5 Best RV Air Conditioner Systems On The 2018 Market

The best RV air conditioner is a necessity for some people. In fact, it could be the next thing that you should invest in your beloved vehicle if you want it to become a conducive mobile living space. Although it is a simple looking component, the mere presence of an air conditioner can improve the overall setup and comfort of your RV.


Take note that there are few individuals who treat their RVs as their second home. For some, their RVs serve as their haven when they explore new places and outdoor terrains. Regardless of the place, the RV should be able to make you feel safe and comfortable. But of course, the factory setup of this vehicle does not always include a reliable AC system that can make you feel cozy during summer and warm days.

An air conditioning system that is specifically designed for RVs can improve the reliability and convenience of your mobile home. It can turn a sweaty and unnerving trip into something that is relaxing and downright pleasurable. Moreover, it will turn your RV into a multi-season vehicle. You can always crank up the AC system even during winter, as a matter of fact.

Not all air conditioning systems out there can be used for your RV. Only a few units are deserving to be installed on your vehicle. If you want to explore more about these cooling components, you might want to check out the recommended list that I posted below.

Best RV Air Conditioner On The 2018 Market​

Product Name



Our Rating

1. Dometic B59516.XX1J0 Brisk II Black Air Conditioner - Editor's Pick

Dometic B59516.XX1J0 Brisk II Black Air Conditioner (15,000 BTU 410A)


2. Coleman 48204C866 Mach 15+ A/C Unit - Runner Up

Coleman 48204C866 Mach 15+ A/C Unit


3. Coleman Mach 3 48208C966 RV Air Conditioner - Budget-Friendly Pick

Coleman 48208C966 RV Air Conditioner


4. Dometic 640315CXX1J0 Penguin II - High-End Option

Dometic 640315CXX1J0 Penguin II Black 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner


5. Coleman Mach 8 47201A876 RV Air Conditioner - Best RV Air Conditioner for Low-Noise Operation

Coleman 47201A876 RV Air Conditioner


Dometic B59516.XX1J0 Brisk II Black Air Conditioner (15,000 BTU 410A)

One of the finest RV air conditioners that you can get today is the Dometic Brisk II. It is a reliable cooling component that possesses impressive functionality and usability when it is about making the interiors of RV vehicle cold. This one can work on small RVs because it has a compact and light design. However, you can guarantee that it can generate 15% more airflow than most of its counterparts. This means that it has a superb cooling capacity--a feature that you cannot find on most of its competitors.

The Dometic Brisk II has a sturdy base pan and shroud for better stability and durability on its performance. It also features a nominal capacity of 15,000 BTU/ hour, which makes it insanely strong. The fan and motor are all engineered under the industry's standard. They can work smoothly if the condition is hot and unfavorable. Furthermore, the maintenance and installation of this air conditioning system will never trouble users at all.


  • Standard air vent design for easier installation
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Strong cooling performance
  • Rugged construction of fan and motor
  • Energy-efficient AC system.


  • Operates loudly.
Coleman 48204C866 Mach 15+ A/C Unit

When it comes to large RVs, the Coleman Mach 15+ RV Air Conditioner is an excellent choice. It has a better performance than those 13,500 BTU/hour air conditioners. It can cool a large space quickly and efficiently, leaving no gaps in the process. In fact, this component can work on extremely hot conditions, such as if you are in a desert. Other RV air conditioners will have a hard time when subjected to such predicaments. But the Coleman AC system simply will not. That's a promise that it can guarantee to its users.

One of the biggest selling points of this component is its efficient operation. It does not use too much power when it is operating. Even if the temperature is severe, it will not exhaust the power from your RV. This means that the rest of the appliances inside your vehicle can still operate smoothly. The Coleman Mach 15+ offers a balanced production of airflow for a seamless cooling performance. It also has an optional Heater function that allows the device to generate up to 5,600 BTU of heat element during the cold season.


  • Easy installation and mounting mechanism
  • Energy-saving feature
  • Intuitive interface for easier operation
  • Provides normal operation even in severe heat
  • Durable construction.


  • Slightly heavy
  • Fixed airflow.
Coleman 48208C966 RV Air Conditioner

You can always get an air conditioning unit for your RV that has a value that will not rip you off. In terms of the price and quality, the Coleman Mach 3 is a good choice. It can offer a seamless cooling performance without eating too much power from your RV. Of course, it has an operational rating that is suitable for extremely hot conditions. It has a better capacity than most of the standard RV air conditioners in its class.

You can expect that the construction of the Coleman Mach 3 is rugged and durable. It is not a unit that requires too much maintenance because of its solid parts. The base, motor, and fan are all engineered under the industry's standard. None of the parts feel flimsy, despite its price. Also, the Coleman Mach 3 is a suitable option for those who are still new to RV AC systems. It has a simple installation procedure that anyone can follow. It has a semi low-profile that fits perfectly to most RVs out there.


  • Solid and durable construction
  • Energy-efficient AC system
  • Quick installation procedure
  • Adequate cooling capacity
  • Works well on extremely hot conditions.


  • Noisy operation.
Dometic 640315CXX1J0 Penguin II Black 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner

If you want a step-up air conditioning system for your RV, the Dometic Penguin II could be the one for you. It is a fashionable and sleek AC system that features a low-profile design. It is a perfect choice for modern RVs and other RVs that have low headroom. It also has a modern shroud design that lessens the drag for enhanced mileage. The base pan is constructed with beauty and strength in mind. With its ergonomics and performance, the Dometic Penguin II became an undeniable choice for premium RV air conditioning systems.

