Choosing The Best RV Covers – 5 Best Product Review

Your RV is a very important investment and you want to protect that investment and make it last through the years. You want go on an adventure with your RV and enjoy the good life. The last thing you want is to see the interior of your RV ruined by leaves, insects and the elements.

Now, an RV cover will save you tons of cash in damage, and is important, even though your RV remains in a garage. In this post we are going to talk about how to choose the best RV covers with reviews on the five best brands in the market so you can give your unit that extra love and protection.


All About RV Covers​

1. Several Ways RV Covers Can Shelter Your Rig:​

  • An RV cover is helpful to keep the rodents and bugs out
  • Ultraviolet degradation is the top cause of value loss. It damages everything in its way, and we are not just referring to a dull paint job. And the paint protects the plastic and metal underneath, so if it’s compromised, so does the original surfaces probably are. Also, fibreglass oxidizes because of UV exposure and rubber (with old and chalky appearance) as well
  • In general, RV covers are made from polyester or polypropylene. Varying techniques of three-fold layers are utilized over the roof for further protection. The materials are treated with UV repellent or water
  • Also, they’re able to breathe that moisture can disappear and does not get caught under the RV cover; wherein mildew can be trapped.

High-end custom covers have a much tighter fit and include vents to inhibit billowing. Usually, the cover is secured in place underneath the RV; with a few covers have zips to permit access to the door. Better quality means it is a lighter cover thus making it much easier to deal with.

Custom covers are more costly, but they offer better protection than regular fit covers.

2. Some Damages That Can Happen To An Uncovered RV​

An uncovered RV left outside will meet Mother Nature’s full force. The finish on the vehicle’s exterior will be exposed to dirt, ultraviolet rays, bird droppings, acid rain and tree sap. As stated by an article on keeping the RV looking great, the degradation by ultraviolet light exposure is among the most serious issues that RV owners need to face now.

Therefore once this paint coat is somehow damaged, the parts being the paint covers is exposed to the elements, resulting in at the beginning of their decomposition, as well as some costs to you through expensive repairs. Paint isn’t the only thing subject to destruction from UV light exposure.

Fibreglass (gel-coated), used in making modern RVs, can eventually oxidize, making the RV lose its brilliance and make it appear chalky and dull. This will significantly cut the RV’s repurchasing value, as the market’s customers purchase used RVs will initially look at the exterior surface’s condition, and faded decals, UV-damaged roofs, and chalky end or front caps aren’t on the list of many buyers.

An RV cover won’t just protect the automobile from sun damage. But as stated before, nature could throw anything at the vehicle. Sap can be extremely harmful to the RV’s exterior. The liquid will result in paint stain and ultimately erode it off the exterior of the RV. And certainly, the obvious benefit of covering your vehicle is that you wouldn’t have to spend loads of time cleaning it or need to wash it often.

3. Why RV Cover Is Important​

A few RV owners have experienced bad things with covers and would warn you against them. A few of the reasons are:​

  • Sharp edges are stabbing through the covers
  • Wind is tearing the RV cover to shreds
  • Breaking roof parts that cost much to fix while setting up the cover.

There are loads of reason some folks would rather not hear the words “cover” and “RV” in one sentence. But I think a cover is important because:

  • It offers water protection. Damage due to water can be devastating. And as your RV rests there, abandoned for months, while you wait for the spring season, water can cause havoc. It’s even worse if it had snow since freezing allows for water expansion, and as soon as spring comes, everything melts, creating an even massive mess.
  • It offers protection from UV rays. UV rays decline plastic. Calking, latex, and rubber will dry and deteriorate. Moreover, fiberglass will oxidize thus fading your exterior, all due to UV damage. Also, the sun shines through your window and into your RV will cause your couch to fade. RV covers protect from damage because of heat buildup while they keep the vehicle cool and clean.
  • It keeps it sanitary. Covering the rig will keep bird droppings, dust, leaves, and other filthy stuff away from it. Save cash on maintenance; get yourself a cover.

You’ll have to be extremely careful when setting up a cover on the RV. Also, it’s not very simple to remove, particularly if it is wet. Strong winds could rip it off if it isn’t secured properly.

Before we dive into how to install an RV covering, here’s a quick video of how it is done in an actual demo:​

4. Covering Your RV

  • Find somebody to aid you. If you are over the roof, then it truly helps to have somebody on the ground
  • Take the RV cover out of the box, and spread it on the ground. Unclip every hook, open the zippers, and observe it. Determine what should go where and how should it be done
  • It can be unsafe to stand on the roof. Be careful of your footing, as well as the ability of your RV to handle you
  • Also, you could use a ladder on the RV’s side, rather than climbing on the roof. Despite how you carry it out, be cautious not to break gutter spouts and antennas.

Here are RV Cover Ideas you might want to explore.

5. Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying An RV Cover


Check out covers for a certain RV type. A camper’s cover is extremely different from a motorhome’s.


The cover’s proper size will fit securely over your RV. Just measure the RV first, and purchase a corresponding cover. A bigger cover than your RV’s size will be loose.​


The material you choose for your cover must depend on the weather. Where will the RV be kept? A few covers are intended for dust, whereas others are intended for snow.​

Selecting The Proper Cover

Now that your need for a cover is established, it’s time to talk about choosing the proper cover for your automobile. It’s worthwhile to do some research before heading out to the closest warehouse store and purchasing the least expensive cover that you can pick. The proper RV cover will shelter your investment for many years to come, so it’s always an excellent notion to spend time in choosing one.

