Best Travel Trailers On The 2018 Market: 10 Best Brands (For SALE!)

The last time my folks and I traveled, it was inside an RV. While in there, we had memorable experiences that are worth cherishing. But I also know that many like you have thought about having a great escapade with a travel trailer.

And I thought how great would it be to list and check out the newest, latest and greatest travel trailers and see which ones would be the best for family, and group travel. If you’re buying your first travel trailer, there are options that you should include because they are very important.

So in this post we’ll go through the list of top ten best brands of travel trailers. This post will also provide you with information on the things you should opt for if you’re going to buy a travel trailer.


Advantages Of Travel Trailers

A huge pro of travel trailers is that they are lightweight but has a sturdy construction, making them towable by the average SUVs, pickup trucks, and even a few minivans.

Travel trailers vary in size from the mini teardrop units of approximately 12 feet to 33 feet of triple axle giants. The latest generation models provide much, such as slide-outs, designer-grade interiors, troops’ bunk beds, built-in generators, and even a satellite TV.

In this class, the majority of six can sleep, and prices vary from $7,000 to around 70 thousand. A huge advantage for the travel trailer is that you can just leave it at the camping area and simply take the tow car out to have fun and explore.

An important consideration is to ensure that your tow car can pull safely the unit you choose (including your gear) since there is nothing much sadder than being unable to pull the new rig over the following hill.

Check out this video to get a good perspective of what it’s like to travel with a travel trailer:​

Features To Check Out In The Interior Of A Travel Trailer

Every travel trailer has two major design elements: the exterior and the interior. The interior talks about everything within the trailer, and exterior talks about how the outside part is designed.

The trailer exterior is certainly an extremely important consideration. However, the interior is a lot more crucial. It is your mobile housing area after all.

When buying a travel trailer, there are numerous factors you have to check out when it comes to its interior features and design. This article will look at the major elements of the interiors of a travel trailer, as well as how you can select the best alternative for you.​

1. Feel And Look​

Interior Feel And Look

The first thing you must consider is the general feel look and of the place. You have to ensure that you like the overall appeal of the interior of the travel trailer, as it will serve as your home while you are on the road. Is the area adequately spacious for you? Are you comfortable and relaxed spending time in it?

How will you arrange the stuff in it? Check out trailers with slide-outs as well - this is an amazing feature that numerous latest travel trailers have, and it can greatly intensify the trailer’s spacious feel.

There are numerous features that contribute to a trailer’s feel. Maybe, the most vital one is the lighting. Consider the room’s brightness. And I don’t only mean the glow, though that obviously is a heavy factor. The lighting’s quality and placement are very important too. If you really want to, you can add lighting by yourself.

Moreover, window placement contributes to your trailer’s look and feel. Count the number of windows. Do they provide sufficient lighting to the room? Can you cover these windows up if necessary?

Lastly, look at the ceiling and floor. Is the floor okay for you? Is the floor decent for its intended use? Is it in good shape? If not, can you change it easily? Does the room complement the ceiling well? How does the ceiling make the room appear? Make certain that you evaluate the ceiling and floor before you choose a trailer.


The kitchen is a trailer’s extremely important feature because you will likely be spending loads of time here. You will want to ensure that you are comfortable with the cooking area and countertop space.

Also, sinks are a vital thing to consider – sink vary in size, and you would want to select the one you like. Moreover, inspect what your cooking appliances are – the majority of trailers have a stove, and a few have a microwave or oven.

Microwaves can be rather easy to include if the trailer does not have one – stoves and ovens are another story.​


The bathroom space is a trailer’s another important component. Make certain that you can handle the restroom area size, as a few are designed extremely tiny to save space. Various kinds of RV toilets are available that you must compare and check out what you like. A few trailers include a shower, and a shower can vary greatly in size. Also, the sink is a part of this area.​

Bedroom And Bed

Perhaps, the sleeping area is the most complex part of travel trailer interiors. Various trailers serve various purposes. Some travel trailers accommodate two people and there are those that can cater up to eight individuals. Of course, this is just dependent on the size of the trailer. A few trailers have bedrooms that are located on the back; a few have folding beds that are installed sofas.

Chairs, Tables, And Couches

Trailers almost always have a couch area and a dining area. Loads have a restaurant designed booth with one table in between seats or chairs. These are excellent for eating, certainly, but they serve as a great work area as well. Usually, they are close to a window; therefore you can have dinner with your loved ones or work on your computer while loving the outside view your trailer.

