5 Best RV Tire Covers You Should Get Today!

The maintenance and protection of the tires of our RV are essential for its operation. You can never feel safe riding on a damaged tire, regardless of the type of vehicle that you are using. Of course, your recreational vehicle is a special case since it is always carrying heavy loads.

Having the best RV tire covers would place your RV in a great advantage and comfort. After all, these covers are among the tools that you need to ensure that the wheels are protected whenever they are not in use.

Aside from having a good tire pressure monitoring system, it is also imperative that you can invest in these wheel covers.

You can always have an option to get an ordinary tire cover for the wheels of your RV. However, they might not be rugged enough to protect the tires from harmful elements such as bad weather.

An RV tire cover, on the other hand, can ascertain full protection of the wheels even if you leave it idle. Here are some of the top-rated RV tire covers that you should get for your beloved mobile home!

Best RV Tire Covers On The 2019 Market







Classic Accessories 80-219-302302-00 4-Pack RV Deluxe Wheel Covers For 19


Classic Accessories 4-Pack RV Deluxe Wheel Covers 


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Camco 45326 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (40 inches-42 inches , White)

Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector


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TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers, Fits 26.75


TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers


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Leader Accessories 4pcs RV Tire/Wheel Covers Camper Car Trailer Truck (32


Leader Accessories 4pcs RV Tire/Wheel Cover


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Kohree Tire Covers Tire Protectors RV Wheel Motorhome Wheel Covers Sun Protector Waterproof Aluminum Film, Cotton Lining Fits 27

Kohree Tire Covers


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Let's now review each tire cover individually:

#1. Classic Accessories 4-Pack RV Deluxe Wheel Covers


  • Gives off a clean appearance
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Provides sufficient protection to the tires
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Available for different wheel diameter


  • No noticeable drawbacks

One of the finest RV tire covers that you can get today is this package from the Classic Accessories.

The tire covers that are included in this set are made ideally for RVs, trucks, fifth wheels, and travel trailers.

It is also available on different wheel diameters, which makes it an extremely versatile choice.

The tire covers have a three-year warranty.

It ensures that the product can be replaced if you feel that there are damages in the covers. It is a wonderful thing since most of the ordinary wheel covers out there don't have this assurance at all. Furthermore, the warranty itself fully establishes the quality and reputation of the cover.

The tire cover itself is made from vinyl material, which has been wiped clean. It also comes with a soft black backing that has scratch-resistant properties.

The latter is the one that protects the tire from various harmful elements like the UV rays, rust, and dirt. There are also eyelets on the rear of the cover that you can use to secure the flap on the bottom.

#2. Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector


  • Comes with a buckle-and-strap design for quick installation
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Can resist various weather elements
  • Can be stored easily
  • Works in different types of RVs and trucks


  • The reflective layer on the front is susceptible to cracking

The Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector is a set of rugged tire covers for your RV. 

Just like the Classic Accessories, the Camco Tire Protector comes in different sizes so that it can accommodate a variety of wheel diameters.

The brand is still a decent choice for RV owners who are opting for versatility and options.

The protective capability of this tire cover is impressive. It can protect the wheels of your RV from common damages such as the sun, dirt, and corrosion. It ensures that no other elements can breach the structure of the tires wherever you are.

Moreover, the Camco tire cover has a sufficient defense against the weather. You will never worry about its structure at all.

You can also trust the durability and ruggedness of this wheel cover. It is among the most durable tire covers that have been made from vinyl that exist in the market today.

I also noticed that the Camco covers are compact in nature. There's no difficulty in storing them because they can be folded and kept fluidly.

#3. TCP Global Set Of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers


  • Compatible with campers, RVs, and trucks
  • Keeps the harmful elements away from the tires
  • Authentic weatherproof design
  • Heavy-duty construction that can last for a lifetime
  • One of the most affordable tires covers today


  • The wheel straps are somehow a little short

Being budget-conscious doesn't mean that you have to deprive your RV with functional and high-quality tire covers.

If you are frugal, you might want to check out the TCP Global Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers.

This particular brand features a set of rugged wheel covers that can protect various tire sizes.

The entire wheel cover is both weatherproof and waterproof.

It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter; the covers of the TCP Global can provide ample protection to the wheels of your RV.

Even if you leave the tires of your RV idle with this tire cover, you can guarantee that no unwanted elements can breach in. It is like saying that the tires are fully protected wherever you park your vehicle.

The covers of the TCP Global is crafted from heavy-duty vinyl for optimal durability. The vinyl is also backed with flannel to further optimize its ruggedness.

Meanwhile, the inner edge of the covers is seemingly elastic. This feature prevents the tire covers from the vicious cycle of wear-and-tear.

#4. Leader Accessories 4pcs RV Tire/Wheel Cover


  • Can be fastened and secured to the wheels easily
  • Made from a thick vinyl material
  • Covers the entire tires for maximum protection
  • Doesn't get damaged easily
  • Can fit different wheel sizes


  • No noticeable drawbacks

It is not that difficult to rely on the tire covers from the Leader Accessories.

After all, what the brand offers is a series of tire covers that are rugged and durable enough for your RV. 