This unit is using the latest R410 refrigerant technology. This allows the device to create an efficient heat release. As a result, the Dometic Penguin can provide non-stop cooling performance. It can cool up the interiors of your vehicle even in hot temperatures. Of course, you can expect that it still has an energy-efficient power draw. It will never cause any trouble in the circuitries of your vehicle, even if it is running on full capacity. The air conditioning system will just remain a user-friendly appliance.


  • Copes up high cooling demands
  • Preserves energy efficiency throughout its operation
  • Most low profile RV air conditioner
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Intuitive setup and control.


  • Slightly pricey.

5. Coleman Mach 8 47201A876 RV Air Conditioner - Best RV Air Conditioner for Low-Noise Operation

Coleman 47201A876 RV Air Conditioner

One of the most prevalent problems of RV air conditioners is the noise that they produce. It is not good to ride on an RV that houses a noisy AC system. It would just ruin the supposed-to-be fun moment that you and your family should experience while you are on the road. Fortunately, the new Mach 8 features a muffled fan. It is so subtle that you will barely notice it.

This air conditioner is an upgraded version of the original Mach 8. It still has the discreet aerodynamic profile of the first version. But this time, the new Mach 8 offers enhanced durability and strength, as seen on its industrial-grade base pan.

Despite its rigidity, the new Mach 8 still remains to be a lightweight unit. The installation and mounting system of this system are never complicated at all. You can guarantee that it can compete with other RV AC models because of its unique design and setup. It features an efficient heat transfer through its outdoor coil. As a result, it can provide more efficient cooling capacity without being restricted by the size of your RV.


  • One-piece fan motor design for more efficient operation
  • Effective heat transfer
  • Features lightweight and low profile design
  • Noise level is reduced by 5 decibels
  • Easy installation.


  • Not as energy efficient as other AC units.

How To Choose The Best RV Air Conditioner

An air conditioner can save you from discomfort. I know that the breeze of the outdoors is cool and fresh. But during hot seasons, things could change drastically. You can't always open the door or windows of your RV for ventilation. You cannot do this during the sunny days, or when the sun is still sitting high on the sky. The outside temperature could fry your skin and the interiors of your vehicle.

But on the other hand, you cannot just shut down yourself together with the RV and wait for the sun to set. That's a dangerous thing to do. The best option that you have right now is to install a functional RV air conditioner to the unit. Although it is not an investment that you can get immediately, it is still considered as a vital amenity that every RV owners should get.

Here are some of the essential considerations that you have to understand before you choose an AC unit for your RV.​

Size Of Your RV

Size of your RV

You should always remember the fact, not all RVs and other camping vehicles are compatible with ever air conditioning system that exists today. There is always a variation on the insulation strength of most AC models today. Therefore, it would be great if you can contact the dealer of your RV and ask them for recommendations of what type of AC system is appropriate to your vehicle.

The length and overall dimension of your RV matter in the selection process. Apparently, you cannot cool up to a large RV with a compact air conditioner. On the other hand, you can also guarantee that large AC systems can cause a winter storm inside your vehicle. In some instances, it is required that you should install more than one air conditioners in your RV. This typically happens if the RV is particularly long, or comes with multiple compartments.

Rooftop And Bench AC Systems

There are two ways in which you can install an RV air conditioner: under the bench or a rooftop compartment. The first method is through the rooftop of the vehicle. In this type of installation, the roof of your vehicle should be smooth and flat. Moreover, it should offer enough space and allowance to cater the entire AC system.

Remember that rooftop AC units can obstruct the entry of natural lighting from the outside. This can happen if the headroom of your RV is low and the AC system that you got is bulky. The best solution that you have here is to get an AC rooftop unit that comes with an integrated window. Alternatively, you can get air conditioners that have a sleek profile.

The second installation approach that you can opt is under-the-bench. Just like its name suggest, bench AC systems are either mounted on the bench or compartment of your RV. This is the best option that you have if the roof of your vehicle is crowded or has a curved design.

For many, bench systems are more advantageous than their rooftop counterparts. It is notable that bench AC systems will never prevent the natural light from entering your vehicle. Moreover, its default low installation height allows a bench air conditioner to work as a heater.

Of course, there are certain drawbacks for bench air conditioners. One of these is that they eat up precious internal space in your vehicle.​

Cooling Time

The cooling time of an air conditioner is one of the critical factors that indicate its capability. Technically, people refer to this as the cooling capacity of the pull-down power. It is simply a measurement to the speed in which the air conditioner can cool the air inside your vehicle. This gauge is rated on British Thermal Units per hour or BTU/H.

It is necessary to get an AC unit that has a quick cooling capacity if you are a constant resident of desserts and other warm environments. The power that they have can ensure that you can still feel cozy amidst the parched condition.​

Final Wrap

The best RV air conditioner can just do more than cooling your vehicle. Depending on the situation, air conditioners can offer other functions such as a heater and air purifier. But for general cooling needs, any modern air conditioner can work with your mobile home. You just have to be keen on the setup and installation process so that you can always get a compatible unit. Moreover, don't forget that the construction and layout of the air conditioner matter, too. You will never want an air conditioner that has flimsy parts and requires a lot of maintenance.

You have a myriad of selection when it comes to RV air conditioners. But the ones that I have listed are among the most reputable AC units today. They have an outstanding design with energy efficient performance that are not present with ordinary contenders. I can highlight the Dometic Brisk II and the Dometic Penguin II as the prime examples of how should an RV air conditioner should function.

I do hope that you were able to learn a thing or two in this guide. If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.​

5 Best RV Air Conditioner Systems On The 2018 Market
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