The 5 Best Tent Brands Of 2019

Tents are among the most important tools for camping and other outdoor activities. Without it, you will not have a sound and safe adventure while roaming on the wilderness.

So which tent should you get? Well, there's a lot of answers to this question. Most of the time, it depends on your needs and preferences.

For instance, if you are going to camp with a large group, you will need a tent that can fit six people or more!

But how can you know if the quality of the tent you choose is something worth beholding? For me, you just have to look at the brand. Specifically, there are best tent brands that you should check out before any other options.

Some people think that it is quite discriminating if you rate outdoor gears based on their brands. At some points, there's a little salt to such a claim.

However, it is still undeniable that selected names of tent manufacturers do standout in the competition. Therefore, it is quite fair to opt for them before anything else. In the following section, I will show some of the heavyweights of the tent industry. Here are they!

The Best Tent Brands: A Complete Rundown







Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person


Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person 


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MSR Hubba Hubba


MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person


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Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow


Kodiak Canvas Tent


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ALPS Mountaineering Tent


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx


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Ozark WT172115 Trail 10-Person Family Tent Review


OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent


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Let's now review each tent from this 5 brands individually:

1. Coleman

Coleman Logo

Coleman is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor gears today. They have been in the market for many years already. And even up to now, there are no signs of them stepping out in the limelight.

The tents that are being produced by Coleman are brimming with quality. The materials being used on their tents are rugged. They are not susceptible to being pierced by sharp objects such as branches and jagged stones. You can erect them easily as well--ensuring that you won't waste your time installing them.

Furthermore, Coleman offers breathable tents. The proper ventilation system is integrated on each of their tents so that users will remain cool while inside. After all, you won't spend all of your time basking under the sun and the rain. They also showcase their WeatherTec

Technology--a comprehensive weather system that improves the defense of their tents against various weather elements.

Featured Coleman Tent: Coleman WeatherMaster


  • Features a roomy interior
  • Corners are weld and seams are inverted to enhance water defense
  • The frame can resist up to 35 MPH winds
  • Designed with proper ventilation for whole day coolness
  • Quick and hassle-free installation


  • Because it is big, carrying this is quite cumbersome

The Coleman WeatherMaster can become your home-sweet-home in the wild. This one has a fine construction and exceptional intuitiveness for enhanced user experience.

The tent has enough headroom so that you can stand inside it comfortably.

Accessibility is also one of its strongest points. There are two main doors that are placed on the front and the back.

These doors are hinged so that you can open them effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the windows have an angled designed. The reason for this structure is for optimized rain protection. Even if it is raining, you can still open the window. By that time, you will realize how breathable the tent is.

The WeatherMaster also features multiple compartments for enhanced storage. You can store your tools and other small camping amenities on these pockets with ease. Instead of letting your things scramble on the floor, these compartments will allow you to organize them.

Overall, the durability and rigidity of the Coleman Weathermaster are unquestionable. It comes with inverted seams so that rain and moisture won't penetrate it. The frames that this tent use have strong wind-resistance. The guy-out triangles and poles are deliberately designed to conquer harsh weather conditions.

2. Mountain Safety Research

MSR Logo

The Mountain Safety Research, or the MSR, is another formidable manufacturer of outdoor tents. This particular brand has already produced high-end tents that are suitable for harsh conditions and extreme terrains.

Established on 1969, the aim of MSR is to ensure that campers, hikers, and every outdoor goer will have a chance of safe adventure. Since then, MSR has created a myriad of outdoor tools that improve the experience of people when they are in the wild.

Their gears have been engineered with precision and innovation. Investing in any of them would undoubtedly be a huge deal on your part.

When it comes to their tents, MSR has ensured that you can get a solid choice--depending on your preferences and necessities. They are makers of excellent all-season tents and backpacking tents that can deliberately serve as your shelter wherever you are.

Unlike other tent manufacturers, MSR is openly selling high-quality tent accessories as well. If you are in need of well-made stakes, gear sheds, or replacement cables, MSR can offer them to you.

Featured MSR Tent: MSR Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent


  • Ideal for backcountry and lightweight applications
  • Complete with the necessary installment accessories
  • Crafted from highly rugged material
  • Provides massive access points on its front and back
  • Panels are installed for added warmth


  • No noticeable drawbacks

One of the best two-person tents that exist on the market today is the MSR Hubba. There's no one that can argue over this statement.

The tent itself is tailored from the combination of nylon mesh and 20-denier ripstop nylon. Because of this composition, the tent is capable of withstanding severe outdoor environments and conditions.

The MSR Hubba NX is notably lightweight. Transporting it on extended distances would never be a big problem.

It is an ideal choice for backpacking and lightweight backcountry journeys. You can almost ignore the load while you are trekking or traversing.

The unique pole geometry design of this tent improves its overall interior space. Specifically, the maximum floor area of this tent is around 29 square feet. Meanwhile, its maximum height is approximately 40 inches. Furthermore, a vestibule area was also integrated on the system of MSR Hubba NX.

3. Kodiak Canvas

Kodiak Logo

Kodiak Canvas may not be as popular as Coleman and MSR. But when it comes to the performance of their tents, this particular brand can undoubtedly deliver.

It is quite surprising, in fact, that an entry-level brand can provide superb features and ergonomics in their tents. It is one of the reasons why a lot of hikers and campers are willing to bet on Kodiak Canvas tent whenever they are going to some adventures.

