6 Best Places To Go Fishing In Florida

Florida has always been famous for its theme parks, beaches, and a wide array of towering buildings and cityscapes. But it should never be forgotten that this state is one of the finest places for fishing.

It is not an accident or coincidence that many anglers call Florida as the "Fishing Capital of the World." Every year, fishers all over the world go this state and visit its various fishing destinations. There are myriad of saltwater and freshwater venues that can certainly satisfy your needs for fishing.​

All these things allow us to guide you to the top fishing rendezvous in the fascinating state of Florida.

1. Key Largo​

Ocean and Dock in Key largo

If you are a local of Florida, you would immediately recommend the Key Largo to a tourist who wants to go fishing.

Many fishing gurus and even ordinary locals consider this place as one of the premier fishing hotspots that the state can offer. Aside from the abundance of underwater life, Key Largo is unarguably beautiful. It the perfect for leisure fishing and other recreational activities.

Key Largo is a haven for many anglers.

There is a certain abundance of freshwater fish here, which includes snook, tarpon, and bonefish. If you are done with fishing, you can relax while enjoying the flourishing scenery of mangroves and other natural wonders.

2. Cedar Key​

Cedar Key sunset

Cedar Key is a far-flung area of Florida. It is a town that only contains around 1,000 residents or less.

Specifically, the place is situated in the midst of small and idyllic islands. It has been a popular place for fishing in the state, as it has been known to be a fishing village for quite some time.

In the Cedar Key, you will discover the Seashore Reef. For experienced anglers, this place is really worth visiting. Meanwhile, amateur fishers and hobbyists can freely visit the Cedar Creek. The latter is laden with a wide expanse of seagrass, which is a sight to behold. Cedar Creek is a highly-recommended launch point while you are in the Big Bend Area.

The marine life that a fisher can capture in Cedar Key is pretty limitless. In fact, you can catch a lot of gamefish here such as the King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel.

3. Key West​

Key West - Dog beach

Key West is not only a popular fishing site in Florida, but it is also a well-visited tourist spot. The place is a good fishing point because it provides a variety of services and amenities for tourists.

From hotels down to recreational centers, Key West has them all. As a matter of fact, the world-renowned Ernest Hemingway was an avid fisher in this place for quite some time in the past.

Key West offers both offshore fishing and flats fishing. It is a good destination if you want to catch different varieties of saltwater fish such as bonefish, tuna, tarpon, and marlin. Finding the best fishing spot here is not difficult, thanks to the plethora of ship captains and fishing guides for hire. If you want to fish together with your family, Key West is a fine destination to go.

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It is one of the most trusted fishing boats for hire in the coast of Florida.

4. Lake Okeechobee​

Lake Okeechobee Sunset, Florida

If any of you are into bass fishing, the Lake Okeechobee of Florida is the place to go. Of course, some of you are already familiar with this destination.

After all, Okeechobee is one of the popular game grounds for fishing tournaments in North America. The Bassmaster Elite and FLW Tour have been held in the lake for many times already.

Lake Okeechobee is simply abundant in the bass. It is already common here for fishers to catch large and burly bass. Aside from the fishing pleasure that you can get here, this place is also rich in resorts. There are also guides that can help you find an ideal site to launch your reel. Alternatively, you can just rent a boat to make things more convenient on your part.

It is not difficult to enjoy here because you can do a lot of things aside from fishing. You can camp here together with your family and friends. You can avail the services of RV parks and campgrounds that are sprawling around Lake Okeechobee. You are free to engage on outdoor cookouts and stargazing here.​

5. Stuart​

bridge in stuart florida

Snook fishing has always been easy if you are in Stuart. The latter is the heart of the Treasure Coast, which is also one of the premier tourist destinations on the eastern seaboard of Florida.

Stuart city features a wall of vast waterways. It is great to fish there when summer and spring seasons hit on the deck.

The international fishing community hails Stuart as the "Sailfish Capital of the World." It should not surprise you anymore if the official insignia of this humble conurbation is a sailfish. In the town square of Stuart, there is a conspicuous fountain that features a proud effigy of a jumping sailfish.

There are fleets of charter boats that are ready to take you to fishing. Local fishers in the area recommend visiting Stuart within the months of December and March. You can also go there on June to July. During these periods, fishing is pretty abundant in the area.

6. Destin​

Long stretch of Miramar Beach, in Destin, Florida and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico

It might be your destiny to fish in the town of Destin. It is one of Florida's prized possessions when it comes to fishing. The biggest fishing fleet of the state is residing here, too.

Fishers and tourists can go here and hire a boat for an offshore excursion. Don't worry. You don't have to race with other anglers. There are around 140 fishing vessels that can accommodate large quantities of visitors.

While you are in the water, you have the opportunity to catch sailfish, tuna, snapper, and amberjack. If you are lucky enough, you can catch a blue marlin here.

For those who simply want to relax, casting their line on the pier is pretty acceptable. Destin is a sedating place, with a cool ambiance. The pristine seashore and unadulterated beaches are all perfect for a laid-back experience.

Let's Pack Up​

Your adventure to Florida is not complete if you do not bring your trusty fishing amenities. The place is a treasure trove of fishing destinations that can satisfy fishers of any skill level.

Which of these places do you want to cast your line? Tell us in the comment section below!​

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