Also, numerous trailers have a couch you can relax on. The upholstery and couch sizes can vary, but you can modify it if you like. Also, many couches feature a fold-out bed.

A travel trailer’s interior is one of the most vital components. So, you want to choose a travel trailer with an inner area that you adore. There are numerous various options and styles out there, so let’s take time to discover one that is right for you.

So, the top ten travel trailer brands? At Top Rated Travel Trailers, the goal we reach is to offer you unbiased information on travel trailers as well as the companies that manufacture them. Selecting the best brands is a difficult choice just since the most excellent one is the one that’s right for you.

What we have done with our list is we checked out the most popular makers of travel trailers, considering the models they manufacture, as well as how well they sell. Also, we looked at comments and feedback we’ve found online in forums.​

2. What Else Do I Have To Consider?


There is more to figure out when purchasing an RV. Loads more, like:

Maintenance: Essentially-big RVs could have big issues. Unless you are handy with a wrench and a screwdriver, the maintenance can be costly.​

Towing: Whether you will be towing the RV behind your motorhome, ensure that you have the proper equipment and vehicle to do so.​

Miles per Gallon: Perhaps except for a pop-up trailer, the majority of RVs excel combining wind resistance and weight. It means that you can have fuel economy between eight and twenty mpg depending on your RV.​

Parking Area: Loads of homeowner associations do not permit RVs. Otherwise, you have no available space at your property. You may have to store the rig at a storage establishment for a monthly payment.​

Camping Cost: Though the Bureau of Land Management lists areas where camping is for free, these are frequently out past the wilds. So assume that you will be camping at areas that charge payment. And in a few instances, the day-to-day rate depends according to your RV’s size.​

Meals: Peckish campers need to eat. Does your RV provide kitchen alternatives? Will you need to prepare for over the campfire? Does your camping pack like to eat at restaurants other than the camping area? Insurance: Just like with maintenance, a big rig generates a large insurance bill. You must check numerous insurance agencies for the best service and price before you purchase.​

Connectivity: And if you want to remain connected, you will have to ensure that the RV you are considering can be set up with Wi-Fi Booster, Mobile Internet, Satellite TV or GPS.​

Prices: Purchasing an RV is like purchasing a car. You love the features until it all comes down to the price. Just prepare yourself for sticker shock.​

3. Looking For A Place To Buy An RV​

Looking For A Place To Buy An RV​

RV Shows are a good venue for the search you’re considering. Staged usually during fall, summer, and spring all over the country, the shows provide the chance to see the various styles all in just one place to help you know which one fits your needs.

Moreover, dealer representatives and manufacturer are available to answer your queries.

RV Dealers are abundant and frequently have a great variety of examples available. And like vehicle lots, the salespersons are ready to greet you. So just be wary and do not allow yourself to get pressured into purchasing immediately.

Makers have their individual websites, with loads of literature you can get or download for free.

Before Buying, Should I Rent?

Certainly! If you have never towed a 30-foot of such trailer or driven a “Class A” motorhome, you should rent the perfect time to know your comfort level. Look for a dealer who rents out the rig you want and simply take one for a holiday or weekend adventure.

Just ensure there is a campground close to you, and that you can acquire a space first.

4. Financing

If you are like most RV drivers, perhaps, you will be financing part of the purchase. Check with credit union or your bank and check out what kinds of loan you can get before you buy. Then there is no pressure to utilize the dealer's bank.

Tips On Tax

Since virtually each motorhome and numerous trailers feature sinks, beds, bathrooms, kitchens, and the IRS deems them as homes. Meaning, the interest on the loan could be tax deductible as a mortgage.

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This Year’s Best Travel Trailer Brands


Airstream is about luxury. Generating a few of the most popular travel trailers ever manufactured you will be hard pressed to look for a more distinct style of such trailers. Rated on the high-end of the price range for travel trailers, Airstream manages to offer a remarkable amount of value, superior craftsmanship and amenities.


  • Sleek and tidy interiors
  • Classic and glossy exterior
  • Well built, ensuring durability and prolonged use
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Some generations don’t like the classic design and wished it was more in-tuned with the times but this is a matter of preference, not quality.

