The Best Vegan Hiking Boots Of 2018

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people who are looking for the best vegan hiking boots. And although this is quite surprising and amusing at the same time, I already assume that one way or another, vegan-related items would eventually sprout in the market.


Vegans follow their routine religiously. They simply don't eat animals. At the same time, they abhor eating and using products that are derived from animals. Therefore, it will be conclusive if they seek equipment and items that don't have animal derivatives and components.

Most of the hiking boots today, including sub-niches like jungle boots and EMS boots, are made from leather. It is the primary material of choice by many manufacturers because of their flexible and sturdy properties. But since they are taken from animals, leather boots are dissociated by vegans.

I have several vegan friends and thoroughly respect their decision to veer away from any products that are made from living creatures. When they asked me about the top-rated vegan hiking boots, I immediately recommended the following options. If you are a vegan, you should check them out.

Best Vegan Hiking Boots On The 2018 Market​

Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX Hiking Boots

One of the finest vegan hiking boots that you can see today is this product from RAX Men. The Rax Men's Wolf Mid Venture is a splendid hiking boot for vegans, as it is made from high-quality rubber. It possesses both durability and flexibility, which are the very things that you need if you want to overcome any hiking obstacles.

This particular pair of hiking boots features impressive style and aesthetics. From the get-go, you will be impressed by its trendy urban appearance. It is something that you can show off wherever you go. But a deeper inspection would reveal the functionality of this vegan hiking boots. It comes with multiple ergonomics such as specialized rubber sole that prevents skidding.

The upper of the Rax Men's Wolf Mid Venture features the V-Tex nanofiber membrane. It provides a decent defense against water, making the footwear waterproof. But despite this component, you can guarantee that the boot remains breathable at all times. Of course, breathability is one of the essential traits a hiking boot should have.


  • Features EVA midsole for efficient cushioning
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Provides efficient support for any gait
  • Waterproof footwear.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.
Altra Men's Lone Peak 3.5 Mid Mesh Athletic Shoe

Altra is a well-known brand that produces footwear that is safe and acceptable for vegans. One of their vegan-friendly options, the Lone Peak Mid, is undeniably the most sought among their opuses. This one features high-quality construction, which establishes the balance between functionality and style. It is footwear that you can really wear in each of your hiking endeavors.

The synthetic construction of the Lone Peak Mid makes it ultra durable and rugged. It can resist scratch and other types of damages that it might sustain on outdoors. It can be taken on rocky and jagged terrains without any fear that it would break. The rubber sole of this hiking boot ensures that your feet can receive enough support and comfort while you are threading any terrain.

The Lone Peak Mid has been engineered to accommodate the proper positioning of your feet. In this way, your feet will get protected from injuries and strains, especially during extended uses. Overall, this vegan hiking boot is extremely comfortable to wear. It is definitely breathable and provides sufficient defense against water and moisture.


  • Features the GaiterTrap technology that repels dirt and dust
  • Fully cushioned hiking footwear
  • Ensures that your feet are properly supported
  • Rugged and lightweight at the same time
  • Extremely breathable.


  • Noticeable sizing issues.
Discovery Expedition Women's Rugged Outdoor Mid Hiking Backpacking Boot Lace-up

This particular women's boot is a great option for the female vegan class. The Discovery Expedition Mid Hiking Boot is something that women should consider whenever they want to trek to challenging terrains and obstacles. This one has been engineered so that it can accommodate small and narrow feet, which is a highly needed aspect for many women hikers.

Of course, there is a guarantee that there are no parts of the Discovery Expedition that can offend vegans. All of the parts are crafted from synthetic materials. These components have established the functionality and comfort factor of the boot. The construction of this footwear features a high-top length design. This design will allow the user to move with exceptional mobility without compromising the stability of the feet.

Furthermore, the boot has an impressive traction. It can have a good hold in the ground so that you will not get toppled while trekking slippery surfaces. There is a sock lining installed on this footwear. It is a feature that improves the comfort that your feet can feel. Moreover, it heightens the warmth of the boot. Therefore, you can always take it on cold seasons.


  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Engineered for women
  • Provides comfort and support to the feet
  • Impressive traction.


  • Some find the boot too narrow.
Arc'teryx Bora Mid GTX Hiking Boot - Men's

It is definite that the Arc'teryx Mens Bora Mid GTX is one of the top-rated vegan hiking boots that exist today. Many have already testified about its quality and construction. It is extremely rugged and durable. It doesn't get scratched nor wear out easily. The rigidity of the boot ensures that your feet will be safe from potential injuries while hiking.

The Arc'teryx Mens Bora Mid GTX provides an outsole with insanely good traction. It can grip through slippery surfaces so that you won't get out-balanced. It can also improve the stability of your feet even if you are walking on jagged and rugged terrains. Despite its toughness, the boot can still enhance your feet's agility. It further solidified its standing as a premium mountaineering boot.

