The Best RV Backup Camera Reviews: Top 5 Options

Driving your RV in reverse is an issue for many people. In fact, it is not something that you cannot do easily without the best RV backup camera. Your maneuvering skills would be underemphasized if you are stuck on a hectic street or a narrow corner. On the other hand, a rear view camera can guarantee that you and your RV can get out of this situation smoothly and safely.


Some newer models of RV that are sold today have this feature. But if you got an old RV, there is a good chance that backup cameras are not present in the unit. Of course, there is a need for you to install this component. Just like I said earlier, you can easily swerve any road obstacles that are within the blind spot with the use of the RV rear-view cameras.

Aside from that, you cannot expect that the front-view mirror of your car can provide you the entire vision of your vicinity. The risk of bumping people, especially children, is high if you do not install a backup camera in your RV. This vehicular accident is actually prevalent in the United States. And although none of these cases are fatal, it is still not something that you can shrug off.

So what are your best choices for an RV backup camera? Well, take a look at my recommendations below and see which one can suit your setup.​

Guidelines In Choosing An RV Backup Camera​

Guidelines In Choosing An RV Backup Camera​

In the market today, all backup cameras (including those that are for RVs) are classified to two categories: wired and wireless. Without needing a technical explanation, it is obvious that wireless RV backup cameras are not using cables for connection. The camera installed on the bumper is wired to the monitor inside the driving cabin. On the other hand, wireless RV backup cameras, wireless transmitters and receivers are being utilized to secure a connection.​

Regardless of your preferences, both wired and wireless cameras are found effective in transmitting images and display. It is up to you to decide which of them to get.​

Specs Of A RV Backup Camera​

There are a lot of things that are probably running in your mind whenever you are looking for backup cameras for your RV. Honestly, there are only few factors that you should consider here. The first one is the field of view.

Specifically, the wider the field of view of a camera is, the lesser the blind spots. A camera is a waste if it cannot offer you a wide vision on the area in front of the rear bumper of your vehicle. If I were you, I would not get a backup camera that does not have a field of view that exceeds 90 degrees.

Another thing that you should consider is the quality of images. The display should be bright and full of colors. The image should be sharp and detailed, too. You cannot see tiny obstacles if the camera cannot capture vivid images. For wireless backup cameras, infrared LEDs can ensure the quality of display. LED lights are also necessary feature for the camera to function during the night or dim environments. Take note that tailgate will never be sufficient in lighting the camera.

If you are planning to get a wireless backup camera, always be keen about the interferences. This factor is a crucial issue to the overall functionality of the camera. You see, if there's an interference, the transmission of images will be interrupted. Of course, interfering signals are always there. Your smartphone, WiFi devices, and other digital devices can disrupt the transmission signal of the receiver and transmitter of the camera.

Most of the backup cameras for RVs today have a transmission frequency of 2.5 GHz. This is just okay. The thing that you should be wary about is the type of signal of being utilized. Don't pick backup cameras that are using analog signals because they are susceptible to interferences. Go for digital signals, instead. They work well in isolation.


Another thing that you should look for a backup camera is its mounting or installation setup. Now, most of the backup cameras out there can be installed differently, depending on their design. For now, I can say that installing a wireless backup camera is a lot easier compared a wired backup camera. There's a lot of technical aspect involved on installing a wired backup camera in your rig. And if you are not too adept with these things, you might need to seek the help of experts.

The price of the installation prices ranges from $70 to $150, depending on the complexity of the design. But of course, there are a lot of tutorials on the internet that you can follow so that you can do the installation by yourself. You just have to be careful to ensure that you can make a seamless and not-so-shabby connection.​

Best RV Backup Camera On The 2018 Market

AUTO-VOX M6PRO FHD 1080P 4.5'' Touch Screen Dual Dash Cam Backup Camera Kit, IP 68 Waterproof LED Night Vision Rear View License Plate Backup Car Camera with Motion Detection, G-sensor, Loop Recording

The intuitiveness of the AUTO-VOX M6PRO Backup Camera Kit makes it a great choice for tech-savvy drivers. It features a touch screen operation that allows you to toggle its menu quickly and smoothly. Only by the touch of your fingers, you will be able to access all the options and settings that are within the menu.

Of course, the entire camera can generate high-quality display. Day in and day out, the Auto-Vox M6 Backup Camera Kit can offer full HD resolution images, thanks to the presence of an advanced image processor. This kit also has six LED lights to ensure maximum visibility, especially during the night.

The AUTO-VOX M6PRO Backup Camera Kit has an auto display for parking. It will allow you to safely park your RV by automatically showing the entire field of your parking area. Take note that this function happens without touching any button. As long as the R-gear is on, the auto display will take effect.


  • Quick and reliable installation
  • High-quality display and resolution
  • Motion detection feature
  • Touch-screen menu
  • Auto display for parking.


  • Consumes your RV's battery significantly.
LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit for Car/Vehicle/Truck Waterproof Night Vision License Plate rear view Camera wire Single power source Rear view/Fulltime view Optional 4.3 Display Grid Lines

One of the top options that you can get for an RV backup camera is the LeeKooLuu Monitor Kit. This one offers a complete package that will remove all the blind spots that can hinder you from driving your RV safely. This one can be easily installed in your vehicle. The entire system is also operated by a single power source which makes it energy-efficient.