These manufacturers have an interesting story. They’re a break-off from “Keystone.” I have encountered numerous reviews where owners of Grand Design praise the establishment for great customer service and a quality product. They have a three-year limited structural warranty on their coaches. They’re found in Middlebury, Indiana.


  • Comfortable and neat living space
  • Enormous storage space for all your stuff
  • Very well-built - makes a good portable home


  • The heating vent doesn’t have an open or close option.

These trailers are made by OFP Company in Tennessee. Interested in speaking to other the owners of Oliver travel trailer?


  • Has sufficient space for entertainment, bathrooms, seating, sleeping areas, cooking areas and storage
  • Built to maintain ideal temperatures and is capable of travelling during rainstorm and sunshine.


  • Some customers are not satisfied with the design, although this is a matter of preference, not real design issues.

Peter Liegl Forest River, founded in 1996, runs numerous production plants all through the West and Midwest coast. It makes travel trailer, fifth wheels, pop-up campers, and loads of more kinds of recreational vehicles.


  • Easy to drive and maneuver, even in rough surfaces
  • Simple and ergonomic design makes it easily accessible in the interior and exterior
  • Good quality materials ensures durability.


  • Although the unit promises durability, some customers are doubtful of whether it is really as durable as it says.

This brand of travel trailers has been around since 1983, and is recognized and well-known in providing outstanding innovation and quality. Looking to talk to existing of Gulfstream RVs and trailers owners?


  • It has a fantastic floor plan. A queen-sized bedroom can be found at the front and the rear
  • The interior is design is very exquisite. It comes with a nice full-sized refrigerator
  • The bathroom is and the walk-in shower as amazing as well.


  • Many people aren’t satisfied with the RV’s radio and sound system.

Founded by Brian Brady as well as a group of veterans in the RV industry in 2003. Heartland RV is found in Elkhart, Indiana, manufacturing numerous models of well-regarded travel trailers.


  • Built for durability and prolonged use
  • Great interior design - the whole family can feel comfortable and convenient inside it.


  • Customers had some dealership issues although this doesn’t speak of the product itself.

Founded in 2003, they are large producers of travel trailers and toy haulers. They create more than fifty models of travel trailers.


  • The walk-in shower is quite easy and convenient to use
  • Quality construction ensures prolonged use and long travels
  • Impressive exterior and interior design.


  • Some customers find maintenance an issue, although this may be a common problem among travel trailers.


Found by Lloyd J. Bontrager in 1968. Jayco blends innovative technology and Old World Amish craftsmanship; it’s the nation’s biggest family-owned RV maker today.


  • Great living space designed to make the family feel comfortable
  • The beds are cozy and comfortable as well
  • The kitchen is spacious enough and expanded for stove covers, sink and counter space.


  • Some customers complained about towing problems although this may not be the problem of the vehicle itself.

Tt’s a Thor Industries subsidiary, which is the same company that owns AirStream and Jayco, most recently. They’re found in Howe, Indiana and create several models of travel trailer, and toy haulers travel trailers.


  • The unit has a great floor plan I can ease my way into it with less hassle
  • The minimal interior design provides the CruiserRV more space for its users
  • Runs smoothly in spite of its weight.


  • Some customers complain about the unit being difficult to maneuver in tight places. But this is a problem with all large RVs.

With a long history of more than 50 years, this brand is, in fact, more popular for its motor homes. However, Winnebago makes a good line of travel trailers. But we couldn’t find a forum dedicated to owners.


  • The space is lovable. I like the living room best
  • Much storage for different types of stuff
  • Exterior features are awesome.


  • This one hasn’t escaped the issue of manoeuvrability. It’s big and challenging to move in tight spaces.


Travel trailers have come a long way since its creation and many of them have served as permanent homes for many people. There are many variations of choosing a travel trailer but the important things to remember is that they must have enough room and space. They must also have a decent bathroom.

Some of these trailers may also have outside kitchens as you may discover once you buy them. You need to have everything such as fridge, stove, microwave, TVs, and many more. I’m type who wants to go big and do a lot of travelling and that’s why my favourite is the CruiserRV.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you’re planning on buying a travel trailer, don’t forget to take your time and weigh your options to make sure you get one that satisfies your needs. If you already have a choice from the list, feel free to share your reasons in the comments.

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Enjoy your travel!​

Best Travel Trailers On The 2018 Market: 10 Best Brands (For SALE!)
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