The Best Satellite Phones On The Market Today!

Partaking in outdoor activities, regardless of how far and remote the destination, is downright rewarding. Yes. It is true that such an endeavor is painstakingly draining, the experience is truly liberating. Of course, during these excursions, you ought to have the best satellite phone.


Well, it is undeniable that going to places that are never ventured typically will push you to be severed from the modern world. We are all aware of that fact. Even a simple camping trip might mean that your cellular phone and internet connection must be disconnected temporarily. But that is completely okay since we have alternative means of communication. Satellite phones are one of them.

In this guide, I have listed all the top options that you have for satellite phones. Later on, I will give a short but detailed briefer about the fundamentals of this particular device. So what are you waiting for? Let's start!​

Best Satellite Phone On The 2018 Market​

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1. 2018 Unlocked IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone - Editor's Pick

2018 Unlocked IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone - Voice, SMS, GPS Tracking, Emergency SOS Global Coverage - Water Resistant - SIM Card Included (No Airtime) - Prepaid and Monthly Plan Options


2. BlueCosmo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone - Runner-Up

BlueCosmo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone Kit (SIM Included) - Global Coverage - Voice, SMS, GPS Tracking, Emergency SOS - Prepaid and Monthly Service Plan Options


3. Garmin inReach Explorer+ - Price-Friendly Pick

Garmin inReach Explorer+, Handheld Satellite Communicator with TOPO Maps and GPS Navigation


4. Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Handheld Satellite Phone - Premium Pick

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Handheld Satellite Phone w/ Prepaid Sim (100 Units / 77 Minutes)


5. Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone - Best Satellite Phone for Reception Strength

Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone


2018 Unlocked IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone - Voice, SMS, GPS Tracking, Emergency SOS Global Coverage - Water Resistant - SIM Card Included (No Airtime) - Prepaid and Monthly Plan Options

This one is a new face in the industry. However, it has all the exceptional features that we dream that satellite phones should have. Specifically, this particular satellite phone has a global coverage. It doesn't require roaming services before it can do worldwide access to voice calls, GPS tracking, and SMS messaging.

Part of the services being offered by this satellite phone is its inexpensive service plans. The package already provides you with one global sim that is compatible with monthly or prepaid terms. So far, I haven't seen any hidden fees on this satellite phone. With its uninterrupted and seamless connection, you can get anyone know that you are on the grid--even if you are hiking on some remote locations!


  • Long battery lifespan
  • Global coverage for better connectivity
  • Water-resistant and shock-proof construction
  • Audio quality is great
  • Clear LCD screen.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.
BlueCosmo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone Kit (SIM Included) - Global Coverage - Voice, SMS, GPS Tracking, Emergency SOS - Prepaid and Monthly Service Plan Options

BlueCosmo is somewhat a household name when it comes to the satellite phone industry. They have produced impressive units of satellite phones, which include their Inmarsat. Just like the first satellite phone here, the BlueCosmo Inmarsat doesn't require roaming services. With the included sim card, you can already make voice calls and messages throughout the globe.

A GPS tracking system is also present in this satellite phone. It is a useful feature for those who are constantly going to a distant destination for an outdoor trip or emergency activities. The battery life of this phone is reliable as well. It doesn't drain as fast as your cellular phones. All the other amenities like wall chargers and international plug attachments are also present in the package. A holster and belt clip will allow you to carry this phone with ease.


  • Features a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Rugged and waterproof construction
  • Access to global services with no roaming charges
  • The LCD screen is visible in various settings
  • Features an ear-piece for hands-free operation.


  • The antenna is seemingly flimsy.

#3. Garmin inReach Explorer+ - Price-Friendly Pick

Garmin inReach Explorer+, Handheld Satellite Communicator with TOPO Maps and GPS Navigation

Honestly, the Garmin inReach Explorer+ is one of the most inexpensive high-quality satellite phones today. It has all the features that anyone would expect from a satellite phone, but its cost is relatively lower than most of its counterparts. For those who are trying to be frugal, this particular device is something that they can rely on.

Just like I said earlier, all the essential features for a satellite phone is present on the Garmin inReach Explorer+. It can offer two-way global communication coverage. But of course, a satellite subscription is required for that. But after doing so, you will no longer have to pay for any other surcharges and hidden fees. This phone can also automatically trigger an emergency SOS signal. Such feature is necessary if you need rescue or you are doing a reconnaissance mission on the wild.


  • Highly rugged and durable construction
  • Can access maps and NOAA weather charts
  • Colored and crystal-clear display
  • Efficient GPS tracking
  • Built-in compass, barometer, and altimeter.


  • Functions are quite quirky to learn
  • Susceptible to interferences.
Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Handheld Satellite Phone w/ Prepaid Sim (100 Units / 77 Minutes)

When I was making this list, one of the priorities that I have is the battery lifespan of the satellite phone. You see, I somewhat despise the design of smartphones today, considering that their batteries drain too quickly. I opt to use radios and satellite phones because their juice doesn't dry out that fast. But among these satellite phones, it can be said that Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 has a very enduring battery.

This one can run for three straight days without charging. Such a feature is needed if you are going on extended trips in the mountains or woods. For rescue missions, a long battery lifespan is a hefty capability you will be willing to pay. Of course, the rigidity and strength of this satellite phone are impressive as well. It is extremely sturdy and resistant to various natural elements. This doesn't get worn out easily. Standby features like government emergency services and weather warnings are also integrated on the system of this satellite phone.