Their tire covers can withstand severe punishment.

Whether you park in the middle of the desert or the heart of a wild forest, the covers will always remain steadfast and protective.

Of course, the quality of the tire covers of the Leader Accessories is due to the superb engineering and construction. It is made from an industrial-grade vinyl that can fend off the potential damages that external elements can throw.

The surface of the tire cover is not susceptible from being scratched, too. That's something that many RV owners want.

The tire covers fully enclose the tire so that it can be protected at all time. The insides are soft so that it won't cause any damages to the wheels of your RV.

It doesn't choke the wheels, either, which allows you to remove it easily. But for the record, the Leader Accessories Tire Cover comes with a cord for a foolproof installment.

#5. Koh Ree Tire Covers


  • Highly rugged tire cover
  • Aluminum coating to ensure better sunlight protectivity
  • Provides a guaranteed fit to the wheels
  • Can lock in place
  • Built to last long


  • Limited availability for different tire sizes

It is not that difficult to rely on the tire covers from the Leader Accessories.

After all, what the brand offers is a series of tire covers that are rugged and durable enough for your RV. 

Their tire covers can withstand severe punishment.

Whether you park in the middle of the desert or the heart of a wild forest, the covers will always remain steadfast and protective.

It is undeniable that the Kohree Tire Cover is one of the most ergonomic tire covers that you can get today.

This one is designed to work in various conditions. It can survive in any weather conditions, whether it is sunny or rainy outside. It has protective capabilities to ensure that harmful elements won't catch your tires.

One of the unique designs of the Kohree Tire Cover is the presence of the aluminum coating.

This component improves the protection that it can provide to your wheels against the sun. The coating is reflective, which ensures that the UV rays will never pierce or heat the tires up.

There is also a hook design integrated on the tire cover. This component enables the cover to stay on the tires, regardless if it is breezy outside.

The hook also guarantees a secure fit. However, let me remind you that the cover is only available in two models: 27" - 29" and 30" - 32".

The Best RV Tire Covers Buying Guide

The Best RV Tire Covers Buying Guide

As you have seen, there are several options that you can choose for tire covers for your RV. It is a clear indicator that this particular amenity is a necessary element for the survival and preservation of the tires of your vehicles.

However, the proliferation of tire covers doesn't mean that all of them have similar qualities. Always keep in mind that there are multiple manufacturers of this product.

Of course, it will become a given that they espouse unique specifications to their opuses to make them outstanding.

With this being said, you can say that some tire covers are way better than the others. It is a cold, hard fact but you have to accept it wholeheartedly.

If you want to understand the right qualities of a tire cover for your RV, you should check out the next sections. In there, I have listed all the necessary considerations whenever you are choosing a tire cover.

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It is very crucial that you know what size of tire cover you are going to choose. After all, not all wheels have the same sizes.

Therefore, it would follow that the tire covers you see on the market today have been made with varying sizes, too. Even if you are new to tire covers, you should still know that fact by now.

Before you buy a tire cover, make sure that you know the size of your wheels. There is an easy way to do it.

First, get the spare tire of your RV. Next, inspect its side and look for a certain label. If you can see a marking that includes the combination of numbers and letters, then you are on the right track.

If you are a true car geek, this information doesn't require deciphering anymore. The one that is imprinted there is the size of the tire and its rim. Of course, I am not assuming that all of you know about this.

I recommend that you look up for various online references for tire sizes. They can tell you the actual size of your tire based on the markings that you acquired in the wheels.


RV Tire Cover

It is also essential that you can inspect the quality of the material that has been used in the construction of the cover.

Just like I said a while ago, you should succumb to the idea that not all tire covers are the same. Some look cheap while others are brimming with durability and rigidity.

Currently, most of the best-selling tire covers are made from vinyl. It is a rugged material that can resist the usual process of wear-and-tear.

It is also resistant to various atmospheric elements that can harm the wheels of your RV. Furthermore, it can provide a great defense against UV rays.

Some tire covers have reflective layers on the exterior. Usually, these layers are crafted from aluminum.

The reflective layer can deflect the UV rays better than ordinary materials. Since you don't want the tires to be exposed to extreme heat, such feature is necessary.

You also need to secure the inner portion of the tire cover. It should be made from elastic and soft material so that it can accommodate the tires smoothly. It might not come important for some, but you must never ignore it at all.

Fit and Security

An RV owner must also take into account the installation and security features of the RV cover. One way or another, the cover should remain intact and in place at all times.

Placing a cover to the wheels would be pretty useless if it can be blown by the wind easily, right?

A good tire cover for your RV should have locking mechanisms. You should be able to attach them to the wheels of your recreational vehicle without any fears that they would be gone in the following day.

Fortunately, there are various styles for these locks. You just have to choose the one that suits your preferences.


Having the best RV tire covers provides a lot of benefits to your mobile home. You have to realize that it is not only the main RV that requires caring and attention.

The wheels of the vehicle should be protected at all times, regardless if you are parking or running. Of course, when not in use, the tires should always remain free of any damages.

That's it for now! For your questions and suggestions, feel free to write them in the comment section below. I will do my best to respond to them as quick as possible.

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