The Best RV Washer Dryer Combo On 2019

Your RV is meant for adventures and outdoor trips. Once you set yourself inside the vehicle, you should already expect a long ride. As an RV owner myself, I can attest that this is a fun experience. Living your life on the road is an adventure that anyone should try.

But how about your clothes? What's going to happen to them while you are still on the middle of your journey? Will you just dump them because they are dirty and smelly? Or will you clean them with the use of the best RV washer dryer combo?

You see, a washer dryer combo is one of the essential equipment that any RV and camping trailers should have. It is a portable washing system that is designed for RVs. The role of this machine is simple: to wash and dry your clothes clean.

Choosing a washer dryer combo over a washing machine is a brilliant move. Aside from the given compact size of the setup, the latter is more functional and ergonomic than a standalone washing machine.

With that being said, let me introduce you to some of the finest options that you have for this RV equipment.

Best RV Washer Dryer Combo Reviews











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Splendide WD2100XC

Splendide WD2100XC


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Panda Washing Machine


Panda Washing Machine


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Kenmore Elite 41002


Kenmore Elite 41002


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XtremepowerUS Washer

XtremepowerUS Washer


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Let's now review each washer/dryer combo individually:

#1. LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer Combo


  • Features a ventless drying system
  • Compact but large-capacity washer
  • Comes with five temperature ratings for more washing control
  • Functions can be operated through an electronic panel
  • Smooth operation; it is not susceptible to vibrations


  • It doesn't dry your clothes quickly

I was never hesitant when it comes to the LG WM3997HWA. During my research, this particular washer dryer combo simply stood out. People recommend it.

Online retailers suggest it. Various famous community forums like Reddit mention this unit. There are just a lot of good things that you can attribute with the LG WM3997HWA.

It has a good space-saving design, which allows you to fit it into the compartments of your RV. However, its capacity does not dwindle at all. 

Specifically, it has a 4.3 cubic feet tub, perfect for catering large loads of dirty clothes. The machine also has the TrueBalance system, which effectively minimizes the vibrations. As a result, the washer can run smoothly and noise-free.

Meanwhile, the dryer of this combo has an impressive heat element. It can dry your clothes evenly for better cleaning results.

The NSF-certified sanitary cycle ensures that the entire machine will be cool and clean. Having this system on your RV will eliminate laundry problems while you are traveling.

#2. Splendide WD2100XC Washer/Dryer Combo


  • Electronic interface and controls are responsive
  • Can make automatic adjustments to the water level for better efficiency
  • Uses bi-directional rotation to prevent fabric from getting wrinkled
  • The dryer can spin as fast as 1,200 RPM
  • Comes with heavy-duty shock absorbers and springs


  • Tends to vibrate when it operates

If there's one tough combo that can match the quality of the LG WM3997HWA, it would probably be the Splendide WD2100XC.

There are a lot of good reasons behind this. Firstly, this particular setup has a large capacity. The maximum washing capacity is around fifteen pounds while the drying capacity is at eleven pounds.

 Overall, the combo has a ten wash to 3 dry cycle ratio. It is an excellent choice for those who have a pile of clothes that are needed to be washed.

The compact size of the Splendide WD2100XC made it a suitable rig for RVs. The installation process for this device is not difficult at all. The washer features a brushless AC motor. It can operate silently without compromising the power it generates to clean your clothes.

Operating this device is not difficult either. You can start by selecting your preferred wash cycle and drying time. After this, you can press the start button and the package will just do its job. When it comes to the simplicity of operation, the Splendide WD2100XC is almost close to perfect.

#3.Panda Washing Machine


  • Small but powerful cleaning machine
  • Control panel is specific and non-obtrusive
  • Lightweight and can be carried by one person
  • Capable of drying your clothes quickly
  • Comes with an ergonomic inlet for the water hose


  • Small and limited capacity
  • Functions are not fully automated

I reckon that some of you are just looking for entry level combo machines. You are hunting for those units that can do the job without ripping the cash out of your wallet.

Fortunately, this is not just a product of a fantasy light. Because in reality, there are washer dryer combos that can be budget-friendly.

One of these is the Panda Small Compact Washing Machine. It is a combo that provides efficient performance in cleaning and drying your clothes. 

When the device is empty, you can carry it alone. This is one of the stark advantages of this unit over other washer-dryer combos. Furthermore, its setup is very simple. It will not bother you with any quirky installation procedures.

Unlike other high-end combos, the Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine doesn't use digital controls and touch pads. Instead, it is just using traditional knobs for its operation. This gives you a sense of familiarity with the product, even if it is your first time using it.

#4. Kenmore Elite 41002 Washer/Dryer Combo


  • Allows you to access different washing configurations and combinations
  • Highly-efficient cleaning mechanism
  • Provides a simple yet responsive control interface
  • Washing and drying capacities are both huge
  • Powerful but an energy-efficient washer-dryer combination


  • Produces wrinkles on the clothes

It is not time to escalate things a little further. For those who are willing to get a good washer-dryer setup on their RVs, considering the Kenmore Elite 41002 is not a bad idea at all.

