5 Best Pop Up Camper Brands You Should Get (for SALE !)

Nowadays, pop up campers are increasingly becoming more common. They are more than just a tent, yet less than the average travel trailer. More and more people realize that pop up campers are the ideal thing for them.

There is, however, a lot of Pop up Camper models out there and one can easily mistake a bad brand from a good one. Although the type of best pop up camper model to choose depends on personal preference, you can make a much better choice by knowing certain criteria of what makes the best pop up camper.

To make things easier still, we have reviewed five of the best pop up camper brands in the market. These brands are already the best and all you need to do is pick one which you think will suit your needs.

So keep reading...​


Benefits Of Using Pop Up Campers​

Pop up campers provide some benefits over both travel trailers and tents. What’s a pop up camper? The odds are that you have seen this stuff behind a vehicle before.

It’s become the best friend of many families in terms of camping, summer vacations and trips. Somewhere between a full RV and tent camping, the pop-up camper, or a fold-up camper or tent camper, offers numerous features found in the expensive RVs but is still affordable.

It’s not difficult to see all the advantages that a fold-up camper offers.​

Benefits Of Using Pop Up Campers​

1. Convenience

Because you can tow it with your own car, once you arrive at the campsite, just unhitch the camper and then drive your vehicle anywhere you’d like to go. But with full-size RVs, this is not probable, unless you tow your vehicle behind it.

2. User-friendliness

The majority of pop-up campers can be prepared and set up, including bed making, in just less than one hour. Way much easier than putting up a tent, all that campers’ need is to slide out the napping areas and roll-up the roof.​

3. Portability

These trailers only need a sedan, SUV, or small truck to tow them. They’re aerodynamically built and relatively light so towing them does not require a very big engine. The additional cash spent in gas is minimal. It’s very easy to operate, and you can drive them to anywhere you like, unlike full-sized RVs.​

4. Easy Storage

When you aren’t using it, it can fold to a neat four-foot tall box. Because it’s so compact, searching a place to keep it is very easy. The best choice is to keep it in a protected area, but they’re able to bear up the elements, therefore finding a place isn’t a problem.

But, full-sized RVs and trailers require special bigger areas designed to store them when they aren’t in use.​

5. Protection From Elements

Pop ups provide you with the feeling on external camping while being protected fully from the elements. The waterproof sides and hard roof offer total protection from the rain. Also, the sides unzip on peaceful nights, so you can revel in sleeping with fresh air.​

6. Tow Ability

The majority of tent campers are sufficiently lightweight that they a light truck, SUV or larger car can tow them. Because they do not have that much weight and wind resistance is not available, your gas mileage isn’t hugely affected.

Because you tow the pop up with your own vehicle, you use your own car once you have arrived at your destination.​

7. Location

Tent campers provide the versatility of camping with tents with the RV camping protection. You don't need to stay at the campgrounds, yet can make your individual campsite if you like. The majority of models are adequately rugged to travel to your chosen destination.

Check out this video to get a glimpse of what a great pop up camper looks like:​

What To Consider When Purchasing A Used Pop Up Camper

Now, if you have been reading this article for a while, I’m certain you have seen all the brilliant makeovers our readers and subscribers have submitted. Perhaps, that is why you’re here reading this in the first place.

An insect has bitten you, and you’d like to try to remodel by yourself. That’s great! There are loads of reasons buying a used camper is an incredible idea, one of which is that it can be very inexpensive.

While it’s true that you do not have to be worried about the cosmetic stuff like curtains and cushions, you’ll want to buy a camper that’s structurally sturdy. This will guarantee that the tiny camper you have put work into lasts for quite a few years of camping.

There’s nothing worse than buying a camper which only meant to change several cosmetic problems, only to discover you have a disintegrated subfloor that requires replacing. That’s the reason it’s so crucial that you examine the camper carefully before you purchase it.​

What To Consider When Purchasing A Used Pop Up Camper

1. Camper Floor Rot

Main things that will require a huge amount of cash to repair are:

  • Damaged or irreparably worn canvas
  • A rotted or leaking roof
  • Soft spots in the roof or floor
  • Cracking or sagging roof
  • Damaged or broken lift system.

2. Bent Frame

Note that you can repair just about any problem you may encounter. Everything comes down to the amount of money and time you’re willing to invest in the project. Though, if you want to update some cosmetic things, it is extra crucial that you do your research and prepare, and know what you’re getting into prior to buying anything.​

3. Remodelling Pop Up Camper

The seller should go through a whole set-up and take-down with the buyer-- you. The seller must show that the amenities–such as the A/C unit, water heater, furnace–work properly. Ask how it’s been stored, how long it’s been unused, whether or not there are leaks in plumbing or the roof, etc.

Know how they maintained the wheel bearings and if they ever repacked them. Ask if the tires have been replaced. When were trailer brakes last checked? Bring a checklist with you to can make certain that you cover all the vital bases before you buy.​

4. Checklist When Purchasing A Used Pop Up Camper

Make certain you test all out yourself. As awful as this may sound, you cannot always entirely trust the seller. They could be oblivious of items that require addressing, or they could just deliberately mislead you regarding things.​

5. Price

Price is such a difficult thing to measure when purchasing a second-hand pop up camper because it can depend greatly on the time of year and area. In general, you will find better transactions on pop up campers as soon as the camping season is done. Winter and fall are amazing times to look for a camper.

And you can acquire a general notion of a prospective camper’s price by checking “NADA Guides,” which is an excellent place to look for camper values and prices.

