The Best RV Inverter: Comparisons And Reviews

Power generators are essential for the overall operation of an RV. However, it is not really bad if you invest in a backup power source. In that case, it is a good thing that you would invest in the best RV inverter.

Take into account that most of the huge electronic devices in your RV, such as air conditioners televisions, and refrigerators operate through the alternating current or AC.

With an inverter, all the DC power can be converted into AC without any fuss. The device can simplify your life in your motorhome by ensuring that all of your appliances work properly.

Also, one should always remember that standard electronic devices won't work if you just plug them into the socket of your vehicle. An inverter must be present to ensure that the appropriate power source can be passed through your appliances.

The better the RV, the more optimal the performance that it can deliver. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that you can get for this particular amenity. Some of the best ones were listed here.

Check them out and see which one do you think can serve your motorhome adequately.

Best RV Inverter On The 2019 Market







VertaMax Power Inverter


VertaMax Power Inverter


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Power TechOn PS1004

Power TechOn PS1004


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Ampeak Power Inverter


Ampeak Power Inverter


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Go Power! GP-ISW3000-12

Go Power! GP-ISW3000-12


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Xantrex Power Inverter

Xantrex Power Inverter


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Let's now review each power inverter individually:

#1. VertaMax Power Inverter


  • Surge capacity is high
  • Comes with a variety of protective features
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Features a LED display for monitoring its status
  • Can support large RV appliances and devices


  • No noticeable drawbacks

One of the finest RV inverter today is the VertaMax Pure Sine Wave. This one is a complete package, which features all the amenities that you need for its installation and operation.

Aside from the 3000W surge inverter, this set also includes battery cables (2 gauge), cable lug terminals, ANL fuse holder, and remote. You are no longer required to buy other amenities once you have this device.

This particular RV inverter comes with three grounded AC outlets.

Each of these outlets is 115 AC, which is compatible with various RV and household appliances. Furthermore, the individual outlets have their respective circuit breakers.

That feature alone indicates that this RV inverter can operate securely. It has a reliable performance that is quite needed in motorhome applications.

Other features are also present in the VertaMax Pure Sine Wave Inverter. It comes with a thermal shutdown component to protect it from overheating. Furthermore, the internal fuses have protective capability against reverse polarity.

Over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and voltage alarms have been integrated on the system of this inverter. With them around, your appliances will always be safe.

#2. Power TechOn PS1004 Power Inverter


  • Comes with four output sockets for a more extensive performance
  • Protected from different voltage issues
  • An ideal choice for RVs and other emergency purposes
  • Features 6000 watts surge power
  • Rugged and durable construction


  • The remote switch is quite bulky

The Power TechON 3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is another great option for an RV inverter. It has a basic capacity of 3000 watts and a 6000-watt surge capacity.

It is capable of converting 12V DC power sources to 120 volt AC, which is quite ideal for various RV appliances. Of course, all the essential items for its operation and installation are already here such as remote switch and ring terminals.

Specifically, the Power TechON 3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is constructed for vessels, RVs, and other vehicles.

It can also be used on times where there are power emergencies. It can adequately support sensitive devices, computers, and a variety of large appliances. Furthermore, this inverter can operate in extended periods, thanks to its solid construction.

There are five types of protection that are integrated on the system of this inverter. It has voltage protection, low voltage protection alarm, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, and thermal protection.

Moreover, it has a LED light that illuminates once there is a problem or issue in the system. The said feature allows immediate troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

#3. Ampeak Power Inverter


  • Can be used to charge mobile devices
  • Comes with an audible alarm if issues arise in the system of the inverter
  • Can support electronic appliances in your RV such as freezers
  • Excellent electrical insulation on its cables and housing
  • Simple but downright functional


  • Power capacity is slightly lower

This one is a perfect choice for small RVs like class B motorhomes. This inverter has an excellent performance in converting 12V DC power to 110 AC. It can also accommodate a variety of appliances, which is fairly decent already.

And since it is placed within the entry-level category, investing on this inverter would never be disappointing. Take into account that the quality of this product is never cheap.

The Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter can provide up to 2000 watts of continuous power output. Meanwhile, its surge capacity is around 4000 watts.

While it is true that its rated capacities are not as high as the first two inverters that I have featured here, it is still capable of operating different appliances and devices in your RV. In fact, it can run small refrigerators with ease.

There are three AC outlets that are integrated on this device. There is also a USB interface so that it can be used by mobile devices.

Specifically, this inverter can become your power source so that you can charge your laptops, cell phones, tablets, and digital cameras.

The inverter can also operate small electric fans. Of course, all the essential protective capabilities have been built in this wonderful inverter.

#4. Go Power! GP-ISW3000-12 Power Inverter


  • Capable of handling large loads
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • All parts are insulated for safe operation
  • Features protective capabilities against over and low voltage
  • Can operate various RV appliances at once


  • No noticeable drawbacks

For industrial and high-demand applications, there's only one inverter that comes into my mind. The GP-ISW3000-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a highly efficient and functional inverter.