The synthetic upper construction of the boot is very durable. It also has a thermolaminated feature that protects the boot against abrasion. Of course, this footwear has water-resistant feature, too. Even if it has a tough-looking design, I have to highlight that the Arc'teryx Mens Bora Mid GTX is comfortable and lightweight. You'll never get tired of wearing them at all.


  • Comes with GORE-TEX liner to wick off moisture
  • Molded Ortholite footbed for maximum comfort
  • Highly breathable and lightweight construction
  • Features protective toe and heel caps
  • Abrasion and water-resistant.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.

#5. Merrell Men's Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex Hiking Boot - Niche Pick for Style and Ergonomics

Merrell Men's Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Well, Merrell should never be excluded on this list. After all, they are among the top producers of outdoor and hiking boots in the market today. All of their gears are made from synthetic material. Therefore, vegans would certainly applaud at their creations. However, if you want the best from the start, I would recommend their Capra Mid Sport Hiking Boot.

The Capra Mid Sport Hiking Boot of Merrell has a superior construction over conventional outdoor boots. In fact, it is way sturdier than leather boots, which is a good news for vegan hikers. The synthetic design of the boot is reliable. It can resist various harmful elements, regardless of where you are. It is also highly stable, thanks to the Vibram sole. The latter ensures that the outsole of the boot has ergonomic lug patterns for better flexing and comfort.

This particular footwear also has the Uni-Fly feature, which is capable of absorbing a strong impact. You can jump and move at high speed without the fear of hurting your feet at all. It can also provide stability in the takeoff, which somehow highlights the balance that it can provide to your body. When you are wearing this footwear, your feet are guaranteed to be safe.


  • M Select Fresh technology guarantees that your feet are always safe
  • GORE-TEX lining prevents the entry of moisture
  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • Provides impact protection to the feet
  • Improves feet pronation.


  • Not a waterproof boot.

Choosing The Best Vegan Hiking Boots

Choosing The Best Vegan Hiking Boots

A vegan hiking boot is pretty similar to the standard hiking boots that you can see on the market today. They play the same role, and they should have the essential ergonomics that would make your journey more comfortable and satisfactory.

However, a vegan hiking boot was designed to cater to the special needs and demands of vegans. Specifically, these people don't eat and use anything that came from animals. Of course, I do respect this special life stance of theirs, as I have vegan friends, too.

Despite their noble endeavors, vegans face a lot of challenges. For those that are into communing with nature and the wild, they usually find the difficulty of finding the appropriate footwear for them. You see, most of the ideal hiking and outdoor footwear in the market today are made from leather. And if the leather is authentic, then it means that there was an animal involved in the creation of the item. Vegans don't like that. They never will.​


Therefore, the first part of choosing the right vegan hiking boot is by looking at their construction. The most obvious thing that a vegan should avoid is leather. The finest option that you have are boots that are made from rubber and synthetic materials. These components can perform on par or better than leather. That's a good news for you.

Between rubber and synthetic hiking boots, I would go with the latter. They offer better durability and tensile strength. They don't just break and wear out easily, even if you continuously use them. Rubber is good if they are constructed properly. It is a light material that offers flexibility and comfort.


Another thing that you have to inspect in a hiking boot is the glue. Since the construction of vegan hiking boots is either synthetic or rubber, they don't use the traditional stitching in their assembly. On the surface, such thing may not bother you at all. But if you are a die-hard vegan, you should double your awareness here.

There are commercial and industrial glues that have animal ingredients. That's a definite. Even shoe retailers will never deny this fact to you. As a vegan, you should always do your research when it comes to the materials that were involved in the construction of the footwear. The ones that I featured here are 100% vegan-friendly. But if you want to look for other brands, you might want to look at various references.​

Overall Ergonomics

Of course, a hiking boot will always be a hiking boot. Even if you are looking for a hiking boot, this doesn't mean that you can give them ay exemptions. The hiking boot should possess all the necessary features for you to survive in the wild. You can't wear a flimsy footwear on harsh and rugged terrains because they will just get torn easily.

Furthermore, the hiking boot should have excellent traction. In this way, you can use it on any surfaces without getting toppled down. The hiking boot should be comfortable and stable. You should not feel discomfort while trekking with the footwear. Nonetheless, it should have decent water-resistance feature.​


In reality, choosing the best vegan hiking boot is not a straightforward process. You have to hurdle various non-vegan options since the market is dominated by leather products. Moreover, not all synthetic or rubber hiking boots have fine construction. Therefore, you should always be picky whenever you are choosing a pair.

But once you can have the proper hiking boots, your outdoor adventures would be smooth and hassle-free. That's something that I can guarantee.

That's it for now. If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them on the comment section below.​

The Best Vegan Hiking Boots Of 2018
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