In general, an RV cover will be made from polyester or polypropylene fabric, with makers doubling or even tripling its layers, so the RV’s roof remains protected. At times, the makers will put some ultraviolet rays repellent or water repellant on the covers, or particularly formulate the material to do so.

Moreover, the fabric should permit the moisture to fade away so that mildew and mold don’t form underneath the covers. You can certainly get custom-made covers for the vehicle which could be made out of various materials to offer better protection, setting you back some extra cash, but will offer you better protection than the regular covers because of their tighter fit on your vehicle as well as less wind billowing.

When you measure the RV to purchase a cover for it, then you have to make certain that you take your measurements properly. You have to measure from its end to end. While taking the sizes, you have to make sure that you consider the allowance for the bumpers, fifth wheel, propane tanks and ladders that are affixed to the RV. If you have to choose between two covers of various sizes, then constantly go for the larger size.

The smaller-sized cover will have to be overextended over the RV to guarantee a right fit, and stretching materials will cause tension which will eventually result in damage due to stress. Good quality covers will include vents, so the cover doesn’t billow much, and some will include zippered panels to permit access to entrances as well as the different parts.

When you’re purchasing covers for your RV, make certain that you acquire one that can protect your car from damage from the rain and the sun. A few covers will let you protect your vehicle even when you’re out parking. Remove the covers when you drive around in the RV.

Make certain that you constantly have a patch kit available. This will be useful if the cover is ripped or gets a tear. It’s always a better notion to take time and assess the covers for any tears and rips, instead of risking the opportunity for the cover getting entirely destroyed and you having to purchase another cover, which is a lucrative solution for certain.

With that being said, don’t think twice about changing the RV cover if you discover that it’s lost its integrity and value and could not protect your RV any longer, and for this, guarantee that you perform regular checks and tests on the cover.​

5 Best RV Covers On The 2018 Market

By far, the following are the best covers available now on the market:​

ADCO 34813 Designer Series Gray/White 23' 1

ADCO makes both custom-fit and universal covers for RVs. They utilize different fabrics that withstand the rigors of nature. DuPont Tyvek is one of their priced brands.


  • DuPont Tyvek is made to block 99.8% of UV rays as well as 98% of dust particles that are over three micrograms
  • Also, it’s resistant to solvents, as well as acids in bird droppings
  • Its weighted buckle toss makes it very easy to install beneath the coach
  • It’s the most durable among Class C covers.


  • Temperatures over 250 degrees can melt the polystyrene.
Camco 45706 40' ULTRAShield Class A Cover (116

The CAMCO UltraShield Class A Cover offers the best protection for your RV. It is also among the lightest RV covers in the market with a breathable design that prevents the growth of mold and mildew.


  • Great for hot climates and is made of lightweight polyester
  • Has vent flaps that decrease billowing
  • Integrated with heavy-duty zippers for easy access to storage and doors while easily securing in place.


  • Some people have complains about the design especially in the mounting process although they’re probably just complaining about the hectic process.
Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover or Toy Hauler Cover, Fits 27' - 30' RVs - Max Weather Protection with 3-Ply Poly Fabric Roof Travel Trailer Cover (73563)

The Classic Accessories’ PermaPro utilizes the same rip-stopping technology that’s used in parachutes, with a 4-year warranty. IT is made out of from polypropylene and includes layers of protection from ultraviolet damage.


  • The cover is made from polypropylene material
  • The Ravel Trailer Cover fits long RVs from the ground to the roof
  • RV Accessories can be adjusted from the rear and front panels and contain elastic hem corners with quick PermaPRO fabric and custom air vent system
  • The RV Storage Cover provides extra strength, repelling water and protecting against sun damage.


  • Some said the rolled up awning gets moisture while the cover is utilized.
Leader Accessories Travel Trailer Rv Cover Fits 27'-30' Trailer Camper 3 Layer Size 366

With dimensions spanning 366" wide, 104" hight, the Leader Accessories Travel Trailer protects your RV from mildew, rain and ultraviolet light. This unit has a thick, triple-layered polypropylene to cover your RV from the elements.


  • Tough water repellent material inhibits mildew and mold
  • Adjustable rear and front tension panels and elastic hem corners make it a good fit for your RV
  • Zippered panels enable access towards the engine areas and RV doors.


  • You cannot utilize the roof vents as a means to reducing humidity.
Expedition RV Trailer Cover Fits Travel Trailer 20FT thru 22FT RVs

Expedition is a greatly designed, custom-made cover made up of strong components. The cover includes straps every three to four feet, and vents to permit moisture as well as the wind to go through.


  • They have an Ultraviolet finish to aid to reduce UV damage
  • The Middle Line Expedition if their most popular brand, which contains propylene, and includes a zippered entry side
  • They have zippered panels that allow easy access to the doors and other openings
  • They come with a 3-year warranty.


  • Harmful solvents can cause irreversible damage to the material.


The cover should be secured firmly, or it can loosen because of strong winds. Nature will constantly win in these instances, but some materials can last longer than others. Therefore, note that quality is not cheap.

Choose breathable materials in order to keep mildew and mold from growing. Wheels and tires should be covered too. Wash your vehicle before covering it in order to prevent abrasion from dirt and dust particles.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please do share it if you did. Among the 5 Best Brands in this post, which one is your choice? Feel free to share your choice in the comments.​

Choosing The Best RV Covers – 5 Best Product Review
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