5 Best Teardrop Trailer Units You Should Check Out!

The world of trailers, RVs, and motorhomes are definitely not complete without the best teardrop trailers.

They are considered among the original trailers. In fact, most of the modern trailers are usually patterned after them.

The emergence of newer trailers has superseded teardrop trailers for a while. After all, people would always want to try something else.

However, it is quite notable that teardrop trailers are starting to surface again in the limelight. They are becoming a trend again, thanks to their functionality and practicality.

As a big fan of trailers, I can always name a few teardrop trailers that are worth your bucks. You see, there are a variety of teardrop trailers that exist today.

However, we can also assume that not all of them might suit your preferences. If you want to erase your doubt right from the start, you should check out these following teardrop trailers.

Let's start!​

Best Teardrop Trailer On The 2019 Market

Here are some of the top units that you should consider.

#1. Extreme Tears XTR


  • A-arm coil spring suspension
  • All-terrain tires
  • Exo-skeletal frame
  • Dual action parking brake
  • Fender support


  • Not understandable warranty

Should a person like you get interested in teardrop trailers, one of the very first options that they should consider is the Extreme Tears XTR.

This trailer has been based on Michigan for many years already. The build of their rigs are usually suitable for off-road and extreme applications; hence, the name "Extreme Tears."

Of course, you can expect that this trailer was built to last long in the field.

The XTR was just released in 2017. However, it soon became one of the favorite choices of many trailer lovers. It is completely functional and rugged at the same time.

Regardless of the condition, you can guarantee that this trailer can meet your demands. It can protect you from various elements and harsh weather conditions. Your items will be safe and sound here.

It is notable that the XTR is available in four models. The most inexpensive one is just playing around the price of $8,000, which is already a decent choice. Overall, you will certainly enjoy the Extreme Tears XTR because of its high-quality design.

It comes with full steel tubing, aluminum top and sides, and insulation so that it can withstand severe punishments in the off-road adventure.

#2. Oregon Trail'R


  • Designed to compliment the styling cues
  • Fully configurable
  • Aluminum-skinned plywood atop
  • AA-powered LED light
  • Weight between 550 and 700 lb


  • Pricey

Right from the start, the Oregon Trail'R is already offering three types of teardrop trailers that can easily catch your attention: the Terra Drop, the Do-Drop, and the FronTear.

Each of these teardrops is exceedingly beautiful. They can provide all the camping convenience that you need without being too big or bulky.

Among the three teardrop trailers, the Do-Drop is the smallest. 

It is the best choice if you want a lightweight and extremely compact teardrop trailer. It is also a perfect match for small towing vehicles. You can use this rig whenever you are doing small weekend games or fishing. Navigating this rig is quite easy, too.

Meanwhile, the TerraDrop is the off-road teardrop trailer that the Oregon Trail'R offers. It has a rugged and wickedly strong construction so that it can endure the harsh elements of the field. It doesn't wear out easily an requires less maintenance. At the same time, it can take care of your belongings, too.

The FronTear is the flagship teardrop trailer of the Oregon Trail'R. It has a customizable design so that it can cater to the needs and requirements of its users. It is also lightweight but has the similar size of the TerraDrop trailer.

#3. Runaway Campers


  • 5000 btu Air Conditioning and a power strip to plug it into
  • Front mounted cargo box
  • 13 inch Tires and wheels instead of the base 12 inch
  • Front Diamond Plate Rockguard
  • Dual Rear Stabilizers


  • Small rooftop ventilation

Another good choice for a teardrop trailer is this unit from Runaway Campers.

The Runaway Campers Teardrop Trailer is one of the fascinating options that people have for this type of camper.

All of its parts are derived and constructed in the United States so that it can exhibit durability and ruggedness throughout its entire usage.

The value and price of the Runaway Campers Teardrop Trailer are both amazing as well. They are not really as expensive as other trailers, but they can provide the same level of convenience as class B or class C motorhomes.

Of course, it should be a given that this trailer is quite smaller than those two motorhome categories that I have listed.

People have observed that this teardrop trailer does not possess the traditional teardrop shape. This trailer features a box shape but is still considered a teardrop because of its given size, design, and function.

In fact, there is an advantage to its shape. The trailer will be able to provide more space for you. Pretty convenient, right?

From its appearance alone, you'll know that this rig is made to last long in the wrong. It is completely rugged and impervious to damaging outdoor elements.

#4. Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe


  • Black Powder Coated Frame
  • Safety Chains
  • Two Operable Windows w/Screens
  • Aluminum Fenders


  • There isn’t one

The Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe is a highly-regarded teardrop trailer. It has the ruggedness that can overcome the challenges of the field, even on the harshest off-road terrains.

It is made to be durable and doesn't have any parts that are weak or seemingly flimsy.

It is designed for users who want to go on unexplored terrains or areas with unfavorable weather conditions.

This teardrop trailer is a great choice for new trailer owners. The setup of this rig is basic and can certainly accommodate the needs of curious individuals. It is fully ergonomic without expending the budget that you need to purchase it.

Despite its sturdy and heavy-duty appearance, the Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe remains a lightweight and maneuverable trailers.

There are a lot of features that are installed on this trailer. The default axle that it has a 3500-pound capacity, is extremely tempting to try. It has an accessible gallery door and two huge windows for sightseeing.

The interior space of this trailer can also cater to other small amenities that you need for your next adventure.

#5. Escapade Camper Base + A/T Package


  • Light weight and easy to tow
  • Inexpensive to buy, operate and maintain
  • All Terrain (A/T) package
  • Perfect option for a small family
  • Very good use of the interior space


  • Not for long rides

The Escapade Camper Base is perhaps one of the most affordable teardrop trailers that anyone can get.

It has a price-friendly value, which is an appealing selling point for those who are still trying to be frugal.

But at the same time, no one can just deny the fact that this unit has all the fundamental features that a teardrop trailer needs.

For its space, I can say that this trailer is worth investing in. It provides some room in where you can install new utilities and amenities. It also comes with two sturdy doors with reliable locks for maximum security.

There are large windows on both sides and another door on its rear. It comes with a plethora of shelves that you can use for storage.

If you go inside this trailer, you'll get amazed by the high-quality design that it has. The interior features a birch construction and full insulation for maximum comfort throughout the seasons.

It also comes with LED lighting so that things can get bright even the outside world is dark. With an impeccable style, this rig is truly exceptional.


These are the best teardrop trailers that you can find today. They have rugged construction, and their design is really meant for outdoor adventurers. For those who are still new to RVing, these campers can offer all the introductory parts about it.

Once you can invest in these trailers, you'll realize that going off-grid can be a pleasurable experience.

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