Investing in the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna is a good thing, especially if you want your television to have all the channels that you want. This particular device can elevate the quality of the reception of your TV, as well as the number of frequencies that it receives. Moreover, it can boost signals for enhanced reception.

You should check the antennas that I have listed here. There are among the top-rated omnidirectional television antennas nowadays. Selecting any of those TV antennas will certainly improve the finesse of your favorite entertainment set!

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below.

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