If you spend time on Craigslist, you will get a better notion of what the real prices in your locality are. Unless you encounter a great deal, do not buy the first camper you encounter. Take time to check out campers and acquire a feel for condition and amenities against the asking price.

You could just change some things on your list once you have done more research.​

6. Exterior

I have discovered that you can frequently look for a smaller camper along with the basics for approximately $1500 below, depending on your area.

In general, a bigger camper with a bathroom or slide-out will run you a couple of thousand dollars more, and a fresh, new camper will cost more. You must consider price when choosing amenities.

That sums it up. Now, you should have an idea of the things to look for when purchasing a second-hand pop up camper.​

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5 Best Pop Up Campers On The 2018 Market

1. Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer

Lots of these brands are common and widespread manufacturers of travel trailer. Jayco is just one of them, making full-size travel trailers as well. They provide two pop-up camper lines: the Jay Series Sport (an A-frame style camper) and Jay Series (fold-out style camper).


  • The Jay Series Sport provides numerous convenience and space for its tiny size. As stated on their website, this model includes bunk ends that are rated at 1050-lb. and dinettes
  • The fold-out-style camper Jay Series packs much value into an extremely small form factor as well
  • Features such as a carry-out stove and a swing level galley (kitchen), the Jay Series has numerous conveniences that’ll make camping relaxed.


  • It takes some time and effort cleaning the canvas although this is usually true with other pop up campers as well.
2. Forest River - Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

They have two pop-up camper models - the Rockwood and the Flagstaff. The Flagstaff features floor plans in both the hard side and the pop-up styles. Just like other campers, Forest River includes a kitchen with sink, stove, and other essentials, with spacious dinette and seating. Choosing the high wall style will save loads of weight on the hard side one.


  • The Rockwood series provides high-wall and hard-side styles
  • One exclusive Forest River feature is the “Add-a-Room” quality, which is an alternative on their high-wall campers. Essentially, this feature is an awning that connects to the camper and includes another room to it. The screens essentially enclose the whole space
  • It contains features that will provide you with an extra room that lets you enjoy the air and nature while still being protected from the weather outside and bugs.


  • While it has more space because of the “add-a-room” feature, some customers said it makes towing the unit more challenging.
3 Livin Lite – QuickSilver Tent Campers

Livin Lite contains a huge line-up of pop-up campers. They provide six various models and each with distinctive features and style. QuickSilver Soft-side Truck Automotive tent camper is the first. This tiny tent camper fits in your truck’s back portion! It has a dinette that can be converted to bed, with a cabinet for keeping stuff. It’s available in two sizes – one for smaller vehicles and one for big full-size trucks.

Next are the QuickSilver 10.0, 8.0, and 6.0, named respectively for the length they’re built in feet. On their site, the brand makes sure that their products are made out of aluminium rather steel or wood.


  • The QuickSilver 6.0 is a light and small trailer - it weighs only 636 pounds. It comes with conveniences such as table and propane stove
  • The 8.0 is a larger model which includes a sink and stove. And certainly, the 10.0 is the biggest one
  • The QuickSilver 18SUT is a trailer for sports utility as well as a pop-up camper all in one
  • On the back, is the camper; on the front, is a platform where you can tow your toy
  • Lastly, the QuickSilver XLP features an LP furnace.


  • Because, the unit is very light, some customers questions its ability to withstand the elements although it does boast of having quality materials.
4 Coachmen - Clipper and Viking Camping Trailers

Coachmen feature two pop-up models: The Viking and the Clipper. Both are customary pop-up campers with drawn-out bunks on every side and seating, dinette, and storage in the center. Both come with a shower, toilet, and stove - a good set and lots of value. Take a 360-degree virtual tour on the website of Coachmen.


  • The Patent Pending or N-Lock bed setup on various models makes these campers very easy to utilize and set up
  • Aerodynamic profiles make the unit very easy to tow at the back of your vehicle
  • Packed with features that make the Coachman very convenient to use.


  • You may find it a hassle dealing with some leaks in the bathroom when it rains.

#5. Aliner - NewPort

5 Aliner - NewPort

Aliner is a company that makes A-frame campers solely – they’re called “original A-frame.” They provide six various A-frame models: the Ranger 10, Ranger 12, Ranger 15, Expedition, Scout, and Classic.

Looking at the NewPort in their site, the unit seem to be firmly built to last a long time and withstand weather, but very lightweight and simple to put up as well. Their website focuses on how easy the process of setting up is.


  • The NewPort weighs only 1150 lbs in spite of its size, making it quite maneuverable
  • The pop-up camper comes with fridge, microwave, and plenty of storage space
  • It also provides an alternative for a toilet and outside shower.

The Ranger 12 another option while the Ranger 10 is extremely small, with 1200 lbs of mass. The Scout is the least option; it is for tent campers who require more than ten.


  • The sleeping capacity of some campers are smaller than most customers would’ve wanted.

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There are several alternatives if you’re seeking a pop-up camper. Listed above are only five brands - there are a lot more!​

So if you are in the market, what must you do? Visit the websites of these brands, and look for other brands as well. Know what kind of camper you like - pop-up or A-frame. Then choose what trailer size you really want, and what features you would like to have.​

Lastly, look for the model and brand that provide the best price - closest to what you are looking for. Eventually, these campers are great and will help you well while you’re on the road – you only need to find the one that’s best for you.

Also, you might want to take a tiny travel trailer into account, instead of a pop-up. Either way, we hope you would enjoy your trip! And we hope you found good information from this post. If you did, feel free to share it with your folks who would be travelling with you.​

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5 Best Pop Up Camper Brands You Should Get (for SALE !)
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