It is perfect for large RVs such as class A and class C motorhomes because it can literally support large appliances at once. If you have washer-dryers or air conditioners in your RV, choosing this inverter can be a good idea.

The power that is being generated by the GP-ISW3000-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter is pure and has been certified by different third-party testing companies.

Despite its rugged and durable construction, this inverter is insanely lightweight and compact. Taking this in your RV would never be a problem because of these ergonomic features.

This particular inverter features a 16.5-volt DC input. The latter is compatible and useful to a variety of large trucks and motorhomes.

One should know that the inverter can charge the batteries of cordless power tools such as drills and table saws. Of course, it can also work on electronic devices, which includes computers, laptops, and smartphones.

#5. Xantrex Power Inverter


  • Features a battery temperature sensor
  • Comes with a variety of protective features
  • Can handle sensitive electronics
  • Efficient temperature management
  • Rugged and ideal for vehicle use


  • Requires space as this inverter is quite bulky

Regardless of the application or appliance, the Xantrex 81201012 Inverter will always be capable. This unit is a high-surge capacity inverter that can operate various devices and electronics in your RV.

It has a lot of features that ensure its holistic and safe performance. It is not susceptible to issues and problems. Also, it is rugged enough that it can take impacts without.

There are a variety of features that are included in this inverter. One of these is the temperature controlled multi-stage charging.

This particular technology enables you to charge batteries pretty quickly. It is an energy-efficient way of improving the lifespan of the inverter. Furthermore, it also has an automatic shutdown feature. This one can protect the system of the inverter from excessive depletion of batteries.

The built-in transfer switch of the Xantrex 81201012 Inverter improves its performance. The automatic conversion of power guarantees that there are no downtimes with this inverter.

Meanwhile, the power-sharing feature stops the circuit breaker from tripping suddenly. Most of the operations of this inverter can be configured through its panel or remote.

Benefits Of Having The Best RV Inverter

power inverter

Motorhomes are typically using DC power that is generated from batteries. Of course, this is just fine except for the fact that most devices today are operating in standard AC power. You can settle with DC-compatible appliances, but they are rare and expensive. Therefore, the best alternative that you have is to get an inverter.

Well, one of the benefits of having an inverter is the ability to use any appliance and electronic devices today. Instead of switching appliances, the inverter will allow you to keep them. The conversion of DC to AC power will enable you to maintain the devices of your RV without worrying anything.

Another thing that you should realize is that inverters will allow you to use a variety of large appliances. Devices like televisions, microwaves, and air conditioners can't run through the battery of your motorhome. Even the best solar panel might not be sufficient to run them.

Having an inverter, on the other hand, will ensure that these things can run even while you are on the rod.

Another one is that inverters will allow you to utilize shore power when it is available. The biggest disadvantage of using batteries is that they are batteries.

There are a lot of complexities in using them, such as the need to monitor their status from time to time. On the other hand, inverters will enable you to shift from different power sources when it is necessary.

The Best RV Inverter - How To Choose One

using power inverter in RV

An RV inverter is a quintessential necessity for every RV owners. If you have an RV, you ought to invest in an inverter. However, it is also crucial that you know how to choose one. Otherwise, you will end up with something that is not compatible with your setup.

There are several factors that can be taken into account whenever you are selecting an inverter. Here are some of them:

Battery Power

There is always a variation in the charging power of RV inverters, even if they have the same size. Furthermore, it is easy to notice that the starting load and operating load of inverters are not the same.

Some can handle excessive loads while other cannot. The very fundamental of choosing an inverter is to assess the base load that you want to support. It can be simply done by adding the watts of your appliances that you will plug to the said inverter.

For instance, if you have appliances like microwaves and washers, the inverter that you need should have a capacity of 2,000 watts. Meanwhile, those that have numerous large appliances should settle at 3,000-watt inverter or more.


It is also essential that you are wary about the size of the inverter. Not all inverters have compact or portable size. Some of them, in fact, are built to be in the same size as small generators.

The good news is that the size of the inverter is not proportional to its expected power output. Therefore, you can still find some options that are not so big but still has the capability to operate multiple appliances at once.

Size is a consideration if space is an issue in your RV. If you have a small motorhome, then you should only settle on compact models.

Allocate as much space as you can if you feel that your RV will have difficulties in fitting an inverter. I guess that large RVs that have ample space may not suffer from such predicament.


There are two classifications that you can label to an RV: the pure (sine wave) and modified (quasi-sine wave).

Sine wave inverters typically utilize transformers so that they can generate fluid AC power that is quite similar to the AC power created in your home. They are expensive, but the quality of power they produce is great.

Meanwhile, quasi-sine inverters are not as costly as sine inverters. They are using diodes so that they can replicate the performance of sine inverters.


It is crucial for RV owners to get RV inverters for their motorhomes. This particular amenity will enable them to utilize all of their appliances in a much efficient way.

After all, there are limits to what a battery can do. Inverters virtually don't have. For a smooth RV living, these inverters are highly necessary.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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