The Best RV Holding Tank Treatment Reviews

It is pretty essential that the septic tanks of your RV will be properly kept. Otherwise, you will always be dealing with a foul odor and unwanted fumes coming out from your waste storage. Luckily, you can always manage this problem by having the best RV holding tank treatment.

Right now, it is difficult to argue already the importance of having a mobile toilet. In fact, it is one of the must-have factors that define the quality of a particular RV. Being able to use the toilet anytime even while you are on the road is quite a convincing feat already.

But since we all know that the capacity and performance of the septic tank or holding tank of your RV is limited, it is appropriate that it receives the proper maintenance.

A septic tank treatment works best for this purpose. It can assist in the quick breakdown of waste, tissues, and other residues. It frees the system from clogs while vanquishing unwanted odors that are emanating from your toilet.

Here are some of the top-rated options that you can have for an RV holding tank treatment!

Best RV Holding Tank Treatment On The 2019 Market







Unique 413-1


Unique 413-1 RV Digest-It 


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Happy Campers Organic

Happy Campers Organic


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Walex BOI-11530


Walex BOI-11530


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Camco TST Clean Scent

Camco TST Clean Scent


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Aqua-Kem RV

Aqua-Kem RV


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Let's now review each RV holding tank treatment individually:

1. Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment


  • Uses a potent probiotic-enzyme strain
  • Provides effortless cleaning solution
  • Quickly eliminates clog-causing materials
  • Does not mask the smell with fragrances
  • Septic-safe formulation


  • No artificial drawbacks

The Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment is an excellent choice for a septic tank treatment. This one can eliminate foul odor without masking.

It is capable of eliminating the smell completely with the help of special blend of bacteria and enzymes. It is capable of working with grey and black septic tanks as well.

This product can also eliminate waste as quickly as possible. It enables you to flush out all those clogs in your toilet.

It enables you to flush out all those clogs in your toilet. It has a special formulation that can break and digest common causes of toilet clogs such as tissue paper. You will enjoy the fact that it can make your tank empty easily without any backups happening.

You also need to take into account that this treatment doesn't contain any formaldehyde. There are no chemicals and other harsh elements that are included in the blend of this product.

No artificial fragrances are present here as well. It can ensure you that it will work with your septic tank without any compromises.

2. Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment


  • Liquifies solid residues
  • Doesn't come with artificial fragrance
  • Safe to be used in your septic tank
  • Environment-friendly composition
  • Works in varying temperatures


  • The time it takes to dissolve the waste and clogs is quite long

Living with your RV would be a fun and comfortable if you can bring the Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment in your rig.

Just like the Unique RV DIgest-It, this one doesn't contain artificial fragrances. It will not fool you with a good smell.

It will just work and ensure that all the clogs and remaining residues will be eliminated.

It is also notable that the Happy Campers Septic Tank Treatment does not contain harsh chemicals.

Instead, it is only using organic composition to extinguish all the unwanted elements in your toilet and septic tank. Because of such quality, you can guarantee that the treatment is both friendly to the environment and septic tank.

The efficiency of this product does not go off regardless of the temperature. It can clean your septic tank whether you are traversing a hot desert or a cold evening road. The formulation included in this treatment is extremely efficient.

There's no need for you to add more of it for a guaranteed cleaning performance. One application is enough to eliminate the waste and smell.

3. Walex BOI-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer


  • Hassle-free formulation
  • Eliminates unwanted odor and smell
  • Quick dissolution of solid wastes
  • Keep the toilet pipes of your RV safe and clean
  • Harm-free formulation


  • It is available in different fragrances that might not be suitable for other people

One of the most affordable options that you can have for a septic tank treatment is the Walex BOI-11530 Bio-Pak. It provides efficient control over the odor and function of your toilet.

 It can make every flush smooth and hassle-free. Unlike other treatments, this product is not in the form of liquid.

Instead, it is like a solid cube, which contains a pure enzyme formulation.

The formula used in this item is environment-friendly.

It doesn't have a lagging time before it can take effect. Once you drop it in your toilet, it will start working already. Despite having a solid structure, the Bio-Pak can dissolve quickly. It is not the one that will cause clogging in your toilet.

Furthermore, the Bio-Pak has the essential features that you can expect from a septic-tank treatment. It can dissolve solid residues and toilet papers in the waste tank of your RV.

Using the product continuously will ensure that the seals, pipes, and valves in the vehicle will be free from any trouble.

4. Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment


  • Not temperature-sensitive product
  • The formulation is organic and biodegradable
  • Dissolves materials quickly and efficiently
  • Does not activate unless there is a material that should be dissolved
  • Up to 7 days of odor prevention


  • No noticeable drawbacks

The Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment is one of the top-rated RV holding tank treatments in the market today.

It uses a solution based on bacteria and enzyme to ensure its efficiency. It is also capable of digesting solid waste products and residues that are stuck in the pipes of your toilet and septic tank.

Moreover, the formulation used in this product is highly innovative.

It remains dormant and static unless it detects the presence of materials that should be dissolved or digested.

Because of this feature, the Camco TST RV Toilet Treatment offers a practical solution to the problems that your RV toilet encounters. It will not get flushed without any use at all.