It is one of the high-end combination washer dryers that is suited for RV and other forms of camping trucks.

This particular device is using ventless design. Therefore, the unit is usable anywhere as long as there is access to water and electricity. 

There are two ergonomic nozzles on this device that sprays the detergent efficiently to the clothes. The spray of water to the washer is perfectly fine, thanks to a separate high-pressure nozzle. With these features, the Kenmore Elite can clean your clothes for 30 minutes or less.

However, the finest feature of this combo is its highly customizable settings. Specifically, it comes with 14 different laundry options to cater you picky needs. ​

There are 14 cycles that you can try here as well. For instance, you can combine the Allergen Cycle with the Cold Clean to create a practical yet hygienic cleaning result.

#5. XtremepowerUS Washer


  • Powerful washing and drying system
  • Comes with an energy-saving feature
  • Compact and portable build
  • Hassle-free operation; you don't have to look for the manual at all
  • Affordable choice


  • Limited capacity
  • Some parts are seemingly flimsy

Honestly, I was somehow doubtful of the capacity of the XtremepowerUS Washer Dryer Combo when I first met it.

It has a bland appearance that makes you feel that it is completely ordinary. Luckily, I am not a person who concludes the performance of a certain device based on its aesthetics. I had tested its features and it did very well.

Since this is a compact combo, the XtremepowerUS is a good choice for small RVs.

It is completely portable, meaning that even a single person can carry this one. It cannot handle large loads, that's why I only recommend this for solo usage. You can use it to wash your shirts, socks, and other forms of delicate garments.

Essential Stuff To Look For An RV Washer Dryer Combo

Essential Stuff to Look For an RV Washer Dryer Combo

Getting the best RV washer dryer combo is not an easy task. You have to consider several things before you finally decide which setup you should get for your vehicle.

Of course, the selecting the right one does not follow the rules of rocket science. Even more, it is not a guessing game either. After all, a washer dryer combo is an RV amenity that has been created by technology and science.

It is given that there are features that can indicate the overall quality of a particular unit. Here are some of them:

Washer Features

Steam Cycle

The washer should be ergonomic and fully functional. It should be able to clean your clothes thoroughly, even while you are on the road. You should be keen on the steam cycles of a washer. The washer should possess this capability if you want the dander and dust mites to be removed from your laundry.

There are some washers that feature steam cleaning. This particular feature improves the efficiency of a washer to rinse off deep-seated stains. Overall, you can say that the higher the steam cycles, the better the performance of the washer is.


There are settings in your washer that allow you to do the cleaning now and the drying later. You have to look at these specific configurations if you want to experience convenience while washing your clothes.

For instance, the "Overnight Dry" or "Night Wash" are among the programs that you can utilize to execute the functionality of the washer. When these settings are activated, the device will vent or acquire fresh air to prevent foul scents from taking place.

However, let me tell you that these settings may not be available on low-end washer dryer combos. Therefore, you need to think about your needs and preferences before you start deciding things.


Depending on the size of your RV and your given needs, you can either choose for a large or small washer. If you are traveling alone or with few people only, acquiring a compact washer is already fine.

However, if you are with your family and friends, you better get a big one.

Dryer Features

Many people don't pay attention to the dryer whey are choosing a combo. However, for a washer-dryer combination to be great, the dryer should stand equal with the washer. If the following features are present in the dryer, it is a good sign that the machine can work great for your RV.

Motion Sensor

It is important that modern dryers have this feature. The motion sensor stops the cycle of the dryer automatically if it exceeds the regulated levels. If this capability is not integrated on the dryer, your clothes will be susceptible to shrinking and over-drying.

You don't want these things to happen, right?

Express Dry

Traveling in your RV means that you can have less exposure to quality sunlight. Unless you pull into a complete stop, drying your clothes manually would prove difficult.

To defeat this predicament, you need a dryer that can do things quickly. The dryer should come with huge blowers so that they can shoot hot airflow to your clothes for faster drying.

Steam Refresh

The steam refresh is actually a cool feature to have. I have known that not all dryers have this technology, even those that are in the top-tier categories. It is an optional setting, but it can drastically improve the output of the dryer.

If you activate the steam refresh feature, the dryer will be able to relax and smooth out the wrinkles of your clothes. Furthermore, it also helps in the removal of odor in every washing cycles.

Final Verdict

Going on a journey with dirty and smelly laundries is not pleasurable. You can never enjoy the trip if there is a dump of unwashed clothes on your RV. It is not a good idea to leave them on that state, either. Otherwise, microbes and bacteria can find a home on them.

The best RV washer dryer combo comes into play when you don't have the time and joy to wash your clothes while you are on the road. This machine simplifies the age-old process of making your clothes clean again. If you have them on your mobile home, the convenience of your trip would be secured.

Remember: wearing clean clothes can bring refreshing sensations.

If you have some other questions and suggestions, just drop them in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to hit the like and share buttons if this guide has helped you out.

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