6 Best RV Brands For Your Travel Needs

Going on a vacation or an outdoor trip is something that everyone wants. Of course, doing it on your own will save you from the stress of commuting and public transport. But if you are planning to have a big camping day, then you might want to get a recreational vehicle or RV.

Travelling, nowadays, is something that you have to do with preparation. You have a lot of things that you should settle, including your camping checklist.

But above all these things, you need to secure your comfort while you are out. So if your destination doesn't require you to fly, then traversing it with the use of an RV would be the most optimal choice.

For those that are already considering to get an RV, the hunt has not been that easy. I know. Searching for the best RV brands is not a matter in which you can pick the one that you see first. Even if you look for recommendations, people will render divided opinions.

6 Best RV Brands On The 2019 Market

Fortunately, this predicament is not something that you can't escape. There are still some brands out there that have received the consensus of the crowd. When it comes to the top RV brands, these names should be remembered. Check them out now!

#1. Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers

One of the brands that have been making a name in the RV and trailer industry today is the Oliver Travel Trailers.

This manufacturer is mainly located at Tennessee but has been producing great recreational vehicles across the entire world.

The company started in 2007, with the aim of making high-quality and reliable RVs that anyone can get.

Most of their trailers are made from the combination of composite hull and double-shelled fibreglass. This kind of construction ensures the durability and sturdiness of the trailer. In fact, this design is so unique that you can't find a similar unit to the Oliver trailers.

Also, the RVs created by this manufacturer also provides great insulation and strength. They cannot be worn down by external elements at all. With proper maintenance, the RVs can last a lifetime. And that's something that a lot of people can agree on.

2. American Coach

American Coach

Another exceptional brand of RV that you should consider is the American Coach. The trailers and coaches they make are the best definitions of luxury.

The rigs are very innovative and have been engineered with precision, details, and performance.

When their RVs are on the road, you can guarantee that they are flat-out safe and stable.

The only distinct drawback that you can find in this brand is the price. You see, the American Coach is not your run-of-the-mill RV brand. All of their RVs cost a fortune.

Of course, I am not saying that I am underestimating your capability to spend. However, if you are a person that is just searching for a practical motorhome, the American Coach might be too much for you.

3. ALP


The ALP is a popular RV brand in the US nowadays. What they design are mostly truck campers. Their creations are thoroughly made to ensure their durability and aesthetics. 

Specifically, the combination of top-tier engineering and design has proven that the ALP RVs can keep up with the high-demands of large group camping and extensive trips.

ALP is quite popular with their high-end upholstery and spacious interior. You can fit various appliances inside such as an RV washer combo and a standard RV air conditioner.

Meanwhile, the exteriors of the ALP RVs are noticeably rugged and beyond the ordinary.

Despite all these perks, the ALP is a practical brand. All of their opuses have been priced reasonably. Beyond the style and strength of their, RVs is a price that any serious buyer can consider and afford.

4. Forest River

Forest River

Forest River is a premier manufacturer of travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers.

All of their creations have received accolades in the community because of their impressive design and construction.

The brand has produced a plethora of RVs already. I cannot even count how many models of RV they have released in the market since their inception.

What I am certain about is that this brand has a huge following. Modern nomads and RV lovers across the United States are familiar with their RVs. It is proof that Forest River has established a reputation worth mentioning here.

The price range of their RVs starts at the entry level. You can always get something from them that can suit your budget and preferences. You will never have difficulty in finding the best option for you here. Just like I said, the brand has produced a variety of RVs already.

5. Jayco


If you are looking for a pop-up camper, Jayco is one of the RV brands that you should turn on to.

Apparently, Jayco is among the most reputable RV manufacturers today.

They have been in the business of creating RVs since 1968. This means that they are already celebrating their 50 years of existence as of 2018.

Of course, you cannot expect less from Jayco. They have been making exceptionally adorable and innovative RVs since at the beginning of their run. They have a good line of toy haulers, travel trailers, and fifth wheel trailers that you can certainly trust.

Their pop-up campers, for instance, are brimming with style and fashion. They have an industrial construction, which means that their durability, innovativeness, and safety features are guaranteed.

You can also rely on the five-year warranty that they give to their RVs. It is an extra assurance that your money won't go to waste.

6. Dynamax


For class C trailers, you can always rely on the Dynamax. It is quite a reputable RV brand because it always satisfies the demands and needs of their customers.

I have noticed that the trailers created by Dynamax are modern and fitted with technological advancements. But despite this innovation, the trailers still retained their casual and feel-good ambience.

The decoration and design of Dynamax trailers are certainly impressive. They are distinctly modern and premium. You can't say that the parts have flimsy construction because the trailers themselves can dispute you immediately. In fact, you should know that the exteriors and interiors of the trailers are hand-painted by professionals.

Dynamax also provides comprehensive manuals for their RVs. You can see them all online for your convenience. It is a feature that assures their customer satisfaction.


These are some of the best RV brands that you can rely on today. There are still other names out there, but these are the guys that you should consider first. Maybe in the future, I will make a comprehensive list of all the RV manufacturers that are out and operating. For now, you just have to settle with these RV brands.

When choosing an RV brand, always make sure that you know what kind of RV that you want.

Take into account that not all RV manufacturers produce all types of RV. Some of them specialize in the fifth wheel trailers while others deeply focus on premium Class A trailers. Regardless of your preferences, there's something out there that can meet your requirements.

Did you learn from this article? Do you know other RV brands that are worth mentioning here? Share them with us in the comment section below!​

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