The entire camera has an IP67 waterproof rating. Even exposed to the elements, all of its circuitries will not be affected or compromised. The camera is in HD resolution, too. You will get nothing but the utmost clarity and details in this backup camera. Meanwhile, it also offers a viewing angle of 135 degrees, which is sufficient enough to provide you enough vision in your field.

The LeeKooLuu Backup Camera offers seven LED infrared light night vision. This means that your visibility is not limited on the broad daylight. You can also enjoy its two video inputs for better driving versatility.


  • Waterproof camera
  • Offers HD resolution
  • Works well on night and dark settings
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Energy-efficient backup camera.


  • Some minor feedback issues on the camera.
TTP-C12B Hidden Mini Backup Camera - 170° Viewing Angle Universal Car Rear View / Side View / Front View & Security Spy Camera

You do not have to spend much just to get a decent backup camera. That's what I have proven with the TTP-C12B Hidden Mini Backup Camera. Admittedly, its ergonomics and quality cannot compete with those full-sized backup cameras. But if you want something that can remove the blindspot in your driving, this one can work decently.

Take note that the TTP-C12B Hidden Mini Backup Camera is a multifunction camera for vehicles. It can work on any car models such as RV. It can be used as a reverse, side, or front view camera. In fact, you can use this as a surveillance camera to see if you can spot burglars and robbers sneaking around.

The installation of the TTP-C12B Hidden Mini Backup Camera is simple. It does not require extra tools and setup just to have this device fit snugly on your vehicle. Once this item is mounted on your car, backing and reversing would never be difficult anymore.


  • Clear image display and resolution
  • Surprisingly durable construction
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Versatile backup camera
  • Extremely affordable.


  • RCA cable is too short
  • Video quality is not as crisp as other units.
Rear View Safety Heated Backup Camera System with 7.0 Inch LCD RVS-770812N

If you are willing to spend big on an RV backup camera, I suggest that you consider the Rear View Safety Heated Backup Camera System. It is among the best RV backup camera kits that I have tested. The primarily selling point is its Heated CCD camera. The latter is specifically designed to withstand the forces of nature. The combination of heated lens and IP69 waterproof rating ensures that the camera will never get damaged even in the presence of the elements.

The camera has a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees. Furthermore, it also flaunts 30 infrared illuminators to generate crisp and high quality images at all times. The durability of the Rear View Safety Heated Backup Camera System is being exhibited by its aircraft grade and impact-resistant cable connectors.

Meanwhile, the monitor of this backup camera features a wide LED display. You can adjust the grid lines that are integrated within the monitor, too. The menu can either be navigated with the use of the dash buttons or the intuitive menu that comes with the package.


  • Extremely detailed and crisp resolution
  • Can withstand any types of extreme weather
  • Durable circuitries and mounting system
  • Adjustable monitor grid lines
  • Responsive backup camera.


  • It is slightly pricey.

#5. AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit - Best Wireless RV Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit,IP 68 Waterproof LED Super Night Vision License Plate Reverse Rear View Back Up Car Camera,4.3'' TFT LCD Rearview Monitor for Vans,Camping Cars,Trucks,RVs

Another backup camera of AUTO-VOX that you should include in your shopping list is the AUTO-VOX M1W. As its name suggests, this camera kit features a wireless installation. Some of us are not good when it comes to dealing with tangling wires. With the AUTO-VOX M1W, the connection between the rearview monitor and backup camera is secured through a wireless transmitter. As a result, the setup becomes a lot easier.

This particular camera also has a waterproof wireless transmitter. Therefore, you can install it anywhere close to the reverse light. This kind of construction is perfect for RVs, trucks, and other standard SUVs. Furthermore, you can also ensure that the wireless connection of the components does not cause interference with your other devices.

The rear view camera features six LED lights. These light sources will automatically turn off once they detected that the ambient surrounding is already bright. High image processors are also included to ensure that you can get clear and vivid displays.


  • Wireless installation and setup
  • Versatile and hassle-free mounting system
  • High-resolution display of images
  • Does not cause any interferences on your gadgets and mobile devices
  • Rugged construction.


  • Does not come with an alarm system whenever you are nearing an obstacle.

Final Wrap

The best RV backup camera is an essential amenity for every RV owners. If your current RV does not have this component by default, then you have to get one as soon as you can. By having a backup camera, you can always maneuver your vehicle safely, wherever you are driving.

All of the units that I have featured here possess the qualities that you want for a backup camera. Among these, The LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and the AUTO-VOX M6PRO FHD 1080P Touch Screen Dual Dash Cam Backup Camera Kit can provide the highest display clarity and responsiveness. On the other hand, the Rear View Safety Heated Backup Camera System features display stability, clarity, and rigidity for rugged driving applications. But overall, these RV backup cameras can really do their job.

Do you know other RV backup cameras that are worth mentioning here? Do you have some other questions or suggestions on your mind? Tell all of them in the comment section below!​

The Best RV Backup Camera Reviews: Top 5 Options
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