There's nothing to worry about this septic tank treatment. The formulation it uses is free from harmful chemicals that could destroy the quality of your waste tank. Take note that this product is biodegradable.

Even if you throw it in your surroundings, it won't cause any harm. Despite this, you can guarantee that the Camco TST is still very effective in keeping your tank clog-free and odor-free.

5. Thetford Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment


  • Can clean different types of septic tanks
  • Kills off unwanted smell
  • Liquifies clogged residues thoroughly
  • Biodegradable formulation for a safe usage
  • Effective waste tank deodorant


  • It is a little bit costly

The Thetford Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment is not only usable on the septic tank of your RV.

It can also be used for your boats and other industrial applications that require a septic tank cleaning.

It has a powerful formulation that can deeply cleanse the clogs of your holding tanks and remove any undesirable smell there.

The efficiency of the Thetford Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment is further solidified by the fact that it is using a concentrated formulation. Once you poured it in, it will work immediately.

It doesn't have a delay or anything. It will eventually disintegrate stuck papers and residues. It can also eliminate those factors that cause the foul smell.

It has been said on this product offers a deodorant effect. It can neutralize any bad odor that might be troubling your RV.

Just like some of the best waste tank treatments, the Thetford Aqua-Kem works well in different temperatures and weather conditions. It doesn't dry up or freeze down when the external temperatures are set into extremes.

The Importance Of Having The Best RV Holding Tank Treatment

The Importance Of Having The Best RV Holding Tank Treatment

Living or riding inside an RV is something that many people consider these days.

With all the property and housing costs increase these days, it is not a surprise anymore if people want to settle on a mobile residency. After all, it can still provide comfort and security that you can feel while you are inside your house.

Of course, not all people would want their RV to become their primary home.

Some would just want to use it as a form of an ergonomic mode of transport for their outdoor activities. It can also be used for long-distance travels or state-to-state ventures.

But regardless of the purpose, your RV should become a conducive place. It should have a reliable generator for a continuous power supply.

It should even have a reliable WiFi booster and TV antenna so that your stay there won't be so dull and boring.

Even so, the only component that your RV should possess first is a convenient toilet. It should be as functional as the ones that you have in your home or office.

With that being said, it is necessary that your toilet has a clean and functioning septic tank. And unfortunately, this is where our problem starts.

Since these septic tanks that are built with our RVs don't have a self-cleaning mechanism, they are always prone to releasing the foul odor. It is not a good thing at all, especially that the vehicle is running with an AC unit.

The latter would just diffuse the bad odor throughout the RV, making things more despicable.

I also need to highlight those tissue papers that we casually throw in the toilet bowl. If you think that water alone can dissolve or flush out the tissues, let’s think over.

You cannot have these materials eradicated quickly without the presence of external agents. But if you don't deal with them, they will cause clogging in the pipes. This kind of nuisance can cause untimely repairs and expenditures.

A holding tank treatment, on the other hand, can solve various toilet-related issues that are being suffered by your RV.

It is the most cost-efficient solution that you can apply to prevent further damages. Despite being inexpensive, they can still work wonderfully, especially in the maintenance of your septic tank.

These treatments are usually in the form of biodegradable enzymes. They have a special composition that allows them to target only the residues that need to be dissolved.

While doing so, they neutralize the foul smell that is coming from the septic tank. That's a deal that you shouldn't deny to your RV at all.

How To Choose An RV Holding Tank Treatment

Here are some of the detailed factors that would determine the quality of a treatment for holding tanks.


RV holding tanks

I am always picky when it comes to the formulation that has been used in a particular treatment.

I want to make sure that the entire product does not contain harmful chemicals that can destroy the structure of the septic tank and the pipes that connect it to the plumbing system and the toilet itself.

I am comfortable with treatments that have biodegradable components. These are the ones that would never harm your toilet or the environment that you are in. You can use them guilt-free and worry-free.

However, I have to remind you that they are not something that you want to see your children playing. So please, keep them away from their reach.


You should also look for a holding tank treatment that can work quickly. It should be responsive to the materials that are needed to be dissolved.

Ideally, good treatment can liquify solid materials that are stuck on your septic tank. It should be able to work with toilet papers and other toiletries that were drained in the septic tank.

Treatment is effective if it can eradicate the foul odor, too. It is natural for your waste tank to smell because well, your residues are stored there. However, if the smell is already uncontrollable, then you should apply an effective treatment to it.


Holding Tank Maintenance

Another thing that I am always wary about when it comes to septic tank treatments is the presence of formaldehyde.

You see, most of the RVs today have black water tanks. They provide the appropriate environment so that different cultures of bacteria that help in the breakdown of residues and waste can grow and multiply.

If these strains of bacteria are killed unnaturally, the waste in your septic tank won't get decomposed properly.

It can result in bigger problems such as the release of foul smell and potential dispersion of diseases. Apparently, formaldehyde is one of the major killers of the natural bacterial environment. That's the biggest reason why many manufacturers have stopped using it on their formulation.


That's all for now! I hope that through this guide, you can get the best RV holding tank treatment that you need. After all, it is a necessary amenity to ensure that your toilet is working properly. It would be best if you apply such solutions on a regular basis to prevent unwanted maintenance and clean-up.

Did you learn from this article? If you have questions that are related to your RV, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

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