  • Extended battery life
  • Global reception coverage
  • Provides ergonomic features
  • Ideal for harsh terrains and weather conditions
  • Offers hands-free operation.


  • Bluetooth connectivity requires further troubleshooting.

#5. Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone - Best Satellite Phone for Reception Strength

Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone

It is notable that the Thuraya XT-LITE is an exceptional piece of equipment, designed to make and receive calls even on challenging areas. It is a rugged piece of amenity that can withstand various weather elements. It doesn't get damaged even if it is exposed to elements like dust, snow, rain, and other deterring factors.

The Thuraya XT-LITE has impressive signal strength. It is not as susceptible to signal interferences compared to ordinary satellite phones. Furthermore, this one offers a dual GSM service in one sim. Such a capability has double the quality and connection that you can get from using this phone. You can make uninterrupted calls from anywhere in the globe without hidden charges. It has a decent battery life, which can ease your worry of being disconnected while you are off the grid.


  • Not impervious to signal loss
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Emergency services are available
  • Supported in twelve different languages
  • Simple and user-friendly interfaces.


  • Doesn't have useful accessories.

What Is A Satellite Phone

Cellular phones are barely one of the many products of modern technology. However, it can be considered as the most impactful or something that held extreme significance these days.

Communication has been a vital point in the development of the human race. It established a sense of connectivity that made us progress to where we are now. Cellular phone, or smartphones, are just a simple block that forms this concept. But deliberately, it is safe to say that many lives won't move forward without them already.

Despite the prowess of these cellular phones, their services are still limited. Have you ever considered going on a trip to distant places where conventional coverage is seemingly not possible? Cellular towers are not everywhere. And if they are not present, your smartphone won't work either.

On the other hand, satellite phones are exceptionally powerful and virtually limitless. Their operation is not dependent on these cellular towers. Instead, their reception is directly operated by those satellites that are orbiting around our world. They are like cellular phones, but their capability has never been restricted. Globally, these phones can operate swiftly.

Benefits Of Using The Best Satellite Phone​

Just like long-range walkie-talkies and long range two-way radios, satellite phones have exceptional reception. Of course, that's among their basic perks. They have better reception and signal capability than other communicating devices. Such a feature alone made this device more appealing than before.​

  • Satellite phones work best for survivalist and off-the-grid folks. These are the ones who are really prepared for whatever SHTF situation that will strike us. When all the telecommunication systems are down, these satellites won't. Therefore, it is inherent for them to get these satellite phones. They will be able to communicate with some government agencies and third-party groups that survived a great collapse.
  • Satellite phones are also usable for search-and-rescue personnel and military forces. They can rely on the phone whenever they are venturing on various terrains where cellular or radio signal is not present. The satellite phones will enable them to communicate with their main offices or operations centers. Regardless of the nature of their tasks, these satellite phones will enable them to accomplish with it.
  • A satellite phone is also handy equipment that can be yielded by outdoor lovers. If you love hiking or trekking in destinations that are too far from civilization, bringing a satellite phone would be certainly beneficial. Mother nature is unpredictable. If some sudden emergencies or tragedies befall you, these satellite phones will allow you to call rescue.

How To Choose The Best Satellite Phone

How to Choose the Best Satellite Phone

Not all satellite phones work the same. Or ideally, not all of them have been made with the same capabilities. As you have seen on the list that I have made, it is pretty clear that most of the satellite phones have unique features and designs. In respect to the phones that I have showcased here, most of them are pretty ergonomic and functional. If you choose them, you have no problems to worry about later.

But how about if you are going to make the choice by yourself? Will you be able to end up on the right satellite phone? If you are uncertain of what to get and pick, just follow the guidelines below:​


Take into account that not all satellite phones operate on the similar coverage area. On this factor alone, you will be able to whittle down your selection. For instance, Inmarsat phones are the optimal choice if you are operating within the 50 degrees North and 50 degrees South latitudes. The reason for this is due to the placement of their satellite near the equator. If you are far from the equator, you have to make sure that your horizon must be clear from obstructions.

The paragraph above is just a reference to how these satellite phones work. The best thing that you can do here is to inquire the retailers and manufacturers about the coverage area of their satellite phones. In there, you will know which one can accommodate your terrestrial location.


Most of the time, these satellite phones are being used in unconventional applications and instances. Therefore, satellite phones should have a rugged construction. They should be able to endure various elements that are present in the outside world. At the very least, these phones should be shockproof and impact proof. They should never be as sensitive as your smartphones.

Second, make sure that the phone you get can survive elements like water, moisture, heat, snow, and dust. These factors should never hamper the operation of the phone.​

Extra Features

There's nothing wrong if you want a satellite phone that can give extra services. Some of the satellite phones today are capable of sending SMS messages, although it may be limited to around 140 characters. It is also notable that other satellite phones have simple email service, which is unique.

Weather notifications and government emergency services are also an acceptable feature that a satellite phone could possess. They can alert you over impending disasters or important civil announcements.​

Wrapping Up

I guess I have covered everything that you need to learn about satellite phones. Always remember that these devices may not look appealing. However, their performance is truly incomparable. You will definitely need them whenever you are going to places where cellular networks are not active or present.

The ones that I have listed here are some of the best satellite phones that you can get today. However, it is really up to you which satellite phone you should get. I just hope that I have enlightened you a little about this particular and how useful it is in these trying times.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!​

The Best Satellite Phones On The Market Today!
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