5 Best Toy Haulers For Your Adventure Needs!

There are a lot of things that you can see on the road less traveled. That is something that you have to expect, especially if you opt to define your life off-grid. But really, you should try doing this, even once in a life.

There are various motorhomes, RVs, and trailers that you can ride on. There are the class A motorhomes, and there are fifth wheel trailers. But for those that want to carry their race bikes, cruisers, and ATVs, the best toy hauler can serve your needs. It is the rig that you need if you want to take your feet to the beach, desert, and the wilderness. It can carry your "big toys" safely and securely.​


So if you have this certain need, it is quite logical for you to take a toy hauler more than anything else. You should make it a priority before you invest in other RVs and trailers. Once you can have this, your life on the road would be more comfortable and functional than ever before. You have a camper and solid storage for your toys at the same time.

Here are some of the top rated toy haulers that you can get today. Check one of them so that you can decide the features and qualities that you want for your toy hauler. Let's start!

Best Toy Hauler On The Market​

1. Heartland Cyclone

There is something that the 2017 Heartland Cyclone can offer, but other trailers don't have. This particular rig has the aesthetic and artistic values that have further elevated its premium feel and luxurious ambiance. Honestly, this is more than a toy hauler. It is a camping trailer that is worth the value of a class A motorhome or a class C, at least. You'll definitely enjoy your stay here.

There are four-floor plans that are being offered by the 2017 Heartland Cyclone. It provides all the essential amenities that you need so that you can do the dreamed luxurious adventure of yours. There are a plethora of slide outs that are present on this trailer, which allows more storage and space for you to utilize.

You can live like a king or queen while inside the 2017 Heartland Cyclone. Even if you are just staying inside, you can still feel and see the expanse of the outdoor world. It has large windows that are dedicated for sightseeing. Meanwhile, it has a convertible garage that you can utilize for your toys. In some floor plans, the 2017 Heartland Cyclone will offer you a side deck.

2. Lance Camper Lance TH 2612

The Lance TH 2612 is one of the greatest creations of the Lance Camper. It is a toy hauler that provides exceptional functionality and reliability. It can carry all your essential adventure amenities without wearing out quickly. It has an ultra-tough construction which ensures its survivability wherever you take it.

This rig can get all your items delivered to your desired destination securely. It won't cause damages to your toys, which is the very reason why you want a toy hauler. Take note that the interior space of the Lance TH 2612 is quite large. It can contain a lot of cargos and other bulky stuff. You can also guarantee that the hauler won't get toppled even if you carry these heavy gears.

Of course, living inside this toy hauler is undeniably comfortable. It is full of ergonomic features that can bring comfort and relaxation to your adventures. From a spacious living room down to a luxurious kitchen and dining area, this toy hauler has them all. Furthermore, it has a pleasant lighting system that espoused its impressive interior decorations. All things are bright and beautiful while you are here!

3. Keystone Fuzion

This is a luxurious and wonderful toy hauler that you should consider. It has fascinating features and construction. You'll definitely say that it is worth your money and time. It is usable in any applications and terrains, whether it is smooth or rugged. This one is something that you can take anywhere without worrying about its welfare.

The 2017 Keystone Fuzion has fourteen-floor plans. With its given spacious interior, there are a lot of things that you can install and upgrade on this unit. There is also a master suite present on this rig. Therefore, you can feel the comfort and convenience of your home even if you are away from it as long as you are staying on this toy hauler.

Since this toy hauler is big, it can provide enough space for your family and friends. It has some residential quarters and entertainment systems for your leisure. Sky windows are also installed on this unit so that you can have the opportunity to gaze at the sky without leaving the trailer. Both the furniture and cabinetry of this rig are all well-made. They are crafted manually by skilled craftsmen to ensure their beauty and rigidness.

4. Keystone Raptor

The Keystone Raptor is one of the featured items that the brand Keystone offers. It is a dynamic unit that can tackle the challenges of the outdoor world. Regardless of where you want to go, you can guarantee that this trailer can bring you and your extra accessories as well. It can offer you a wide array of amenities and features that will drastically improve the quality of your adventure.

There are a lot of sleeping areas in this toy hauler. There's no doubt about that. It is like a mobile 5-star hotel because of its innate opulence and downright high-end features. You can utilize a myriad of slide outs in this toy hauler to extend its interior space. Meanwhile, the interior is definitely modern and ergonomic. All the amenities that you need to make your journey comfortable are all here.

It is not a long bow to draw that the Keystone Raptor is one of the finest toy haulers that you can get today. It has a large garage for your skis, all-terrain-vehicles, and surfboards. The trailer can guarantee that all the gears that you want to bring in your next adventure are all present. With twelve available floor plans, it is undeniable that there's a lot that you can do about the Raptor.

5. Forest River XLR Thunderbolt

People who are looking for an entry-level toy hauler should consider the Forest River XLR Thunderbolt. It can provide all the utilities that you need without breaking your bank account. It has all the features that can satisfy even the pickiest road adventure. When it comes to quality, it is really hard to beat this toy hauler.

This trailer can be as comfortable as you dream it to be. The interior is studded with fine furniture and cabinetry. It has a pleasant interior design, too. It has sufficient sleeping quarters for your guests to rest. It can showcase the outside world without any interruptions, thanks to its large size windows.

Your comfort is always secured in this unit. That's what I can guarantee. It is complete with LED lighting and entertainment systems so that you can feel relaxed. Stainless steel appliances such as refrigerators and washer and dryers are also installed on this toy hauler. It can certainly appeal to every user considering that it still has a price-friendly price.


These are the best toy haulers that any adventure and sports lover would want to get. If you want your family or friends to come with you to your next game on the beach or the wild, these toy haulers can certainly serve you. They are completely functional and offer an ample space for you to stay in. At the same time, these haulers are extremely reliable when it comes to carrying your gears.

That's it for now. If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!​

5 Best Toy Haulers For Your Adventure Needs!
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