5 Best Truck Campers On 2018

The best truck campers are unique variants of recreational vehicles. They are quite popular in North America, as they are often preferred by some people.


A truck camper has similar features to RVs. The only thing that they differ from standard RVs is their base. Truck campers are latched on the bed of a pickup, instead of being integrated to a van. Sometimes, people call this design a cab-over or slide-in. In Europe, truck campers are often called as dismountable (or demountable in some instances).

The very advantage of truck campers over travel trailers or fifth wheel trailers is their capability to go anywhere. Because they are using pickups as their base, it is completely logical that they have the power to traverse any terrain you want to go.

In this guide, I have listed some of the top truck campers that are available commercially today. I have seen some truck campers that simply stand out from the rest. If you are interested in getting this camper, you should check out the following options first. Let's start!

Best Truck Camper On The 2018 Market​

#1. 2019 Lance 650 - Editor's Pick

1. 2019 Lance 650

I have started this list with one of the newest truck campers in the market today. The 2019 Lance 650 is a marvelous creation of Lance Camper. Of course, if you have been searching for campers and RVs for quite some time already, you are already probably aware of this manufacturer. They are among the top makers of RVs today. The 2019 Lance 650 is the latest addition to their collection. For a practical and rugged camper, this one is a good choice.

Right from the get-go, this particular RV is extremely affordable. Compared to its counterparts, it is already a cost-friendly option. Don't worry about the space of this truck. While other campers are undeniably stiff and cramped, this one feels spacious. It has a lot of room, which features a conducive bedroom and bathroom.

Aside from these amenities, this truck camper also highlights memory foam mattresses for your sleeping convenience. Wide windows are also present so that you can peek to the grandeurs of the outside world. Storage cabinets, shelves, and wardrobes are among the notable amenities that you can get from this camper.


  • Carpeted and evenly constructed base
  • Features innerspring and memory foam mattresses
  • Spacious and elegant bathroom
  • The kitchen is complete with all the essential amenities
  • Great for full RV living.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.
2. 2018 Cirrus 920

The Cirrus 920 is the newest version of Cirrus 820. If you already think that the Cirrus 820, you should check this one out immediately. It has been noted that most of the truck campers of nuCamp are brimming with luxury. Of course, the Cirrus 920 is not an exemption to that. There are a lot of unique features that have been integrated on the system of this camper.

Specifically, the Cirrus 920 is a non-slide and hard-side camper that is suited for long bed trucks. It has a generous flooring plan, which makes it one of the most spacious truck campers in the market today. There is also a hydronic heating system in this camper that enables it to provide warmth to its users during the cold and frigid nights.

All the essential facilities of a truck camper are present on the 2018 Cirrus 920. The kitchen and bathroom have all the important features that improve their functionality. The wet bath, in particular, has caught my attention because of its innate elegance and quality. A unique generator compartment is included on its system. It allows you to extract the generator if you are planning to stay off the grid.


  • Sufficient LED lighting for better illumination
  • Compact but the storage is not lacking
  • Ergonomic sleeping system
  • Complete with all the essential amenities for RV living
  • Luxurious floor plan and aesthetics.


  • The bath sink is seemingly lightweight
  • Requires additional counter space.

#3. 2018 Four Wheel Camper Hawk - Budget-Friendly Pick

3. 2018 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

For those who are looking for entry-level truck campers, the Four Wheel Camper Hawk is a suitable choice. It is a practical choice for those who want to try to live in an RV without spending too much. But there's nothing to be afraid here. As far as I have checked this truck camper, it is complete with all the essential amenities so that you can start living on the road!

This particular truck camper is compatible with most full-size truck beds. But to be safe, you have to make sure that your vehicle has a 6.5-foot truck bed. One of the things that I have noticed about the Hawk model is its lightweight and low-profile design. It is not as heavy as other truck campers that I have listed here. Despite this, it is still rugged and capable of surviving harsh terrains and temperature.

While it is true that the 2018 Four Wheel Camper Hawk is not as luxurious as other truck campers, it is still efficient and practical. The interior space is spacious. It can accommodate up to four adults, which is already a hefty feature. Other important amenities like fresh water tanks, storage cabinets, and LED lights are fully integrated on the system of this truck camper.


  • Lightweight and compact profile
  • The storage system is at the optimum level
  • Capable of accommodating up to four adults
  • Cost-efficient option for a truck-camper
  • Solid and weather-proof construction.


  • Old models of Hawk may not fit new truck models
  • Doesn't come with overhead cabinetry, which should have improved its storage.
4. 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX

You can always have a price-friendly option for a truck camper. The 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX is a short bed truck camper that features exceptional capabilities for a price that you won't regret. It is a perfect choice for full-time RV living. But of course, it is also a viable option for those who want to go on short excursions.

The 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX is among the few truck campers that offer separate shower stalls. If you want some privacy while doing your things, such a feature would be useful to you. Meanwhile, the queen bed of this truck camper is simply comfortable and supportive. It is not just made from cheap memory foams, which truly suck.

Storage is not a problem from this truck camper. It comes with a variety of shelves, cabinets, and other platforms where you can put your stuff. The camper is fully illuminated for a more pleasurable living experience. Both the kitchen and bathrooms of the 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX have been designed elegantly.


  • Exceptional short bed truck camper
  • Lightings have been ergonomically placed
  • Elegant and luxurious construction
  • First-class wiring system
  • Rated as a four-season unit.


  • Toilet paper placement is a bit awkward (it is on the top of the floor).

#5. 2018 Adventurer 910DB - Best Truck Camper for Large Families

5. 2018 Adventurer 910DB

The 2018 Adventurer 910DB is a top-tier truck camper that features multiple capabilities. It has a great floor plan, bountiful amenities, and highly functional storage systems. Furthermore, it is among the few truck campers today that can fully house five to six individuals comfortably. Of course, high-quality sleeping mattresses are also present on this camper.

In fact, I am quite delighted that the 2018 Adventurer 910DB has a bunk bed. It has taken advantage of its vertical space and fully utilized it. In here, you can rest without the feeling of being squeezed. A little entertainment system in the form of a television will delight you if you don't have any plans of going out of the camper.

It is also nice to see that this truck camper has an awning which you can open if the day is bright and sunny. Illumination is not a problem for this truck camper, either. All of the basic kitchen and bathroom amenities are readily available in the interiors of the 2018 Adventurer 910DB.


  • Can accommodate a large number of people
  • Interior is fully illuminated
  • Offers a simple entertainment system
  • Luxurious and spacious interiors
  • A set of awning and windows are present.


  • Only fits long-bed trucks.


These are your options for the best truck camper. I hope you were able to find one that would suit your needs and preferences. All of the ones that I featured here are all rugged and functional. You can use them whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, they are not as expensive as other RVs. Considering them for your next travel would really be a good idea.

Do you know other truck campers that are worth mentioning? Share them with us in the comment section below!​

5 Best Truck Campers On 2018
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