Specifically, the tents of Kodiak Canvas are made for the backcountry. When it comes to this application, their tents can offer all the essential features that can make your stay comfortable, safe, and relaxing.

Their shelters are extremely protective, especially when it comes to the elements. The material and design implemented on the tents can protect you from the rain, dust, and moisture.

All of their tents are spacious. You can freely stand up inside and move with unrestricted mobility. It will never make you crawl all the time! The Kodiak Canvas also features their proprietary Hydra-Shield technology. It enables their tents to be more breathable while reducing the mugginess that you can feel inside.

Kodiak Canvas tents have excellent wind resistance. That's one of the things that I have noticed on them. The strong gust of winds cannot compromise the structure of their tents, making it an impressive choice for those who want to camp on unfavorable terrains.

Featured Kodiak Canvas Tent: Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow


  • Excellent accessibility due to its two large doors
  • Durable and rugged frames so that it can withstand strong wind and rain
  • Features excellent breathability
  • Impressive temperature regulation
  • Quick setup


  • The tent is quite heavy

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is a great six-person tent. It is tailored with the Hydra-Shield Technology to ensure that it can exhibit pure watertight performance throughout your adventure.

The 100% cotton duck used on its canvas is breathable and durable at the same time. You don't have to worry anymore about the structural integrity of this tent because it will undoubtedly survive!

The overall vertical space of the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is 6 feet. That's more than enough for a person to stand up and move around the tent. The accessibility of the tent is also outstanding.

It comes with two large doors (one in the front and one in the back) so that you can get in and out of it quickly. YKK zippers were installed on each of the doors for guaranteed security and tightness.

Meanwhile, the windows are large enough for improved air circulation. They have protective mesh covers as well to prevent the entry of insects and dust. The covers also provide privacy. Funnel vents are also present on the Flex-Bow to enhance its breathability. The vents also regulate the internal temperature.

4. ALPS Mountaineering

Alps Logo

ALPS Mountaineering is one of the most favorite outdoor brands today. It is a famous manufacturer of various outdoor tools. They even produce flashlights and other useful accessories in hiking and camping.

This company started in 1993 by Dennis Brune. It is meant to produce gears for people who love to live an active lifestyle. In fact, ALPS means Active Lifestyle Product and Services. No kidding.

After more than a decade of its existence, ALPS is already a luminary in the outdoor world. The gears they produce are entirely worthy of being used on different terrains and seasons.

For instance, the ALPS Mountaineering tents have been tailored to cater to the varying needs of their clients. They have a plethora of backpacking tents, comforter tents, and outfitter tents. They also have awnings, too.

The tents of ALPS Mountaineering have been engineered with quality and precision. They are rugged and impervious to the casual wear-and-tear process. They can be erected on uneven terrains and can survive different weather conditions. You will definitely appreciate living in any of their tents.

Featured ALPS Mountaineering Tent: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx


  • Can be assembled swiftly
  • Remains stable even in uneven terrains and unfavorable weather conditions
  • Fully ventilated design
  • Can protect you from rain and UV rays
  • Lightweight construction


  • No noticeable drawbacks

If you are trailing the outside world alone, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is the best option for you.

It is a one-person tent that features a perfect setup and installation.

There's no need to fuss over the assembly of this tent. 

After all, it features a free-standing design and comes with a two-pole mechanism so that you can comfortably sit up.

There's a polyester fly installed on this tent so that it can protect you from water and UV rays. It also has a vestibule so that you can have access to extra space for storage. Multiple storage pockets, guy ropes, gear loft, and stakes are included on the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx as well.

The entire tent is waterproof too. The material used on its construction is extremely rugged for unbeatable outdoor performance.

5. Ozark Outdoor

Ozark Trail Logo

Ozark Outdoor is an excellent manufacturer of outdoor products. Although they are producing other amenities, Ozark is already specializing in high-quality tents. I have already made a list of the best Ozark tents on my blog.

You should check them out so that you will never be a stranger to this brand.

Admittedly, Ozark is not as big as other outdoor manufacturers. However, nobody can say that their products are flimsy and second-rate. Many campers and hikers who have used their tents have a lot of positive things to say about them.

Furthermore, the Ozark tents are notably cheaper compared to their high-end tents. But this doesn't mean that the tents have a weak construction. Once you try their tents, you will be surprised by their ergonomics and features.

Featured Ozark Tent: OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent


  • Extremely spacious tent
  • Rugged and outdoor-worthy construction
  • Fully ventilated design
  • Allows accessibility
  • Comes with removable dividers


  • Not fully waterproof

OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent is definitely something that should prefer especially if you are with planning to camp with a large group. The tent is extremely spacious, making it capable of fitting up to ten people inside.

It has a sufficient headroom so that you can stand up inside. Furthermore, dividers were also installed to establish privacy.

This tent can accommodate up to three queen-sized mattress, which is far more impressive than other ten-person tents.

While the mattresses are inside, there is still space for you to move conveniently. Meanwhile, two side doors and one central door are present on the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent.

They allow quick entry and exit to the tent. Six windows were also tailored in the tent for maximum breathability.


These are the best tent brands that you should check out if it is your first time buying your tent. Any of these manufacturers can offer you something that would satisfy your requirements.

You can guarantee that what you invest in them will never be wasted. The tents they create can last long and can protect you from various hazards in the outside world. And most of all, these tent brands ensure that you have a stable and comfortable shelter even if you are away from home.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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